An illicit meeting

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Lust in a hotel room
We meet at a hotel around midday, we enter the room and as soon as the door is closed I push you up against it and we start to kiss.

As we are kissing you slowly start to take my clothes off. I am wearing a suit so you carefully take my jacket off and lay it over the chair. You undo my tie and then unbutton my shirt and you caress your chest with your hands and then start to kiss it.

You feel my trousers and you can feel me springing to life and beginning to bulge through my trousers as you undress me. You walk you over to the bed as you are undoing my trousers and pull them off before laying me on the bed in only my boxers. You kiss me on the lips and then kiss your way down my body until you reach the top of your boxers. You kiss your way down my thighs and back up until you reach my balls which are starting to throb.

You kiss your way up my shaft until you reach the tip of my hard cock and pull the boxers down and watch my cock spring back and forth as it escapes the confines of my boxers.

You take my hard throbbing cock in your mouth and gently fondly my balls and I gasp as the sensation send shivers down my spine.

I leave you sucking and playing for a while and then I am desperate to see you naked. I move you away and unzip your dress, letting it fall to the floor and I stand for a second, loving looking at you in your bra and panties then bringing you close to me and hugging you for a minute, both of us enjoying the feeling of skin on skin as we hold each other.

I reach behind your back and unclip your bra and it falls to the floor. I kiss each nipple in turn then greedily suck on each boob enjoying the feeling of your soft flesh pushed up against my face.

I kneel down I front of you and bury my face in your panties, enjoying your warmth and feeling them start to get a little wet. I open my mouth and put it all around your pussy and let me hot breath tease you for a second, then pull them down and enjoy the sight of your pussy being revealed as I tug them off.

I push you onto your back on the bed and open your legs so my lips and tongue can have access to all of your pussy and kiss my way around the outside of your lips to tease you a little then run my tongue all the way down your pussy enjoying how wet you already are.

I pull your lips apart and lick the inside of your pussy then run my tongue up until I take your clit into my mouth. I hold it with my teeth and flick my tongue over it as I slide a finger into your pussy and move it back and forth as my tongue goes frantic over your clit, then I suddenly stop.

I push your legs up which give me access to your pussy and bum and I lick my way over both, sliding my tongue in as far as it will go up your pussy and then all around your bum and then rolling it, sliding its way up there too.

I can’t wait any longer and lie on top of you and slide my hard throbbing cock all the way up your pussy and thrust hard watching your boobs move up and down as push hard into you.

I am overtaken with lust and push harder and faster, banging my hips hard into you so my cock goes all the way up into you and my balls knock against your bum.

The rhythm gets faster and I push harder until I am thrusting as hard and as fats as I can until my breathing gets really fast and I can feel the cum beginning to move its way up my hard cock and then spurt deep into you as I climax mid push. This triggers off your climax and we both moan loudly, loving the feeling of me being inside you. I don’t want it stop so I keep thrusting, spurting out all the cum I can as the feeling in my cock gets really sensitive, but I don’t want to stop.

I push slower, but still as deep and I groan as the feeling is almost too much then have to lie down next to you as I can’t take any more.

I roll you over next to me and we both lie there arm in arm with my cock twitching and my balls aching, but loving the feeling of your soft skin against mine and letting our minds wander back to reality.