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An Unexpected Bonus: Sex With My Ex

My boyfriend leaves town, but his uncle stays...and I fuck him.
I wake up alone in bed and it takes me a minute to figureout where I am. Then I remember, and I’m in a bit of a panic as to why I’m alone. I sit up and look around. Where is Kyle?

The bathroom door opens, and I see him, fully dressed and heartbreakingly gorgeous. He comes over to the bed and sits down beside me, but I push his hands away and head for the bathroom. When I close the door, I lean against it and close my eyes, trying to stem the sudden threat of tears, slow my heartbeat and catch my breath. I knew he was leaving today. This is hardly news to me, and he wants me to go with him. It’s not like he’s leaving me because he doesn’t want me…this is my choice, but that doesn’t make it an easy one. A gentle tap on the door makes me jump.

“Lanie?” Kyle’s voice is soft and gentle, but concerned. “Baby, are you ok?”

“Give me a minute,” I manage to choke out, and I hear him move away. I brush my teeth quickly and splash some water on my face, crying quickly into the hand towel before taking a deep breath, pinching some color into my cheeks and finger combing my hair.

I step out of the bathroom with a smile, determined to send Kyle off to Florida guilt-free. Leaving will be hard enough on him without worrying about me. He’s sitting on the bed again, hands clasped in front of him, head bowed, staring at the floor. He doesn’t look up. I stride over to him and grab his chin, lifting his face to look up at mine. I can see tears glistening in his eyes, and my heart breaks all over again. I drop to my knees and throw my arms around his neck, pressing my whole body into him. His arms wrap around me and I realize this is where I want to stay.

“What am I going to do without you?” I murmur into his neck.

“Miss me?” he suggests ruefully. That’s a given.

“Every single day,” I say. “What time is your flight?”

“9:00” he says. I look at the clock. 7:00.

“Kyle, you have to go! We don’t even have time for…you know…one more?”

“I’m sorry, babe. I overslept, had to rush through the shower. And I hated to wake you, you looked so beautiful.”

“Next time please wake me. I can’t stand this,” I say, choking back tears. He places a hand on each side of my face and presses his lips to mine firmly, yet very sweetly. Then he kisses my forehead and hugs me to him again.

“I have to go,” he says quickly. He stands up and crosses to the door in a few long strides. “I’ll see you soon,” he says. And he’s gone. Just like that.

My world instantly seems to cave in on me. I can’t even think. All I know is that a huge part of my heart has just been ripped from my chest. Now what? I don’t even know what to do. To start with, I throw myself on the bed for a good, long cry.

After an hour of tears, I realize this self pity can’t last. It’s pointless, a waste of time. I have to focus on something. I step into the shower, as hot as I can stand it, and focus on the feel of the water. Warming, soothing, cleansing. I feel scrubbed clean when I emerge, wearing a robe, towel-drying my hair, ready for a new start. Just then, I hear a soft knock on the door. I peer out the peephole. Rick.


I don’t want to see him. But my heart pounding in my chest says I’m a liar, and of course I want to see him.

Double damn.

I look at my watch, sigh, and shake my head. Kyle did give me permission to see other people, even to sleep with other people…I’m just fairly sure he didn’t expect the first one to show up at the door to his own hotel room so soon after he walked out the door.

Another knock, louder this time. I open the door and Rick pushes past me into the room.

“Come in,” I say sarcastically.

“Thank you,” he says, matching my tone. “So…Kyle’s gone.” He makes it a statement, not a question, but then he raises his eyebrow at me, waiting.

“Yes,” I say. I don’t owe Rick any explanations, so I’m not being very forthcoming.


“And I’m still here,” I say, looking him fiercely in the eye. Daring him to make a move. Half hoping he will, half scared he won’t. I’m certainly not going to.

Rick stares back, and I can feel my heart racing and heat spreading through my body at the memory of those eyes, those lips, those hands, and, oh, that cock and what it can do to me…damn. My breath catches as he crosses the room in a few long strides, and before I can react his mouth is crushing mine in a passionate kiss that sets my entire body on fire.

“Rick…” I gasp, breaking away and taking a step back. He steps forward, grabbing me around my waist and pulling me towards him, stopping my words with another kiss. His holds me tight as his tongue finds mine, fiercely, almost harshly. I struggle to pull away from him, but he’s relentless.

“Lanie,” he growls in between kisses, “stop fighting me. You know you’re mine…Kyle was a diversion…you’ve always been mine.”

I’m not sure I agree with him, but his kisses do feel amazing, and my body is quickly responding, registering his touch, remembering him. I’m tired of resisting. Tired of feeling so sad. Tired of worrying about what will happen tomorrow. Breathless, I force all thoughts from my head and let myself go. Rick can sense that I have succumbed and he takes complete control. Still kissing me, he lifts me and carries me to the bed. As he sets me down, he yanks the robe off my shoulders, exposing my breasts, which he immediately attacks, licking and sucking them as he pushes me back onto the bed. I arch and throw my head back, offering myself to him, and Rick tears open the robe, leaving me naked. His eyes widen and his hands immediately begin caressing me on my breasts, my stomach, my legs.

“I’d almost forgotten how gorgeous you are,” he breathed, moving in between my legs and kissing down my body, starting with my neck. “I want to worship your body. I need to pay homage to every inch of you.” I’m panting now; a combination of his words, his hands, and his kisses have driven all rational thought from my body and left nothing but raw lust. Rick can sense this, and he wants to hear about it. He pauses his kisses and demands that I look at him. My green eyes open to meet his brown ones, intently watching me.

“Tell me how you feel about me, Lanie.” I squeeze my eyes shut again and shake my head. “Lanie,” he says firmly, reaching up and squeezing my nipple until it hurts and I cry out. “How do you feel about me?”

“I don’t know, Rick,” I gasp, fighting back tears of frustration and anger.

“That’s not an answer,” he says. “Look at me!” I open my eyes slowly. “I need to know.” Something in his voice is pleading, more vulnerable, and it unleashes a flood of emotions in me.

“I care about you, Rick. You excite me. You’re older, more experienced, sexy as hell, and you get me. You know my body and when you fuck me it’s hot and wild and intense. I have a craving for you that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shake, and I don’t really think I want to. Any time you want me, I’ll be ready for you. That part of me will always be yours.” I raise my eyebrow at him. Was that good enough?

He answers me with his fingers, reaching between my legs. “Fuck, you’re wet. You are always ready for me, aren’t you baby?” He inserts two fingers and strokes them in and out a few times, then brings them to his lips, licking my juices from his fingers. Without a word, he pulls my hips to the edge of the bed and quickly removes his pants and boxers. He positions the tip of his cock at my dripping opening, teasing me with just the tip, moving it around in circles, pressing the head in and pulling it back out. I’m arching my hips up, trying to draw him inside me, but he pulls away. “Not yet,” he says, intent on teasing me. He runs his cock all along my slit, and it feels so good. I grind against him, loving the feeling but wanting him to fill me. Rick grabs my ankles and lifts them up, placing them on his shoulders, then he pauses with his throbbing cock barely touching me. I’m aching for it and he knows it. 

“Beg me,” he says, with a wicked glint in his eye. I shoot him a look right back. There’s no way I’m begging him for anything. Game over. I struggle to sit up, but he leans forward and pins me back down. “Oh, no you don’t,” he hisses. “You want my cock. I want to hear you beg for it.” He kisses me, taunting me with his amazing tongue, his arms still pinning mine to the bed. I am practically folded in half, as my legs are still on his shoulders, and his cock is pressed against me, torturing me with its hard, wet, heat.

“Beg me, Lanie. Plead for it. Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you. Ask me to plunge my cock deep into you. You know you want it. You know you have to have it. All you need to do is beg me.” Then he’s kissing me again, wiping all resistance from my brain, along with my willpower and self respect.

I gasp and raise my hips, causing his cock to press harder against me. “I want you, Rick. I want you to fuck me. I need it hard, and I need it right now. Please!” At my words, Rick groans and thrusts his entire length into me. Then he stands up, his hands grabbing my ass, my legs on his shoulders, and drives into me, hard and deep, over and over again. There is nothing gentle or sweet about this. Nothing but wild, primal fucking. Before I realize it, I’m yelling his name at the top of my lungs, and he is shouting, “I’m going to make you come, Lanie. Oh, fuck, I want you to make you come!” Just hearing him say that does it for me, and I gasp, “I’m coming!” Then I scream. So help me, God, I literally scream, and Rick’s moans join my screams as he shoots his hot cum into me, wave after wave. Our bodies shudder together as we come off our high and collapse on the bed in a spent heap. I can't stop a sigh of contentment from escaping my lips, and Rick sweetly kisses me in response. 

Just then, we both become aware of a banging on the wall next door. Rick looks at me in a panic.

Leslie. Rick’s bitch of an ex-wife is in the room next door.

I remember the night before, how I had listened to her cries as she and Rick fucked. I had forgotten that these walls are a little thin.

“Is this a problem?” I ask Rick. He looks slightly concerned, but merely shrugs. “We’ll see,” he says.

Just then, there is an insistent knock at the hotel door. Rick and I exchange a glance, then he quickly pulls on his pants. The knocking has not stopped, and I am quickly fastening the robe around me again when Rick strides over to the door and flings it open. There stands Leslie, fuming and beautiful. She pushes past Rick and into the room.

“Come in,” I say sarcastically. People bursting into my hotel room uninvited is becoming a trend this morning.

Leslie shoots me a look. “Shut up, bitch,” she says. I stand up slowly, the bitch in me waking up at her words. Even without shoes, my 5’8” frame towers over Leslie, who is more petite. She glares at me. “How long have you been fucking my husband?”

“I fucked your ex-husband for the first time on top of your divorce papers, as a matter of fact,” I smirk at her, hands on my hips, daring her to make another move.

She shoots a malicious look at Rick, who is intently studying the carpet. Turning back to me, she gives me a long, appraising look, starting at my feet and slowly working her way up. Her stare is making me uncomfortable.

“I suppose my husband likes teenage bimbos, but I really don’t understand what’s so spectacular about you. What is the appeal, baby?” she addresses Rick again. He looks up at this question and his eyes immediately dart to mine. I know exactly what my appeal is: I’m beautiful, I love sex, and I know how to mercilessly tease a man until he can’t remember his name. That tends to make them come back for more. But I won’t tell Leslie that. An overworked, undersexed, raving bitch like Leslie wouldn’t understand a word of that. So, instead, I decide to show her.

I undo my robe and drop it to the floor. Leslie and Rick both look shocked. I hold out my arms, and turn around slowly in a full circle. “Here you go, Leslie. If you don’t understand the appeal now, you need to get your eyes checked.”

What happened next came as a complete surprise. I was expecting a shouting tirade, or maybe even to get slapped. I did not expect Leslie to step forward, grab the back of my neck, and press her lips against mine, slipping her tongue into my mouth in a wet, probing kiss.


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