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An Introduction To Manhood

She had her eyes on him since he was 16 and now he was legal.
This story is a continuation of “You can learn a lot in college. Part 2”

The day Gail had been looking forward to for nearly three years was at hand.

She wanted to fuck her landlady’s son, Chris. Gail had her eyes on Chris since she moved into the upstairs apartment of his mother’s home. But Chris was just 16 years old then, so Gail had to wait until he was legal. Well, Chris turned 18 just two days ago.

Professor Harris, Chris’ mom, was throwing a birthday party for her son. Gail and her roommate, Wendy, had been included on the guest list. Most of the party goers were Chris’ friends from high school. There were a few adult family members in attendance. One other guest was a strikingly beautiful auburn haired woman from Chicago. The beauty’s name was Gayle (note the spelling) and a college friend of Professor Harris’.

Since the party was really a teen affair there were no hard drinks available. So Gail and Wendy sipped soft drinks at the picnic table under an elm tree chatting with Gayle and Professor Harris’ sister-in-law. Gail was watching Chris and his friends while lending half an ear to the table conversation.

Gail noticed a cute girl that was showing Chris a lot of attention. Gail learned that girl’s name was Joy and the girlfriend of Greg, Chris’ best friend and football teammate. She may have been Greg’s girlfriend but she managed to be next to or near Chris whenever possible. That and the fact that she laughed at all of Chris’ jokes, funny or not, meant that she must have a schoolgirl crush on her boyfriend’s best bud. A complicated situation to say the least.

Gail did not understand what any girl saw in Greg. Yes, he was a star football player but he was also a bully and boorish and not at all attractive. Yes, he caught a lot of touchdown passes, but it was Chris who threw to him.

Near the end of the party Gail witnessed an argument between Greg and Joy. They were in the middle of the street and too far away to be heard. Greg shook a finger in Joy’s face and yelled something at her. Joy returned to the party as Greg jumped in his car and sped away, squealing tires. When Joy passed the picnic table, Gail observed no tears and what appeared to be a relieved look on her face. Gail figured that it would not be long before Joy had her hooks in Chris. Now Gail’s plan to make Chris into a great lover had to be accelerated.

The molding of Chris into a great lover of women could begin almost immediately. Professor Harris was leaving to attend a conference in Boston. She had a morning flight on Sunday. Chris would drive his mother and Gayle to the airport. Wendy would be with her visiting parents for most of Sunday. That left Chris and Gail alone in the house, Gail upstairs and Chris down stairs. Gail often let Chris take a peek at her tits. Gail knew when he was doing this but always pretended not to notice. So getting the boy (young man) upstairs was always easy.

When Chris returned from the airport, Gail was waiting. He parked to the car in the detached garage and headed for the back door. Gail put her head out the window and called down to him.

“Chris, I am all alone up here. Come up and have some lunch with me.”

“Sure.” He said also thinking that he might get a peek at Gail’s tits.

Little did he know that he was soon to see a lot more of Gail’s body.

“Good. Change out of that stuffy shirt and tie and come on up”

He was never allowed to go anywhere with his mother dressed casually. He didn’t have to be told. He couldn’t wait to don his gym shorts and T. Within minutes he was bounding up the steps two at a time. Gail greeted him in short shorts and a cutoff football jersey that barely covered her braless breasts. His eyes were all over her. Gail smiled.

“Have a seat.” Gail said as she put a plate with an egg salad sandwich on the small table.

Opening a bag of chips, Gail asked. “What are you drinking? Water? Diet Coke? Beer?”

“Diet Coke.”

“Beer it is.” Said Gail, as she put two glasses on the table. She opened a long neck and poured half in each glass.

“Help me with the beer, Sweetie. If you don’t drink half, I will have it all and I don’t want to do that.”

“Ok” Said Chris as he took probably his first sip of brew.

“Nice party, yesterday” said Gail. “Eighteen years old. Wow, you’re a man now, Chris or should I start calling you Christopher?”

“Chris is still okay.” He said with a blush.

“I noticed that Joy has a thing for you.”

“She’s Greg’s girlfriend.”

“Not anymore, I don’t think. Didn’t you see what happened when Greg left?”

“No, what?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. Besides you probably already have a girlfriend, right?”

No girl friend.”

“No girlfriend?” Said Gail in feigned incongruity. “Well, I know you’re not gay. You are always looking at my tits. You’re doing that now”

Chris looked up, his face reddening.

‘It’s okay, Chris. I like it when men look at my body. It lets me know that the time I spend in the gym is not wasted”

Gail was pleased when Chris’ expression changed as she included him in her observation of how men looked at her. The desired effect was achieved.

“Do you like my breasts, Chris? Would you like to touch them?

No answer.

“Here give me your hand.” Gail said as she took his hand with both of heir’s and pulled it toward her. He resisted, holding back.

“Relax, Chris, its okay, I want you to touch me.”

With that he allowed her to slip the hand under her jersey and onto her bare breast. When she let go of his hand he started to pull away.

“No, no, no Chris. Put it back.” Gail almost admonished as she redirected his hand. This time when she let go the hand remained unmoving. Boy did this boy need help.

“Here do this, Chris.” As she moved his hand in a circular motion allowing his palm to stimulate her nipple.

“Oh,oh .” Cried Chris jumping to his feet and turning for the door when Gail lightly touched the bulge in his gym shorts. Gail had anticipated this when she sat him at the table with her chair between him and the door.

Gail stood her ground with her back to the door and Chris’ only means of escape.

“Can’t stop now, Chris. You were making me feel so good with your touch.” “Now give me your hands.” Taking both of his hands and putting them under her jersey.

To give the boy confidence, Gail closed her eyes and feigned arousal. She moaned a little before opening her eyes.

“Now, do you want me to step away from this door so you can run? Or can we use that door?” Gail coaxed, indicating the bedroom door.

He did not speak but when his gaze went to the bedroom door, she had the answer that she wanted.

“Good choice. Now come with me.” She took his hand and led him to the most important classroom of his young life.

Inside the bedroom she took his face in both hands and kissed him passionately. The boy did not know how to kiss or caress a breast. Gail had the work cut out for herself. The good news was that her student was very bright and a quick learner. Pulling him closer she could feel his erection on her leg. Gail no longer feigned arousal. She wanted his cock inside of her and soon.

“Chris, I am going to change into something really sexy for you. If I leave you here, you’re not going to run away, are you?”


“Good, undress and get in bed.”

Gail hurried to her closet and bathroom. She had already laid out what she planned to wear. In no time she was out of her jersey and short shorts and into black lace panties with a matching bra. She quickly admired how she looked in the mirror and opened the door. To build excitement in the boy, she counted to five before stepping around the door and into the bedroom.

Chris had passed the first test. He was in the bed as instructed. He was on his back with knees bent in obvious attempt to hide his hardness. Gail walked closer to give him a better look at her nearly naked body. She turned around twice allowing him to take in every inch of her body.

“How do I look, Chris?”


Gail looked down at the floor where his sandals, gym shorts and T lay.

Looking up she asked, “Christopher, where is your underwear?”

“I’m wwwearing them?” he stammered nervously.

“Well, take them off, sweetie.”

He complied without allowing the covers to slip from under his chin. When the jockey shorts fell to the floor, Gail moved closer and pulled at the covers. He held fast to what was hiding his nakedness. Taking a step back and looking him in the eyes she slowly removed her bra and panties.

“Now will you let go of the covers, Chris?”

Gail pulled the covers away to reveal his perfectly ripped lean and muscular body. His equally perfect cock was pointing straight up. At nearly 7” and cut, she could hardly wait to have it inside of her. Gail knew she had to go slow here.

Laying beside him she softly kisses his lips. “Do this.” She instructed as she put a hand on his nipple and pinched lightly. He pinched his other nipple. “No silly, my tit, tweak my tit.”

Amazingly he was able to blush again, giving that so much blood was being used to keep his cock erect.

Gail slipped a hand under the pillow to grab a hand full of tissue that had been put there in anticipation of what she did next. She wet her finger with her tongue and placed it along with her thumb on his cock just below the head. Massaging that special spot behind the cock head, his cock began to jerk.

“Oh, oh.” He cried as his cock gave up its load.

She managed to catch most of his sperm in the ready tissue.

Gail did not let go of his cock until he began to soften.

“You okay, Chris?” she asked.

“Yes. I’m sorry. “

“Nothing to be sorry for, sweetie” she assured. “You’ll last longer the next time” “And even longer when you learn to control it.”

“Ready for another half a bottle”


Gail quickly ran to the kitchen and just as quickly returned with the beer glasses and a damp towel. She put their beer on the night stand and went about cleaning the semen that got by the tissue and onto his chest. After cleaning the cum from his chest, she carefully wiped the tip of his cock, not wanting him to climax. Not just yet anyway. He was already starting to get hard again when Gail quickly kissed the tip of his cock.

Laying back Gail, took his hand and placed it on her pussy. She showed him how to play with her pussy by working two fingers inside while stimulating her clit with his thumb at the same time. The desired effect was achieved when her pussy began to gush juices. Pulling his head to her breasts she told him to flick her nipples with his tongue. The first tremor of orgasm frightened the boy.

“What. Are you okay?” He cried pulling away.

“I’m good.” Gail gasped. “Don’t stop, oh, don’t stop, please.” Her body convulsing again in ecstasy.

As she was coming down, he asked. “What was that?”

“I am sure that you know what an orgasm is, don’t you?”

He nodded.

“Well, that was an orgasm and you, Chris, you made me cum.” She said with a smile then kissing him passionately.

Still smiling “And now you are going to cum again, this time inside me.”

Spreading her legs she directed him to above her body. When she rubbed the tip of his cock on her slit a climax would have followed. But she quickly squeezed the base of his cock with a finger and thumb. She held his cock like this for nearly five minutes.

“Okay, lover” she said releasing the grip on his cock. “Now fuck me.”

Gail massaged her clit as the boy pumped his cock deep into her pussy. Soon she was matching his rhythm with her hips as he worked his cock inside. Letting out a scream of pleasure she bit his chest just inches from his left nipple. Gail knew that he was about to cum when his body stiffened. She grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and held him fast to her. She wanted his cock insider for as long as possible. Both exhausted she released her grip on his body and allowed him to collapse on the bed beside her.

“That was wonderful. You were wonderful.” Gail gasped and tenderly kissed the spot on his chest where she had bitten him.

“Does that hurt, Sweetie” as she again kissed his small wound.

“No.” He lied.

“Are you going to tell your mother what we just did? She asked teasingly.

“What, noooo” he cried.

“Good, then can we do it again. Like maybe tomorrow?”


“Great. Get dressed, Sweetie. You have to be out of here before Wendy gets home” “I don’t want her to know what we have been doing. Not just yet anyway.”

“You’re not going to tell her, are you?”

“Of course I am going to tell her. I’m pretty sure that she wants to fuck you too. But not until I give her go ahead. Would that be okay with you?”

“No. I love YOU.”

“Sure. But if you really love me you will fuck Wendy for me. Okay?”


“Now off you go.”

Gail knew that his love for her would wane once he fucked Wendy.

Now he had something else to think about in his bed tonight with his cock in his hand.

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