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An Old Friend

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An old friend visited and gave my wife an unforgettable experience
An old friend of my wife’s was back in the country on a business trip. He had contacted us to see if we wanted to meet up before he went back home. We agreed and invited him to join us for dinner and stay over on his last night.

He arrived at our house about 5pm, my wife was preparing dinner so we sat and chatted in the living room.

“You are a very lucky man, Denise looks amazing” he said .

“Thanks, I know she is wonderful and she can cook as well” I joked.

We sat laughing when Denise came back into the room.

“What are you laughing at?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing much, we were just talking” I responded.

“Oh, ok,” she replied with a little frown as if to say she didn’t believe me, “dinner won't be long, I’m going up to change now.” With that, she left the room and went up stairs.

“Mind if I freshen up?” Josh asked.

“No, go ahead, I’ll call you when dinner is ready, you know where the bathroom is, help yourself,” I said as he got up, thanked me and made his way to his room.

I finished my drink and followed a few minutes later, Denise was in the bedroom finishing dressing, she looked lovely and was wearing white leggings, with a long t-shirt that just covered her bum and was fairly low cut so as to show her breasts. She had put on a little make up and let her hair down. I kissed her and complimented her on how lovely she looked, she responded with a nice hug.

We made our way downstairs, Josh had finished his shower and was in his room, I knocked on his door, which was slightly open and said dinner would be ready in about 20 minutes, then went down to help Denise finish.

Josh came down as we were serving up the food, he commented on how lovely Denise looked, then waited till we were ready before sitting down to a nice meal.

When we had finished, we all went through to the sitting room where we opened a bottle of wine, and just sat talking. In no time it was 11 o’clock and as Josh had a flight to catch in the morning we decided to call it a night and go to bed. Josh kissed Denise and thanked her for a lovely dinner. I couldn’t help but notice the way they both looked into each other's eyes and that the hug after the kiss lasted a little longer than I expected.

Denise and I started undressing, she stood in front of me in just her underwear and looked fabulous, she could pass for a girl 10 years younger. I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck, she put her head back as she enjoyed the moment then turned around and kissed me on the lips.
I held her by the waist and said “You know Josh really likes you, I think he fancies you, was there ever anything between you?”

“No” she replied, “we never got together.”

“Do you like him?”

She looked down and blushed a little, “I suppose I do, he is a lovely man, I saw him earlier in his room after he had showered, he wasn’t wearing much and looked fit, he's a really nice guy.”

I felt a little excitement and asked ”Did you feel excited when you saw him, would you have sex with him if he asked you?”

She looked shocked “No!” she replied “I would never go behind your back or do anything like that!”

I felt a little disappointed, I had watched them earlier and was sure he had the hots for her and thought she might have felt something too.

“What if I asked you?” I said, “You do fancy him a little don’t you?”

She looked surprised, “Well, “ She blushed again, “I had wondered what being with him would be like, I wondered how big he is and how it would feel being with him but that was all, he has a really cute bum but it was just a thought.”

“Go on then,” I said, I was feeling quite excited by now, “if you want to find out, go for it babe.”

She stood for a moment looking at me, then she kissed me again “I don’t know hun, only if your sure,” she said.

I nodded, kissed her gently on the lips, she stepped back, took off her underwear and slipped into a short silk gown, then she walked towards the door, turned back towards me and smiled. I could see her naked body, her shaved pussy and firm pert breast. She turned to go out of the door, fastening her gown and closed the door behind her. It felt strange that I had just sent my wife to have sex with someone else.

I heard her tap on his door, my heart was beating really fast. I heard the door open and voices, then the door closed. I didn’t hear anything for a few minutes and could only imagine what was going on. After a while I heard my wife making noises of pleasure, they gradually got louder and more excited, then it all went quiet again, I guessed she had cum, I didn’t know how he had gone about satisfying her but it had obviously worked. I then heard the bed moving, they were having sex, this went on for a few minutes then stopped, after a pause it started again, I guessed they had changed positions.

I listened intently, I could only imagine what was happening, my wife was in the next room with another man having sex, I was excited but also had some mixed feelings, had I really talked her into doing this? Had she really agreed and was actually doing it? Then the moaning started again and I could hear my wife giving little squeals, was she cumming again? She was really enjoying this while I sat on our bed alone.

After about half an hour, I heard voices again, then his door opened and closed and my wife appeared at our door, she closed it gently, walked over to me smiling and took her gown off. Well, I was already hard but nearly came there and then when I saw she had his cum on her breasts and tummy. We kissed and I slid my hand between her legs I felt her pussy which was really wet. He had done a good job, she laid on the bed and started to breath heavily as I slid my fingers over her wet pussy lips, I gently rubbed her swollen clit and slipped a finger into her, she came almost immediately, it was really intense, she clamped her legs around my arm and arched her back.

“Oh hun, I am so horny, fuck me hard babe!“ she gasped.

I dropped my shorts, rubbed the head of my penis over her wet pussy lips then slid it in full length, it slipped in easily and felt so hot and wet, it didn’t take long for me to cum either, so I pulled out, she sat up and took my full load in her mouth.

“Did you swallow him?” I asked.

“No” She replied in a whisper, “He didn’t go anywhere near my mouth, he was so excited he went straight for my pussy”

“How did he make you cum?” I asked “Was he big?”

“He licked me, he was very gentle, it was so exciting, the anticipation of him entering me made me cum so quick, he was quite big but not huge, just nice, I came again while he was in me.” She whispered with a smile “Thank you hun, now I know, I’m happy, it was so nice and exciting, I love you so much.”

I stood up and looked at my lovely wife as she laid on the bed looking back at me with her big green eyes, she had my cum on her face and mouth and Josh’s over her body, we showered together then made love slowly, this time I filled her pussy with cum, it was fantastic.

We eventually went to sleep, naked and in each others arms, what an evening, I don’t think either of us will forget it in a hurry.

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