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An Island Paradise

An Island Paradise

A night in the life of the Islands.
“You should see my maid…Johnny.” Ver saw the question in my eyes, but only repeated again, “You should see my maid.”

Ver was the imported local machine operator, a Filipino and was becoming a good friend. I had been on this Caribbean island for several days, and was still waiting for the parts to be flown in. Until then, each afternoon, Ver and I would get together at the local store and have a drink together.

“Well, her name is Johnny, and you are sleeping with her?” I knew Ver had a local island woman he was living with thus I wondered why he kept mentioning his maid.

“Err… no; I’m saving her.” He finally responded. I sensed their was more to the story and decided to plug away.

“What are you saving her for,” I chuckled, “Christmas?”

We both laughed, took another sip of the cold beer, and he looked in my eyes, “You should see Johnny, my maid.” He smiled again, but he was looking to the sea, not at me, so I felt he was seeing the image of his maid.

He would go no further, and although our conversation took a different turn, I did continue to wonder about his mysterious maid.

The following day, the parts arrived, I completed my work and booked a flight for early the next day. That afternoon, I explored the local park, taking photographs of the local scenery and some of the local residents. Seeing some kids dressed in their Sunday finest, I asked them to pose. It was a beautiful photo and their mother explained it was their first communion, and asked if I would attend a “pati” that evening. I love to experience the real day-to-day life of where ever I travel, so I readily accepted.

Their house was only a short walk from my hotel; so that evening, after dark, I walked down. It was a dark path, the jungle growth shielding the narrow dirt road and without starlight, I was guided only by the occasional flash from my small penlight. The batteries would not last long, so I would momentarily cast the narrow beam of light forward, to insure the path was clear and continue carefully walking until needed again. Beside me, in the dark, I could hear the natives pass by me, yet I never could see them and wondered how they could see in the dark.

Finally I did see lights ahead, and a moment later the sounds of music and laughter, all the signs of a good party. Arriving, I presented the parents with a bottle of rum I had purchased that afternoon. They welcomed me in, well not really in, as their home was quite small, the party was in their yard and continued into the road.

Nevertheless, the party was in full swing, at least a hundred people, all clustered in groups, drinking and laughing. If I felt unusual not knowing anyone and not speaking the language, it was only for a moment, as the host made me feel welcome and offered me a drink they had made from the local fruits. As I took a sip, I realized it must be made from fermented coconut milk; it was quite strong and very sweet.

I saw my friend Ver, he was with several friends, and he invited me to join them at his table. Together we enjoyed the liqueur, along with rum and several mixes they had brought, which led to funny stories and much laughter. As the night wore on, I explored the party further, finally ending out on the road.

There were several young people there, but one stood out. She was medium height, with noticeably large breasts. I could not help but stare, her breasts were so large, that her silhouette defined her presence. I felt drawn to her, and as I stood near, her smile lit up my eyes. Her skin was as dark as the night, accenting her brilliant white teeth which shown like the crescent moon. Her cheekbones were high, matching her firm jaw; her lips were full and shaped like a perfect heart. She was an island beauty, and should be gracing the travel brochures, not hidden in this small island village.

Her eyes were as dark as her skin and I realized her smile was directed toward me, “Hello” I said while looking into her eyes.

She only smiled back, and I suddenly realized she did not speak English. “Alo” I said, using one of the few words I knew. This beautiful girl was exciting me already, but I did not know the words to say anything to her. Undeterred, I persisted, gesturing, telling her my name and hoping to hear her name.

Johnny," she said softly. Johnny, I thought, this surely can’t be her name.

Johnny?” I questioned. Her eyes glimmered in mine.

Johnny,” she repeated, nodding her as she spoke. Ah, so this delicious lady was Ver’s mysterious maid. She smiled more, and I wanted to tell her something, anything, whatever I could to keep her looking at me, smiling at me, to give me a chance to know her. I stumbled for several minutes, while she still smiled at me, yet I knew she could not understand anything I said. It didn’t seem to matter; she seemed content to be with me, smiling her alluring smile as though she knew me already.

I then saw a friend, he was an islander as well, and spoke English, and he was already coming my way arrived. With an enormous smile, he seizing control, and they spoke several moments, as though they knew each other well. Then she smiled at me warmly and turned away.

“Wait, Wait!” I said, then, she paused for a moment, looked back, her eyes wide as she looked into mine, then smiled mysteriously, and disappeared in the dark.

“What did you do?” I said, looking at my native friend, “What did you say? I wanted to know her, and you chased her away.”

He clapped me on the back and smiled at me, “You are a lucky man; she is very special and she is waiting for you.”

“Waiting… for me?” I stammered, “What do you mean?”

“She wants to see you… alone.”

“Where? Where did she go?”

“She lives down the road, you will see a building on your left. Climb the steps, and her door is at the top, she will be waiting for you.”

I could scarcely believe him, but I could not bear to loose such an opportunity. I asked he repeat the directions and then turning, I disappeared into the night.

With the light of the party gone, I was soon blinding walking, slowly and cautiously. I still had my penlight; so again, I would flash it for a moment, memorize the path and continue for ten steps before needing another flash. After five minutes, I did come upon a dimly lit building, and made my way carefully up the stairs. Five flights I climbed, and eventually I came to a door. I thought it must be the door, but I paused. Was I being led to misfortune? Would I be met with a knife, or a gun and robbed, killed or left dying somewhere.

I remembered the look she gave me as she had turned away, and I knocked.

The door opened immediately, as if their hand were already on it. Her head appeared, and she smiled and I knew I was indeed lucky. Grasping my hand warmly she drew me in, then closed the door and bolted it. Her room was small, a kitchen on one side with a small table, and across it a bed, hidden behind a sheer material which moved in the Caribbean breeze from the windows beyond.

She drew me to her, her hands still holding mine, and she kissed me. It was a gentle kiss, and then pulling back, she looked into my eyes. My eyes answered her and my lips responded as well. I took her head in my hands and drew her to my lips. Her lips were soft, full, and I bit them softly, drawing a small gasp. Her lips parted, and my tongue slipped between them, grazing her tongue and tasted her. She tasted of fruit, and of passion and I brought my arms around her, pulling her body tight.

Her hands found my neck and pulled me as well, her body against me, her crushed breasts warming mine. I held her, kissing her, exploring her mouth, her tongue a serpent on fire, our lust building. Her kisses awakened my body, her heat swept through my loin. My body responded to hers, I felt myself rising, trapped and restricted. She must have felt me as well, for she suddenly parted, and taking my hand, led me toward the bed.

She did not hesitate; she opened my shirt, the buttons popping open, and exposed my chest. She kissed my chest, and softly bit my nipples. Then she slid my shirt off my shoulders and dropped it to the floor. I pulled up her shirt, stretching it over her breasts, and she pulled it over her head. Against her narrow frame, her breasts were enormous, each as large as a ripe melon; though still encased in a bra. A moment later I had released her bra and slid it from her shoulders and onto the floor. Her breasts remained, as though suspended in air, and I caressed them, surprised at their weight. So full, so ripe, yet so firm they did not drop and stood like two matched mountains of coffee, tipped with ebony caps. Her large areolas were tantalizing me with small bumps adorning them, her nipples solid, full and already hard to my touch.

I held them, and stood numb, mesmerized by their beauty. I knelt to kiss one, tenderly taking her nipple between my lips, teasing it while my hand caressed her other. She pulled my head tightly against her, her breasts firmness arousing me further. My other hand found her belt, and unbuckled it; I unbuttoned her pants and eased her zipper down. Putting both hands on her hips I knelt further as I slid them down to her feet. Now only in cotton panties, I buried my face in them, taking in her hot moist lusty aroma. I slid her panties down over her hips and with her pants pulled them over her now bare feet.

I returned my attention to her pussy, sweeping my tongue across her lips, she cooed and her hands ran through my hair, easing me tighter against her lips. My tongue continued its journey, easing her slit open; she tasted of musky spice. I sought her clit, still half buried beneath its hood, and circled it with my tongue; finally sucking is softly between my lips. She shuddered as though the pleasure was too intense, then she drew me up to her.

My lips again found her full soft lips, and as my tongue tasted her, she drew it into her mouth, sucking it passionately. As her mouth held me captive, her tongue ravished me, teasing me like a cobra teasing a mouse. She released my buckle, and I felt my jeans fall open. She lowered my zipper and her hand softly squeezed my cock, as it sprang out against my boxers.

Without a word, she knelt and pulled my boxers and jeans down, my stiff cock now inches from her face. She smiled and with her hands back on my hips, she brought her lips to my hard member. She swayed, dragging my swollen shaft across her lips, her cheeks, and her chin. I moaned, my cock ached for her mouth and understanding my need, she parted her lips slightly, and drew me inside her. Her hands slid to my butt and she pulled me deeper into her. Her lips tightly grasped my cock; her cobra tongue now forcefully massaged my head.

I knew I would not last, and did not want to loose myself to her mouth so soon. Freeing my feet from my jeans, I eased her onto the bed, following her down to lie on top of her. Her breasts held firm against the pressure of my chest. I returned my lust to her breasts, nibbling on her nipples and tasting her sweetness. Her legs were open and I felt her pulling me up to her pussy.

My cock felt her moist heat and I pushed, my cock spreading her lips, then feeling myself enter her, I pushed harder. Breaking my kiss, she took a sharp breath and I felt her breasts rise still more against my chest. Her legs wrapped around me and she pulled me. I pushed more, feeling her narrow tunnel accepting my shaft, her hot juices engulfing my swollen shaft.

I pushed again, and felt her moan, a deep murmur of lust, as I slid further in. I paused and felt her moist heat swallow my cock as she smiled back at me. Slowly, I withdrew and plunged in again. I wanted to relish each moment and started a slow rhythmic stroking, with each plunge pausing to savor her heat.

Her legs wrapped around me, pulling me in, gently at first but pulling stronger with each stroke. All too soon, I felt the familiar pressure building in my balls and knew I could not hold myself much longer. I started to thrust even stronger, her legs now locked around my waist. She moaned “Guete, guete guete”, each time louder, and I could hold off no longer. I felt myself release into her, her pussy pulsed rhythmically as she drew me deep within her.

We remained like that, my cock still buried in her for several minutes, I kissed her repeatedly and her tongue still had passion. I turned and looked out her open window, at the starlit Caribbean Sea and felt the cool night breeze across my face. My body relished her warmth and I rolled us to my side so I could caress her body.

I had already climaxed, yet my passion was not abated; and as I fondled her breast she softly moaned. She pulled my lips to her breasts and I again drew her nipples into my eager mouth. It had been only a few minutes yet I felt my cock again warm, and I slid down to her body and returned my passion to her clit. She moaned, and her hot lusty aroma filled my senses.

I wanted more, and rolled upon my back, bringing her body against mine. She reached down and feeling my stiffening cock, slid herself onto me. She straightened up and began to slowly ride me, my hands sought her full breasts, rubbing her hardened nipples and massaging her breasts. I pulled her to me, feeling her body massage my chest, as she rode me. She then straightened again and rode me harder, driving herself down on my cock.

I slipped one hand down and my fingers found her clit, I could now rub her sweet nub between my fingers and felt her impale herself even harder. We continued like this, I could spend hours feeling her hot lust dripping around my glistening shaft, and fully intended to. Then, as I felt her start to climax again, my hands sought her tummy, feeling her contractions roll down as each wave of pleasure erupted in her.

Her climax did not stop her, for but a brief moment she started riding me again, and each stroke was again faster and harder. I do not know how long we continued fucking like this, as time was no longer important, but it seemed like hours. I did climax again, much later. It is something I rarely do when on bottom, and with that climax, I did finally soften.

We held each other for a much longer time, enjoying the cool breeze and our sharing our still hot bodies. And we spoke, but the language of passion does not translate into words. All too soon, dawn arrived, and together we watched the orange sun rise from the ocean. We did not speak, yet we knew our time together would soon end.

I had an early morning flight, and needed to leave. But as I rose, she grasped my cock, pulling me back. Her eager mouth again sought me, and she kissed my shaft, drawing me into her mouth. Her lust was abated, but she wanted to pleasure me still more. And it was pleasure; her serpent tongue had magic, bringing me to stiffness again. I pulled out, wanting to enter her again, but she pulled my cock again into her mouth, determined to bring me to climax.

She drew me in, to the deepest recesses of her mouth, and then relaxed her throat and took me down still deeper. I felt my head deep in her throat, and my balls against her face. She withdrew and plunged me in again. Time stood still as she lavished her affections upon me, and I knew I could not restrain myself long. I gently held her head, but did not force myself. With my other hand, I sought her breasts and massaged them with abandon. My cock could take no more, the pressure had returned yet again. I stiffened and as I did, she thrust me deeper still into her.

My cock erupted, gushing its seed into her, my hands grasping her head. She still pulled me deeper, milking me, draining me, emptying my balls into her. I felt her tense, and her head jerked with her own climax. At long last she looked up into my eyes, my shaft still buried in her lips, and I could see her happiness.

A few minutes, and I would have to leave. She washed me, and helped me to dress, her naked body remaining a lure to keep me there. I could see she was poor, her possessions were few and I wanted to help her. I offered her money, not as payment, but as a gift, but she refused. She smiled at me and said “foto”, I did not understand until she opened a small box and presented me with a photograph of herself, smiling on a beach. I kissed her, and left.

I have since returned to that island, and each time sought her out. I did meet her brother, as beautiful a man as any man could be, and we spoke. I asked of Johnny, saying only that I was a friend, and he smiled. He said she had spoken dearly of me, but she had left the island and had not returned. I never saw her again, but I still gaze at her photo and remember my island paradise.

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