Andy's Office Initiation (The orgasmic conclusion)

By DanielleX

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It was the second week of Andy’s time at DC Lingerie. He had been overjoyed when he had landed the job, which came with good hours and a salary, which paid well over what he could have got anywhere else in that sector. When he signed the lock in contract, little did he know what was waiting for him.

For seven hours a day it was like any other small business. He would be busy making phone calls or spend some time on the road visiting clients. When he was in the office he would be managing the accounts and preparing reports. However for an hour, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon he was Danielle's sexual plaything.

Whether he wanted to or not he was subjected to some kind of sexual gratification on an almost daily basis. His boss, the gorgeous blonde Danielle would watch while her sidekick Emma and the office junior Ashlie sucked him or fucked him for her viewing pleasure. Danielle would openly masturbate as Andy betrayed his girlfriend. Sometimes Ashlie would go in to Danielle’s office alone. Sometimes Andy would have to watch while Ashlie kissed and fondled the other two girls, licking them out if instructed.

Despite Andy’s reluctance to begin with, like Ashlie he was growing accustomed to the constant teasing, knowing that his contract left him no choice. Danielle was aware of this and to make their sessions fresh and exciting, she was constantly inventing increasingly naughty things for them to do.

“Andy, your aftershave smells very nice today,” said Emma, as he was waiting at the photocopier.

“Thank you, it’s my Lynx actually.”

“Hmmm…well finish that and come into the office.”

“OK Emma, I’ll be right there.”

Emma then moved to Ashlie and after a short chat, the young brunette followed her into the office. Andy locked his computer and knocked on Danielle’s door.

“Come in Andy."

Andy entered. Emma was undressing Ashlie, unbuttoning her little flowered dress. Danielle was sitting at her desk with a sardonic smile on her face. In front of her was a bottle of baby oil.

“Come here Andy,” said Danielle.

Andy walked round to the front of her desk and waited obediently as Emma removed Ashlie’s underwear. Ashlie looked across at him with her big brown eyes twinkling. She wondered what Danielle would get them to do today.

“Ashlie’s little boobs are looking very perky today aren’t they Andy,” said Danielle.

“Yes... they are.”

Danielle stroked the front of Andy’s trousers which were already beginning to swell with his erection. She looked up at him as she began to unfasten his belt and Emma stood on the other side undoing his shirt. After a minute or two he was naked. His cock was fully hard, and Danielle took every opportunity to stroke it gently.

“Put your hand out Andy,” said Danielle.

Andy hesitated and then did as she asked. Danielle picked up the baby oil and flipped the cap, before pouring a little into his palm.

“OK Andy, let’s see you rub the baby oil into Ashlie’s breasts,” said Danielle.

Andy’s cock twitched as he turned to the sweet 18 year old with her long dark hair falling down her back. She smiled as Andy transferred a little of the oil to his other hand and then slid his hands over Ashlie’s boobs. He felt her erect little nipples brush his palms. As he was fondling Ashlie, he heard the cap of the baby oil again and suddenly Emma’s oily hands were stroking his cock. Andy shivered with delight as his dick throbbed from the exquisite sensation.

“ does that feel Andy?” Said Emma.

“Amazing!” He said, doing his best to contain his arousal.

“Turn round Ashlie,” said Emma.

Ashlie turned and Emma poured some more oil into Andy’s hands.

“I'll let you use your imagination," said Emma.

Andy placed both hands flat against Ashlie’s plump little bum cheeks and made them wonderfully slippery. After a minute of the oily bum massage, Emma pushed Andy towards Ashlie, guiding his cock between her legs, until he was sliding between her puffy labia. Andy couldn’t help but groan with pleasure from the intense feelings caused by his cock slipping between Ashlie’s velvet.

“Let’s see you wank your cock between her lips Andy,” said Danielle. Fondle her boobs at the same time! I want to see you pleasure each other.”

Ashlie mewed softly as Andy’s rigid cock slid back and forth between her wet pussy lips. Both were turning into an intense coupling of sexy, oily masturbation, Ashlie instinctively working her index finger over her clitoris.

“Ashlie you want his cock don’t you!” Said Emma.

“Hmmm…yes! So much!”

“Andy, do you want to fuck Ashlie?!”

“Yes…yes, my cock is bursting!”

Danielle stood up and hitched up her dress, pulling her gusset to one side, in order to thrust her fingers into her pussy. She and Emma leant against the desk, fingering their juicy cunts as Andy bent Ashlie over the desk. His cock was engorged. His head was turning purple as he plunged it into Ashlie’s soaking wet pussy. They both let out a cry of pleasure as they began to fuck. Andy held onto Ashlie’s slim waist as he lunged into her over and over, his firm body looking beautiful in the sunlight, which was pouring through Danielle’s office window.

Danielle had really got them worked up this time and Andy was fucking the little office minx perfectly. Her body was jolting with the force of his thrusts, the veins prominent on his temple and his face flushed. Ashlie was just whimpering, taking the fucking of her life. Andy pushed her bum cheeks together as he began to snarl, the waves of preorgasm spreading through his groin. His cock twitched violently until he cried out deliriously unloading his spunky foam into Ashlie’s tight little pussy. Ashlie leant into the desk, her body quivering from her own orgasm. Danielle smiled a broad satisfied smile, her fingers coated with her juices, so aroused from the amazing display of sex she had arranged.


It was the following week and Andy had been busy in the office between visits to new customers. Emma and Danielle were preparing for a fashion show where some of Danielle’s portfolio would be on the cat walk. Danielle was especially upbeat after DC Lingerie had appeared on the front cover of Knickerbocker. She had it displayed proudly on her desk, knowing that her designs were reaching an ever wider audience.

The forthcoming show was important to Danielle and for two days the naughtiness had been limited to one hand job after lunch on the Monday. On the Wednesday, the day before the show, it was Emma’s day off with everything prepared and Danielle called Andy into her office.

Danielle was dressed in a short black skirt. She had on high heels and her tight white blouse, buttoned down the back made her boobs even more obvious than normal. Andy’s eyes were all over her, and it didn’t take long for him to develop an erection from her sheer sexy gorgeousness.

“Would you like a drink Andy?” She said.

“It’s OK, I’ll make it,” said Andy.

“No, I mean a real drink. I have a bottle of Southern Comfort. I think it would be just the tonic on a hot day like this.”

The sun was high in the sky and all the windows were open, allowing what little breeze there was to filter through.

“I wouldn’t say no then. Thank you.”

“OK, sit down Andy,” said Danielle, as she dropped an ice cube into each glass.

“My little fridge. Always comes in handy,” she said, as she poured the dark spirit into the two glasses.

“Cheers!” She said, handing Andy his drink and clinking her glass on his.

“Yes, good health!”

Andy felt privileged to be sitting in Danielle’s office sipping Southern Comfort. ‘What did she want,’ he thought. What act would he need to perform to deserve such special treatment.

Danielle sat down and crossed her legs, revealing a good portion of her firm thighs.

“So, you’ve been with us two weeks now,” said Danielle. “Are you enjoying it here?”

“Oh…yes. Of course!” Answered Andy.

“You don’t mind our little games? It makes life so enjoyable to be open with each other I think.”

“Yes…yes, I agree.”

Andy was trembling a little as Danielle was rotating her foot, pointing her toes towards him.

“It’s such a warm day Andy. I think it would be better if we were wearing fewer clothes.”

Danielle took a sip from her glass and stood up and then slowly drew down the zip at the side of her skirt. Placing one hand over her shoulder, she deftly undid a couple of buttons at the top of her blouse and then pulled the garment over her head. Andy gasped when he saw her mountainous cleavage, which was spilling over her lacy, cream bra.

“You’re still dressed Andy. Take them off, you’ll feel much better.”

Andy’s cock was getting harder and harder, watching his voluptuous boss remove her clothes. She eased her skirt off and stood in front of him in just her bra and panties as Andy began to undress.

“I wondered when we would find time alone Andy.”


“Yes, I want to show you how much I appreciate your efforts.”

Danielle put her hands around her back and unclipped her bra. Andy had only his boxers on now and his cock was alert to the imminent denouement of Danielle’s amazing body.

“Oh yes! Danielle!” Said Andy, as her bra peeled away. Her breasts were perfect, big but still a little pert with juicy pink nipples and a corona of goose bumps around the edge of her areola. Andy dropped his boxer shorts and stood proudly before his admiring boss.

“Hmmm Andy. That’s a very hard cock. I think you should come and sit down while I remove my knickers,” said Danielle.

Andy pulled up the chair and Danielle stepped towards him. Her skimpy black panties were barely hiding her juicy little pussy and the edge of her labia was teasingly visible at one side.

Danielle turned round and Andy gasped when he saw her beautiful, pert bum. She began to ease her panties down one corner at a time. She knew Andy wanted her and she wanted to prolong the moments when he would wonder what her next move was. She turned back round and knelt on Andy’s chair with her left knee between his legs and leant towards him, jiggling her boobs around his face. At the same time she stroked his throbbing manhood from base to tip, squeezing it slightly each time. Andy groaned, wondering how long he would last. Danielle sat up and rubbed her body into his, squidging her breasts over his lips and nose.

“Oh Danielle! Why are you playing with me?!” Said Andy, desperately.

Danielle put a finger to her lips and kissed his nose.


Danielle stood up and cleared her desk, making an area on the leather-covered writing surface. She lay down with her bum on the edge and curled her index finger, urging Andy towards her. He stood there looking at her wonderful shaved pussy. Her lips were pink and inviting. He could see a little bead of moisture, which had formed between them.

“I’m going to let you fuck me Andy. I’m going to let you put that lovely hard cock inside my wet little snatch. But first I want you to kiss me there. Put your tongue in my cunt Andy and taste my love.”

Andy was trembling. He put his hands on Danielle’s knees and bent over and kissed the inside of her thighs. They were as soft as eider down. Danielle moaned softly at his touch. As he got closer and closer he could smell her hot little love pot. Her juices were beginning to drizzle out, waiting for his tongue to gather it up.

Andy closed his eyes as his tongue delved between her lips and into her molten vagina. Danielle’s body trembled as he probed her cunt, licking her from her anus up to her swollen clit. Her honey was just as sweet as Andy had imagined. He had sampled a little when she gave him her fingers to lick, but now he was tasting her at source. He didn’t just lick her, he ate her pussy rubbing his nose between her lips and following her gash upwards until he nudged her clitoris. Danielle held her hands over his ears and pressed his face into her.

“Oh Andy! Yes baby! You are so good!”

Andy’s cock was harder than he had ever known it. It was more than throbbing and now he wanted to fuck this beautiful, sexy young woman. Danielle was taking him to the edge, his spunk already filling up in his firm, hairy balls. He stood up. His face was covered with her honey.

Danielle licked her lips as she put two fingers in her cunt and played with herself for him. She toyed with herself with her fingers of one hand, as she fondled her own breasts with the other, teasing her nipples between finger and thumb.

“Fuck me Andy. Fuck me like you’ve never fucked a girl before!”

Danielle looked up at him expectantly. Andy’s eyes were full of lust. He stroked her legs and positioned himself between them as Danielle lay back. She loved the feel of the leather on her skin. He entered her, gradually sinking his seven inches of hard cock into her pussy. When he had fully penetrated her, he began to go in and out harder and faster, until his balls were slapping against her bum cheeks.

Danielle moaned loudly, her voice filling the office as he slammed into her, supporting himself on the flat of his hands. She stroked his arms and his shoulders, feeling the rippling contours of his muscles.

“Oh Andy… Andy…fuck me baby! Fuck your Danielle! Make me cum!”

Andy repositioned himself and Danielle pulled him towards her, wrapping her legs around him and crossing her feet, locking their bodies together. Andy groaned as he smashed her pussy, hitting her cervix with every thrust. Danielle’s moans just became louder and louder and Andy’s groans became increasingly wild and animal-like.

“Aaaaah Danielle! You bitch! You fucking bitch!”

“Yes Andy! Fuck me…tell me what naughty slut I am!”

“Aaaaarghhh Danielle! You lovely fucking slut! Slut! Slut! You fucking bitch!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaah… Andyyyy!!!”

Danielle began to cum as Andy gave her everything, the perspiration dripping from his forehead onto her chest.

“Oooooooh….yesssss! Andy… you stud! Soooooooo…gooooooood!”

“Yes Danielle! I’m going to cum!”

“Yes Andy, we can cum together!”

“Oh Danielle!”



“Ooooooooooooh! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!

As Andy’s body convulsed with ecstasy he let go with a massive ejaculation, filling Danielle’s pussy with his creamy spunk. Their bodies were both quivering and writhing together, the sweat oozing from their pores.

“Ugh Danielle. That was fantastic!”

“Hmmm… You were good!”

Andy smiled a broad smile.

“But don’t let it go to your head!” Said Danielle, with a smirk. “You’re still my underling!"

“I won’t.” Said Andy.