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An Unexpected Encounter

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A nice ending to a bad day.
My name is Paul. I'm a thirty four year old civil engineer from Boston. My company mainly does engineering to improve infrastructure in cities, such as bridges and tunnels. Because of this, I travel quite extensively. I am on the road approximately two hundred fifty days a year. I am not married, nor do I have any children. In my travels I meet a lot of women, usually on airplanes, in cabs or in hotels. Most of the time it's nothing more than just friendly conversation, especially on a long flight. Today was a bit different, and totally unexpected. Here is my story.

It was a Monday night in autumn last year. I had landed in Salt Lake City earlier in the day to begin a two week project. I had checked into the Hotel Monaco earlier in the afternoon, settled in, had dinner and gone back to my room. I had to meet the city engineer at eight o'clock the next morning, so I had planned on making it an early night.

Every night, before I retire, I enjoy drinking a cold beer or two. I prefer Rolling Rock, but if it's not available, then Heineken will do. I went to the bar at around seven o'clock. I sat down to have a quick beer, then planned on going back to my room to watch the first half of Monday Night Football. The bar was relatively busy, as was the restaurant. They were mainly business travelers or vacationers. Usually, I don't engage in conversation, except maybe with the bartender. I enjoy drinking alone and relaxing.

I had been there for about twenty minutes, when I was approached by a woman. I gave her a quick glance and smile, and went back to my beer. I noticed that she sat down next to me and ordered a glass of red wine. I was just about finished when I heard her speak.

"There's something about a man who drinks beer out of a green bottle," She said.

Not knowing if she was speaking to me directly, I looked at her, a bit puzzled.

"Me?" I asked.

"Yes, you," She replied.

She stuck out her hand and introduced herself.

"Hello, I'm Barbara. I hope that I'm not disturbing you."

"No, not at all," I replied, "I'm Paul, pleasure to meet you."

"May I join you?" she asked.

"Please do."

As she sat down next to me, I ordered another beer and another glass of wine for her. She was older than I was, considerably older, yet quite attractive. She was of average height for a woman and had a nice figure. She had shoulder length brown hair, a pretty face and had a deep tan. She was dressed in business attire. She wore a long black skirt with nylons, expensive black shoes, and a maroon blouse that was buttoned to expose a little cleavage. By looking at her face, I estimated that she was approximately fifty years old.

We talked for a while at the bar, at which time I bought her three or four more glasses of wine. She told me that she was divorced, had two grown up daughters and a grandson. She was born in Delaware, but spent the past twenty two years in Minnesota. At one point in the conversation she mentioned that she was fifty three years old, and was a marketing director for a large medical equipment manufacturer based in Minneapolis.

She said that she was in town to save a major account. One of the larger hospitals in the city was thinking of changing equipment companies. They had sent her to attempt to convince them not to. She told me that she didn't believe that she was successful, and was having a bad day. She was going to stay at the hotel overnight, and fly back to Minnesota in the morning.

About an hour or so into our conversation, she asked me if I could buy her one more glass of wine while she went to the ladies room. When she returned a few moments later, I noticed that she had unbuttoned the third button of her blouse, lightly exposing the inner curve of a large breast and the outer fringes of a black lace bra. We spoke for another ten minutes or so, then she asked me if I'd walk her to her room. I paid the tab, escorted her to elevator, and up to her room on the fifth floor.

When we arrive at her room, she asked me if I would come in with her. I told her that I could only stay for a short period of time because I had some work to do. She stated that she wouldn't keep me long. She took her shoes off and sat on a large sofa and asked me to sit next to her. Because I was off for the night, I was wearing jogging pants, sneakers and a polo shirt. I notice that she had a look on her face as if something was troubling her.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing really, I've had a bad day," she replied.

"Why?" I asked.

"We lost a major account," She said, "Now I have to go back and tell my boss that I couldn't save it."

She told me that she was some kind of trouble shooter. Her job was to meet with clients and solve problems. Today she had apparently failed, and it bothered her. She was under considerable stress. We talked for about fifteen more minutes, then she said something that blew my mind.

"You know..Paul, I haven't been with a man in over four years," She said, nonchalantly. "God I need to get fucking laid."

Without missing a beat she asked me to stay for a bit while she went into the bathroom to change. I really needed to go, but choosing not to be rude, I decided to wait. When she came out of the bathroom, all she was wearing was her black lace bra and panties. For a woman her age, she had a body. You could tell she was older, her body was curvy. Her tits were big, but not overly large. I found her very attractive, and got hard almost instantly. She sat on the edge of the very large bed, then she looked at me and spoke.

"So... do you want to fuck?"

"Oh yes!" I replied.

She patted the bed and told me to get on it, then she got up and removed her underwear. Her tits were round and firm and her nipples looked like little buttons. When she turned around, I was naked.

We lay on the bed next to each other. I began licking her firm little nipples, which were as hard as marbles. It was quite obvious that she was very horny. She gave herself to me as I began lightly kissing her abdomen, down to her pussy, which was shaved except for a small racing stripe. I opened her legs and began licking her clit. For the next ten minutes, she didn't say a word. She moaned lightly as I flicked and sucked her love button. Occasionally, she would push my head down with her hand. Suddenly, her body began to writhe beneath me, and I felt her legs tight on my head.

"Make me cum," She said.

I licked her pussy furiously, I felt her left leg begin to shake. She put both of her hands on my head and pushed my face into her pussy as she had a thunderous orgasm. When she came I looked up at her, her head was turned to the right, and her eyes were closed. The well manicured nails on her left hand dug into the mattress.

"Oh God," She said, in a deep moan.

After about a minute, she sat up on the bed, and put her back up against the headboard. Her face was red and she was breathing heavy.

"Wow," She said, looking at me, "I haven't had a guy go down on me in years."

"Did you enjoy it?"" I asked, knowing what her answer would be.

"Immensely," she said.

We lay on the bed for a few moments, allowing her to recuperate. As I looked at her, I was amazed at how she looked. She was fifty three years old, yet her body was somewhat toned. Her tits were still firm and round. I could tell that she took good care of herself. After a few moments of chatting, she asked me to lie on my back.

She began licking and kissing my body, downward to my already half hard cock. When she got to it, she began licking my shaft and looked me right in the eyes. She grabbed my cock and began sucking my balls as she stroked me. My hard cock throbbed in her hand, and I was very concerned that I was going to cum quickly. That apparently was her goal, because she began stroking my cock even faster. Then, to my surprise, she began licking my ass. I was getting the best hand job I'd ever had, and wasn't going to last long.

She must have sensed that I was close, because she put my cock in her mouth and started sucking me. I looked at her as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. Her tits were swaying back and forth and the bed began squeaking lightly. This horny cougar was blowing my fucking brains out. She blew me fast and deep for about a minute, then it happened.

"I'm gonna cum," I said loudly.

She mumbled something and kept sucking as I shot a load of cum into her mouth. My body tingled as she sucked away while swallowing every drop. I lay back panting, with my cock convulsing. I had never had a blow job like that before. She looked at me with a sexy smirk, kissed my throbbing cock, and got off of the bed. She called room service to bring up another bottle of red wine. Then she looked at me.

"I'm going outside to have a cigarette, please come with me." She said.

I was a bit surprised that she smoked. I also had a dilemma. I needed to get up early and wanted to finish up a little work. I had a feeling however, the we weren't done yet. It was already nine thirty, and I told myself that I could endure a night with limited sleep. She put on a pair of jeans, sneakers and a heavy sweatshirt. I got dressed as well, we got on the elevator and out the door to the sidewalk.

This was Utah in the fall. The air was cold, but not yet frigid. As we talked outside, she asked me if I could go back upstairs with her, but understood if I couldn't. She told me that we hadn't finished what we had started. I was attracted to her honesty and how out spoken she was. She made no bones about the fact that she still wanted to fuck. When it comes to my job, I'm very professional, but I'm also not an idiot. I have a horny cougar telling me that she wants to fuck me. I'm not going to say no.

As we walked upstairs, I tried to figure out a time limit in my head. I had an early morning meeting and she had an early flight, so I couldn't make it that late of a night. When we got there, she poured herself another glass of wine. She then picked up her cell phone, and called her daughter. She was asking about her grandson, who she had forgotten to call. During the conversation, she motioned to me to get undressed and get on the bed.

She hung up the phone, apologizing about having to make the call. She got naked and climbed on the bed. She straddled me and began gently rubbing her tits against my chest. Giving me an occasional kiss. Then she got between my legs and started sucking my cock again. This woman was good. Despite the fact that I had cum about thirty minutes prior to this, I got hard again pretty quickly.

In a few moments, I was rock hard again. She straddled my hips, grabbed my cock, and gently inserted it into her pussy, gasping lightly as she did. She must have been correct when she told me that she hadn't been with a man in years because her pussy was surprisingly tight. She put her hands on my chest and began riding me. I watched her tits bounce as she moved up and down on my hard cock. After a few moments, she began grinding on my cock. She didn't say a word, she just grunted and groaned a little. I could tell by the look on her face that she was enjoying it.

A few moments later, I grabbed her by her waist. I flipped her over and tossed her on her back, spread her legs and entered her. This time, it made her gasp loudly. I began pumping away at her tight pussy. Suddenly, this woman who had been quiet for most of the night, got vocal.

"Fuck me Paul, fuck me hard!" she said, looking at me.

I pumped even harder, and she began moving her ass up and down in unison with me. The bed began to squeak loudly. Then she put her hands on my ass and began pushing me into her.

"Give it to me!" she demanded, in a louder than normal voice.

Because I had cum earlier, I was hoping that I could go longer than normal. I had no desire to cum yet, my goal was to give this horny Grandmother the fuck that she'd been longing for. I got on my knees, grabbed her waist and lifted her ass of the bed. Her legs dangled in the air and her tits swayed quickly beneath me as I hammered away at her. The bed moved back and forth beneath us, and although the solid headboard didn't move, the bed frame tapped against the wall.

"Yes... fuck me!" she said, even louder.

I fucked her like this for about five minutes, I was sweating and could see a little gleam of sweat on her. The bed was making a racket and she continued talking dirty during that time. This is a luxury hotel, and was uncertain if the room next door was occupied. If it was, I'm sure that they could hear us. Then I remembered that it was her room, not mine, so I didn't care about making noise. At one point I grabbed both of her tits tightly while I was fucking her. She seemed to like being man handled. Then suddenly it was like a switch came on in my brain, and I became a different person. My goal now was to pound this slutty cougar into submission.

I grabbed her waist again and tried to flip her.

"Turn over!" I said, in a demanding voice. "Get that ass in the air."

She quickly obliged, I yanked her waist upward, and propped two large pillows under her.

"Now you're really going to get it," I told her.

"Please baby," she replied, in a submissive voice.

I wasted no time. I grabbed her waist again and roughly entered her. I began fucking her like a crazed animal, our skin was slapping together loudly, and the bed was making a racket. I was like a man possessed. Suddenly, she began chanting.

"Bring it... bring it... bring it," she said loudly.

My cock still wasn't ready to cum yet, not even close. I was going to go as long as I could, I wanted to destroy this fifty three year old pussy. I was pounding away at her.

"Do you like this?" I asked.

"Yes," she whimpered.

"Do you want it harder?" I asked, in a commanding voice.

She whimpered again. "Yes."

I grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head upward.

"Who's whore are you?"

"Your whore," she whimpered.

Total submission, her body and pussy were mine. This confident and powerful business woman was at my mercy. I was doing it as much for her pleasure as I was for mine. She was loving every minute of it. As I fucked her I was looking down at her naked body. That's when I realized that I was banging the shit out of a woman nineteen years older than me, and a Grandmother. For some reason, I thought that was hot.
Still holding on to a fist full of hair, I began giving her a relentless bang, then I pushed her body flat on the bed, put both hands on her back, pushing downward, I tore into her.

In a loud voice that sounded almost like she as crying, she said, "Fuck me...please fuck

"Take my cock whore," I said.

Then, in a voice that sounded like she was straining, she screamed "Fuck me!"

I hammered away at her for about ten minutes, calling her names and treating her like a whore. She whimpered and grunted. I noticed her that legs begin to kick and her body stiffen.

"Oh my God, I'm gonna cum," she said, "I'm gonna cum."

I saw her body stiffen, then shake. She dug her nails into the bed and screamed into the pillow. After she came, I continued for a brief time. I grabbed her, physically flipped her over and put her on her back. She was covered in sweat, and her mascara had run. She looked exhausted but I wasn't done yet. I pushed her legs back behind her head, and started pounding again.

"My God," she screamed.

I looked into her eyes, they were as wide as quarters. Again, she began moving in unison with me. We were like a machine, in perfect synchronization. The bed squeaked loudly beneath us. Then it was my turn.

"I'm gonna cum," I said, looking into her eyes.

"I want to suck it," She said.

"Baby," I said, looking at her.

"Let me suck it," she said.

I pulled out of her. She sat up, grabbed my cock, put it in her mouth and sucked like a vacuum. Gagging and slurping, I put my head back and let out a loud moan as I shot another load of cum into her mouth. Again, she didn't stop sucking until she swallowed every drop. When I was done, I grabbed her hair, and pulled her head up to look at me. I could tell that she was worn out.We collapsed on the bed, after a moment she got up and actually lit a cigarette.

Then she looked at me and said. "Thank you for a nice ending to a bad day."

When she told me that she was getting up at five thirty, I told her that I was too. She asked me to sleep with her and I agreed. When we awoke in the morning, I told her that I was going to go to my room. Take shower and change. We had breakfast together, then I walked her outside to a cab. Right before she got in, she gave me a kiss and a business card with her contact info on it.

"If you're ever in Minneapolis, give me a call," she said.

She got in her cab, and drove off. We've spoken a few times since then. Because she knows I'm alone, she's invited me for Thanksgiving. I'm going to try to get that weekend off to go see her.


I'm sorry that it took so long to write this, I'm so busy that I had to write in my spare time.
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