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An Offline Encounter

Eric finally meets his 'hot little slut' for the first time in person
Rose was nervous as hell – and wetter than she had ever been in her entire life. Even as she walked along the sidewalk, she could feel her inner thighs sticking together from her drenched pussy – no panties, as instructed. She was ready to go through with it, though, that was for sure. So fucking ready. At this point, every text message, every bit of contact from him sent a wave of arousal through her entire body. It was as if he had trained her to get hot on command.

Rose’s heart quickened as she rounded the corner and saw the bar, the one where he was going to be. But not just him. He’d be there with his friends during a visit to Brooklyn.

She couldn’t believe the raging slut she had become when it came to Eric, especially considering they had never been in the same room together, let alone had any physical contact. Because the things she was doing…they weren’t normal. Sneaking off during work to finger herself to orgasm while he texted in vivid detail what he wanted to do to her. Stripping down to nothing on her webcam and sliding a vibrator inside her pussy while he watched, her boyfriend asleep in the next room. Sending him her cum-soaked panties in the mail, the most recent wild thing she had done at his request, and happily so.

He responded with a lewd video, stroking his stiff cock with the lacy, cum-stained pair, moaning her name, and leaking a thick stream precum from the tip. She nearly passed out at the intense desire that came over her as she watched, knowing their fluids were mixing together, practically tasting his cum on her lips. Then there were the special names they had started calling each other that seemed to come naturally – she was his “hot little slut,” and he had become “Master.” It added a layer of devious sexuality and play that they both found irresistible.

It was risky…dangerous, foolish. At the same time, each move between the two of them only served to up the ante, bringing her to untold levels of arousal. But what could she do? She was a pleasure-addicted slut for her Master, and she couldn’t stop. And now, she was finally going to get her chance to see him in the flesh, to taste him.

She arrived at the entrance. A brief moment of hesitation passed over her as she spotted him in the window, laughing and having a good time with his group. She caught herself in the mirror, quickly adjusting her dress, checking her bright red lipstick – ‘no smudge,’ of course. Then she thought of what would be happening in mere moments, and the arousal came flooding back. Yes. She wanted this. She needed this. With a deep breath, she opened the door and headed inside.


Eric was enjoying the company of two good friends he hadn’t seen in a while, Jake and Wes. They were busy recalling the events of last night’s partying when Eric leaned back in his chair a bit, then nearly fell out of it when he saw her. He caught her out of the corner of his eye, an apparition. Could it be true? Had she come? He figured the chances were slim because of the risk, so he had buried hope deep inside, doing his best to put the whole thing out of his head. Immediately his heart began skipping, and he became flushed as he tried to maintain his side of a conversation with his friends. Then when he turned around to catch a brief glimpse, he confirmed his sighting.

It was indeed Rose, in the same room with him for the first time ever, and she looked fucking stunning.

She was wearing a sexy vintage dress that just screamed class and curves, just like he knew she would be. Perfectly layered brunette hair fell around her shoulders. She had the hairstyle, rounded features and full, pouty lips of a 40’s pinup goddess. Made for sex. Made to suck and fuck. Made for him.

Their eyes connected for an electric moment that seemed to pass by in slow motion. His eyes blurred.


He snapped back to attention. Wes smiled back at him from across the table. “See something you like?”

“Shame shame shame…we know your girlfriend’s name!” Jake joined in.

Eric quickly regained his footing. “Yeah, like you assholes weren’t looking.”

“Yeah, she’s something,” Wes agreed. “Not like those LA girls. Man they’re so fake it’s not even funny. Like the last time I was there, there was this one chick--”

“I call bullshit!” Jake cut in. “The other day you were just complaining about all the stuck up Brooklyn girls and how you couldn’t wait to get out of here!”

Eric drifted off again as his two buddies retread the age-old argument of too-fake LA vs. too-hip Brooklyn, grateful to be let off the hook for this conversation. Eric glanced back to see Rose at the bar. There was only one girl he cared about at this moment, and it didn’t matter where she was from. She was here now, and he intended to make the most of it.

If it wouldn’t have gotten him arrested, he would have come up behind her, lifted up her skirt, taken out his cock and fucked her from behind right there, sure there would be no panties in the way, sure she would be soaked and ready for his cock to violate her. Just like he knew she wanted it. He was already twitching at the thought.

After a quick shot of whiskey, she headed out to the back of the bar, with one smiling glance back at him. Eric turned back to his still full beer, and took a couple gulps. The guys were still in the heat of battle, and Eric couldn’t even follow the conversation as his head was spinning, cock growing harder.

“Be right back,” said Eric, then finished his beer and got up. It was time.


As he made his way to the back of the bar, Eric’s phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out.

“Ladies room. Unlocked. Hurry up. I need you.” It buzzed again before going back in his pocket.


He smiled and walked faster, trying to be cool, but almost tripping over himself to get to the restroom. He opened the door and finally entered.


Rose had positioned herself on her knees, facing away, hands up on the wall – a reference to her profile pic on the hook-up site they met. A dear favorite of his, she knew. She was dying with anticipation, feeling so nervous as she heard the door slide open. She made herself keep her position though.

“Come here…my naughty little slut,” she heard him whisper, the words coming out as he exhaled sharply.

Fuck. It felt so good hearing it out loud, in person. The phrase gave Rose a jolt of electricity she felt through her whole body. She was, without a doubt, exactly that. His naughty little slut. She knew it, and she loved it. “Yes, Master,” she responded, thrilled to be able to say it in person.

She turned around and smiled up at him, taking her first good look. God, there he was, a real person, no longer a tiny image on cam, but a man, tall, blonde and handsome, with a presence…and a big cock bulging very obviously inside his pants that she couldn’t wait to suck on. Rose crawled on her hands and knees over to him, her expression a mix of joy and amazement at finally coming together just the way they had mutually fantasized, and at the same time seriously needing to get inside his pants.

She made her way up to him, slowly, savoring the moment they had both waited so long for. Once at his feet, she clawed her way up his jeans, and traced the outline of his bulge with her fingers, teasing him. He let out a deep moan. This was going to be fun.


Eric could barely contain himself. His eyes rolled back as Rose’s fingers began to unbutton his pants, then unzip his fly. His cock was painfully tucked away in his briefs, and she continued to torture him with more caresses over the thin fabric.

Her eyes were fixed on his crotch and her jaw slack, taking in every detail, obsessed. He loved the look in her eyes. The look of a hot slut entranced by his cock. Made him feel so powerful, even though the truth was neither of them was completely in control. Both were slaves to their base desire for one another, mutual and perfectly complementary, but never satisfied.

She grasped at his waistband with both hands, and pulled his briefs down, letting his enormous cock spring forward, batting her face as it did. Eric let out a sigh of relief, and Rose was fully and completely hypnotized as it jutted out before her. She stared up at him, and shook her head in disbelief, and bit her lip. Eric smiled back, and in that moment they both almost broke down laughing, so powerful was the series of events they were playing out together.

Her tongue ran up over his shaft, at last. It was indescribable, as if it were the very first time anyone had touched him. Pleasure coursed through his body and he surrendered to her touch. Her tongue began working him over slowly and sensually. She lapped up the bubbling precum that was freely oozing from his cock, leaving a slimy trail attached to her lips before she dove in for another taste.

Rose moaned a bit as her mouth enclosed his cock head, swallowing him whole, and sending shivers up and down his spine. She had promised him the best, most intense and unforgettable blowjob ever, and that’s what he was getting. He was in complete lust as she worked him over and over, responding perfectly to his cock that jerked in her mouth while his muscles contracted.

He grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her in deep. She responded with a moan that sent his cock into another spasm while she took him deeper into her throat. She looked up and pulled his cock out, giving it a few strokes and leaving a new trail stretching from the tip of his cock to the inside of her mouth, longer and much thicker this time. His absolute favorite thing to see. She bit her lip and smiled while stroking him, looking every bit like a cum-hungry whore she was.

The sensations were so intense Eric could taste it. Each lick, tease, stroke was like a fully body massage. He continued pulling her in by the hair, and began a flood of words he couldn’t stop from coming out, half whispered between gasps of pleasure as his animalistic desires took over fully and completely.

“That’s right, you filthy little slut. Let me make your mouth my fuck toy. You like it when I fuck your mouth don’t you. You feel so fucking good...I bet your sweet little cunt is dripping for me now…I can’t wait to fuck you…”

Rose punctuated each phrase with a series of moans that coalesced into a long sigh. He was overloaded with sensations, and he didn’t want it to stop. But he needed something more.

“Stand up,” he commanded. “I need to taste my cum on your lips.”

As she obeyed he grabbed her forcibly by the arms, and pulled her in, kissing her deeply, her lips and tongue hot and salty.

The he said simply, almost sweetly, “Now, I need to fuck you.”

“Master, I want that more than anything.”

They shared a smile for a moment, then Eric firmly took her waist, turned her around, and bent her over the sink. She complied without resistance. Leaning in, he whispered in her ear, “I hope you’re not wearing any panties.”

“Find out for yourself,” she replied. Eric quickly reached down and pulled up her dress in a frenzy, over her hips and full, round ass. He ran his and over her ass while pressing his cock and hips into her from behind. The he reached further, between her legs, to feel the source of heat emanating from between them.

He groaned as he touched her pussy for the first time, feeling the soft, delicate folds, wet with desire – desire for him. She returned the moaning as he stroked the folds, reaching her clit, and expertly working his fingers over her pussy. He loved the way her slick lips felt in his hand, loved the gasping and whimpering he elicited. His cock had never felt harder, more ready to fuck.

“Spread your legs,” he said breathlessly. She complied. He took one more moment to savor the anticipation, seeing her face wracked with lust in the mirror while he fingered her.

Then he pushed his massive cock inside her open pussy, stretching her at first. She moaned, half in pain, half in extreme pleasure. He worked the head of his cock inside, then felt his shaft follow, teasing every nerve ending, through the soft folds of her lips, and further, until his cock was buried.

They looked at each other in the mirror, a mixture of disbelief and animal lust – desperate, naked, raw. Eric began thrusting, slowly at first, then with growing need. His cock was drenched in the wetness that poured out of Rose’s pussy. So good. He could fuck her forever. For a while all they could hear was the soaked thrusting of hot, wet sex and occasional moans that escaped from both of them as they tried their best to be quiet.

“This is all I have needed for so fucking long,” Eric whispered into her ear. Rose pressed back into him even further.


Rose was overcome, submitting to her Master’s hot cock pumping inside her. All the fantasizing, all the waiting and longing, and it was happening. And it was even better than she could have imagined. His cock filled her pussy perfectly, hit her just right inside. In that moment she would do anything he said, the crazed slut inside her had taken over and she was his. And she fucking loved it. Loved how much he so clearly needed to possess her, and how in turn she needed to be possessed by him. Sexual soul mates, an improbable, perfect union of lust.

She knew she could come just from his cock, but she had a different idea.

“I want to see you. See you cum for me, and I want you to see me,” Rose said before the next thrust hit her, causing her to yelp with pleasure.

“Yeah, you want to see my big cock cum don’t you? Cum all over hot little pussy?”

“I want it so bad…”


Eric pumped harder and harder, to which Rose succumbed, her cheeks hot and flushed. He brought both of them to the edge, then pulled out.

“Turn around, my little slut,” he said sharply.

Rose repositioned herself on the sink, her pussy pink, tender and exposed. Eric’s cock bobbed before her, wet and red, swollen. His balls were drawn up tight, no doubt full of a hot mass of sticky cum.

And so they began to pleasure themselves. Eric took long strokes over his hard dick, his hand reaching over his tip, then all the way back down as he took in the sight of Rose, legs spread like a naughty little girl.

She fingered her clit fast, moaning and whimpering all the while. Their wet motions filled the room, and Eric could smell the sex on them both.

“Take your tits out,” Eric said. She slid the top of her dress down with one hand, while the other kept pace gliding over her slit. “Oh yeah, that’s a good girl,” he said at possibly the sexiest thing he had ever seen in his life, Rose masturbating for him on a sink in a public restroom while he stroked along with her.

It was appropriate this way, a relationship based on watching, and being watched. Completing their meeting as they had started so long ago, staring each other on their computers from afar. Building up a slow burning desire for years, only intensified by the fact that they couldn’t have each other. And now that they could, it was even better than either of them could have hoped.

“You want to see this big cock cum?”

“I want it…I want it so bad, it’s all I can think about.”

Eric’s cock looked absolutely huge, engorged and ready to blow. Rose’s eyes were fixated as it throbbed. She continued to rub her clit furiously. “Oh, Master, please let me cum.”

“Yes, my little slut, cum with your Master…Oh my fuck…” Eric sighed.

His hand raced over his cock, then slowed as the first drop seeped out. He pumped again, causing a jet to spray out that directly hit Rose’s wet clit. She moaned in response and began go over the edge herself.

“Oh, Eric, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming…”

She used the cum as lube to keep rubbing herself as one, two, three jets hit her stomach, tits and then up to her face. Rose was convulsing with an intense orgasm, her crying out almost lyrical as it became more intense, and Eric moaned violently at each wave hit him. Time stopped as they came together, savoring the pleasure and release they needed so badly.


They looked at each other for a long time in bliss, sedated and satisfied, Rose covered in his cum, Eric’s cock covered in her pussy juice, and both sweaty and flushed. They held the afterglow for as long as they could, not wanting the moment to end. Soon they would have to clean up, put their clothes on, go back to their normal lives.

But they both knew without a doubt that they would soon be back for more.

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