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Andy's Office Initiation (Part2)

Andy's 'ordeal' continues
When Andy took the job at DC Lingerie, he hadn’t expected to be in the position he was in now. It was his first day and he knew something was up when Ashlie, the office junior had slipped off her panties before entering the boss’s office. His boss Danielle, was, in his estimation, the best looking woman he had ever set eyes on. It wasn’t just her luxuriant blonde hair or even her amazing breasts. The way her bum twitched as she walked; the way her silky voice compelled him to follow her commands without question. Emma, her second in command, was herself a desirable woman with a sexy figure and long brown hair. She had a way of looking at Andy lecherously, making him uneasy.

So, there he was - standing in front of Ashlie, who was naked apart from her black hold-ups. Andy had been asked to fondle Ashlie’s breasts and then kneel down and kiss her cute bum. Danielle and Emma enjoyed making their underlings uncomfortable by asking them to perform sexual acts on each other. There was no coercion, no force, just the knowledge that their contract was binding and that their salary was too good to pass up. And to do such things wasn't exactly a trial. It was a small price to pay for Danielle and her naughty assistant.

“I’m waiting, Andy,” said Danielle.

Andy’s cock was hard, despite the circumstances. Ashlie was so cute with the perkiest boobs he had seen. Now Danielle was insisting that he take off his trousers. He knew that to refuse was pointless. He dutifully began to unzip his trousers as Ashlie licked her lips.

Ashlie had grown accustomed to satisfying Danielle and Emma on an almost daily basis for six months now. Despite the shenanigans they actually did work and the business was flourishing, thanks to Danielle’s eye-catching designs. Now Ashlie had a guy thrown in to the equation. She was between boyfriends, so it didn’t matter that much, but she was still thrilled with anticipation as Andy revealed his cock. He pulled his boxers down and his cock stood upright, with the foreskin already beginning to peel back.

“Get on your knees Ashlie. Show us how you suck cock!” said Danielle.

Ashlie knelt down and looked up at Andy, whose cock was throbbing and licked the end of his nob. He twitched at her light as velvet touch. Danielle leant against her desk and watched. She was breathing deeply. Emma walked towards her and ran her hand up Danielle’s skirt, until her fingers found the gusset of her panties. Emma watched and took a deep breath of satisfaction as Ashlie took Andy’s cock into her mouth, inch by throbbing inch. Andy could only groan at the sensations created by Ashlie’s soft, hot mouth. She sucked him so softly, so beautifully. Her own pussy was getting wet from having Andy’s nice stiff cock in her mouth.

Danielle’s pussy was nearly as wet from just watching. She loved the intense look on Andy’s face as his fingers gripped the desk. He was experiencing a combination of excitement, humiliation and pleasure. In most circumstances he would have loved to be sucked off by Ashlie, but in the office? He had to go with it somehow. Where would it stop? Would it stop? If this was his first day, what other treats did Danielle have in store?

One thing Andy was sure of - he would fuck Danielle at the drop of a hat. He fantasised squeezing her wonderful breasts and amazing bum as Ashlie sucked him. He imagined what Danielle’s pussy would taste like.

As Andy drifted off into his fantasy, Ashlie sucked him a little harder and tugged at his foreskin gently. Suddenly he was overwhelmed with his thoughts and her faultless fellatio and exploded into her mouth without warning. He growled as his orgasm spilled out; the spunk so thick and creamy, that it began to seep from the corners of Ashlie’s mouth.

“Hmmm nicely done, Ashlie,” said Danielle. “You can dress and return to your desk now.”

Danielle pointed to Andy.

“You can wait there.”

Danielle stepped towards him and wanked the last few drops of his spunk into the palm of her hand. Then to Andy’s amazement, she licked the cum away and smiled.

“Hmmm…I think you will go far Andy.”

“Ummm… thank you,” said Andy uncertainly.

Danielle opened one of her drawers and took out a little metallic painted tin. She turned the key and placed a wad of £20 notes on her desk.

“You can get dressed now Andy. There‘s a little advance on your salary.”

She smiled and handed him the money.

“Oh right, thank you!” said Andy, gratefully.

After Andy had returned to his desk the day continued normally. He had his scheduled meeting with Danielle, who had assumed her normal role of boss and made no reference to the morning’s earlier events. She was perfectly proper and business-like. It was true, Andy struggled to concentrate sometimes because he was almost mesmerised by her boobs, which were pressed so teasingly against her silky white blouse. He could make out the lacy edge of her brassiere. It was torture.

The day continued with Andy making contact with some of the company’s primary customers as well as looking into potential new ones. He went home at four PM looking back at a bizarre first day at work. 'Was that it?' he wondered. 'Was his initiation over?'

He would soon find out.

The Tuesday of his first week began normally enough and he had enrolled two new accounts by mid day, feeling good about his new job, even taking into account the unusual side of DC lingerie. However, it was an hour or so after lunch when Emma walked past his desk from the photocopier and then walked back and stroked the back of his neck with her finger nails. Andy shivered and looked up at her. She had a mischievous look in her hazel eyes. Her short skirt showed off her shapely legs wonderfully.

“Would you come with me to Danielle’s office please,” she said.

“Oh, OK sure,” he said.

Andy followed Emma, unable to take his eyes of her bum, which wiggled a little inside her skirt as she walked.

“Sit down there,” said Emma, pointing to the chair opposite Danielle’s desk.

Danielle looked up and nodded to her new male employee.

“Good work on the two new accounts Andy,” she said.

As Andy was about to reply, Emma ran her finger through his hair and began to unbutton her blouse with the other hand.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” said Emma, as she unfastened her buttons one by one.

Andy was a healthy, red-blooded guy and there was no way he was going to fight the hard on which was quickly developing in his trousers. He had already betrayed his girlfriend by getting sucked off by Ashlie. He felt that things were about to get a whole lot more serious.

Emma stood astride him, and revealed her pink bra as her blouse slid down her arms. She ran her index finger over his lips and gave him a sultry look, which caused Andy’s heart to miss a beat.

“Andy, Emma is feeling especially horny today,“ said Danielle. “You’re not going to disappoint her I hope.”

“I’ll do my best,” said Andy, helplessly.

Danielle giggled and then Emma pushed her cleavage into his face. Andy moaned as he felt her warm boobs mush round his nose and lips. Her titty flesh was so soft and the scent of her shower gel was still evident. It turned Andy’s erection into a raging fire of arousal. Emma discovered this as she traced her left hand over the tent in his trousers.

“Undo them Andy,” said Emma, softly but firmly.

Andy looked up at Emma as she hitched her skirt up and rolled down her panties. He looked across at Danielle, who just nodded slowly, making a gesture with her hand that his trousers should come off. Emma took Andy’s right hand and guided it between her legs. Andy flinched. Emma’s pussy was like Niagara and her juice drizzled down his fingers as he pressed them into her further.

“Yes! Andy get them fucking trousers off now,” said Emma, without raising her voice.

It was more than a welcome relief, as he stood and unbuckled his belt and drew down his flies. His cock was so hard, he sighed as the pressure was released. Emma rolled her tongue along her bottom lip slowly as she eased his boxers down.

“Hmmm... you have such a nice hard cock Andy,” she said.

Andy looked at her unable to take his eyes off her chest as she undid her bra. Her breasts were a good handful with rather puffy, pink nipples for a girl in her 20s.

“Sit down Andy. I think you know what happens next,” said Emma.

Andy sat down with his cock standing to attention. It was at the perfect angle and visibly throbbing as Emma eased herself onto it. Andy let out an anguished groan and Emma almost hissed with satisfaction as she gently rode his manhood. As her body rocked back and forth on his rigid cock she brushed his lips with her breasts. Andy’s reaction, almost involuntarily was to lick her nipples.

Danielle watched with her right hand securely up her skirt and her first two fingers vibrating against her clitoris. Emma and Andy were putting on a good show for her. She was fucking him good and the noises they were both making were turning Danielle on. The fact that for Andy, it was a bitter sweet experience made it all the better. Andy was there to serve Danielle. His own wishes and desires were secondary to hers.

Emma was biting her bottom lip as her first orgasm washed through her body. Andy was sucking on her breasts like a baby, whimpering with pleasure. He would have resisted for the sake of his relationship, but Emma was too sexy and his ego and libido were too strong. He cried out in a last fit of ecstasy as Emma’s body shuddered with another orgasm and Andy let go, unloading load after creamy load into Emma’s pussy.

Across the office, Danielle came herself, masturbating furiously to the erotic spectacle in front of her.

“Oh yes Andy, cum for me!” Said Danielle.

When she had composed herself, she walked towards the pair who were still sweaty with sex and gave Andy her fingers to lick. He sucked them and tasted her sweetness.

“Good boy Andy. You know what my pussy taste like now, don’t you. I bet you would like to taste me properly eh?”

Andy nodded, his mind a blur as Emma climbed off his still ramrod hard penis.

“I might just let you kiss me there one of these days, you never know.”

Danielle kissed the tip of her index finger and then touched his nose.

“You can get back to work now,” said Emma as she put her panties back on.

Danielle smiled and patted Emma on the arm as Andy limped back to the main office.

“Are you OK?” asked Ashlie, seeing his face all flushed.

“Yea… yes, I’m fine. Like you said. I’ll be all right.”

To be continued…

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