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An Unexpected Bonus: On His Desk

I just wanted to get my job back...
I’m stopping by the movie theater after school today to talk to the manager about getting my job back. Because I’m a college cheerleader, I can’t work during basketball season, but my manager had agreed to let me take those months off and he’d give my hours back when the season was over. Some of my coworkers complain that he only did it because he’s hot for me, and he would never have made that deal for someone who wasn’t attractive. They’re probably right. I don’t care. If my looks help me get what I need, so be it. 

Wearing a very short skirt, heels, and a low-cut blouse that shows off my 36Ds, I walk very confidently into the movie theater well before the first movies are due to start at 4:30. That way it will just be the manager and a few employees, and I’m guaranteed they won’t be busy so he can pay attention to me.

Mike and Chip still work the front of the theater, taking tickets. These guys are huge, so they kind of double as bouncers. It’s nice for girls like me who get hit on by customers all the time. All I have to do is call for one of them, and they have my back. There's no attraction there, they're just big teddy bears, although I know they’d do me in a second if given the chance. There is no chance, and they know it, so we’re just good friends. When he sees me coming, Mike grins from ear to ear and holds out his arms to give me a big hug.

“Where you been, girl? We been missin' you!” he says, still grinning.

“Cheerleading, remember? I couldn’t work – we had games all the time. But I’m back now. I’ll be here all spring and summer for sure.”

“Excellent. You need to see Rick?”

“Yep. Is he here?”

“Back in the office. He’s gonna bust something when he sees you in that skirt.”

I just smile. I’m counting on it.

I walk on past the concession stand, where a few girls I know are cleaning. I wave to them and they call out their hellos. I vaguely notice a few new employees that I haven’t met yet standing just outside the concession stand. Male employees. I don’t say anything to them, but give them a quick half-smile and continue to walk back to the office. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see a couple of them ogling me and elbowing each other. Once I’ve passed them, I grin to myself. One of them looks pretty good, but I don’t want to be too obvious about checking him out. Plenty of time for that once I start work again. I’ll let him approach me later if he’s interested.

I knock on the office door and Rick yells that it’s open. When I step in, he looks up from his paperwork in surprise and smiles a huge smile.

“Well, hello beautiful! Welcome back!” he stands up and moves to the side of the desk, gesturing for me to give him a hug.

This might be totally inappropriate managerial behavior, but he has always been affectionate with me and it doesn’t bother me a bit. Rick is brutally hot. Tall and slender, with dark hair and eyes. I have a bit of a crush on him myself, but he’s married, and that is something I won’t mess with. He’s also a good bit older than me. I don’t know how old he is exactly, but he once told us he had been a theater manager for more than a decade, so I guess he must be at least thirty. I’m nineteen, so that age gap is considerable.

Rick wraps his arms around me and kisses the top of my head. He always treated me like a little sister. I wouldn’t even suspect he has a thing for me if it weren’t for everyone else telling me he does. I’m feeling a little gutsy on this particular day, so I intentionally brush my chest against his arm as I pull away from his embrace. His eyes widen and his swagger falters just a bit. Seeing him lose it like that gives me more confidence.

“How have you been, Rick?” I ask, touching his chest as I pretend to brush something off his shirt.

“Well, I’ve been better, to be honest with you. My wife left me a month ago. I just got the divorce papers today. It hasn’t been the greatest day.”

My heart skips a beat. Game on.

“I’m so sorry to hear that, Rick.” I take a step closer, placing both of my hands flat on his chest and running them up towards his shoulders. “Listen, I don’t want to bother you, but I came to see about getting my hours back. Is that still ok?” I ask. Being this close to him is making my heart pound. I bet he can hear it.

“Of course. I told you as soon as you could come back, you’d have your old job. There will be a few pissed off girls whose hours get cut, but they’ll get over it. I’d much rather have you here.” He shifts his weight slightly and won’t look me in the eye.

“Why is that, Rick?” I ask, wondering if he will admit to how he feels about me. My hands are still on his shoulders, and I begin to run them slowly down his biceps. Wow. He doesn’t look big, but he’s cut. I can feel the muscles rippling under his shirt.

“I think you know why,” he says softly. His eyes briefly meet mine, then dart away. He’s nervous. That makes me bolder.

“I’ve heard things, but only from other people. Never from you. I’ve heard that you’ve made comments to some of the guys about things you’d like to do to me in the theaters after hours.”

“I may have made some comments,” he says, looking at the floor. “I’m sorry.”

“Are you really sorry?” I step away from him, backing towards the door. His eyes dart to mine, alarmed. I wonder why…is he afraid I’m leaving? Or afraid I’m not? I lean against the door, locking it behind me. At the sound of the lock clicking in place, Rick’s eyes flash, surprised and questioning.

I have him so shocked he can’t even respond. His reaction gives me an unbelievable feeling of power. This is my boss. He’s always in charge, barking orders at everyone. Calling the employee meetings, firing people…it’s an incredible turn-on to have it reversed and see him vulnerable for a minute.

I move quickly over to him and put one foot on his desk, trapping him behind it. “I’ve seen you checking out my legs, Rick. Did your fantasies about me have to do with my legs?”

Rick seems to get over his shock at that point. He reaches out and runs his hand up my leg, starting at my ankle, moving to my well-developed calves, continuing up my thigh, and disappearing beneath my skirt. His eyes widen when his fingers graze my pussy and he realizes how wet I am.

“Lanie, I’ve had so many fantasies about you, I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

“Do any of them involve you bending me over your desk? Maybe in the middle of the matinee rush?”

“Oh, God, yes,” he breathes. He leans down and kisses me with an intensity I’m not prepared for. I gasp into his mouth as his tongue parts my lips and finds mine, brushing around the edges and sucking just a little on the tip. Okay, Rick is one hell of a kisser. My head starts getting a little fuzzy. I think he can sense that, because suddenly he takes control. My leg is still up on the desk. He reaches around it and grabs my ass, pulling me into him so I can feel his erection. He unzips his pants, tugging them down around his hips, takes my hand and places it on his cock through the thin fabric of his boxers. Even through the material I can tell it’s big. I always imagined it would be, but to feel it in my hand sends a thrill right through me.

“You’re so damn sexy. You have no idea what you do to me. Just looking at you gives me a hard on. It always has,” he says, between kisses. “I’ve imagined screwing you in every position imaginable. When we worked together, I’d have to go home and jack off, or try to do my wife and pretend she was you.”

The thought of him nailing his wife and calling out my name makes the warmth between my legs get even hotter.

“Those are just your fantasies. They can’t even come close to the real thing,” I say with a wicked smile. I take my foot off the desk and go down on my knees in front of him.

“Oh, God, Lanie…” he groans before I’ve even done anything. I pull his boxers down and take his massive cock in both hands. Looking into his eyes, I flick the tip with my tongue, then run my tongue just under the rim, all around it. I move my tongue up and down his shaft, tracing the vein that runs down the side while fingering his balls with one hand and pumping the bottom of his shaft with the other. I move my mouth back up to the top with small tonguing kisses and suck gently on the tip for a minute. Then I form a tight O with my lips and run my mouth all the way down the full length of his shaft, opening my throat and taking the full length of him, grazing him with my tongue as I go.

“Oh…fuck!” he yells, his knees buckling. “God, Lanie…Fuck!” He grabs the side of the desk for support. Enjoying his astonishment that I can take him that deep, I pump him in and out of my mouth, pressing tight with my lips and running my tongue all along his length. He begins moving his hips along with me and I can tell by his moans that he’s close. I feel his balls contract, and then he’s shooting cum inside my mouth. I swallow as he shoots load after load while he moans with pleasure. Gently, I lick along the sides and lift my mouth off of his softening cock.

“Where did you learn to do that?” he asks, shaking his head and helping me up from my knees. I just shrug and smile. Like I’m going to reveal my secrets. He grabs me around the waist and lifts me onto his desk, pulling me to the edge. He drops to his knees this time and grins at me as his head disappears below my skirt. I jump as his tongue goes directly to flick my clit. Then he moves it all the way down my slit and back up, pausing to press his tongue inside me and wiggle it around. Okay, so his tongue can do more than just kiss. I’m getting wetter, and briefly wonder if I’m sitting on any important papers. Maybe his divorce papers. The thought makes me smile.

He presses one finger inside me and crooks it, searching for my g-spot. I moan to let him know that he’s found it, then another finger joins the first and his tongue returns to my clit, flicking against it while his fingers fuck me. “Oh, God, Rick…don’t stop…that’s so good...” My hips grind against his fingers, and it only takes a few minutes of that rhythm before I feel my orgasm coming. I throw my head back and stuff my knuckles in my mouth to keep from yelling out as my pussy clenches around his fingers.

Rick stands up and lays me backwards on the desk as he leans over me, kissing me again. I can taste myself on his tongue, and I know he’s tasting himself on mine. I’m assuming this is the winding down part of our encounter, and I slow my kisses, but now he’s unbuttoning my shirt and reaching in to fondle my tits and I realize he’s not finished with me yet. His fingers find my nipples under the edge of my push-up bra, and he traces circles around them, gently pulling on them and pinching them just a little. His talented tongue is wrestling with mine as he toys with my nipples. My breath is quickening again and I can feel my pussy warming back up. I feel Rick’s cock twitching against my thigh, so I reach down and grab it, surprised to find that it’s nearly hard again. Amazing recovery time for a man his age. Most boys my age don’t rebound that fast.

“I want you inside me, Rick. Right now.”

Without a word, he stands up, takes out his wallet and pulls out a condom. Then he sits down in his chair, grabs his cock and jerks himself for a minute. I watch him hungrily.

“You are so hot,” I tell him. His brown eyes lock on to my green ones as he continues to work his hand up and down his shaft, getting it back to a full erection. Then he rolls the condom on and says, “Come here,” settling back into his chair.

I jump off the desk and straddle him on the chair, grabbing his massive dick and positioning it so the tip is just touching me. I hold myself above him and work the tip of his cock around the opening of my pussy for a minute, teasing both of us with the sensations of touching without penetrating. I can feel myself dripping all over him, and the heat down there is unbelievable. Rick is completely focused on my tits. He has popped them out of my bra and starts running his tongue around my nipples. When he bites one, I cry out and press my pussy down on his cock, ramming it all the way inside me.

“Oh, Fuck, yes!” he says. I moan in agreement, just holding him there, enjoying the feeling of being filled with all of him. His cock is thick and stretches me to the point of hurting just a little, but in such a good way.

“You’re so fucking tight, Lanie,” he moans. I lift myself up until I can feel the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy, then I slam myself back down again. I wiggle around a little with him all the way in, then lift myself up again and go immediately back down. Rick grabs my hips and moves me up and down in a steadier rhythm. I’m breathing harder and beginning to sweat, feeling another orgasm starting to build, then he reaches his hand between us and presses my clit. That does it. I arch my back as another giant orgasm has me riding a wave of pleasure.

I continue to work my pussy up and down his length as I’m coming down from my high, then Rick lifts me all the way off and sets me on the floor in front of him. I’m a little surprised because I don’t think he climaxed, then he grabs my arm and roughly turns me around, bending me over his desk. Still holding one arm, he grabs the other one, so he’s got me pinned face down on the desk with both arms behind my back.

“Do you like it rough, Lanie? Because I want to fuck you so hard right now,” he hisses in my ear.

“Do it,” I say.

Before I can take a breath, he’s forcing his cock inside my pussy from behind. He’s still leaning over my back, holding both of my arms, grunting as he pounds into me hard and fast.

“You like this, don’t you?” he growls in my ear. “You like it rough. You like my huge cock drilling your tight little pussy. Tell me how much you like it. Tell me you like me fucking you.”

“Oh, God, Rick!” I gasp.

“Tell me how much you like it, Lanie. I want you begging me for it.”

I just moan. He lets go of one arm and grabs a fistful of my hair, yanking it backward. He pulls his cock all the way out of me. “Tell me how much you like it. Then BEG,” he hisses.

“Put it back in, Rick. Please!” I writhe on his desk, aching to feel him inside me again, but he wrenches the arm that he’s holding and pulls tighter on my hair, making me gasp.

“Not good enough,” he growls against my ear. “Tell me what you want.”

I take a gasping breath. “I want to feel your thick cock inside me, pounding my pussy, drilling me as hard and fast as you can. I love it when you fuck me hard, Rick. I want you to fuck me so hard I can’t walk. Please…please put your cock back in me now!”

He groans and shoves his dick back into me, all the way in and holds it there for a minute, trying to push it even further. Then he pulls back and starts stroking hard and deep. “God…yes…Lanie…that’s…so…much…better,” he says, pounding his full length into me with each word. With every thrust, I can feel my hips slamming into the desk and I’m sure I’ll be bruised, but I don’t care. Even the pain feels amazing.

“Oh, fuck, Rick. Oh, fuck…don’t stop fucking me!” I cry out.

“Oh, I won’t stop. Not until you come again. Are you going to come again?”

“Yes! Oh…yes…” I let out a long moan as he continues those hard, deep thrusts. It just feels too amazing for words.

“Oh, yeah…you like that?” he whispers fiercely. I can’t even speak, so I just keep moaning. He reaches down and grabs my legs, hooking them backward around his thighs. He thrusts into me another 10-12 strokes from this new angle, then he climbs up onto his desk, pushing me forward and then settling me onto all fours. All without taking his cock out of me. I’m amazed at the strength and flexibility (not to mention creativity) that took, but before I can say a word, he’s kneeling on his desk behind me, slamming his cock into me again.

“Oh, Rick!” I gasp, as the change in position allows him to hit my g-spot. He’s holding my hips still and drilling into me repeatedly, then he reaches around and presses my clit, and it’s all over for me. I moan in rhythm as he continues to push into me and my pussy tightens around him. He’s fucking me frantically now, bucking his hips wildly and pounding me until his balls contract and his cock starts jerking. He throws his head back and lets loose a torrent of words that I can hardly understand.

He collapses on top of me. I drop my head down on his desk, completely spent.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting that when I came in today, Mr. Seaton. I just wanted my job back.” I roll out from under him and kiss him on the cheek.

He grabs my chin and raises my eyes to meet his. “Are you sure? About coming back? Because when I’m your boss again, we can’t do this anymore. I could lose my job.”

“Rick…I want this job. I promise you no one will ever know about today.” I tell him.

“That’s only part of the problem. I just don’t know if I can look at you every day and keep my hands off you,” he admits.

“Then don’t keep your hands off me. Imagine coming in to work every day and doing what we just did. I loved my job before, but that would make it so much infinitely better. I promise you no one will ever know about any of those times either,” I say, winking at him.

“You’re about to make my life difficult, aren’t you, Lanie?”

“I’m about to make your life fucking amazing, Rick. That’s a promise,” I say as I smooth out my clothes and my hair, unlock his door, and walk out of his office.

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