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An Unforgettable Evening

An Unforgettable Evening

a girl, a boy and two toys get acquainted
Jill Blackthorn paused at the entrance to give her eyes a chance to adjust to the darkness. The club was dark, the air was clear, and the music mercifully soft and low. Jill hated the loud, smokey places packed with men and women screaming - trying desperately to be heard over the drone of loud, tasteless music.

Jill wore her long dark hair shoulder length; it bobbed gently with each step she took in her slightly too high heels. She wore a black, form fitting cocktail dress, which accentuated her figure, as well as her soft white skin, green eyes, and dark red lips. She looked fantastic and she felt confident and extremely sexy...all the more so because of the wonderfully exciting feeling of the two, heavy, well lubricated Ben Wa Balls she had slipped into her vagina before leaving home. She clenched them tightly as she strutted into the club and across the small dance floor; she held them tighter still as she slipped into the booth and looked across the table at her "date" for the evening....David.

Actually, "date" was the word Jill always used. In truth, Jill was an "escort" and David a "client." Labels have their uses and are also subjective, and Jill preferred "escort" to "hooker" and "date" to "client." Jill was a member of a very exclusive stable of girls who "entertained" wealthy and scrupulously screened gentlemen who enjoyed the company of beautiful, sexy women both in public and private.

Jill was beautiful, and certainly sexy. She loved sex...alone, with other girls, with men, and occasionally, in groups. She flexed slightly causing the balls to tap one another as she sized up David...late 40s, tanned and fit, surprisingly handsome. But with very dark hair and eyes and a few scars on his face, he also looked a bit dangerous. Jill found this exciting, and found him attractive. She decided she would keep the balls inside when she and David got down to business; give him a little extra sensation.

She asked for and got a glass of cold white wine; sipped it slowly as she and David chatted. Jill considered this part of the adventure necessary "foreplay" - it didn't interest her at all and she barely listened. David had a nice voice...low and a bit husky...and rather elegant hands...long strong fingers. She imagined his touch, and wanted him to caress her breasts and pinch her always sensitive nipples. She clenched and released the balls inside her repeatedly, and became increasingly aroused. She needed to slow down. Pace herself. Sometimes when she got too frisky with the balls they would take over and....

"Shall we go?" Jill asked as she polished off the wine in a big gulp.

David smiled and nodded, slipped out of the booth, took her by the arm and guided her out of the club and on to the sidewalk. The night was warm with a light breeze. They walked silently about two blocks to David's hotel. They were alone in the elevator, and Jill pressed against him...rubbed her hand against his crotch as they kissed and felt his hardening cock. "Is that a gun in your pocket?" she mumbled. Trite but cute she thought.

"I'll show you in a minute, " David said as they left the elevator and walked to his room. He opened the door, they stepped inside, and he kissed her again, running his hands over her, grasping and squeezing her buttocks and pulling her close to him. She rubbed furiously against his cock; felt herself getting wetter and wetter. She was going to enjoy David!!

David kissed her passionately...her lips, her face...her neck. His hands moved so rapidly: Deftly pulling the zipper down the back of her dress, then slipping it off her shoulders and pulling it past her hips. In seconds it was a pool of black cloth at her feet. Jill stepped out of it as David knelt and kissed her belly, then kissed lower to the seam of her panties...just kissing from her navel down to her wet panties. She shuddered as his hands slipped under the back of her panties, caressing her cheeks...his long fingers invading her crease...a fingertip touching her opening back there.

David stood slowly and guided Jill backwards onto the foot of the bed. He gently eased her down on her back, her ass resting comfortably on the edge of the bed. He knelt between her legs and ran his hands up her inner legs parting them, and deftly pulled her panties (the wet satin shimmering in the dim light) off her body. She was completely at his mercy, and barely noticed it when one of the balls fell from her pussy, hitting the floor with a soft "thump."

She heard David chuckle and suddenly realized what had occurred. Her mind raced - feelings of embarrassment and terror - what would he think? What could she say? She tried to sit up, but David stopped her.

"Relax," he whispered, smiling. "I have been at this long enough to know what has happened here."

He felt around on the floor for a moment. " it is!" He held the small orb up so she could see it, then blew it off and slipped it into his mouth. He popped it into a cheek and murmured, "Let's put this back where it belongs."

As his hands spread her thighs apart, Jill felt first his breath then his lips on her pussy. He licked then sucked her labia, then placed his lips on her and kissed her there, his tongue pushing the ball right back inside. Jill reacted by pulling both the ball and his tongue a bit deeper into her. It felt wonderful!

David stayed right there, kissing licking and tonguing her while kneading her buttocks. He licked and rimmed incessantly until Jill thought she might explode. Then almost before she knew what was happening, she saw him standing naked between her legs right in front of her, his cock glistening and quite ready. He knelt and grasped her ankles, then stood and lifted her legs. He positioned them so that her knees were virtually against her ears and she was wide open. Jill was momentarily afraid that the ball, or the balls, might make another ill-advised departure, but David's thick cock quickly blocked the way. He entered her slowly and artfully...kissing her breasts, throat and neck as he slid inside; kissing her lips as he filled her completely.

Jill wrapped her legs around him and pulled him close, feeling his cock press the two balls deep inside her. She looked into his eyes and moaned softly, "Please...please," begging him to fill her.

David took his time, slowly building the intensity of his strokes so that Jill buckled her hips...grinding against him. She felt first one, then a second finger, slipping in, almost out, and then back into her asshole, keeping pace with David's thrusting cock. She was so wet she could hear each thrust...feel the balls moving inside...she was on fire as they climaxed together, his cock throbbing as filled her with his cum.

David withdrew and as he did so placed his fingers on her mound...ran them over her clit then slipped his two middle fingers into her soaked pussy. He slowly worked his fingers inside her...both openings..while he ran the rough edges of his teeth over her nipples. His fingers touched one of the balls inside her and he pressed the ball up and in. Jill experienced another intense orgasm, and felt herself squirting....something, up until that moment, she did only when she was alone. The sensation was exquisite!

As they lay next to one another recovering, Jill kissed his cheek and whispered "That was fantastic...the best ever for me! It hardly seems fair that I'll be getting paid for tonight."

David propped himself up on one elbow and looked at her intently...after a moment he said "Your name isn't Margaret, is it!"

The obvious smacked Jill between the eyes immediately. This guy knew his way around a pussy better than most women; he was hardly a "client." "And your name isn't David is it!" she said.

"No, it's Jack," he said. "What's yours?"

"Jill," she said laughing. "We were made for each other!"

"I think there are two very disappointed, pissed-off people still sitting in that bar," Jack offered.

"No doubt," answered Jill. "But there's nothing we can do about that now is there?"

Jill kissed his cheek again, and whispered softly "The room's paid for, and so, I assume, are you. Fuck me again....please."

"Sure," Jack replied, "But take out those damn balls...I've had enough of them for one night." 

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