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An Unexpected Visitor

She thought she wanted 'alone time', but what she got was even better.
I’m too old to be on a family vacation!’ She thought, exhaling dramatically as she lay on her hotel bed, firmly massaging her temples with her fingers.

“Honey, are you coming to aqua aerobics with your sister and I?” her Mom called out from her adjoining room. “All that liquor you’ve been drinking is going to catch up with you…”

Her Mother’s judgmental tone was giving her a headache. She closed her eyes, “No, go with out me,” she replied, trying to hide her annoyance.

She kept her eyes closed until she heard the door slam after her Mom and sister left. She jumped up to close the door to the adjoining room. She needed alone time. Hearing the lock click between the rooms sent a wave of relief over her. ‘Finally!’ she smiled to herself.

Still wearing her bikini from spending the morning by the pool, she rummaged excitedly through her suitcase looking for her vibrator. Since she was sharing a room with her younger sister, her alone time had been limited and she was horny as hell. Her neon pink, bullet vibe was sure to help her relieve some tension. Though it was small, it was delightfully intense.

With vibrator in hand, she smiled sheepishly as she returned to her bed. She lay down and stretched herself out. Her auburn hair, full of sea salt and sand, pooled beneath her head. She clicked on her vibe and as it buzzed on it’s lowest level, she let it graze across her nipples. Overtop of her yellow bikini, the vibe was the perfect tease. She felt her nipples harden and the stimulation was putting her in the mood.

Turning up the intensity, she moved the vibrator down, sliding her hands into her bright yellow bikini bottoms. Outlining the lips of her smooth pussy with her vibrator sent shivers up her spine. She wanted to take it slow, not give herself instant pleasure, but let it build up instead. Running the vibe ever-so-softly over her inner thighs made her begin to moan.

With her eyes closed tight and the hum of the vibrator, she didn’t hear the door open. She was completely focused on pleasuring herself. When the door shut with a thud, her heart stopped.

 ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ Her mind was racing. She was frozen, her hands down her bikini bottoms, her long, shapely legs spread wide and her vibrator convulsing against her clit. Was it her sister? Her Mom? Her Dad?! ‘Oh God!’

Holding her breath, she opened her eyes to see a male housekeeper standing at the end her bed. He was tall, with flawless dark skin and broad shoulders. His eyes were wide as he stood stunned at what he’d walked in on. He was carrying bottles of water and cans of beer, clearly coming to refill the fridge.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” she said, completely shocked and scrambling to cover her self up. In her embarrassment, she’d left her vibe on and it buzzed so loudly in the awkward silence.

The hotel staff looked like a deer caught in the headlights. As he slowly began to back up towards the exit, she called out, “No, go ahead.” She gestured towards the mini fridge with a hand, and in doing so knocked her still shaking vibe onto the floor. They both stared wide-eyed at the toy as it bounced noisily on the floor.

The handsome staff moved quickly towards the fridge and restocked the contents. She was sitting now, her hands clutching the blankets up around her neck, covering her scantily clad body. Turning to leave, the housekeeper paused before her, leaning down and extending a muscular arm to pick up her still vibrating bullet. Coolly, he grabbed it, switched it off and handed it back to her. She accepted it, her cheeks reddening a deeper shade than her hair.

His attractive face broke into a smile revealing beautifully white teeth. He allowed his hand to drop onto her knee, which she had pulled up to her chest.

“Don’t be embarrassed. You’re beautiful.” His voice was deep and relaxed. The simple way he spoke was so calming. He squeezed her knee. She felt herself grin, revealing the dimples in her cheeks. “Lay down,” he told her.

Her heart was pounding erratically in her chest. He was a complete stranger to her. Yet, as he stood before her in his white resort staff uniform, his hard, black body towering over her, looking so chiseled, powerful and masculine, she wanted him. She needed him.

She obliged, straightening her legs out before him. He pulled the sheet from her hand until it was in pile on the floor, exposing her curvy, bikini clad figure. He bit his lip as he looked over her soft body. She stared at him in anticipation. She couldn’t utter a single word. She was too excited about what he was going to do to her.

He grabbed her legs, grasping her firmly by the calves and pulled her towards him. He positioned her so her long legs hung off the end of the bed, her ass right on the edge. Eyeing every inch of her body, he knelt on the floor in front of her. With soft lips, he began to kiss and suck the tender insides of her thighs. She shuddered with excitement. Her back was arching as he slipped off her bikini bottoms.

He kissed the lips of her pussy, looking up at her from where he knelt, with his face between her legs. She looked at him with desperation as his pink tongue darted into her pussy. Quick, short licks to begin with that were so gentle, her legs began to tremble. His big, strong hands pushed her legs wide apart so be could bury his face in her pussy. Using his whole tongue, running it from her hole through her entire slot over and over again. He was hungry for her. Her legs lifted and hung, paralyzed with pleasure, in the air.

She was so immersed in the experience she didn’t realize how vocal she’d become. Moaning and gasping, she felt as if she were pleading for him to bring her to climax. The build up was so intense, the pleasure was agonizing. She needed to cum. She couldn’t take it any more.

As if he could read her mind, he closed his lips tightly around her clit, sucking it with perfect pressure. She felt herself buckle, her legs still hanging in the air, completely rigid and her chest jolting upwards. Her orgasm came in waves, each building with intensity. A squeal escaped her lips. He had raised his head to take in what he’d done to her. It was euphoria and he could see it on her face.

Pulling off his white t-shirt, his dark, muscular torso was too good to be true. She’d never seen pecs so firm and arms to big. When he removed his white uniform shorts and briefs in one motion, her jaw dropped. His cock was beautiful. Long and thick, so hard she could see veins protruding. He was perfection. She watched the way his body moved as he lowered himself onto the bed. It was mesmerizing to see every muscle in action.

She sat up, reaching for his cock. She wanted to taste it. But he grabbed her by the wrists and effortlessly pinned her arms down above her head. It was nothing for him to lay her out and hold her there. He held her wrists down with one hand and with the other began to guide his throbbing penis inside of her. The way he teased her was relentless. He used such strength to enter her in slow motion. She could feel every inch of him and it seemed never ending.

The way he fucked her was unlike anything she’d experienced before. Instead of quick, pelvic thrusts, he angled his body so that they were hardly touching. With his strong arms supporting him, he would grind into her as if they were dancing sensually at a club. His whole body moved in rhythmic waves, his chest, his abs, his pelvis, his ass. With every tantalizing thrust he would fully enter her and then entirely pull out. She watched him stare at his big, black cock being lost in her pink pussy. Soon she was grinding with him, feeling his rhythm and delighting in the dirtiest dance of all. He used such restraint, she could tell because his body was trembling now. But she wanted him, hard and fast.

Pulling out, he grabbed her legs, positioning them over his shoulders. He leaned his great, sexy body onto her. The weight of him thrilled her. He entered her again, vigorously this time. Their bodies slapped together. He was desperate now too. She saw how tightly he was clenching his jaw and it excited her to know he was close to climax.

She began to cry out as her legs bounced against his back. She loved the juxtaposition of her pale, porcelain skin on his rich, flawless, dark complexion. He was hitting all the right spots. Fast and hard. Then faster and harder.

His smooth, deep voice came out in a soulful moan and she felt his huge cock quiver and jerk inside of her. As his cum filled her, she felt the rippling sensation of a g-spot orgasm spreading warmly and satisfyingly over her. She gasped and a smile spread across her face.

He kissed her smiling lips. It was the first time they’d kissed. His lips were soft and tasted of her sweet juices. He pulled himself out of her and she lay on the bed, exasperated and in complete satisfaction. The smirk on his face was a mix of pride and total enjoyment. His eyes were peeled to her as her redressed himself in his resort uniform.

Neither of them spoke. When he was dressed, he left. They didn’t say goodbye, they didn’t exchange names, they didn’t thank one another.

She lay in awe of what had happened. Smiling devilishly, she reached for her vibe and turned it on to full intensity. Spreading her legs and pressing it against her clit, she began to relive what had just happened. Closing her eyes, she let her mind replay her encounter while she basked in pure pleasure once more. 

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