An Evening Romp

By LadySaige

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A beautiful dream of an ordinary evening shifts into something wonderful.

A shower had been the perfect solution to warm me up from being chilled. He was sitting there on the bed, just reading. Instead of getting into my cozy pajama’s though, I let my towel fall to the floor and climbed into bed. The quick movement of his magazine to the bedside table told me he was thinking what I was thinking.

We lay close to each other, our legs intertwined; giving each other soft sensual kisses on the lips, forehead, and the tip of my nose. As his fingertips ran over my arm and down my body our lips met again; tongues moving around each other.

The lightness of his touch tickled and I felt my nipples start to harden against his chest. I whispered and guided his hand between my legs. I was already wet as it doesn’t take much to start my engine.

He shifted his weight so he could lean in to suck my nipples as I moved my hand to his cock giving it gentle squeezes and light twists. I moved up and down his shaft from the tip to the base.

His fingers moved in and out of me with purpose and vigor; up to my clit and back inside again. A gasp escaped my lips as my hand ran up his neck and through is hair while he pushed a second finger inside.

I gently bit his shoulder, moaning, letting him know how good it felt. His fingers inside bent to the curve of me, rubbing against my growing bump while he used the pad of his hand as pressure on my clit. It felt incredible having both sensitive places being touched at the same time.

I moved my hands down to join him holding my lips apart, stretching them out and exposing the nub of my clit which peeked out of its hood. The cool air and his fingers fluttering over it sent a warm flow of energy over me – I was entranced. I could feel that I was so close to orgasm but my body wouldn’t give in. I clamped my legs closed and moved to lay him on his back as I threw my leg over to climb atop.

I placed my hands by his shoulders with my breasts fell close to him so he could hold and suckle my nipples, pinch them with his lips and twist them with his fingertips. While his mouth and hands were busy I rubbed my wet pussy up and down his cock getting it moist and ready to slide inside me.

I reached my hand down, positioned him and lowered myself. Feeling his cock enter me caused my back to arch. I rocked with him and leaned down to kiss him, reassuring him that he was appreciated and most definitely being enjoyed. My hips moved up and down, back and forth making his cock come to the very edge of me and pushed him back in again.

His hands were still fondling my breasts, pinching, twisting adding to the plethora of sensations my body was feeling. The pace in which we are moved quickened and I felt myself ready to orgasm.

I looked down at him and let him know I was cumming; he could see in my eyes that I was ready as a few thrusts of his hips sent me collapsing onto his chest. My body did not stop rocking with him as we weren’t done yet.

I caught my breath and propped up onto my hands, still moving, as I didn’t want the feeling to end. I felt the tension in his body wanting to take control so I smiled and lifted off. I know where he wanted to be.

Both of us on our knees, I moved closer to him to give a kiss of thanks before bending over to suck my juices off him. His deep sigh let me know he approved of my actions. I turned on all fours raising my ass to meet him as I felt him adjust.

As he ran his fingers from my neckline, down my back and across my ass where a quick but firm slap told me he was now in the driver’s seat. A whimper escaped from my lips as I felt the sting.

He ran his cock up and down my pussy before he paused and with his hands on my hips pushed in quickly and deeply. I arched back toward him. He pushed harder and faster while my breathing got faster and louder. I was ready to cum again.

He could tell by my sounds that I was ready so he slowed his pace. He ran his hand up my back and through my hair before grabbing and pulling my head back toward him arching me backwards as he pushed in with– deep, slow thrusts. It felt so damn good, my face all tingly from all the heavy breathing.

“May I please cum?” I asked him, but knowing from his silence that I must wait.

He kept me on the edge like he was reading my mind knowing that a single movement from him would push me over the edge and there will be no holding back.

“Please fuck me. Fuck my pussy, baby” I breathily said to him.

His hands grabbed a hold of my hips as he picked up his pace again. Every thrust I felt deep inside, every movement brought me closer. He slipped a finger in my ass and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to cum. I heard his breathing change, he was close too.

With a few deep thrusts I was moaning “yes, yes, yes yeeeesss baby…cum inside me… don’t stop… yes”.

I felt his body tighten behind me and I gave in to the impending orgasm with a raspy moan saying his name. I felt him cumming as well so I continued to move my hips, squeezing my inner muscles around him. He let go as I felt him fill me with his love, his passion. He collapsed on my back as we both laid there smiling, catching our breath.