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An unexpected wedding gift

A young woman who is about to get married has sex with another man.
My name is Michelle and I am 21 years old. I was visiting my Aunt Jessica two months ago, while my fiancé, Mark was on a week long business trip. Mark and I decided that it would be best if I stayed with family while he was out of town.

Mark and I had been dating for 4 years and I was very lucky to be with him. With the way the economy is and Mark starting a new job soon, we decided to wait a while longer to start a family until after we were married. Though both of us were tired of using condoms when we made love, it was the preferred option as far as we are concerned. The few times we had gone bareback, it was only out of luck that I didn't get pregnant.

The day I arrived at my Aunt Jessica's and I was glad to get out of the car. I had driven nearly two hours straight and needed a good stretch. The house looked deserted so I figured my Aunt was still at work. I walked up to the door to ring the bell, but there was no response from inside. Fortunately, I tried the door which was unlocked and was able to let myself inside. I needed to go to the bathroom badly, so I made a mad dash to the nearest bathroom, only to run into a man stepping out of the shower reaching for a towel. I stared at him while he stared back at me with a look of shock on his face. I backed out of the bathroom as my eyes darted downward to the man's dangling member.

"Sorry," I mumbled as I rushed down the hall to the other bathroom and relieved myself.

When I finished, I slowly exited the bathroom. I saw the man buttoning his shirt as I stammered out another weak apology.

"Don't worry about it," he said.

"Hi my name is Tom. I am a friend of Jessica's. You must be Michelle. Jessica said you would be arriving today, but I am surprised your here so early," he told me.

Tom looked to be in his mid-forties, just under six feet tall and in very good shape.

"So, where is Jessica and the kids?" I asked trying to shake the image of Tom's penis from my mind.

"Jessica is shopping and her kids are with their Grandparents for two weeks. I am about to head to the office for a few hours," Tom replied.

"Okay, I will grab my stuff out of the car and rest," I said.

"Sure, I'll help you," Tom said with a smile.

"Thanks," I answered, then unconsciously I glanced down at Tom's crotch.

While bringing my bags into the house, we continued chatting. Yet I couldn't help but picture Tom standing in the shower naked. When we finished bringing my things inside, I laid down on the couch.

"Make yourself at home Jessica will be back soon," Tom said.

"Bye, nice to meet you," Tom said as he closed the door and started up his truck.

I laid there reflecting on what had just happened. I closed my eyes and all I saw was Tom standing there naked. That wasn't troubling by itself, I had seen my fiancé naked many times. It was the fact that Tom was so much better endowed than my fiancé. Sure, it was only a brief glance, but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I laid on the sofa and I thought about Tom and his package. I shook my head as I tried to think about something else instead. I tried to focus on the last loving making session with my fiancé, but it wasn't long until the image of Tom appeared. I tried to shake the thought of Tom from my mind again as I got up and went to the kitchen for a snack. Fortunately, it wasn't long before Jessica arrived home and I was able to take my mind off Tom as we talked and got caught up. She mentioned that she and Tom have been seeing each other for about a month. When Tom returned I couldn't resist stealing an occasional glance at his crotch.

Jessica made a wonderful dinner that night. When we finished dinner we sat in the living room casually chatting and drinking wine. Surprised that it was already nearly midnight Jessica and Tom announced they were going to bed. I turned on the TV after they went to bed. A few minutes later I could hear them having sex. Curious, I made my way to their bedroom and placed my ear against the door. I heard Jessica moaning to the repetitive squeaking of the mattress springs. I slowly pushed the door slightly open and looked inside. Jessica was on the edge of the bed completely naked facing away from me on her hands and knees. Tom stood behind her who was also completely naked. Tom's ass was rhythmically pulling backwards then thrusting forward as Jessica jolted forward with each thrust as Jessica's large breasts bounced in time with Tom's thrusts.

I stood at the door watching in awe as Tom's thrusts became long and slow, while Jessica moaned in ecstasy. Jessica became very vocal while Tom picked up his pace again. Jessica became louder as she approached her orgasm. Her orgasm seemed incredibly intense as Jessica groaned loudly as her body bucked wildly in the throes of sexual ecstasy. Tom's low and soft grunts became more forced told me that he was indeed right at that moment emptying himself inside my Aunt's pussy.

Their motion slowed as Tom and Jessica began to relax. Tom withdrew his cock and laid on the bed. His large cock shined with Jessica's juices. Jessica and Tom cuddled on the bed as I found myself getting wet. I went to my room and played with my pussy until I came then fell asleep.

The following few days were pretty routine. Jessica and Tom would go to work, while I stayed home and took care of the household chores. One Friday morning after fitful night of sleep listening to Tom and Jessica having sex again, I went out to the kitchen. Jessica and Tom were already at the table, drinking coffee and reading the paper. Jessica and Tom were already dressed for work as I was greeted with hello and good morning. We were sitting at the table and talking, I wondered if they knew I could hear them having sex. Shortly thereafter, Jessica and Tom finished their coffee and left for work.

I had the house to myself again. The morning turned into afternoon. It was a very nice warm summer afternoon and I decided to get some sun. I went into the bedroom and put on my two-piece swimsuit. I poured myself a glass of wine, grabbed a towel and sunscreen and headed out to the patio. I laid the towel over lounge chair and lay down just far enough that I could relax, but still sip on the wine. I finished with my glass of wine as I laid the lounge back and drifted off into an alcohol induced foggy daydream. I began to feel wetness between my legs and felt the intense desire to finger myself. I began to move my left hand down my stomach towards the elastic waistband of my bikini bottoms. I was about to slip my hand inside the bikini when I was startled out of my sexual dream by a man's voice.

"Hi Michelle."

"Oh my god, Tom you scared the shit out of me!" I screamed.

"Sorry," Tom replied.

"What are you doing home?" I asked.

"It is such a nice day, I decided to leave work early," Tom replied. 

Tom went back into the house and returned with two glasses of wine.

"You are getting kind of red there, Michelle," Tom said pointing at my chest as he handed me the glass of wine.

I realized that I had forgotten to cover myself with the sunscreen. Tom offered to put it on me, but I rejected him. We made small talk as I calmed down from the fright that Tom gave me. I finished the glass of wine as once again, Tom offered to apply sunscreen to my burning skin. This time I relented as the wine began to lower my inhibitions. I rolled over onto my stomach to give Tom's hands access to my back. Tom's hands felt smooth and strong as he started on my shoulders. The fact that he was taking his time put me at ease along with the wine running through me. Tom then moved to my lower back.

Tom finished my back and moved on to my legs. Tom began to apply lotion to my calves and slowly moved his way up my legs. When Tom reached my thighs my pussy began to tingle. Tom rubbed forcefully on the back, outside and inside of my thighs. I had to bite my lip to keep my legs from spreading against my will each time Tom reached between my thighs. Then Tom slowly brushed his hand against my bikini bottom covering my pussy. I quickly rolled over onto my back and pulled the back of the lounge chair up.

"I can take it from here," I said as I came to my senses for awhile.

Tom did not stop as he squirted more sunscreen on his strong hands and began to rub my feet and ankles. I was confounded by the situation I found myself in as my brain, despite the alcohol was trying to tell me to stop him. However, my body was responding enthusiastically to the touch of Tom's hands while I squirmed from the sensation of Tom's hands that were now moving up my inner thighs. Then Tom leaned towards me and tried to kiss me.

"We can' is wrong, I am about to get married, I can't do this," I replied pulling back.

"Do you find me attractive?" Tom asked.

"Ummm, yes," I stammered out a reply.

"Well then, how could something that makes us feel so good be so wrong?" Tom asked.

I sat there unable to respond as Tom moved closer to me with lust in his eyes.

"You saw me, I think you owe me a peek," Tom stated.

"I can't ... this is going too far," I replied as I went back into the house up to my room.

I still felt a very good buzz from the wine as I stood in my room in a daze and a whirlwind of emotion. A few minutes later Tom walked into my room and came over to me without taking his eyes off me. Tom proceeded to pull the string on my bikini top and it fall to the floor. He stood there admiring my c-cup breasts before reaching out to touch them. Tom began to massage them causing me to move back and forth with his motion. Then Tom bent down and started to suck on my nipples as he squeezed my tits. I offered half-hearted resistance as Tom moved from one breast to the other. My nipples became hard as a rock and my legs got weak as Tom pleasured my breasts.

"Oh Tom," I moaned as he moved to my bikini bottoms. 

Tom looked up at me as he slid my bikini bottoms down my legs. Tom knelt down in front of me and starting kissing my stomach. Then he turned me around and began kissing my ass checks while he rubbed my pussy. Tom then stood up and unbuttoned his pants and removed them along with his underwear and shirt. Tom kissed me as I began stroking his man sized cock. A moment later I broke our kiss and got on my knees as I gazed in amazement at Tom's cock before I started to lick up and down his shaft.

"Put it in your mouth," Tom moaned.

I grabbed his rock hard member and slowly opened my mouth as I leaned forward. My lips touched the tip of his cock as I glanced up to see Tom staring down at me. His eyes were burning through me with passion. I began sucking Tom's massive cock. I moved my mouth up and down his shaft and occasionally sucked his cum filled balls. I sucked and licked Tom's cock for about ten minutes.

Suddenly, Tom pulled me up and laid me on the bed. Tom spread my legs and dropped his face down to my womanhood while I was shaking with expectation. I held my breath as I felt his tongue run up and down my slit. Tom began to tease me for a bit by inserting a finger inside my wet pussy as I felt his tongue lick my swollen and tender clitoris. Instantly, bolts of electricity shot through my entire body causing me to moan loudly. I groaned in pleasure as I put my hands on the back of Tom's head and pulled him closer. I couldn't believe the sensation that was pouring forth from my hot and wet pussy as I felt another orgasm build while Tom continued to expertly manipulate my pussy.

I was approaching my second climax when suddenly I felt two fingers enter me. I held my breath as I tried to resist screaming for fear of alerting the neighbors. When Tom withdrew one finger and slid it inside my tight ass I lost all control. I began to grind into Tom's face as his finger probed my ass and while his tongue continued working my pussy. My body shook and writhed as Tom refused to stop. When my body finally went limp Tom got up on his knees between my legs. He was looking into my eyes as my breasts heaved with each breathe. Tom reached over and gently massaged them, before leaning in to kiss and suckle them. I gazed at Tom as he appreciated my tight 21 year old body.

"That was incredible, I have never had such an intense orgasm in my life," I managed to moan.

"Really?" Tom said with a broad grin.

"Yes," I moaned.

"Well it's not over yet," Tom said smiling.

Tom moved closer and began rubbing his huge cock head against my waiting pussy as I felt ready to explode. Tom looked me in the eyes as he slid his cock inside my well lubed hole. My eyes rolled back into my head as I fell into a pool of intense pleasure while Tom buried his cock in my hot pussy. Tom slowly moved his cock in and out of my pussy as I moaned in pleasure and pain.

"Oh Michelle your pussy is so tight," Tom stammered as he began to pick up his pace.

Tears of pleasure streamed down my face as Tom buried his cock deep in my pussy with each thrust. Tom would slow down his thrusts as my pussy contracted around his huge cock. Tom had amazing control as he began to pick up his pace again as my pussy relaxed. I nearly passed out as Tom fucked me with his huge cock.

"Oh God Tom, your cock feels so good", I whimpered as Tom continued to slam his cock deep inside me.

Then Tom's thrusts started to become short and erratic as he had begun to tense. Tom slammed his cock deep inside my well fucked pussy with a powerful thrust as he let out a load groan as he emptied his balls into my waiting pussy. Tom continued to moan and groan for which seamed like forever as my pussy milked his ejaculating cock. Tom collapsed on top of me with his cock still inside my pussy. Then as if a light switch was turned on I suddenly became aware of what had happened.

"Oh no Tom, you came inside me," I cried.

Tom looked at me and smiled as he moved his eyes up and down my glistening body.

"Sorry, next time we'll just be more careful, consider it an early wedding gift," Tom replied.

Tom stayed inside me until his softening cock slowly withdrew and fell out of my sloppy pussy as I felt Tom's cum run down my inner thigh.

"Jessica will be home soon. We better get dressed," Tom said looking at the clock on the nightstand.

Tom got dressed and went downstairs. I laid in bed thinking about what just happened. I couldn't believe I just had sex with Tom, but at the same time how incredible it was. I then got out of the bed and took a shower to clean up. The rest of my stay at my Aunt's house was pretty uneventful. Tom and I did not have a chance to be alone together before I had to leave, but we made plans to meet at a hotel when the opportunity presented itself.

Now two months later I called Tom and told him Mark is going to be out of town for business. I had just finished packing my bags as I went back into the bathroom and looked at the home pregnancy test that was currently sitting on the sink. I was still feeling a little nauseous, it only confirmed what I had already suspected when I saw a little plus sign on the display screen. I sighed as I put the box of condoms on Mark's night stand and left to meet Tom.

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