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Andy; Part 1.

The work Christmas party: a time where everyone gets insanely drunk just for the hell of it. And also the time to see your boss doing his own interpretation of "dance" in the middle of the floor. Hilarious doesn't quite cover it.

Seeing as I'm 18, I'm one of the oldest of my friends. Which makes me the official drink buyer. You'd think I'd hate having to go up to the bar to order a constant stream of baby drinks like WKD... but not when your friend pushes a £10 note into your hand and demands you buy a drink for yourself. Soon, I was pretty far gone. After a couple of shots, 4 archers & lemonade and a strongbow, I was feeling the effects. The room was a happy buzz, and I made my way with my friends to the dance floor.

I saw Jordan through the crowd and waved. He grinned and gave me a salute. I'm known at work as "Captain", so I am often greeted with this. The reason for the name is pretty simple. I'm a very confident person, and don't take much crap from people. I'm more of a leader than a follower.

Turning, I saw my brother's group of friends, drinks in their hands as they bopped to the music. He wasn't there, but instead at home with his girlfriend. Catching their eyes, I gave them a grin accompanied by a cheeky wink. They laughed and went back to their conversation. Though one held my gaze. Andy. He smiled slightly, the right corner of his mouth twitching slightly upwards.

Now let's talk about Andy. I hope I do him justice in his description. He is, in short, a pure image of a Greek god. Blond, wavy hair, a sweeping fringe framing his face. Stunning eyes, bright blue and surrounded by gentle creases of laughter. His smile is small to most, though his grin would get bigger the more you made him laugh, opening his mouth wide and throwing back his head. His body is incredible. He works out every day, and you can see the proof from the defined muscles all over his body. He has amazing fashion sense, and would spend his large amount of money on clothes and drink. Andy is a very likable guy, not taking himself too seriously, though he confessed he is an incredibly vain person.

I knew Andy well, as he was a good friend of my mum and my brother. My family all work at the same place, so he got to know us quickly. I always assumed he was the same age as my brother, 20, as he looked young. I later learned he was 25.

After a while dancing with my friends, I looked to see Jordan coming towards me. From my previous story, you know he is the definition of tall, dark and handsome. Swaying slightly from too much drink, he approached me and placed my hands around his neck. We danced and laughed, not taking each other seriously. Even though things had happened before, we were too relaxed as friends to have anything happen that night. I saw Andy watching me out of the corner of my eye. I decided to have a little fun.

Turning so my back was against Jordan's front, I gently swayed against him. I lifted my arms into the air and pressed into his body. Jordan traced his fingers from my wrists, running them slowly down my sides until he reached my hips, where he placed his hands, directing the movement of my hips. If you've seen Dirty Dancing, it was a lot like the scene Hungry Eyes, where Baby laughs as Johnny teaches her the dance moves.

I draped my hands backwards so they touched his neck, elongating myself out as we grinded against each other. The pressure from Jordan's hands increased as he pushed firmer against me. I let my arms fall, and gently grabbed Jordan's thighs. His breath grew heavy and he buried his face into my neck, smelling my perfume. I laughed and looked up, seeing Andy staring from the other side of the room. I smirked and bit my lip as I continued to dance, his gaze the whole time. The lights were dimmed, and it was hard to make anyone out from the mass of bodies crowded in on the dance floor, gently pulsating like a giant creature moving in time to the music.

It began to get hot and sweaty, and everyone was forced closer together. A bass line started, the music pounding against the eardrums, vibrating out of the giant speakers around the room. I felt the noise echo through me, pulsing through my body like a second heartbeat. With the cover of the other people on the dance floor, Jordan's hands grew more adventurous. They drifted down the outside of my thighs, then circled round so his fingers caressed the inside of my thighs, separating my legs slightly. I pushed back approvingly against his crotch, and he growled quietly against my neck. As his hands moved up, my dress rose with it. Before I was completely exposed, I yanked it down with a giggle. We continued to dance like this until I looked up once again.

I couldn't see Andy, as the mass of people dancing was too tight to look through. I decided to enjoy the moment, and forget about him. As soon as I thought this, I saw him making his way through the crowd. His arms glistened with sweat, and his biceps tensed and protruded from his tight shirt. A serious look was in his eye, but his mouth was again curved in a slight smile. His eyes moving to Jordan, he gave him one look. Straight away, Jordan melted into the crowd, wrapping his arms around another girl. I looked at Andy puzzled, only to see him unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a tight white teeshirt underneath. It clung to his amazing six pack, the fabric defining every muscle. I gasped as he pulled me closer.

"I want you to dance with me like you did with him. I know you were putting on a show for me, and now I want the real thing." Andy said softly into my ear, his lips brushing against my ear lobe. 

I trembled slightly as he slipped my arms into his discarded shirt. It was massive on me, but he purred as I tied the excess fabric around my waist. Turning me around, he grinded firmly against me, and I felt his erection through his trousers. His hands crept to the inside of my thigh and he let his hand wander from my mid-thigh upwards towards my pussy and back down again. It became a tease, as he never touched me properly. I sighed and changed the direction of my hips, causing him to grip my thigh with excitement and longing. His other hand reached for mine, and placed it on top of the hand exploring my leg. Getting the hint, I moved his hand where I wanted. He liked the feeling of me being in control, and I liked that. I drifted his hand upwards, and hungrily pressed it against my mound, pressing his fingers against the lace of my panties, seeking out my clit.

Andy made a noise a little like a yelp, and started to work his fingers in a ferocious speed. Just as my knees began to buckle, the bass line ended. The vibrations through my body stopped, and the mass of bodies paused for a moment. The music started once more, but it had brought me out of my trance. I looked at Andy over my shoulder, his hand still in-between my legs. His lips suddenly met mine, firm and soft, pressing against me in an unexpected urgency. I knew then that I had to get out of there, and I had to take him with me.

I prised myself away from him, and something seemed to vanish in his eyes. I smiled reassuringly and put my small hand in his, leading him away from the floor and towards the chair my coat was hanging on. Grabbing this, I said a hasty goodbye to my friends. The drink had risen my confidence, and I was ready for whatever was going to happen. I looked over at Jordan for the last time, and he winked at me from over the new girl's shoulder. He nodded towards the door in encouragement before planting a kiss on the girl's lips. Shaking my head and smiling slightly, I pulled Andy with me and lead him outside. He offered me his arm, and we made our way through the snow towards my home. After a few minutes, he grabbed my hand instead, his long fingers wrapping around mine, keeping them warm. We talked as we stepped carefully down the snow-covered pavements, talking about anything and everything, our laughter occasionally disturbing the cold night air.

We came to my road, and I announced this to him. Without a moment's hesitation, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me passionately. I wrapped mine around his neck as he lifted me up off the floor, gently turning on the spot as we kissed. After a few heart stopping seconds, he let me down. His hands ran down my back until he gently squeezed my bum, pushing my body from there into him. My leg wrapped around his, and he lifted it up and held it, so I was standing on one leg with the other at a right angle to my body, Andy using it to keep our bodies together. Using his strength, he lifted me like this, walking forwards until we were up against an abandoned factory on my street. His hands crept once again up my dress, biting my neck. I was left looking through half closed eyes into the dark behind him, moaning his name softly. Cupping my bum once again, he pressed his cock against my now soaking pussy. Even through our winter clothes, I could feel his strong erection pushing against me, begging for release.

His lips met mine with force as his tongue swept into my mouth, catching me off guard with a sensational kiss. I gripped him closer, my hands in his hair, nails digging into his head. The forceful embrace seemed to turn something on inside him, and he pushed me harder into the wall. He began thrusting against me, my body rising with every movement of his hips. With his support, I wrapped both legs around his waist and held him tight against my body. Rubbing against me, it felt like pure heaven. The overwhelming senses in the embrace took my breath away, his tongue dancing with mine, our lips parting now and again to gasp into each others' mouths. The smell of his cologne mingled with the smell of his desire and alcohol. His erection was pushing harder against my clit, creating ripples of delight through my body. The feeling of his muscles holding me up, him being in complete control over my actions was amazing. I felt the desire rising through my body as he thrusted fierce and hard, and I stopped kissing him to pant into his open mouth, gasping for air and letting out soft moans every time he moved his hips. This turned him on even more, and his hips moved faster and faster, growling my name as he rested his lips against my open mouth.

"Yes, that's it. Cum for me baby. I want to hear you cum. Fuck, you get me so hard..."

I exhaled heavily, my chest rising as the feeling from my pulsing clit began to intense. My orgasm rose through my body, reaching my mouth in a loud moan. I pushed hard into his cock, wanting to cum harder, not wanting the feeling to end. Andy's breathing quickened as I grinded furiously against his body, and he began to groan. His eyes screwed up tight as he panted, occasionally biting my lip as I came. Our moans filled the still night air, our breath rising as a cloud in the freezing cold, but I no longer felt it. I was burning, on fire from the incredible sensations coursing through my body. Our bodies began to slow, settling into a steady rhythm before coming to an end. Our breath continued to billow out in clouds as our heartbeats slowed. Looking into my eyes, Andy silently asked me a question. I smiled, and he let me down once more onto the ground. Grabbing my hand, he quickly led me to his car which was parked round the corner. Getting into the front seat, I grinned to myself. I was looking forward to seeing his flat. Most of all, his bedroom.

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