Andy's Surprise Part 2

By Donato

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Andy's Surprise


Part 2


It was several weeks later and Andy was getting some suits ready to take to the dry cleaners when he discovered the note that Penny had slipped to him as he left her dinner party, anxious to get home to fuck his wife. He opened is cautiously, looking around as he did, fearing Amy might be around, and it read: "Lover, if you would like to experience me again, at a much more leisurely pace, give me a call. Weekends are best, He plays golf all day." And it was signed, "Hopefully, Penny."


Damn, he thought, I forgot all about this and she is one hot piece of ass. Better give her a call as soon as its safe.


The following Saturday he called her at ten that morning figuring her husband would be out on the links by then. She was glad to hear from him and told him to come over at noon. She would have something special waiting for him.


He couldn't wait until noon and told Penny he was going out to play golf and have a few drinks with the boys afterward. He told her to expect him back by six. He kissed her lightly and off he went with a hardon starting to grow in his shorts.


It was a short drive to Penny's but just long enough to give him a raging hardon by just thinking about getting in her pants again. He had not had any strange stuff at all and she was certainly there for the taking. He thought back to that night when he fucked her opn the desk after the dinner party. She had been so fucking hot! He hoped she would be half as hot today and he would certainly get his rocks off.


He pulled into the driveway and parked in the rear as she had asked. Just in case there were any nosy neighbors who might drop in, she had said. He knocked on the side do and it when it opened his eyes almost fell from his head. Here was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, dressed in a French maid's uniform. Her face was exquisitely beautiful with long black hair curling down on her shoulders, deep blue eyes, a sensuous mouth and a body that looked gorgeous. He could not help but look her over and he noticed she smiled.


"You must be the guest Madame is expecting," she said in husky voice, "please follow me, she is waiting for you in the pool area." Andy followed her through the house marveling at the curve of her perfect ass under the short maid's skirt.  His cock started to throb involuntarily.


The maid showed him thru the door to the pool and went back in the house. "Hi lover, glad you could make it. Do you have a swim suit with you?" Penny looked absolutely edible. She was reclining on a lounge chair in the briefest of bikini's. He figured her to be in her forties but she had the body of a twenty five year old. Obviously the work of an excellent surgeon or she was a work out fanatic. The latter he hoped.


"Uh no, I didn't."


"No problem, there are several in the pool house, put one and come and join me. I want to get to know you better."


He did as bidden and went to the pool house. There her found several Speedo type suits in several sizes. He found his size and put it on and immediately notices his semi-rigid cock was clearly evident. But he figured, hell, I'm here to fuck so what do I care if she sees I'm ready?


He walked out to the pool and could she was looking him over very carefully.


"Mmmm, nice package Lover, come on over here so I can get a better look."


He walked over to her and was feasting his eyes on her body as she was on his. He stopped in front of her and she reached up and rubbed his hardening cock gently.


"Oh baby, that is so nice, but first things, first. Sit beside me." He did. "Now honey, are you seeing any other women other than your wife?"


"Why no, why do you ask?"


""Honey, we must be careful with all the STDs flying around. I love to fuck my men without wrappers but will not fuck just anyone. Now, are you playing around, and don't lie, cause I can find out."


Andy replied, "Well Penny, I did have a fling about a year ago but its been dead for along time. Other than that, I've been only with my wife."


While he spoke, Penny continued her soft rubbing of his crotch. When she heard his reply she sat up and began to lick at the smooth material of his swim suit, wetting the front with her saliva so he could feel the warmth of her tongue on his now fully hard cock. His balls ached to be released from the suit but he was letting her take control. She placed her hands on his ass and pulled his crotch to her mouth. She sucked at him thru the flimsy, material of the Speedo and his cock throbbed with desire. She pulled him so close that he could feel her hot, panting breath on his balsa and dick. He wanted to fuck her so bad but this was her show.


He suddenly felt two soft arms grasp him around the waist and turned to the see the sexy French maid who had admitted him. "Mmmm, what's this?".


"Andy, this is Vivian, my, er, companion."


"Nice surprise, Penny," he replied as her hands traveled down to his hard crotch. Vivian's fingers pulled at the top of his Speedo and pulled it down, freeing his cock. She placed her fingers around his hard cock and bent it downward so Penny could begin to suck him. "Oh God, that feels so good," he moaned as she drew him closer, enveloping his throbbing prick with her warm, moist mouth. Her tongue ran the length of his shaft, first one way, and then the other. She cupped his ball sac and sucked gently on each of his spherical globes. The feeling to him was exquisite. She certainly was an accomplished lover. But he wondered, was Vivian's role in all this?


He didn't have long to wonder however as he felt his ass cheeks spread and her tongue begin to rim his asshole. She probed at his hole with her tongue and then he felt her finger start to work its way into him. All the while, Penny was pumping his cock with her hands and sucking hard on his cock head. He could feel his sex start to boil and knew his cum shot was imminent so he said, "Ladies, slow down a bit, I want to last a while longer."


"Worry not Andy, I'll handle that part ,"whispered Vivian in his ear as he felt the moistened tip of her index finger slip into his ass. He was a little disconcerted by this as no one had ever violated his ass prior but her finger was smooth and warm and actually somewhat erotic.


Meanwhile Penny continued sucking hard on his dick and he could feel his balls start to tighten and his cum was near. He moaned loudly, "Oh God, I'm gonna cum........!" And Viv stuck her finger deep in his ass and found his prostate and press on it as it began to pulse with his orgasm. His body jerked involuntarily as the expected streams of cum began, but, there was no discharge!


Penny softly stroked his spasming cock and cooed to him, "Now Andy, just relax and let Viv do her work. Viv was working her finger on his gland waiting until the internal spasms stopped. When she felt him relax, she with drew her finger and continued to rim his ass with her tongue. Andy fell to his knees, spent. Looking down expecting to see his jism all over Penny, But, there was none. He lay back on the lounge while the two women continued to lick at his cock and balls quietly murmuring to each other.


"Viv honey, I think we have winner here..."


"Oh yes, without a doubt. His orgasmic response was outstanding. I can't wait for you to do him so I can enjoy it..."


Andy lay there, wondering what he had gotten into.



To be continued...................