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An Unexpected Lover Ch. 2

Emma and Kevin get some alone time after the party
The graduation party went off without a hitch, but was pretty boring. The only excitement I had was waiting for later when Kevin was coming over to hang out at the house with my friends. Only one person at the party, my friend Gail, knew about what had happened after Cedar Point and she was sworn to secrecy.

“So . . .” Gail said.

“So . . . what?” I asked.

“So, are you and Kevin together or what?” Gail asked while we sat and smoked on the front porch, hiding our cigarettes from our parents in the backyard.

“I don’t know yet. I mean last week I didn’t even realize he was interested, or that I was interested for that matter. I mean, in two months I’m going to be living in a college dorm and he’s still going to be at home with Mom and Dad, how are we even going to see each other?” I said.

Just then, Kevin appeared from around the cars in the driveway. “Hey, there was no room for my dad to turn around so I had him drop me off next door.” He looked amazing, as always, his shorts tight on his ass and muscular legs, his tank top showing off his muscular arms, and those sparkling blue eyes, lit up for me. He walked up to me on the porch, leaned down and kissed my lips softly. “I wish I hadn’t had to wait four days to see you.”

I blushed at the kiss. “I know, but I had to work, and I felt weird calling your house in case your brother answered.” I said.

He laughed and shook his head. “Well don’t worry about that anymore, Steve can deal with it. I’m allowed to be with who I want, and I don’t need his permission.” He said, helping me up off the porch.

“So you want to be with me?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah, I do.” He said, kissing me deeply.


For the next three hours, we wandered around my yard, playing with my younger cousins, talking to my family, and just killing time until everyone left.

Once everyone was gone or had gone into the house to go to bed, Kevin and I were finally alone. We settled into a blanket on the grass in the backyard, out of the view of the windows on the back side of the house.

“So, now what?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” Kevin asked.

“So, you’ve got me here, alone, on this blanket, and it’s dark out so no one can see us. What happens now?” I asked lying down on my back.

“This.” He said, as he leaned down and kissed me. His hands tugged my t-shirt out of my shorts. Kissing and licking my belly, his hands undid the clasp on my bra, releasing my breasts. As his tongue danced in my belly button, his fingers rolled my nipples in circles, making them hard. I arched my back as he teased my nipples, craving more. One of his hands left my nipple and began to unbutton and unzip my shorts, pulling them off of me.

“Oh, God . . . Kevin . . .” I moaned. “This feels so good.”

“Just wait.” He said as he kissed his way down my stomach. The lower he pulled my shorts, the lower his kisses went until they were just above the waistband of my panties. “Just like I said before, if you want me to stop, just say the word. I want you to want this as much as I do, and I won’t settle for less than that.” He slowly pulled my panties down, his mouth following them. He gently separated my clean-shaven lips with the tip of his tongue, tasting my wetness for the first time. I felt him grow hard against my leg. “God Emma, you taste so good.” He said as he drove his tongue deeper into me, cupping my ass in his hands.

My back arched as he drove his tongue into me, teasing my clit with his tongue on the way out every time. He licked and sucked on my clit, driving me wild while slowly sliding a finger into me, teasing my g spot. “Please Kevin, don’t stop.” I said, running my fingers through his hair. “Damn it, that feels so good.” I moaned as he brought me closer and closer to orgasm. I felt the warmth creeping up my legs and the familiar tingle starting in my belly. “Kevin, I am getting close, you are going to make me cum.” I said throwing my head back, my hips bucking against his mouth as he lightly bit my clit, pushing things so much closer.

“It’s Ok Emma, I want to taste you.” He said. “I want to lick every drop out of you.”

He continued to ravage my clit with his tongue and teeth as my legs closed in around his head. As my orgasm exploded I ground against his face, increasing the pleasure. He looked up at me, his face soaked with my juices from ear to ear. “Was that good?” He asked.

I could only nod back at him, as I was still trying to catch my breath. “Amazing.” I choked out. “That was absolutely amazing.”

Catching my breath, I sat up slightly. Kevin leaned in and kissed me, softly at first, then more forcefully. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue. I looked down and saw the enormous bulge in his shorts, pushing the waist band away from his body. I reached down and began stroking him through the shorts. I pulled his shirt off over his head and begin kissing down his chest. I stopped at one nipple, than the other, teasing them with the tip of my tongue and nipping at them with my teeth. A quiet moan escaped his lips as he grew harder. I unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them off. He was so big that the head of his cock stuck out of the waist band of his boxers. I could see the pre-cum glistening on his head as the rest of his cock strained to get out of the boxers.

I slowly kissed down his stomach, pulling his boxers off as I went. I sat there, contemplating how I was going to handle this enormous thing and wondering what I had gotten myself into. It was definitely the largest I had ever seen, easily 11” if not more and it had to be 2” thick. I kept kissing and licking lower until the head was in my mouth. Moving my tongue in slow circles and stroking the shaft with my other hand I slowly pulled about 5” of him into my mouth. I felt him tense up for a second. “Is everything ok up there?” I asked as I pulled away.

“Yeah, I’m good. I just wasn’t expecting you to do that.” He said his eyes half-closed in pleasure. “You can keep going if you want; it just took me by surprise.”

“Do you promise to warn me before, you know?” I asked.

“Yes, I will make sure I give you the tap so you are pre-warned.” He said, laughing.

I resumed kissing and licking the head of his cock while my hand stroked the shaft. I tried different things, like moving my head around and humming a little to add to the experience. All the other guys I’d done this to before were quick to climax, so I never really had time to “play” without being worried about taking a shot unexpectedly. I felt Kevin’s hands running through my hair, pulling my face closer, forcing him deeper into my mouth. Before I could react, I felt the tap on my shoulder and felt him tensing up.

“Emma, I think it’s time.” He said, very deliberately. “It’s feeling really good.”

I moved up, still stroking him and aimed his cock at my chest. “I want you to shoot it here.” I said. “I want to feel it on my skin.”

He moaned quietly, but there was still a smile on his face. “You are such a dirty girl. I love it.” He said as his eyes closed and he surrendered to the pleasure.

A few last tugs and he began shooting his load all over my chest. “Oh god, Emma, fuck yes, that feels so good.” He said as his body shuddered from the orgasm. I looked down to see streams of cum running down my chest and nipples to the blanket below. Kevin reached down and pulled my chin up to him to kiss me. “Is now a good time to ask you to be my girlfriend?” He asked.

“Sure.” I said sarcastically. “Shoot your load all over a girl, THEN ask her to be your girlfriend, boy your timing is wonderful.” I said laughing. “Of course I’ll be your girlfriend.”

“Good.” Kevin said, using the blanket to wipe off my chest. I lay back down with my head in the crook of his arm and stared into his eyes. I must have fallen asleep because next thing I knew he was gently shaking me. “Emma, wake up. My dad is here to take me home. I’ve got to go. I’ll call you tomorrow, ok?”

I sleepily responded “Ok.” As I got up, got dressed, and walked him around to the front of the house to say goodnight. I kissed him, gave him a big hug, and told him I would see him the next day. It took a few hours for me to fall asleep again, and at about 4am I realized what had actually happened that night. Needless to say I fell asleep with a big grin on my face.
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