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An Evening Turns Out Unexpectedly Well

An Evening Turns Out Unexpectedly Well

My day goes from bad to orgasmic...
What a week it's been. I have been so busy that I've hardly had time to think, let alone time to relax...

I am so stressed out by the usual daily grind, I need a break! I need to relax, what I really need is a nice, long, deep massage

Yes, that would be just the thing to chill me out a bit. I call my friend, the woman who normally does it, but she's not available until next week. Shit. I go to my macbook, check the address book to see who else could do it and as I'm scrolling through I hear the 'pop' of an instant message...

It's you! We start chatting. Comparing our weeks, vying to see who's hard the worst time. That would be you, as usual. I'm telling you how stressed I've been and although you sympathise, as always you take the piss.

I ask if you can think of anyone who'd be free to give me a treatment. You suggest my friend, but of course I've already established that she's away.

"Not to worry I say, never mind."

"Well, I could give you some reiki if you'd like," you offer.

"Really? Oh I don't know, wouldn't that interfere with your family stuff?"

"No, they're away for the next few days. Come over just now if you like."

"Yes, I guess I could," I think out loud, looking at the time. "Yeah, okay. I'll do it, if you're sure that's alright?" Not meaning to sound ungrateful.

"Yup, it's fine, see you soon then," you say.

You give me directions and I tell you I'll be there within the hour.

I get myself organised, glad to have a plan and knowing that I'll be relaxing soon. So I get my stuff together and get ready to leave. The rain is pissing down as I'm locking the door and I remember that I have a book I think you'd be interested in and I run back into the house to get it.

I can't believe how awful the weather is. The rain is so heavy and as I get into the car I think to myself that I should have brought a jacket. Oh it won't matter, I'll be straight out of the car, I won't need one. I'm driving along the winding back road. The rain is so heavy, the wipers are on high speed. It's hard to see where I'm going, especially when there's oncoming traffic, dazzling me with headlights.

There's a particularly large truck heading towards me and it's hard to see the lines in the centre of the road. Too late, I notice a huge pothole. I can't swerve to avoid it because of the oncoming truck! I've no choice but to hit it and although I'm not going that fast I hear a 'bang!' as my tyre bursts! Shit, shit, shit... That's all I need.

As I hit the hazard warning light button, I pull over onto the grass verge. Adrenaline pumping, breathing fast. I sit for a moment, steeling myself to get out and check the damage. I know that the wheel will have to be changed. I sit for a minute, calming down and then I remember that I forgot my jacket, I'm going to get soaked. By this time I'm more than half way there so I decide to phone you, ask you to come and help me, at least bring me a jacket, so I don't get soaked. Then I realise that my phone was in my jacket, the one I forgot to bring! Oh fuck fuck fuck!

Ok, I have no choice, but to change the tyre. Not that it's a problem, I am very practical.

Oh it's bloody freezing, the rain is hammering now and already I feel miserable.

I get the spare out of the boot, along with the jack and the wheel brace. I loosen the wheel nuts, then I find the jack point and place it underneath and start cranking the handle. The jack starts to sink into the mud. Oh bugger! I go to the boot of the car and bring out an old box. Folding it up, I place it under the jack and try again. Ah that's better, the car starts to rise. I've got the wheel changed in no time and I dump the old one, with its ruined tyre into the boot, along with the jack and everything else. I slam the boot closed and as I am walking round to get in the car, a huge truck zooms past, very close to me and as it does, it goes through a huge puddle, soaking me even more completely. "Bastard! I hope YOU get a bloody flat tyre!" I shout, waving my clenched fist at the disappearing lights of the offending vehicle.

Although the whole thing maybe took maybe 10-15 minutes, I am shattered. I have never been more miserable and as I get into the car, I start to cry, feeling completely sorry for myself. What do I do now? Do I head back home or continue? Given that I am closer to you, I decide I might as well carry on.

I arrive at the house you described some ten minutes later. Although I had the heater on full blast, I am still soaked, freezing and miserable. I'm not crying any more, but I still feel like it. I park outside your house and get out. Composing myself before I chap the door. I hear you unlocking it, laughing, saying that I'm bloody late, typical woman and then you open the door and see the state of me. My hair is plastered to my head, my mascara is running, my top is sticking to me, see-through from the rain... My arms are wrapped around myself and I am shivering. You take one look at me but instead of sympathy, you burst out laughing! "Oh fuck, what happened to you?" Not even trying to suppress your amusement.

I feel so angry suddenly and I open my mouth to say something smart, but as soon as I do, I just burst into tears. It's all been too much.

"Hey what's wrong?" You grab me and hug me, pulling me inside.

"Have you got a towel I can borrow?" I sniff.

"Look, go upstairs to the bathroom, have yourself a shower and I'll get the room ready for your treatment, you're bloody freezing!"

As I pull away from you I notice that your t shirt is now wet too. I bend down to take off my shoes, so as not to make a mess and I notice that my nipples are very erect from the cold and the wet. I look up and see you glance away, smiling.

"What's so funny? Are you laughing at me?" I ask huffily.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all," you smirk

Embarrassed, I head upstairs, I can see the bathroom, door open so I head in.

"I'll stick the kettle on, coffee?" you yell after me.

"Yes please, that would be perfect," I reply, still mortified, as I close the bathroom door behind me.

I strip down to my underwear and hang my wet clothes on the radiator. The shower is a simple one and it doesn't take more than a second to figure out how it works. I switch it on, step out of my wet knickers and take off my bra, the garments are so wet that they actually drip. By this time, the steam is rising, I open the shower door and step inside.

Oh that feels good. The spray on my head, wetting my hair again, but nice and hot this time. The water is running over my body and I start to rub on some soap. I put some shampoo on my hair and start to work it up into a lather. As I warm up, I smile to myself, thinking what a state I must have looked when I arrived at your door. I think how hard my nipples were and how you had noticed. You're such a bastard and yet...

I look down, they are still erect and I shiver as I rub the soap over them. I take one nipple between my thumb and forefinger and a small gasp escapes my lips as I realise how aroused I feel. Shit, I don't want to go back downstairs like this. You'd be sure to notice. I set the soap down and take hold of both of nipples. Loving the way that my hands glide easily over my smooth soapy skin. Oh that feels so good.

I rub the soap over my belly and look as the lather washes down to my pubic hair, I move a hand down and begin to to wash myself. Working up a lather I brush against my clit, which is surprisingly erect and I let out a small moan, allowing my finger to explore further.
I push a digit inside and feel that my own juices are mingling with the hot water from the shower. Oh it feels really nice. I start to rub my clit in earnest, my other hand teasing my nipple, pulling it rubbing... as the shampoo washes from my hair, I keep rubbing and very quickly I come. Hard and fast. Wow, that was nice, surprising.

I realise that I have probably been in the bathroom for too long already so I rinse off the rest of the soap and step out of the shower, still tingling from my impromptu climax. I see that there are two neatly folded towels on the floor and a dressing gown - I never noticed them before and when I look at the radiator for my wet clothes, they have gone!!!

Oh fuck, I never locked the door!! You must have come in while I was showering!! Oh no! Did you see what I was up to, or did you do the gentlemanly thing and step in and out quickly. Oh of course you looked, you're a bloody pervert. I dry myself off, feeling thoroughly affronted. I put the robe around myself and head downstairs, nothing else for it.

You must have heard me coming out of the bathroom, you call up, "I'm down here, in the kitchen. Your coffee's ready."

I've never been in this house before so I follow your voice. I go through the living room, where the therapy couch is set up, to the kitchen. You're just dropping a spoon into the sink. I notice that you have changed out of the t shirt that got wet when you hugged me but I can hardly look at you, thinking what you might have seen while I was showering and I know that I am blushing like mad.

"You take milk in your coffee and quite strong, is that right?" You state.
I just nod

"You look a little flustered, good shower?"

I think to myself, "Bastard, so that's the way you're playing it?" But I just say, "Yes thanks. At least I'm not freezing any more."

"I've put your clothes in the dryer and they should be ready by the time you've had your treatment."

"Thanks, that's kind of you," I mumble.

"Come on through to the living room and we'll have our coffee before we start."

I'm conscious that the person who owns this robe must be a good deal smaller than me, as it is really rather short. I pull it tightly closed as I sit down with my coffee on the sofa. You sit on the armchair opposite me. I keep my legs crossed, no need to embarrass myself further.

We sit and make small talk while and while we chat I get the definite impression that you are highly amused to see me in such a vulnerable position. I just know you're going to make the most of it. Bloody smart arse.

"OK, let's get started shall we? You're really very quiet this evening, it's not like you. Usually you don't shut up."

I mumble something about still feeling a little upset and you direct me to the therapy couch. "Up you get, that's it. Just lie down this way and get yourself comfortable. Would you like a cushion under your knees?"

"No, no thanks," I say, all the while thinking, "Comfortable? In this short dressing gown? You've got to be kidding…"

I lie down awkwardly on the couch and you explain how sorry you are that you don't have a blanket to put over me, but that the room should be warm enough anyway. How is it even possible that you don't have a blanket? I feel so exposed and I'm pretty sure you're taking the piss...

I'm thankful that the lights are off and only candles lit in the room as I am feeling very self conscious.

You tell me to relax and close my eyes. I close my eyes and I try.

"Oh fuck it," I think to myself, "If he saw me in the shower then anything else isn't going to matter at this stage."

"Ready?" you ask, "OK, I'll get started."

I close my eyes.

As soon as you place your hands on my head it feels like electricity is running through my whole body, especially 'down there'. I've never felt reiki like this before. It feels like waves are pulsing through my whole frame. Wow, I knew that you were strong, but bloody hell, this is amazing!

You move your hands to the different positions, over my eyes, over my ears and when you slide your hands under my head, at the top of my neck, I nearly jump off the table. You rubbed the length of my neck when you pushed your hands under my head. It's one of my more sensitive zones and as soon as you touch me my whole body responds with a tingling I've never felt before. "Are you OK?" you whisper. I nod slightly in reply. You stand there for a few minutes.

Rather than feeling relaxed, I feel tense, excited, hot. Surely someone must have turned the heat up on the room, because my face feels like it is on fire. You gently take your hands out from under my head, seeming to 'accidentally' stroke my neck again as you do. I feel my pussy tingle as your fingers touch me. I must have let out a small gasp because you ask again if I am okay.

"Yes," I whisper ever so quietly.

Next, you place your hands on my shoulders, but by this time the robe has opened slightly so, you are placing them on my bare skin rather than the fabric. It feels great and it's as though you are very very gently massaging my shoulders at the same time. Then you slide your hands down the tops of my arms, inside the loose sleeves of the robe. I do gasp quietly this time for sure but you say nothing. The heat is radiating from my body by now, every part of me is aching for your touch. How often I've imagined your hands on my skin...

The robe is mostly open now and as you slide your hands back up my arms I become aware that it's only just covering my nipples. Nipples that have become very stiff, as if aware of the proximity of your hands. Hands which you now place on the bare skin of my chest. I take a deep breath. You must have quite a good view from where you are standing. My clit begins to pulse as you slide your hands down my chest and onto my breasts, the robe falling open at the top, you gently push your hands over my nipples.

Oh fuck, I really want this. I've always wanted this. I squirm with pleasure as I feel your rough skin against my very erect nipples and then your hands are still, placed over my breasts, cupping them.

Ever so gently I can feel you begin to massage my breasts. You bring your fingers and thumbs together and squeeze my nipples. I let out a moan and realise that I am arching my back. My whole body feels so hot, on fire and the robe slips open completely now, falling to either side of the couch. It's your turn to gasp and as you move from my head to the side of me, I open my eyes ever so slightly and I see that you have a huge bulge in your trousers. Oh god, oh god.

As you move round to the side, you place one hand just below my breasts, at my stomach and the other on my lower abdomen. Then I feel your mouth close around one of my nipples, gently sucking it, teasing it between your teeth and flicking it with your tongue, then you move to the other and do the same. As you let the nipple fall from your mouth, you gently blow onto the wet nub and I feel it harden even more. You must have liked what you saw because I hear you quietly moan. I'm lying there, eyes closed thinking how much I want you, knowing that I am wet, ready.

My breathing is quite shallow by now and I am completely aroused. My eyes are still closed, savouring every moment of this and I feel your hand move from my abdomen to my pussy, just gently sitting there. Then a finger feels its way to my clit and begins to gently rub at the hood. Oh god, I gasp and raise my hips from the table as your finger massages.

I feel you move round and your other hand rests on my thighs but not for long, as it moves between my knees, pushing them apart and beginning to slide up my inner thigh. You are still massaging and circling my clit with your finger and I am writhing, right there on the couch.

I feel a finger from your other hand press against my wet pussy. You run the length of it, feeling how hot and wet it is and then you push a finger inside me, Holy shit! You insert a second finger and begin to finger-fuck me, all the while still rubbing my clit. Oh god, I feel like I am going to come.

You sense this because you stop, let your fingers slide out of me. and suddenly your tongue is in their place lapping at my juices, your nose touching my clit. Oh your tongue is so long, so firm. You raise your head and move up to my ear while pushing two or three fingers back inside me. You whisper, "Do you want me to fuck you, fuck you hard? Tell me."

"Yes yes!" I moan, "You know I do, fuck me, please. Do it now!"

"Come here," you order as you help me up from the therapy couch, fingers still inside me, half lifting me over to the sofa where you bend me over onto my knees.

Fingers sliding in and out of me, I'm lying over the sofa, knees on the carpet, legs wide, ass in the air while your fingers are fucking me, more quickly now. You grab my ass cheeks with both hands, opening them and I feel your long tongue lick from the end of my pussy to my clit. My juices mixing with your saliva.

Suddenly you're on your knees, between my legs and I feel the tip of your rock-hard cock at my moist opening. Pushing against me. I push back, trying to make you slide into me, but you merely tease me, running your cock head up and down my swollen pussy.

"Fuck me, fuck me," I pant.

You ram your cock into me with all your might. I moan loudly as you fill me, thrusting into my wet cunt. I feel your balls slap against me as you fuck me. Holding my hips so that you can push in deeper, harder.

I've never been fucked like this, so deep oh my god the position I am in means that as you thrust in, you are hitting a g-spot or something and I feel myself starting to come. Then you stop, fuck!

You grab hold of my hair, pulling my head back towards you and you whisper in my ear, "I saw what you were doing in the shower, I want to watch you. Sit on the sofa, show me what you were doing."

I sit down and part my legs I look at you, your eyes are taking in all of me. You watch as I slide my fingers over my clit, oh feels so good as I push a finger into my wet pussy. I watch you, watching me and I take my finger from my cleft and put it in my mouth, tasting you, tasting me mixed together. You obviously like this as your cock is standing straight and stiff and you take it in your hand and start to rub your balls with the other. Your fist starts to pump up and down your shaft.

I return my hand to its original job, with one hand I start to rub my clit and I push two fingers from the other inside and start to masturbate furiously. Our eyes looking at each other the whole time we are about to climax and you tell me to stop. I don't want to, I keep rubbing and you grab both of my wrists and hold them at my side.

"I told you to stop," you say, "I want to fuck your pretty mouth."

Although it's been in me, I haven't had the pleasure of sucking you yet and I am eager to please. I'm still sitting on the sofa and you sit astride me, your groin level with my face.

"Suck it, take it all," you order as you lift your hips, your cock close to my mouth.

I lean into you and start by nuzzling my nose under your stiff cock, licking your balls, sucking them kneading them with my hands. I lick the underside of your shaft and run my tongue up to the tip. It tastes of me, nice and I lap the tip where a drop of precum has gathered. Suddenly you thrust and you're in my mouth, hands holding my head, setting the pace. I'm sucking you, quite hard, trying to keep up with your speed. I keep clenching your balls and suddenly I feel you stiffen, pulse and I know you're about to come.

You withdraw from my mouth and a jet of cum shoots onto my chin, you let your cock drop and more hot fluid squirts my onto my breasts. My tongue licks round my lips and I taste your hot creamy fluid, sweet and salty. I use my fingers to wipe the rest from my chin and suck it too.

Meanwhile, you begin to rub your cum over my tits with your softening cock, spreading it all over them and my nipples. Your hand is quickly at my pussy again, expertly massaging my clit with your thumb while your fingers press so deeply inside me.

Your mouth taking each nipple in turn, licking sucking, biting.

I feel my orgasm build, fast and hard, I arch my back, raising my hips toward you and let it wash over me.

You collapse beside me on the sofa, pulling a blanket from behind the sofa to wrap around us.

"You said you didn't have a blanket!"

"Yeah, I lied"

I knew it... Bastard.
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