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An Explicit First Time (Written by a male)

First Time
I sat down on my usual bench in the park. The headphones connected to my small pink mp3 were in place, my legs were spread and my arms were extended to each side. It was the usual position I had whenever I sat down here in the park, and I wasn't planning on changing it any time soon.
As usual my mind wondered to the subject that my “defense mechanisms” always suppressed: sex. It was a natural subject for me. Something I always  enjoyed talking about, thinking about and fantasizing about... However, it was not something that bloomed often for me. Today, even though it wasn't anything out of the ordinary, I started to remember the first time I was able to test my skills in it...

My girlfriend and I had been together for some time, probably around four or five months to be precise. We enjoyed each others company a lot and we weren't in any hurry to do the actual thing. Of course, no man is able to withstand the sexual void for long, so we practiced simple yet gratifying things that never involved the real deal.
For example, some days, things would get too hot to hold back any longer. We would be hugging each other on top of the two-person bed in my room, kissing each other. The kisses would slowly grow more passionate. My tongue would venture forth bravely into her mouth to give hers a small poke. This would usually seem like a duel for her, so she'd return the favor in exactly the same way.
Pretty soon, our bodies would get closer and closer to each other, seeking the warm contact of the opposite sex while our arms were wrapped around each other. My hands would usually squeeze her hips in a gentle and affectionate manner, the palm of my hand holding a firm, yet gentle grip on her waist-bone. The other hand would be placed on her cheek, holding her face close to mine as my tongue invaded her mouth and explored the interior of it, playfully avoiding hers, which would be searching for mine in a hide-and-seek manner.
After a while, we would separate our faces, panting for breath and wiping off the saliva that had been circling between us on our shoulders. I'd offer her a mischievous grin before slowly moving the hand that was on her cheek down to her neck, before burying my head there to gently kiss her several times. This was usually a sign of “Let's go”, since the hand that was on her waist would move to her behind to squeeze it gently and the hand that was on her neck would begin to trace the shape of her breasts.
A normal person would suggest that my girlfriend doesn't have the body of a queen. But to me, she had the body of a goddess. Her long hair was tainted black, and it reached almost up to her ass. She had dark brown eyes that had a deep look about them and, in this kind of situation, had a hungry look about them that was compensated by her pronounced and juicy-looking lips. She had a nicely curved body. Not over-curved like a girl with a few extra-pounds (which are also to my liking), but the kind of perfect curves that make your eyes dart to her ass rapidly. Once there, you'd see a thing of beauty... A perfectly shaped ass, easily seen by the tight jeans she would usually wear. Her breasts were not large at all... But they had the perfectly small and pronounced shape that made them unique to my eyes...
Now that you know what she's like... You can probably imagine how wild I would go after the “Lets go” sign...
My hands would never be in control of themselves. They would move all around her, examining and feeling her incredible body. One would usually be on her ass, squeezing it and playing with the underwear that could be felt from over her tight jeans. The other would  normally be around her breasts, covering them with the palm and squeezing them or simply tracing them playfully. I couldn't help it.
My libido was in the clouds, my twenty-one centimeter cock would be rock solid while I felt her up, my mind would be racing, thinking about all the things I could do... But I had to be patient. My ultimate goal was always for my companion to feel pleasure during any type of erotic contact.
My hands would continue to caress her over her clothes while I kissed her in any exposed part she had: neck, ears, lips, forehead... But then, without warning, I would lower my head slowly while the hand that was playing with her breast paused. As my head reached her cleavage, the hand would slip in her shirt and into her bra to get a more direct feel of her breast while I would begin to kiss her cleavage gently and the exposed parts of her breasts. As I did his, the hand that was playing with her ass would wrap itself around her waist to holder as close as possible to me. My erect manhood demanded that I squeeze her against me so that she could take note of his existence.
Now it was round two of the wildness. The hand that was feeling her breast directly would slowly pull out, moving her clothing and bra aside so that I could give her a gentle and quick kiss right on the nipple. As I did this, I could feel her legs shift from the pleasure and hear her let out a small gasp of surprise. I know began to kiss around her breast, ignoring the nipple for the time being while my freehand began to squeeze the same breast I was attending. I couldn't help but swap to the other breast from time to time, not wanting to make any favorites and not wanting to discriminate the other. Bit by bit, during this process of kissing and squeezing each breast in turn, I would begin to go more and more berserk, occasionally licking her nipples in circles or suckling on the wildly.
But then, I would come to a halt... My hand would pull out of her shirt and bra, my head would return to an equal level of height with hers and I would take deep breaths to regain myself... But it would never be over at that point.
The hand that was playing with her breasts would slowly begin to move downwards, pressing gently against her body as I felt her neck, cleavage, stomach and waist. You can guess where it would stop, eh?
My hand slowly pressed itself between her legs, covering her sensitive spot completely. One finger would venture forth and begin to press itself slightly more harder than my hand as I rubbed up and down what I could feel was her pussy. I would slowly begin to feel the wetness over her jeans, I would slowly begin to speed up... I was now giving her a bit more of direct pleasure. But it was still a tease.
My lips, then, would engage with hers without modesty or hesitation. My tongue would go wild around her lips and mouth while my hand slowly began to unbutton her belt and slowly pull down her fly. The arm around her would hold her even tighter against me as I slid my hand in through her panties to gently play with her pubic region. The excitement was contagious and my cock was throbbing almost painfully in it's small cotton prison.
The hand playing with her pubic region would slowly slide down to meet the real wetness directly. Her pussy felt warm and welcoming to my hand, covered in juices that indicated she was having a good time. My middle finger would slowly push forward and slide up and down her wet labia, identifying the region it was about to play with. Her moans sounded directly in my mouth as my lips didn't abandon hers. I moved on. My girlfriend was the type who loved rough clitoris-playing... And that's what I was going to do.
I slowly inserted my middle finger into her warm and juicy entrance, to gain some extra “lubricant”. It would then slide out as slowly as it slid in and begin to move upwards to locate her clitoris. Once found, my finger would gently pass over it, testing it's sensitivity. A loud moan would escape her, but it would be muffled by my own mouth. It always felt pretty nice to have a direct manifestation of pleasure appear in your mouth. And with this, round three of wildness began.
The finger playing with her clitoris would follow the same procedure I had done so far in round one and two. It would slowly begin playing with her, circling her clitoris and poking it every now and then, speeding up more and more, activating her senses bit by bit so that she could feel every movement I was doing with as much pleasure as it had to offer. I would continue to speed up till my finger was moving as fast as it could to make her climax. Once she did, I would quickly move my finger into her so that she could reach her limit all over it. It was always fun to leave it there to maintain the pleasure.

After this, I might make her climax again, she might give me a hand job... From here on it could evolve into quite a few things. But I mentioned at the beginning that I was  remembering my first time.
All that I have said above occurred, meaning that it all started off pretty normally... But, that day was different.

“Hey... Do you have... You know... Condoms?” she said while regaining her breath from her climax.
“Yeah... I finally managed to get them my size (XL), why?” I said, with my finger playing around her labia.
“Well... Do you want to... You know...?”
I loved it when she put on a shy face. And when she said something like that with it, it was enough to blow my mind.
I gave her a deep kiss before offering a grin and a wink.
“Say no more... Let's get the rest of our clothes off, shall we?”. And by the rest of the clothes, I meant all mine and most of hers.
We did as I said, removing shirts, pants, bra, panties, boxers, socks... Everything. We soon reached a situation where I was laying on the bed with my twenty-one centimeter manhood soaring upward and her next to me, staring at it with a mixture of anxiety and hunger.
She slowly got on top of me, spreading her legs over my waist and adjusting herself. I could feel her labia make a little bit of contact with my protected cock. It felt like a bit of a tease.
She took a deep breath and took hold of my cock, placing it steadily in front of her juicy entrance. Another deep breath and she began to slowly move downward. It was needles to say that it  was her first time too, so the first time she felt my manhood enter her wasn't the best of sexual moments. She put on a painful frown as she continued to slide downward. I took hold of her hands, not capable of holding back the gasps of pleasure that manifested themselves as my cock slid into the tight wetness that was her pussy. She continued to take deep breaths to steady herself. Her expression was kind of cute.
She then slowly began to move her hips back and forth, not up and down, in a sort of grinding motion that sent wave upon wave of pleasure through me. This movement was an idea of mine to get her used to my manhood. It bought us both pleasure, and it made her grow accustomed to my cock. It was working.
Her expression slowly went from a frown to a relaxed and hungry look. She began to repeat the same motion faster and faster, making my cock shift about inside of her. I could feel it through the preservative, I could notice her juices trickling down and out of her entrance onto my pubic region. All of this, from her expression to the drops of her juices, was making me feel more pleasure than I have ever felt in my entire life.
We continued in that position for a while, moaning, gasping and screaming “I love you” every now and then. But I began to notice she was getting g a bit tired of having to do all the work, so I decided to take actions after she reached her first climax, which was another explosion of pleasure that was noted onto my list.
My hands grabbed hold of her waist and I held her still slightly above me. I then made a slow hip-thrust motion, entering her gently and slowly. She moaned. I was clear to go.
I continued to hold her still while I began to enter and exit her, the feeling that was building in my manhood clearly beating the one I had felt just moments ago. I managed to keep hold of myself as I “pounded” her slowly and steadily, not wanting to hurt her. However, I could notice in her voice that she was approaching a climax, and so was I.
I began to put on a bit of speed, not entering her completely but merely pulling out a bit more than halfway in. I managed to reach a decent moment of speed, entering and exiting her with ease. The shivers in her legs and the moans she was letting out drove me insane, I was so close to my limit.
Finally, in a last spurt of speed and strength, I paused as deep as I could go inside of her and reached my limit. At the same time, she let out an extremely loud moan that, along with the large quantities of juice trickling down my rock solid dick, indicated that she had reached too.

I let out a sigh and opened my eyes. I was sitting on the bench in the park once more, something very large poking through my pants.
“Damn... Time to go home, I guess”
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