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An Old Heart A New Love

Sophie's submitted for a new heart and also finds a new love
It was a Tuesday when my deceased roommate was replaced with a tall beautiful man. Owen.

I was sitting crossed legged in my –very uncomfortable- hospital bed reading a book when I noticed a woman standing behind a man in a wheelchair. She mumbled something I couldn't really understand because my eyes were fixed on this guy in front of me. He smiled as he was pushed to the far side of the room, I later found out to be his side.

Doctors came and went and eventually night rolled on and it was just me and him. I was doing well and was stable so I asked the nurse if I could do a few laps around my floor. She advised that I go to bed, but I lied saying I will just have nightmares and used my puppy eyes, so she let me, as long as I used my walker. I stopped by a few rooms saying hello to my friends that I've made while being here.

When I walked back in my room the guy was sitting in his wheelchair starring out the window. I stopped and watched him starring out at the stars. I tried to walk forward but my walker made a loud sound as it hit the doorjamb. He turned in his chair startled, and then to see me with an apathetic face, he smiled.

“Well I guess it’s time we finally introduce ourselves”

I pushed my walker aside as if trying to prove to him that I don’t depend on it, that I’m stronger and healthier than I look. I walked up to him and he pushed himself up from his wheelchair. As he stood he grew and kept growing until he was towering over me at 6.5”. I stuck out my hand.


He grasped my hand with a warm smile. A smile that makes you light up and feel good inside even if you don’t.

“Owen,” his hand was warm and twice the size of mine.

“Well I hope you’re a better roommate than my last one, she had a nack of chewing with her mouth open and was constantly asking me stupid questions for her crossword.”

“Well you’re in luck because I’m not really a crossword kind of guy”

I giggled, as I made my way back to my walker and he sat back down.

“What happened to your last roommate by the way?” He looked at me as if he had no clue.

I stopped and turned completely puzzled. Did he actually not know or was he just being polite. After a few moments of me just staring at him he got that ‘light bulb’ expression on his face.




“Don’t be, she’s probably better off this way.”

He nodded, then after a moment, “probably?”

“Well I wouldn't know for sure would I?” This came out harsher than I had intended it too so I added the slightest smile so I didn't come off like a complete bitch.

He looked a little startled as he turned around ending the conversation.

“I’m sorry” I blurted out. “It’s just... there’s so much death around here I’m not a fan of talking about it.”

He nodded slightly and stopped as if he was pondering something. He faced the window again and stood in silence. Thinking the conversation was done I turned to head to bed.



“Polaris. It’s the north star, they say it shines the brightest but I don’t agree. You can find it by drawing a imaginary line from Merak through Dubhe and about five times that length north you’ll find Polaris.”

I had absolutely no clue what he was talking about. He understood this and kept going.

“You don’t want to talk about death so I figured I would talk about something else. You okay with that?”

I had no idea what he was talking about but he was intrigued by it and it was interesting to listen to him so I just nodded. He smiled and waved me over to join him at the window.

As I came to stand beside him, I felt so small but safe at the same time. He leaned down close beside me and squinted with one eye as he pointed to somewhere in the sky.

“See the big dipper?”

“Yes, the shopping cart.”

He laughed, “Yes, the shopping cart. Well the ‘handle’ –you could say- is Alkaid, then it moves up to Mizar, then to Alioth, then starting the ‘cart’ is Megrez, then right to that is Dubhe- which I mentioned earlier- then down to Merak and back left to Phecda. See them all?”

I looked up at him, amazed. He looked down and that’s when I realized how much his blue eyes looked just like the stars he was pointing out to me. I took in his long face, his blonde with a hint of orange, his pale skin that looked so soft I wanted to place a million kisses on and his white toothed smile that reassured me. Reassured me of what? I had no clue.

“Yea, I see them.”

He smiled as he looked down at me. He went on, talking about how you can tell time from the stars and telling me stories about the stars. I had no idea what he was saying but he was so passionate about it I loved just listening to him talk. He talked and I listened, he talked and I listened some more until the sun came up and the stars were no longer visible. Eventually we headed off to bed as the rest of the world was getting up.


“I was with this one girl and she yawned every time...”

“Every time what?”

“Every time we were about know... do something”

I laughed hard. I laughed for so long and so hard my stomach hurt and I thought my old heart was going to burst out of my chest.

“Not just sex though, like anything, I would start to kiss her and she would yawn”

I laughed even harder, which I don’t know why. I felt bad for the guy but something inside of me thought this was hilarious.

“It’s not funny,” he started to laugh with me. “You know what that does to a guys self esteem?”

“You mean your ego? Yea I can take a pretty good guess” I said trying to stifle my laugh.

He stopped laughing and trying to stop his own laughing, “Okay, you’re turn Soph.”

“Okay, okay I got one. I went on a date with this one guy and he did everything for me. He opened my door, he helped me in and out of the car, he helped me sit at the restaurant, he ordered for me.”

“And that’s a turn off why?”

“Let me finish.” We have been talking for weeks now and somehow the conversation today turned to relationships, which included turn ons, turn offs, worst/best date, worst/best kiss, sexual experiences, the whole thing.

“He only let me have water and asked for a straw and tried to sip it to me like a baby.”

He was stunned. His mouth was open and his eyes went wide.

“I guess he’d found out, but I didn't tell him.” I had yet to tell Owen about my heart. My five years was up and I was in for a new transplant. He knew something was wrong or else I wouldn't be in the hospital but I didn't tell him exactly why. “But that’s the only thing that makes logical sense. I mean he wouldn't let me so much as take a step without worrying about me, and it was out first date. Either that or he was just an overprotective weirdo.”

“Yea, I would say so. Okay turn ons.”

We were both sitting side by side on his bed facing the window.

“Honesty, funny, tall-“

“- not like that, those are qualities you look for in someone. I mean something that a guy does that most people wouldn't find attractive or sexy. Something that a guy does that makes you tingle inside.”

I pondered this for a minute.

“Okay, I have two. I have this spot on the back of my neck, if a guy kisses it I’m his. I don’t know what it is but I just melt from the inside out.”

He was trying to keep his eyes on mine but I noticed his eyes glance at the back of my neck trying to find the spot as if it would have a big X on it.

“The second one is back muscle.”

“Back muscle?”

“Yea, if I see a guy take his shirt off and I can see his back muscles move, my knees get week and vagina starts to ache.”

He burst out in laughter as his cheeks turned red. “Pardon?!”

“Well it’s true, you told me to tell you something that makes me tingle, well that makes me and my vagina tingle.”

“Okay then-“


We both turned. The doctor was here to do a test with him. He hopped off the bed and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and even though we’d been flirting for weeks this was a complete surprise. He put both hands on either side of me on the bed and leaned in. “You’re real. Being real, for me is a turn on.”

I took his face in my hands and pulled him towards me until his lips were centimeters from mine. I waited for a brief moment as he finished leaning in and we kissed. His lips were soft just like I imagine the rest of his skin to be. My lips were now tingling as I felt his tongue start to push its way through. I welcomed it with my own, exploring his mouth. He tasted sweet and his kiss made me float out of my body.

The doctor made a coughing noise and we both stopped. He gave me one last peck and said “I’ll be right back.”


I woke up to feeling hands glide up my waist. I was on my side facing the window and I rolled over to Owen- with his beautiful blue eyes and his hair that was glowing an orangish colour -was smiling down at me.

“I could not get you off my mind. I've been waiting all day.”

“Mmm, for what?”

“For this.”

He pulled the hair off my neck and started to kiss. He left the softest, most gentle kisses all over my neck and then I clued in.

“You’re trying to find the spot”

“Maybe” he said with a childlike giggle.

I laughed but it stopped when he found it. That one spot that made my body melt, I started to relax into his bed as I felt him smile against my neck with pride that he found it. He kissed that spot over and over and I could feel the heat radiating from my vagina. I craved him. I wanted, no, I needed him inside of me.

But he stopped suddenly. He stood up and got in front of the window. He gave me a smug look and turned around facing outside as he started to pull his shirt off, slowly. He grabbed his shirt from behind and started to pull as his muscles writhed underneath his skin. My heart stopped and I just starred. The sun beamed through the window silhouetting him with the body of a Greek god. He finally got his shirt off and slowly turned around to reveal his slight set of abs as well. Oh my God.

“You’re cruel.”

He smiled and leaned down to kiss me. I pulled him on top of me and wiggled my pants off.

“Are you sure. Are you sure you want to do this?” he pulled away from the kiss and looked deeply into my eyes.

“Shut-up and kiss me.”

He did as told and started to kiss, hard and with passion. My pants were completely off now and I was left in my blue thong. I pulled his track pants down to reveal a tent in his boxers.

He looked up at me as his kisses went more and more south down my body until I could feel his warm breath on my clit. His lips planted a soft kiss before his hands were in the waist taking of my panties. In one swift motion my thong was gliding down my legs and joined the pile of unwanted clothes on the ground. I sat up and grasped his face with my hand and pulled him on top of me.

As I continued to kiss him I thought of how natural this was. I could kiss him forever, but I needed to do something. I took a breath in and stifled a fake yawn. As my yawn came out Owens face went to horror as if he couldn't believe I was actually yawning while this intimate of an experience was happening.

But like the smart guy I now knew him to be he caught on.

“Now who’s cruel?”

“Revenge is a bitch,” I said with a smirk.

“I actually thought you were bored, or unimpressed.”

The mood changed within a fraction of a second to seriousness. His eyes searched for longing of love. He needed me to be real with him and this was not just for his ego but he was sincerely afraid that I was not having a good time. Which meant this was more than just sex to him as well. We were on the same level, this was more important than that.

I paused for a moment to find the perfect words, and then it hit me.

“I love you.”

I waited. And waited. Just as I was trying to find the right words he was too. But his face was not shocked or scared or worried like I thought it would be after telling a guy you love him only after 1 month of meeting him. However his face resembled a child who had just finished and ice-cream, satisfied, happy.

I saw tears start to well up in his eyes as he swiftly grabbed my nape and pulled me in for a kiss. It was hard and quick but meaningful. As I pulled back I needed to make sure he was okay. I felt his hands on either side of my face, his thumb smoothly running along my cheeks as I sucked in a breath. His eyes wandered all over my face as if trying to memorize it until they stopped at my eyes.

“I love you too.”

I blew out my breath as my fingers locked behind his neck and I started to kiss him all over again.

He sat me up and pulled of my shirt as he started to leave kisses all over my shoulders but the kisses stopped when they reached the white, slight bump in my skin that formed a 10 inch line down my chest.

“So that’s why.”

Tears started streaming down my face. It took every ounce in my body not to start balling, I did not want to cry in front of him.

“Hey, hey. Don’t cry.” That only made it worse. “I like it. It describes you. It screams out ‘hey look at me, I’m a bad ass. I had a heart transplant but the scar just makes me look even more sexy’, as if that could be possible.” I gave a sad sob.

“I love it.” He said and his fingers slid in between mine. “I love it and I love you.”

As I looked down at him on top of me his face just below mine I ran my fingers through his hair, hoping that he understands I’m saying thank-you. His eyes gleamed with understanding and he kissed my scar before continuing.

He un-clipped my bra and slipped it off me. He plopped one boob in his mouth and started to suck lightly. His tongue teased my hardening nipple as the sensitivity grew and I thought I was going to explode.

I tried to reach my hands down to his waist but he was too tall. When Owen finally clued in he propped up on one elbow and his weight lifted off of me. I felt the breeze pass over my body and I realized I was completely naked. Completely naked and completely happy. He slid off his boxers and his cock was finally revealed to me.

I guess being tall has its advantages. His cock was massive and I couldn't wait for it to be in me. I immediately grabbed it and started stroking, slightly. I licked my thumb and pressed it on the tip of his penis, smearing it in with the pre cum that was seeping out.

His eyes closed slightly and a shudder went through him as I continued to tease him. I continued to stroke until neither of us could take it anymore. I pulled him close to me and placed the tip of his throbbing rod so it just touched the lips of my aching pussy.

I let go of his cock and put my hands above my head. I was in complete surrender and he was now allowed to do anything and everything to me. He laced his right hand in with mine and brushed his lips against mine.

He started to grind his body on mine, teasing me even more. I closed my eyes and relished the sense of his naked body rubbing up against mine. The suspense was rising to a point that I didn’t even know existed. I pushed his lips away from mine trying to send the message of my eagerness and craving for him to be in and with me.

His hand slipped under the lower of my back lifting me up slightly, like a prince lifting a princess. I arched my back a tad as I felt him plunge into me. My walls spread as his 8 inches pushed through me until it hit that spot. My eyes closed and a little gasp escaped my mouth. The corner of my mouth moved up a tad revealing a small smile as I opened my eyes to see Owen starring intensely at me. Satisfied, a smile crept onto his face as his pulled out and plunged back me at the same time his tongue did the same to my mouth.

With my cum slipping around his shaft, it gave a smooth access to my vagina. Owen pulled out and pushed a little farther in every time. My vagina tingled and was welcoming him with every push.

Our bodies began to act as one. We moved in the same rhythm, grinding and humping against each other as his cock continued to thrust into me over and over.

Our tongues danced together and our hands explored. His hands went from my lower back to my breasts to my face to one teasing my nipple as the other tickled its way down. He rolled my nipple through his one hand, pulling and slightly pinching. His other hand I felt stroke my clit. Rubbing that little nub with his thumbs and his fingers rubbed in between my swollen lips.

Our pace quickened. His cock was plunging into me with such a force I almost cried out in ecstasy every time. His balls slapped my ass with every thrust. I moved my hands down his back and felt sweat trickle down his spine. My hands continued their adventure as they moved to his toned ass and I grabbed it trying to pull him into me even more, as if there was any more room for him to be closer to me. I moved my fingers down his crack and rested a finger on top of his hole. He moaned, whether with pleasure or warning I was not sure, so I moved on just in case.

My body now rocked to his movements and tension was building up inside of me and needed to be released soon. Our breaths became very heavy. I was on the edge and when he pulled out I knew this would be it. He dove in one last time and I felt his cock hit my g-spot and I internally exploded.

“AAHHHH”, we screamed in unison.

His warm cum exploded inside of me and I thought I died, went to heaven and came back.

"Oh my god" I breathed.

"Fuuuuck" he said with a smile.

I could feel his cock throb inside of me as I entered sex paradise. My back arched, my legs shot forward as my toes curled in pleasure. His body tensed on top of mine as we both held our breath.

I looked up and kissed him as we waited for our breathing slowed down. My eyes got lost in his and after a few minutes he pulled out of me.

He rolled over and almost fell off. Hospital beds are only single beds. He lay on his back and I felt his arm pull me into his side. I could hear his healthy heart beat against my ear and the constant rhythm put me to sleep.


I woke up first. Owen was sleeping with the faintest snore, one that was cute and annoying at the same time. I lay in bed for a while running my hands through his hair while trying not to wake him up. It was still early morning and the stars were still out. I slipped out of bed to go over to the window and just I just gazed. I looked up to the ‘shopping cart’ and found Merak and Dubhe then up to Polaris. It was shinning bright. I decided to make a wish upon it, even though it wasn't a shooting star. “Star light, Star bright, the first star I see tonight” I whispered, “I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight...” I paused, thinking for a moment. “I wish that Owens lung transplant is a success today.” A tear trickled down my face.

After a few moments I heard

“It will be, and we’ll be happy and healthy together.”

I turned and found him looking at me. I smiled as I walked over to him leaned down and gave him a soft kiss.

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