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An Old Flame Returns: Hayley visits Jon

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Unexpected disappointment and a renewed love interest enter Jon's life
The day after Rebecca had her way with me I felt confident and ready to take on the world. Violet didn’t show up to Econ so afterwards I went to get lunch and found Rebecca and Christine eating.

“Hey guys! Have you seen Violet all day?” I asked.

“No but I heard she was with Rich, which is probably why we haven’t seen him yet either,” Christine said. Rebecca didn’t speak. I felt my stomach drop.

Although Violet and I definitely weren’t a thing I didn’t think that Rich would make a move. Not to seem too anxious I stayed, ate lunch and made conversation. Then I excused myself with the intention of finding Rich.

I made my way to his room and knocked on the door. I could hear video games being played inside and because Rich and I had an open door policy with one another I let myself in.

I walked directly into a smell that very often permeated Rich’s room. It was musty and smelled like sweat and juices. The windows were fogged up and clothes were strewn all of the floor. Rich was lying on his back covered by blankets up to his waste. He had no shirt on and was reading Nana by Emile Zola. Violet sat on the floor Indian style in only a pink thong staring at the small TV in Rich’s room playing Call of Duty. As she looked up her perfect tits bounced as she cheerfully greeted me.

“Hey Jon!” Violet said. “How are you doing?” She seemed a little chipper and that’s when I noticed the empty bottle of Jose Cuervo sitting on the table. This made sense because Rich had a habit of becoming really intellectual when he was drunk.

“Hey! I didn’t see you in Econ,” I said as I sat down next to her as she continued to play.

“Yeah it seems useless I learned all that stuff in my old school.”

“Then why are you in the class?”

“Easy A,” she said with a wink. Rich had yet to stir.

“Rich,” I said grabbing his attention, slightly annoyed. It was hard to be angry at Violet when she sat there in all her beauty, but Rich knew he had hurt me.

“Hold on, this is getting good,” Rich responded without looking up from his book.

“Alright then. See ya Violet,” I said as I got up and left the room. I walked to my room and collapsed on the bed exasperated that my best friend would fuck my crush! I still had a boner from seeing Violet naked and in my frustration pulled my dick out and began rubbing furiously. Not too long into my session I heard a knock at the door. I struggled getting my erect penis back in my pants and it still showed prominently. I answered the door and standing there was Hayley.

My junior year I had lost my virginity in a sloppy post-party hook up with Hayley, whom I spent a good amount of my freshman year courting and my sophomore year mourning the lack of reciprocation. In that time I had lost interest and had taken a lot of crap for my crush on her because Hayley didn’t meet Rich’s rigorous standards of beauty.

Hayley was short with medium length brown hair that fell around her full face, perfectly framing her plump pink lips and bright green eyes. She had broad shoulders and a thick frame with large breast and pudgy stomach. Today she wore a sundress and boat shoes.

Taken back I said, “Hi how are you?”

“Good can I come in?” Hayley asked. I let her in and we both sat on my bed. My penis poked through my pants as I sat down, but Hayley didn’t seem to notice.

“I heard you hooked up with the new girl. Is that true?” Hayley asked.

“I wouldn’t really call it a hook up,” I mumbled.

“But what about us?” Hayley quickly asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked surprised. “You rejected me for years and then hooked up with my while drunk at the end of last year and didn’t speak to me all summer. There is no us.”

“I know you enjoyed our time together!” she said as she moved her had over my crotch and began to run my cock over my pants. “We get along well and have a lot in common.”

“This is weird. What are you up to?” I asked suspiciously.

“Nothing. I’ve just been thinking about you. About us. Maybe we could make this work.” Hayley’s voice softened and she leaned closer. I could smell her perfume and feel her warm breath on my face as she narrowed her eyes and moved towards my mouth. She became more aggressive, rubbing my cock faster over my pants and kissing me quickly. Her tongue whirled in and out of my mouth as my hands reached for her waist. Very quickly she undid my pants and pulled them off. “I can fuck you whenever you want too.” She said as she moved to my penis and wrapped her mouth around it and began sucking. Her tongue swirled around my penis as she slobbered all over it. I could her spit drink down my balls and onto the bed.

She then came up and began kissing me again.

“Do you want me?” she asked “Do you want to fuck me?”

She had turned me on so much I couldn’t help but say yes. I felt her pull her panties off from under the sundress.

She began kissing my neck and in between kisses she said, “I’m going to fuck you so good baby.” I could feel her bush rub against my penis as she slid up until the head of my penis began to split the lips of her pussy and slide in due to her moisture. She continued to kiss my neck as she rode me close.

“Fuck me. Fuck me.” She repeated. I grabbed her chubby ass and began thrusting into her from the bottom.

“Fuck you’re so big!” She sat up and began to bounce. As she bounced her breast fell out of her shirt. I sat up now and kissed her as I removed her bra. She wrapped her legs around me and her breast fell out. She pressed her hard nipples into me as she continued to ride faster while we kissed.

Between kisses she whispered to me “I’m going to cum. Make me cum. Make me cum!” Then she kissed me hard, biting into my lower lip as her body quivered and shook. She moaned loudly into my mouth as her body tightened in pleasure.

Her pussy dripped with strong smelling juices and she continued to ride me still horny. I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm as she rode.

“You like this pussy? Show me how much you like this pussy.” I felt my self begin to burst and pulled Hayley all the way into me as I squirted streams of cum inside of her. I felt so good I couldn’t let out a sound.

Hayley sat on top of me “Fill it up baby. Fill up that pussy.” My cum dripped out onto my bed as we sat in the position kissing. After a while we plopped down on my bed and lay there. Eventually Hayley went to clean herself up and I checked my phone. It was a text from Rich asking to go to diner. I rolled my eyes and ignored it.

When Hayley came back I asked, “Do you wanna order pizza and chill for a little?”

She smiled, “I’d love that!”

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