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An Architect gets more than he bargained for... or did he?
Just as she had promised, the key was on the top of the doorframe. I took it down and unlocked the front door of a stylish, but moderate beach house. I had my clipboard, my measuring tape and my camera. The view from her great room was spectacular. The wall facing the beach was made of glass with tasteful Grecian columns to support it. It was a simple project. Extend the deck further toward the beach and extend the size of the room to take in the current deck. 

After a short pause to get a feel for the room and to enjoy the view of a cloudless sky above the Pacific and the tumbling surf beyond, I went to work measuring and recording the dimensions of the interior wall. When I had finished, I opened the patio door and stepped out onto the deck. It was in the shape of an L. The long side followed the wall of the great room with steps off of the open end, which lead down to the beach and the short side followed the wall of a room had a set of patio doors. I noticed the door going into the room along the short side was open and lace curtains were flapping in the breeze. I could hear the musical tones of wind chimes and looked toward the overhang near the open door of the room. There were no wind chimes. I dismissed it and turned to start measuring the exterior wall. I heard them again. This time I felt something nudge me. I turned a full circle trying to figure out what just happened, but saw nothing and no one. Puzzled, I turned back to my work. Again, I heard the wind chimes and I felt a little lightheaded faint. It was little more than a head rush. For a moment, I might even have blacked out.

Now I was alert and on a mission. I moved toward the open door of the room with the lace curtains. As I stepped into the doorway, I saw her. She lay motionless on her back with her head turned slightly away. She wore a sheer, white, lace babydoll. It was my client. I had found her extremely attractive in a profoundly exotic way. I caught myself staring and then reminded myself that I was a professional and this was not appropriate. Taking the door handle I started to turn and pull it closed, but was stopped suddenly by a soft sigh, which came from her mouth as her lips parted slightly. The faint feeling came over me again and I stepped back through the doorway. I took several full steps into the room, locked in some sort of trance as I looked at her.

Her hair was a soft, satin black. It was long and spread carelessly about the pillow beneath her head. The color of her skin was a bit lighter than a caramel latte’. The combination of her hair and skin created a contrast of colors to thrill any decorator. Her face was sculpted. It was cut with sharp angles of her cheeks, nose and jaw line, and yet, it was not so sharp, but also delicate, soft and smooth. Her lips were full and a very deep shade of pink. They were parted slightly as if in the middle of a lover’s kiss. A gasp caught in my throat as I took the time to study her. My eyes continued to travel from her chin, along her slender, smooth neck to her bared shoulders. Every inch of her skin was soft, smooth and unblemished.

My eyes continued to explore her body. They caressed the soft, full roundness of her breasts and a hint of large brown nipples beneath the lace of her babydoll. Below her breasts was a small ridge hinting at the bottom of the bones of her ribs that sloped into a smooth, flat stomach. Very softly, her stomach sloped upward to the frame of her hips in a decidedly super-feminine way. I could not control myself. My hand reached to touch this soft place. Just as my fingers were extended, I suddenly drew my hand back. It would awaken her. I did not want her to awaken. I wanted to continue to explore her soft body. My eyes continued down her stomach to her navel, which seemed to invite me with a wink. Lower still was the lacy top to her panties. Not much material was used to make them. They were nearly sheer as well. Where the small triangle of cloth met the waistband there were soft pink flowers. I instantly realized that those flowers matched the color of her lips and a corner of my mouth turned up in an appreciative grin.

My eyes followed the seam of the small piece of triangle that covered a soft mound, with just a hint of brown beneath at the very bottom where her legs began to part. They were long, slender and shapely. Her thighs were full, toned, and tapered to her knees then rounded back out slightly to create her lower legs. Attached to her lower legs were delicate little feet with a perfect pedicure that must have cost a fortune. My eyes traveled back up her body taking it all in at once. She was certainly a perfect female form. I suddenly had another pang of guilt and started back toward the doorway.

Just as my hand reached to grasp the handle of the door, a soft breeze tossed aside the bottom of her babydoll and exposed bare flesh from just below her breasts all the way down the right side of her body. My eyes instantly dashed back to that feminine place where her hip and stomach met. This time I moved toward her slowly with my hand outstretched. There was no control over my outstretched fingers. They reached forward and began to caress the soft skin for which they yearned. A thrill went through me and I felt pressure building in my groin.

My hand moved timidly from that point to her navel and down to the very top of her panties. I was holding my breath so that there was no sound, but the thumping in my chest must have been louder than the native drums of a war party.

My hand traveled back up along her smooth stomach to the bottom of her breasts. Her skin was so soft, so delicate and so smooth that it made me feel like my hands were large clubs with coarse sandpaper attached. I was afraid that at any moment, she might awaken, but she did not stir. Emboldened, my hand continued back down her stomach, paused a moment at the top of her panties and then continued down to brush lightly across the soft mound between her legs. I gasped a little, partly from needing to catch a new breath and partly because I could not believe, my hand was resting where it was. I drew it back not wanting to push my luck too far, but I could no longer step away as I had done before.

She must have been aware of my presence by this point, so I looked at her face to see if there was any sign of her waking and I found none. My eyes studied the shapes and softness of her face and again traced a path along the smooth contours of her skin to her breasts. A fingertip found its way to the soft skin at the crevice between her breasts and stroked it softly and my hand cupped the fullness of each causing the aching in my groin to grow even more. She still did not stir. I gently pulled aside the lace covering her breast and exposed a large, brown nipple. It lay quietly upon the big round pad of an areola the size of a silver dollar. My fingertip traced it, barely making contact with a trembling hand. I looked at her face again. She was still asleep. I sank slowly to my knees beside the bed and slowly moved my lips toward her exposed nipple. Once I had placed a soft kiss, I checked her face again. She had not moved.

My tongue began to trace around her nipple following the brown path below and around it. My lips closed over it and I pulled on it softly, then almost out of control I took it deep into my mouth and sucked hard, letting my tongue continue to caress it. My hand cupped the breast and pushed it upward into my mouth as I sucked and pulled hungrily on her nipple. Now I had to have the other, so I exposed the nipple of the other breast as well, watching as the first became engorged, full and stood up sharply. I pinched it lightly. She still showed no sign of awakening, no movement, but her breathing seemed to change slightly, so I stopped for a moment and watched her. The ache in my groin was now growing into a hardness, which pressed against the inside of my jeans. My heart was racing and all caution had been driven away.

I began kissing and stroking the skin of her stomach. I paused at her navel, put my tongue inside of it and kissed all around it. My mouth continued lower to the edge of her panties and I kissed around the top of the waistband from one hip to the other, then along the bottom side of the waistband and made the turn to follow the seam along the edge of the small triangle cloth that covered her. Soon, my kisses were on the soft cloth covering her mound. I could smell her musky sweetness and I knew the hardness in my jeans was at full attention now. I could no longer control myself. I no longer cared if she awakened. I wanted to see and taste the sweet, delicate treat beneath that tiny, lacy cloth. I pulled it aside and soft, full brown lips sprung free. They stood out inviting me to kiss them. I took one between my lips, sucked on it, pulled on it softly, and then ran my tongue along the outside, and then on the inside. I pulled back with it between my lips until it sprung back into place, then I took the other lip between my lips and sucked on it. My excitement was growing and I began to lick between her lips in the bright shade of pink that was her opening.

The contrast of the brown lips surrounding it and the caramel skin made it even brighter and pinker. It was very warm and very moist. I stroked her opening with my tongue from top to bottom over and over first with my tongue flat and then with it pointed. Now I was devouring her juices and slurping them into my mouth. My fingers spread her open slightly and my tongue found her clit and began dancing around it and flicking across it. My lips closed over it and I began to suck deeply. I felt her hips rising toward me and I knew that she was no longer asleep. She pressed her mound firmly into my jaws. I heard her gasp and moan with pleasure.

My hands began to caress and stroke her stomach. My strokes drew all of her focus to her groin and down into her clit. I continued to suck on her clit and circle it with my tongue. A fingertip gathered moisture from around her opening and I slipped it into her until I found the firm, ridged, round spot just inside and I began stroking upward on that spot while my mouth and tongue continued their dance on her clit. I felt her fingers in my hair and her hand pushing me down on her harder. Her hips were pressing up into my face as well. I was to the point of not being able to breathe, but I could not stop. I was ravenous, like from starvation. I could hear her high-pitched voice held on a drawn out yes, then a deeper guttural moan. I continued to stroke her with a finger inside and a hand on her stomach and my mouth on her clit. She let out a loud shout and she began to shake all through her groin, stomach, and legs. Her hips were thrusting wildly and circling. I held on as though I was going to be thrown free of this wild ride and then it began to slow, her moans were softer, and her hips settled back to the bed.

I raised my head and looked toward her face. Her large, brown eyes were fixed upon me glistening with pleasure. Her eyelashes waved at me as she blinked. A finger was parting her lips that were formed into a large smile, showing all of her bright, white teeth. I stood up, slightly embarrassed, but certainly not regretting what I had done and looked down at her. “I…”, my words were interrupted as she placed her finger over her lips to single I was not to speak. I stood still and silent.

She moved to a sitting position on the bed and began fumbling with the button on the top of my jeans while she looked up at me. Her brown eyes were focused upon my eyes with a devilish sparkle. I was frozen in place as I felt her unfasten my jeans, pull them free of my hips and my hardness sprung free. I kicked my shoes loose and stepped out of them. She kisses the tip of my member, looked up at me and winked. She ran her tongue around the head and then down the top of the shaft. She lowered her head, placed her tongue at the very base of the shaft and traced the ridge along the bottom all the way to the tip. She kissed the tip again, stood and pulled my shirt up over my head. I was completely naked before her, motionless and watching her. In a soft whisper she said, “You need to finish the job.” Then she smiled. Her lips curled away from her teeth to reveal a full smile. She stood and stepped toward the door.

Once in the doorway she slipped the babydoll from her body, hooked her thumbs into her panties and slid them to the middle of her thighs. Her eyes were focused on mine and her smile was brighter still as I watched her bend forward to slide her panties all the way to her ankles. Her position and the way she moved accented the roundness of her ass, and framed her sweet, brown, pussy lips. She said nothing, just looked over her shoulder, stepped through the door, and started across the deck to the stairs on the other end. In a trance, I followed. At the top of the steps, she turned to look again and invited me to follow with her eyes. I followed her watching her hips sway seductively. When I reached the bottom of the steps, she stopped several yards away and looked over her shoulder again. Her smile was drawing me forward. I felt the sun on my skin warming me and it glistened on her skin and made her raven hair sparkle and shimmer.

She walked toward the beach pausing after several steps to make sure that I was following. She did not speak at all, but her body, her eyes and her smile all called me onward. When her feet reached the water, the tide began to softly caress her ankles. Beyond her, a dark cloud was forming above the horizon of the ocean. I stepped into the water with her, she took my hand and we moved further into the surf until it was lapping midway up our lower legs.

She positioned me facing the beach with my back toward the waves, which were growing in strength and intensity. She turned and positioned herself in front of me facing the beach on her hands and knees. Her perfect, round ass was facing out to sea. I needed no further instruction. I lowered myself to my knees behind her and slid my hardness inside of her. The heat inside of her was incredible. It was a burning heat, unlike any that I had ever felt before. The inside was slippery, smooth, and soft with an extraordinary temperature. I moved back and forth inside of her slowly. I wanted to feel every inch of my cock slide into her and study every inch inside of her. My hands were caressing her back as she arched it with pleasure. I caressed her hips and her thighs, enjoying her soft, smooth skin. It was a sight and a feel that seemed too good to be true and I relished every moment with intense pleasure.

I felt the electric flash of lightning and heard thunder behind me out to sea. I could feel the tide rising up my legs. She began to drive her hips back into me to increase my rhythm. I could feel her warm sheath squeezing me. Over the sound of the surf, I could hear a deep growl escape her chest. I began to work myself into her deeper, harder and faster. I could feel the tip of my hardness press hard into the back wall of her. I was driving harder and deeper. Her moans had become screams of pleasure.

The waves were much higher and held even greater intensity. They began to push into my ass and drive my thrusts forward. She was thrusting back to meet me. I drove harder and harder. The thrusting seemed to no longer be under my control. It was as if one of the gods of the sea were driving me into her. I could feel a sharp ache building up deep inside my groin. It locked there and I held it deep; gritting my teeth to press it down. I was not willing to give in to the ache, which would certainly spell the finish of the intense pleasure of my cock buried inside of her hot pussy. Another wave hit me harder from behind and I drove into her so deep that I thought I would surely break through the other side. At that same moment, I let go of the hot cream that had built up inside of my cock. I could feel myself bucking inside her shooting streams of hot liquid into her. I screamed and continued to press deeper inside of her. Her scream was loud, long, and nearly terrifying in intensity.

I felt the pull of the surf on me pulling me back out of her and drawing me out to sea. I was struggling forward, but the surf held me and was pulling me backward. Large drops of rain began to fall and I could feel the grip of my feet on the sand losing ground as I was being pulled out to sea. She stood and faced me. My terrified eyes were locked onto hers, pleading with her to help me. A bright smile broke across her face and she stepped toward me with her hand extended toward me. I grabbed it with all of my strength. With a thrust from behind and the softest pull of her hand, I was on my feet and walking up out of the water. She giggled, turned and started running up the beach toward the house. The rain was coming down in sheets as I followed her lithe body toward the house. As I reached the steps, my foot caught the bottom tread and slipped out from under me. I attempted to catch myself, but the grip of my hand slipped as well and my head smashed into one of the steps above. Everything went black.

The musical tone of wind chimes was in my ears and I looked toward the overhang of the house near the open door with the lace curtain whipping in the breeze. There were long golden tubes hanging from the soffit with a crystal clapper and a large golden paddle attached to the chain at the bottom. I leaned on the railing of the deck and looked out upon a cloudless sky above the Pacific with waves tumbling up onto the beach. The scene stretched to the distant blue horizon. From the doorway stepped a beautiful woman with satin, black hair, a sculpted face and full lips. She was dressed in a white business suit and black skirt. The tone of her skin was a little lighter than a caramel latte’.

“I’m glad you made it. Andrea”, she said extending her hand. “I’m really looking forward to this addition. Can I get you anything?”

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