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An Unexpected Journey

She hitches a lift out of town and takes the ride of her life.

It is early in the day as I stand on the side of the quiet road and wait.  The sun shines warm on my skin and my eyes close over until I hear a car in the distance.  I bravely stick my thumb out and it stops by my side.  A young man rolls down the window and we exchange a smile.  Quick greetings over, and the case thrown in the back, I climb into the passenger seat and we travel towards the next town.

We are both headed to the same city and he tells me he would be glad of the company.  I feel exhilaration coursing through my veins right now because this is such an unlikely thing for me to do.  No one I know would approve of hitchhiking at all and the idea of this new "me" makes me feel confident and sexy.  

The chatter is easy and comfortable between us and I rest my hand on my leg as he drives and we talk.  It turns out that we have many shared interests and it feels like we have known each other for more than the short time we actually have.  The conversation flows and there are none of those awkward silences which so often will creep into most interactions.  He tells me he is newly single and I share my tale of heartbreak with him in return.  

He glances over at me, eyes traveling the length of me and says, "He must be crazy to let you go."

I feel the same way about his ex.  He is hot, easy to talk with and seemingly very sweet.  Maybe he is a terrible lover, I think to myself and feel my face burning.

We stop for fuel after a couple of hours and make our way out to stretch our legs.  I have learned that his name is Luke and he is headed up north to visit his family and spend the summer there before taking a new job interstate.  I tell him that I am on a self-discovery trip - taking time away from reality and living a minimalist life for a while.  We are both getting over relationships.  

I am not looking for a man by any means but as I sit on the bench and watch Luke checking the tyres I realise just how attractive he is.  His hair is lovely with a little loose curl at the back and his eyes are the colour of the sky.  I start to wonder how his hands would feel on my skin and I think about his soft lips on mine.  I feel my body becoming aroused and a warm flush creeps up from my belly to my cheeks.  I hide my face behind my hair and when I look up again, he is watching me.  

"Shall we be off, then?" he says and reaches out a hand to help me up.  

His skin touches mine and a jolt of electricity shoots through me.  We climb back into the car and continue along the road.  The conversation soon turns to our respective sex lives.  It turns out his appetite was no match for his wife and the years of rejection took their toll on his self-esteem.  I can relate well to this and say so.  Somehow we start to share some of the more interesting sexual experiences we have had and laugh together.  He seems to have an appetite for sex which matches mine and an interest in kinkier pursuits.  I realise I am so turned on now and peek over to his lap.  I feel my pussy getting moist and the monster in my belly is roused.  When I look down am not surprised to see the bulge in his pants.

"If we keep this up, I'm going to need to take you through your paces,” he says, grinning at me.  

"I know, right?" I reply and boldly place a hand on his thigh and softly caress him.  

"Oh, fuck," is all he says and pulls into a roadside rest stop.

He cuts the engine and turns to face me.  We look straight at each other for only a moment before he is pulling me in for a kiss.  Not just a kiss, but a hungry and passionate mouth fuck.  I can't help the small noises which escape from my throat because this kiss is so horny and hot.  His breathing is heavy and his hands start roaming up my legs.  

"The back seat,” he growls and unclips us both before getting out and coming around to open my door.  

We do not make it back into the car, as he notices a picnic table and bench seats and he pulls me over to it.  I feel his hands slide down my waist and behind my thighs.  He raises one leg and then the other and lifts me off the ground without breaking our kiss.  

I grind against him and wrap my legs around him while he walks us over to a lean-to wall.  He pushes my back against it and the corrugated iron presses hard on my back.  I break away and start to kiss and suck his neck.  He throws his head back and moans.  I uncurl my legs from him and stand to the ground.  He takes my hand and we make our way back to the picnic table.  

I note that it is the perfect height for him to bend me over and fuck me from behind.  He lifts my shirt over my head and I undo my bra.  It drops to the ground only a second before he has my tits in his warm hands.  He massages them softly - almost so gently that it is teasing me.  I can tell he knows this and he smiles.  Promptly he has removed my shorts and knickers which drop to the ground and I tilt forward until my nipples hit the cool metal of the table.  His hands run across my arse cheeks and up my back.  He gently pushes me face down and places his hands on my hips.  

There is a cool breeze which tousles my hair and rushes over my body.  I hear his zipper slide down and in a moment his hard cock is pressed against my behind.  My pussy is tingling and very wet in anticipation.  He slaps my bare arse and my skin tingles all over.

The sound of a car passing reaches my ears and I know we are visible from the road.  I hear Luke open a packet and I close my eyes realising I am even more aroused to think about being seen by passing travellers.  I think about men stopping to wank with the memory of seeing me being fucked from behind.  I picture a faceless woman using her fingers on her slick pussy until she finds her sweet release.  I imagine a couple being so turned on from seeing us that they stop just further along and fuck in the back seat.  My imagination does nothing to quiet the beast inside me. 

I feel the tip of his cock push apart my pussy lips and a moment later he has penetrated me deeply.  He feels so good inside me and his urgent desire is overwhelming.  He thrusts hard into me but tantalisingly slowly.  He pulls out and pushes back in again.  He fucks me slow and gentle and he fucks me hard and fast.  His hands never stop exploring me as he slides in and out.  I squeeze my pussy muscles tight around him.  He responds Instantly and a small groan escapes him.  

"Oh, fuck yes.  Do that again, please, do that again,” he says panting.  

His hand lightly slaps me on the arse.  I love it and let out a loud gasp.  

"Oh baby, I love those noises.  Please don't stop those noises,” he breathes.  

This feels so amazing and I am not in a hurry for it to end, but I can feel the inevitable climax building in my body.  

His hand reaches around to my tummy pressed on the table.  His fingers trace along my waist and down the sweet, soft place where thigh ends and pussy begins.  His fingers brush my bare pussy and come to find my clitoris.  He presses down all the while continually thrusting in and out.  I nearly shout out but then his hands return to my hips.  I sense his own orgasm is close as he finds a quick and even fucking rhythm.  His breathing increases and still he goes faster.  Suddenly I feel him explode inside me and I can feel his warm cum pooling in the condom.  He grunts and stops moving.

He gently takes my shoulders and I stand once again.  I watch him remove the condom and toss it to the ground.  

"Ok baby, its your turn now," he says and my body sings again.  He lifts me up to the table again and in the place where my wet pussy touches it feels cool.  He lays me down and looks me over then brings my arms above my head and pins them down.  Soon his mouth is all over me kissing, licking, nibbling, biting in all the right places.  I am tingling all over and I see his erection is returning again.  

The soft kisses are excruciating on my tender skin between my legs.  He lifts one up high and kisses the tender place behind my knee.  I think to myself that I have never been kissed there, in that sweet spot.  His tongue soon runs back down along my leg and then finally his mouth is fucking my cunt.  His tongue pushes quickly in and out and flicks over my very sensitive clitoris.  I arch my back and let out a long sigh and can hear another vehicle approaching.  This only makes me more horny and I press his head into my pussy.  He sucks and licks until my body jerks and then stops suddenly.  

"No, no, please no!  Please don't stop," I plead with him.  He takes hold of my legs and pulls me towards him and then rests my feet on his shoulders.  I shudder as he enters me again and starts his second assault on my pussy.  As he pushes in and out, his hands find their way to my nipples which he pinches lightly.  Painfully slowly he very lightly traces a finger across my chest, down my torso, and to my parted pussy lips.  

His fingers press on my clitoris again as his cock presses against my inner walls.  He fucks me faster and harder and his fingers strum against my most tender part until at last, I feel the powerful climax hit me again.  He lets me take my relief this time and I explode around him loudly as another car passes.  My bare skin is tingling all over and he collapses on top of me, sweaty bodies slick from our passion.

We eventually dress and we get back in the car.  He turns to touch my cheek and places a long lingering kiss on my mouth before we get back on the road again.  I can taste my arousal still on his lips and close my eyes with a smile on my face.  

The following hours of our journey pass with regular stops along the way for quick and urgent sex.  We can’t get enough of each other and the atmosphere is absolutely electric.  He takes me hard and fast up against a tree and soon after, in the back seat.  The last time we simply fell to the ground in a tangle of hair and sweaty limbs, urgently entwined.

Once we reach our destination, we are both very sore, but satisfied and we exchange numbers before saying a quick goodbye.  As I watch him drive away I wonder how long it will be before he finds my panties in his glove compartment - a parting gift to remind him of our time together.  I feel my nipples stiffen at the memories of this day and I know it will not be long until I see him again.


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