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And I never even got his name

She was hunting, he was game.
It had been a long and stressful couple of months. The breakup, the aftermath, school, work, parents going on and on about how it would be good for me to start attending church again... Good Lord it was honestly very, very frustrating. To top it off, my ex-boyfriend was being overly emotional about the whole situation, so sex with the ex was out of the question. And man, I was horny. More than once I wished I wasn't too shy to just go out, pick up a guy, take him home and discard him the next morning. Underneath the slightly arrogant exterior I'm a bit of a softie I'm afraid.

Needless to say I was looking forward to my first chance to relax in quite some time: Camille, my best friend, her birthday party. Camille and I had known each other for over 10 years now, and we still acted like the cheeky little eight years old monkeys we were when we first met. For some reason, Camille and I don't even know the words 'shame' or 'embarrasment' exist when we're together. We always share fantasies, stories and experiences without leaving anything out. Also we've had some experiences together, since we are young and never turn down a challenge.

At the night of her party I vowed to myself I'd get laid. It had been nearly three months now and my pussy seemed to be aching with every step I took.

To gather and boost what little confidence I had, I took my time to spoil myself a little, buying some nice, candy red lace lingerie, and high heels in matching color.

Coming home I stripped while walking to the bathroom, leaving a trail of clothes in my wake, feeling more of the cool air with every piece of clothing that was lazily removed from my body.

Standing in the bathroom I inspected my naked body in the floor to ceiling mirror that decorated one full side of my bathroom. At 5"3 I was a bit short, but what I lack in length I make up for in personality. I've always loved my breasts, which have been making an appearance since I was 10 and are growing still. Now sporting an impressive 34DD, I do wish they would stop though. Since I'm half Surinam, half Dutch I have a caramel skin, brown/green eyes and long, dark brown hair that almost reaches my waist. My roots gave me a nice bubble bottom and a good set of hips with a small waist. Because my breasts are giving my back a hard time I swim and follow a ballet class two to three times a week, which has the nice side-effect of slimming down my legs and tummy.

All in all, I liked what I saw as I stepped into the shower. 

I took my time washing my hair, shaving my legs and trimming my pubes, which I normally keep in a neat little landingstrip. But as I was doing so, I felt the hot water streaming in tantalizing rivulets down my body, my nipples hardening just a tiny bit and I decided to shave it all off, leaving a bare and much-neglected pussy.

As I washed the rest of my body with a soft sponge I couldn't help but close my eyes and sigh a little each time I touched any sensitive areas, which appeared to be quite a lot since the last time I checked. As I tweaked my nipples to tease myself just a little bit I realized how slippery my pussy lips felt, since I was rubbing my legs together in anticipation of a strong pair of hands that would push them apart and explore the rest of my body. I smiled a little at myself for getting carried away so fast. As I stroked my pussy lips for once last time, I turned off the shower, stepped out of the cabin and started to dry myself off.

I took my time massaging my entire body with a luxurous body lotion which smelled faintly of cinnamon and apples. Thanks to my shampoo my hair was smelling wonderfully of roses, and I decided to let my natural curls be. After putting on my new lingerie, I walked over to the closet in my bedroom so I could decide what I should wear.

After throwing stuff around a bit I chose the new red heels, dark blue, hip-hugging jeans, a simple close fitting white tanktop which revealed more than enough cleavage and a short black leather jacket.

I put on some finishing touches with mascara, eyeliner and a splash of red lipstick, and I was ready for the night.

Arriving at Camille's place was a noisy event, I made a point of showing off my new Kawasaki Z1000 to a small crowd of drooling guys. Once the hello's and the how-are-you's were done and dealt with I pulled Camille to the side and gave her a big hug. 'Happy birthday babe!' And I gave her a peck on the lips.

She beamed up at me and whispered in my ear: 'Well you look like a bitch in heat love, ready to get your brains to be fucked out of your mind!'

As I nodded vigorously we both started laughing and she towed me back into the frenzy of people who were happily getting drunk.

As usual there wasn't much interaction between the sexes. The guys hung out with the guys and the girls were all catching up with each other as well. Greeting the girly side of the room was neccesary, but after that I made myself at home, hanging around with the guys, talking sports, cars and girls. I've always been one of the guys, and tonight was no exception, or so I thought.

'What the fuck Amy? What the fuck?' Sam said when I came in.

'What? What's wrong?'

'Don't act all innocent. What are you doing here looking fuckable and shit?'

'Oh, you're such a poet.'

'Yeah well I'm right, aren't I?'

I started laughing and hugged him, 'I've missed you too, you big dumbass.'

'Don't get me started on big asses.' He squeezed my butt like he always does and with that the conversation turned back to normal.

That's why I like guys. No sneaky comments behind your back about looking slutty, no fake smiles, just the plain truth.

After an hour or two of drinking, eating and talking we felt ready to go out. We took a cab to the city nearby and once there we told each other we would stick together. Of course, within a couple of minutes it was just me, Camille and five other guys, Sam, George, Roger, Nick and Jasper; the rest was God knows where.

We entered one of the clubs and Camille and I looked around, looking for game. That's what we actually called them. As if we were hunters and all the guys were just animals in the forest with trees made out of bodies and branches represented by way too loud music.

As I scanned the room, a spotlight seemed to follow one particular guy around. Of course this wasn't true, but still, his was the only face I could focus on. As he made his way through the crowd, his moves were like that of a tiger at ease. Appearing to be casual and graceful, but full of coiled power. He turned his head and caught me staring, and even though I was blushing as hell I didn't look away.

Fuck he was gorgeous. Blond, tousled hair, straight nose and a jawline that must have been chiseled out of stone. As I was taking him in, he raised one eyebrow, making his look appear like a question. I felt tingles all over my body, shooting right to my nipples, hardening them instantly and making my pussy pulsate. I kind of smiled in a shy way, turned away my head for only the fraction of a second and looked at him again. Or at least, that was my intention. But he was gone.

Trying to shake of the intesity of his stare, I took Camille and the quys to the bar, ordered three rounds of tequila shots and downed them within minutes. That, my ladies and gentlemen, is how you start a good night out.

Maybe half an hour later I was having fun dancing with the guys, but mostly with Camille. We were fooling around a little bit, making a show out of it in front of the guys, who didn't mind at all. Camille is very similar to me when it comes to body type, only she is fair where I am tanned, she has shoulder length blond hair, and a set of the most beautiful blue/green eyes you'll ever see. Framed by a set of long lashes and cheekbones to die for, she is amazing to behold.

We weren't really kissing, but with our lips almost touching and our hands moving freely over each others bodies it was fun enough to watch.

After a few more drinks it was time for me to relieve my bladder and I headed for the restrooms. As I was moving through the crowd I noticed that not only the guys that were with Camille and me had noticed us dancing. I got interested stares and winks from guys and girls everywhere, some even having the balls to grab my ass as I went by. I couldn't care any less about people looking, the grabs and pinches were the things that irritated me beyond measure, and sure enough the next time it happened I turned around, fully intend on giving someone the biggest foul mouth he'd ever seen on a girl.

It was him.

He hadn't let go of my ass, so his left hand was still resting on my cheeks. My mouth slowly turned into an 'O' as I tried to think of a way to justify my really pissed off expression just a second ago.

He raised one of his eyebrows again, and all I could do was stare dumbfoundedly at his face. Slowly he squeezed my ass again, a little smile playing around his lips, gauging my reaction. My knees shook just a little bit, the feeling of his hand on my body, even if it was seperated through a layer of clothing, was amazing.

Very deliberatly he moved his other hand under my arm, behind my body, so that he was cupping my ass with both of his hands and he tensed his arms just enough so I could tell he wanted me to move forward. I didn't move. Not because I didn't want to; I simply couldn't. I had never felt anything as electrifying as this. He cocked his head a little to the side, still looking at me with that stare that seemed to go right into my soul and pulled me against his body, soft, but very determined.

A little gasp escaped my lips as my breasts hit the wall of his clearly well developed chest. His arms were like a hot cage around me and I finally moved my arms upwards, around his neck. He dropped his head untill he could speak in my ear. Even through the music his voice sounded amazing. It was deep, with a little rumble I could feel reverberating through his chest. My bones felt like jelly, and I had to make an effort to concentrate on what he was saying, instead of what his hot breath did to the poor nerves in my neck.

'After they're going to close up around here, and you're standing outside waiting for the remainder of your friends to come spilling out of the club, I'm going to pick you up and take you home. I'll peel off your clothes, one by one, like you're a little present. After that I'm going to lay you down on my bed, and explore your body with my mouth and hands. I can already tell you that I'll be spending a lot of time on these,' he softly pinched one of my nipples through my shirt. 'And on that wet little patch of soft skin down there between your legs. I'm going to eat your sweet pussy untill you cum for me, hard, and then I'm going to fuck you.

'I'm going to put you up on all fours and slide my dick all the way in that little tight hole of yours and fuck you untill you cum for a second time, and a third. Then I will spin you around, and impale you on my cock as I am sitting on the edge of the bed. And as I'm staring into your dilated pupils I'm going to thrust myself deep within your lovely little cunt untill I cum.'

Even though his words made me feel like a dam had broken between my legs, some voice in the back of my head told me to form a response. As he pulled back his head, I refocused my eyes on his face and stood on the tip of my already heeled toes. Even with that he still had to drop his head a little to be able to hear my voice.

'Seriously? Only three times? Doesn't really sound all that amazing if you put it like that. Don't bother.' As I looked at him with a cold stare untill the words had sunk in, he looked back at me, first surprised, then a little evil glint appeared in his eye.

I gave him a wink, disentangled myself and walked away, making sure there was a little extra swing in my hips as I did so. But seriously, I needed to pee.

To be continued...

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