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And I never even got his name Part 2

I think you might want to read part one...
As I was walking away all I could think about were images of what he had described. With every step my pussy throbbed and I felt my panties were far from dry. Even so, I told myself to keep walking. Of course it's easy to just turn around, take his hand and tow him to the semi-privacy of one of the restroom stalls, but where's the fun in that? Have I ever told you? I'm a bitch. I like the chase. I love playing the game of cat and mouse, whether I was the cat or the mouse didn't matter. I wondered what he would do to get what he wanted.

After I went to the toilet and freshed my flushed face up a bit I tried to view my options. If I had scared off Mr. Fuck, I'd have to find pleasure somewhere else. With Camille having a boyfriend and all she was out of the question. Sam on the other hand wasn't, we always had had chemistry, we simply never acted upon it and I now he wanted to fuck me. He admitted it once, in his casual 'I don't care what you think' sort of way. Which made me think that it would be fun, but not amazing. And I honestly needed an amazing fuck.

Staring at my reflection in the mirror I allowed my mind to drift off to the moment where he had pulled me against him, how his arms had held me up against his tall, muscular frame, how his eyes had narrowed in on mine the moment I challenged him, propably seeing right through my cold words, guessing the heat, want and near desperation behind them.

I kind of liked his arrogance, but at the same time some small part of me was fuming, how dare he talk to me like I'm already his? Since my pussy disagreed I told myself: Fine. He can have me. But he'll have to crawl first. And so I submerged myself into the crowd once again, holding my head up high.

I found Camille and the guys at the same spot where I'd left them, dancing and having a good time. I started dancing with Camille again, but out of the sudden she pulled me very close and said, 'Amy.. Don't look yet, but there's a guy to our right and he lookes like a freaking god.'

I felt a tingle running down my spine. I turned my head and sure enough, it was Mr. Fuck. Camille giggled.

'I told you not to look! Damn, he lookes like he's about to rip your clothes off.'

'Yeah, he already told me as much a few minutes ago.'

Camille gasped.

'So what are you still doing here you stupid bitch?'

I shrugged a little.

'I don't know, I think he likes a challenge.'

Camille was grinning at me like crazy, she knows me all too well.

'More like you're just scared shitless. Chicken.'

That made me laugh as I shot him another lingering look. He was watching me as well, and as my eyes finally really met his he lifted up his hand, pointed at me with his index and then beckoned me.

I looked back at Camille who was raising her eyebrows and made a little 'go on!' gesture. I once again put my focus on Mr. Fuck, kicked my chin up a notch, turned around and pointedly walked in the exact opposite direction, towards the bar.

I was just ordering my tequila as he curled his hand around the right side my hip, leaned towards the bar and told the bartender to 'make that two'. I couldn't surpress a smile.

'What's so funny?' He asked.

'The fact that you followed me like a little dog,' I said with a little smirk.

'Oh is that so?'

He looked into my eyes, demanding an answer I couldn't give. Had he done as I wanted, or as he had pleased?

'Two shots of tequila, here you go.'

He never took his eyes off of me as he handed the money to the bartender.

'Lick your lips for me,' he said

And out of nervousness, I automatically did. Damn it, I thought, he's not supposed to be in charge here.

He grabbed my chin in his strong hand so I couldn't move my head, and with the other he sprinkled a little salt on my lips.

'What are you...' I started but before I could finish my question he brought his face close to mine and ran his tongue softly over my lips. I barely felt it, it was just a whisper of a touch, but it made me long for more. Just as I was about to kiss him he pulled his head back, swallowed his tequila shot and bit a lemon, never breaking eye contact. Only then did he release my face from his grip.

His eyes were captivating, I found myself unable to focus on anything else. He picked up the salt shaker from the bar and handed it to me while licking his lips. Then he winked and closed his eyes, leaving it up to me.

What should I do? My eyes darted across his face, his torso, his arms, and eventually rested on his neck. I took his chin in my hand, and I saw him trying to surpress a smile, he totally thought I would lick his lips as well. Instead of that I tilted his head just a tiny bit, enough to expose his neck a little better. Standing on my toes I moistened my lips and planted a soft kiss just beneath his jawline. He took a sharp breath and I sprinkled a little salt on the same spot. Then I stretched myself again and sucked on the salted skin. The taste of salt and his scent in my nose made me shiver a little as I retracted, took my shot and bit on the lemon. It was like a feast for my senses.

As I sucked on my piece of lemon I looked into his eyes and noticed how he was looking at me like I was the most delicious food and he was really, really hungry. His breath came a bit heavier than before and without warning he ripped the piece of lemon from my mouth and kissed me.

You know how some people say that a kiss was passionate, but very gentle, rough, but soft at the same time? This wasn't like that. This was pure need, a meeting and parting of lips, tongues and teeth at a speed which was almost frantic. One of my hands was in his hair and the other around his neck, pulling him closer to me as he picked me up and put me on top of a barstool. He stepped in between my legs and they wrapped themselves around his hips. One of his arms was around my waist and the other was holding my hip trying to pull me even closer to him. God, his mouth was intoxicating, his tongue playing with mine and as I took his lower lip between my teeth he let out a little moan, which I only could catch because of the vibrations it caused in his chest.

Needless to say I was positively dripping upon my seat, so I pulled myself away and said, 'Lets get out of here, right now.'

He simply nodded and practically stormed of to get his coat. Meanwhile I searched for Camille so I could tell her I would be sleeping somewhere else tonight, but she was nowhere to be found. As I was texting her he popped up behind me and said in my ear, 'I almost thought you had bailed on me.'

I turned around smiling.

'And what if I had?'

'I would've hunted you down, thrown you over my shoulder and carried you off to some place to my liking.'

'Is that so?'

'Believe me, I'm not done with you yet.'

The last sentence he said with a growl that sent direct energy waves to my soaked pussy and almost painfully hard nipples. I believed him.

He took my hand and started making his way through the crowd, which was fairly easy since most people saw him coming and hastily moved out of the way for him. Within seconds we were out in the fresh night air and he hailed a cab. He crawled into the backseat first, refusing to let me sit down and immediatly pulling me across his lap. He told the cabdriver his address and he started kissing me again, this time slow and deep, demanding every little thing that I could offer, and then some.

His taste was exquisite, and the feeling of his hands all over my body was nearly too much to process. In what seemed like seconds the cabdriver let out a small, awkward cough to indicate we had arrived at our destination. He threw some money at the cabdriver and opened the car door. He was still holding my off balance on his lap, before I could could get out on my own he had lifted me up like I weighed nothing more than a feather, even though I know that's not the case at all.

He put me down at the door of his building, while he was fumbling for his keys I let my hands wanderdown his chest towards the obvious bulge in his pants. I squeezed softly, looking up at him while a little smile played around the corners of my lips. He stopped searching for his keys, took a sharp intake of breath and looked at me.

'If you want to do this in at least some kind of civilized manner, you'll have to keep your hands at home, or I'll take you right here, right now.'

He put his hands on either side of my head, effectively trapping me between his body and the door.

My fingers quickly started to undo his belt and pants.

'What if I don't want to be civilized?' I challenged, and got down on my knees.

As I struggled to free his cock from it's confines he just stood there, looking down on my with a look that told me he didn't really believe I would do it. And then I did.

His cock was magnificent, about 8 inches, defined veins running all over it's deliciously thick length. I pulled back his foreskin and licked a tiny drop of precum off his mushroom shaped head.

As I looked up with a devilish grin on my face I saw he had closed his eyes and was trying very hard to control his breathing. Well, I could't let him relax, could I now? So I slowly wrapped my lips around his head and swirled my tongue around it, as slowly as I could manage.

With his cock in my mouth I looked up again, only to find that he had clenched his hands into fists against the door, and he was looking at me with eyes that spoke of hard and rough. I simply refused. Smiling a bit to myself I started tracing the edge of his head with my tongue, then sliding down his hard length with the faintest of touches, only to take one of his balls into my mouth and suck it, ever so softly. His sharp intake of breath told me al I needed to know, and whilst my hands were moving up and down his cock my mouth entertained his sack. My tongue trailed a soft, slippery way up towards his head again and I proceded by slowly inserting his entire cock into my mouth.

He hit the back of my throat, and apparently he thought that that would be the end of his journey. But I had other plans. While looking up again with big, terribly horny eyes I relaxed my throat and let him slide into it. By going so slowly I never even thought of a gag reflex and by the looks on his face I gathered that he didn't expect this. As he made his way down my throat he let out a soft but deep moan, which almost made me smile, regarding the fact that I was unable to do so with my nose against his pelvis.

From here he started moving his hips, in the same tempo that I had been teasing him with earlier while putting one of his hands on my head. I let him do as he pleased, I love the feeling of a cock down my throat. I started rolling his balls between my fingers, and after a few minutes of this nearly silent mouthfuck, I felt him thicken even more and shortly after he started pulsating, shooting streams of cum down my wet little throat. I licked him clean while he still stood there, trying to catch his breath. As I stood up again between him and the door he simply looked at me and said, 'You little bitch.. Come here.' The last words came out as a growl and he pushed me up against the door and started kissing me, hard and desperate. I was more than happy to play along.

Never taking his mouth off of mine, he managed to open the door with his keys, and we nearly fell through the doorframe when the door gave way. He kept his balance better than me and held me up while kicking the door shut.

From there on it was just one big frenzy of clothes being ripped off of body parts, kissing, hopping, falling, trying to make it up the stairs. I couldn't tell you what colour the walls were, or if it was tidy or messy inside the house, even if I wanted to. My mind was busy attacking other problems, like how to get his pants off without causing terminal damage to one another.

Halfway up the stairs he lost his patience, scooped me up and nearly ran to his bedroom, never even stopping to consider his pants around his ankles or the fact he couldn't see a damn thing because his face was plastered against mine, locked in a heavy kiss. Somehow we made it, and he, quite ungraciously I must say, threw me on the bed. I loved it. There's nothing like feeling like a ragdoll in a man's arms, he completely overpowered me.

As I lay there on his bed, jeans half down my thighs, top ripped in two, he just stood there looking at me with a hunger that gave me goosebumps. So much for making him crawl I thought, and while I smiled at myself I nearly missed it, the change in his eyes. The change from 'I'm thinking about what I'm going to do to you' to 'You're mine.'

And then he jumped me.

To be continued...

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