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Andy's Surprise Part 3

Andy’s Surprise Part 3



Andy lay there, watching the two beautiful women lick his cock, suck his balls and rim his asshole. He was in sex heaven. These two gorgeous creatures were consumed with giving him maximum pleasure and he was not going to stop them. His cock was so hard a cat couldn't scratch it and he wanted to cum so badly but he knew the afternoon had a long way to go so he just lay back and felt each of their tongues and lips work their magic on him.


Viv spread his ass and pushed her tongue in deep. Never before had he experienced this and he loved it. He moaned to her, "Oh Viv, don't ever stop, that is so good." Needing no encouragement, she slipped two well lubed fingers into his ass and began to finger fuck him. Reluctant at first to the intrusion, he soon began to enjoy it and relaxed his ass to give her more entry room.


"How does that feel big boy, do you like it?" she cooed to him.


"Oh yeah Viv, that feels good, mmm, yes, that's it, stick your fingers deeper, oh oh, yeah, yeah, that's it....", he replied.


"Careful, Viv, we don't want him to cum," cautioned Penny.


"Penny, dear, you know how I can control a man...."


"Of course darling, silly of me to be worried."


"Worried about, me shooting a fantastic load?"


"Yes darling," replied Penny, "your cum is reserved for one special purpose and that's all mine," she murmured as she sucked deeply on his cock She could feel his cock harden and knew he was ready again  so she signaled Viv who applied pressure to his gland Just as he was about to shoot. He felt his balls contract and was sure he would empty his hot load into her mouth as she sucked him deeply.


But only a dribble emanated from his cock eye. His body spasmed as if he were in the throes of orgasm, but no cum spewed forth. After his cock stopped twitching he lay there as Viv slowly withdrew her fingers from his ass. He could feel his cock was still hard as a rock and even though a bit tired, he wanted desperately to fuck one of these beautiful women. He cared not which one, he just wanted to bury his throbbing prick in one of their hot pussys.


"Penny, Viv, please, I need to fuck you. When?", he pleaded.


"Oh, in a short while, first we have another treat for you. For this part we head for the bedroom."


They led him into a beautifully appointed bedroom. It was Viv's. The women sat him in a velvet chair and then tied his hands gently to the chair arms with velvet cords.  "Hey, what's this?" he asked.


"We are going to do a little show for you to get you hot and horny and we don't want you jerking off while we are enjoying each other. After that, we will  have a nice long session of fucking. Is that OK?"


"Oh you bet!" he exclaimed. "Lets get it going!."


He sat there, naked, his prick at attention as it had been for the past hour. He was amazed he could still be so hard. They looked him and Viv said, "Ever had a stiffie like that for so long, Andy?"


"No," he admitted.


"Well, we gave you a little help in that coke you had earlier. It was laced with X, that's why your cock is so hard, and you are so horny. Don't you just love it?"


He was a little chagrined to find that he been drugged but he loved the effect. He nodded in the affirmative, hesitantly.


The women circled the chair kissing him lightly all over but they did not touch his throbbing cock. They held each other, standing in front of him. They caressed each other's breasts and each took turns sucking one nipple of the other. Each set of nipples were soon rock hard and looked rock hard to Andy. He groaned audibly and squeezed his sphincter to push more blood into his engorged cock. It was standing ramrod straight and jerking involuntarily. He wished he could grab it but the restraints were just tight enough.


Viv dropped to her knees and began to flick her tongue at Penny's clit. Penny spread her legs and Viv turned to position her head such that she had full access to Penny's sweet cunt. Andy watched in fascination as Viv expertly lapped Penny's pussy to the point where it began to drip and flow into her mouth. He groaned again and his cock ached and screamed for release but he was helpless.


Penny stiffened and then shook with orgasm as she came all over Viv's face. Viv drank her flow as it came from Penny's dripping cunt. Her face was awash in Penny's cum juices. Andy slumped in the chair, his cock bursting with desire.. He began to shake involuntarily and said, "I think I'm going to cum, please let me cum.......".


"Not to worry, Andy honey, your turn is soon....." said Viv as Penny regained control from cumming standing up. Penny went to the bureau and withdrew a strap on dildo. It was long, thick and black. It was a perfectly formed replica of a cock complete with veins, balls, and erect cock head. She strapped it on and walked toward to Andy, slowly stroking the huge cock.


"Andy honey, don't you just love this dick? Its so big and hard, and never goes soft and you know what they say about black cock, don't you?" He nodded in a haze as his body was on fire with desire at this point. His cock jerked spasmodically as it swayed back and forth. She stroked the black dildo with both hands as she gave a soft kiss to the pre-cum oozing from his throbbing prick sucking in as much as she could without setting him off.


Andy's mind was reeling. The X was hitting him hard and his body was screaming for sexual release. He began to babble incoherently and this alarmed the two women. Penny motioned to Viv who quickly got behind Andy and slid her finger into his anus. He rose up in the chair to give her entrance and she began to massage his gland. Penny bent over and began to suck ever so gently at his cock and within seconds Andy's body stiffened as another orgasm hit him. He shook uncontrollably but again, no cum came from him. He experienced all the sensation of cumming but the special fluid that Penny wanted so desperately, remained within him.


"Wow Viv, that was close," said Penny as Andy slumped in the chair, his eyes closed but his cock still very erect. "We need to really watch know what I want from this." Viv nodded in agreement as she lay down on the bed and Penny approached her, stroking the long, black cock she had strapped to her waist. Viv lay on the bed, legs spread, pussy glistening with her wetness and a generous amount of lube for the monster she was about to fuck.


Penny slowly approached and Viv started to breathe heavily. She had done this before and knew the exquisite pain she would experience as Penny slipped it into her. There, yes, right there, place your cock at my hole, now push, oh God it feels so real and so good. Penny slipped the massive head at the entrance to her pussy and gave a little push with her ass and it slid in. "OMIFUCKINGGOD, Its so good, fuck me darling, give it all to me, I need to feel it deep in me, fuck my being, lover, yes, yes, oh that's it, ohhhhhhhhhh...". Penny continued to push the huge cock in and Viv humped back as she was flooded with orgasm. Just the sight of this meat set her off and when it entered her she lost complete control.


Andy had recovered once again and sat there, cock still twitching and rock hard, marveling at the fucking Viv was getting. Penny looked over her shoulder and said, "My turn next lover boy, are you ready to fuck me?"


"Penny, I can't wait to fuck your brains out," he replied.


Viv looked up at Penny as she slowly withdrew the long, black, glistening cock from her still pulsing pussy and said, "Are you ready for him now?"


"Yes," was the reply, "now is the time. You untie him and I will get on the floor."


Andy watched as Penny positioned her self on the floor and draped herself over a soft Ottoman as Viv untied his hands. He rose, somewhat shaky, and with his rock hard cock approached her with Viv guiding him. Viv placed him behind Penny and said, "Taste her, she is delicious."


He dropped to his knees and plunged his tongue deep in gaping cunt. He was wild with desire. He engulfed her entire pussy with his mouth as his tongue sought her inner reaches. "Oh Andy, you can certainly eat pussy. Yeah, that's it, suck, eat me, taste me, that's so good. Are you ready to fuck me now?"


Viv helped Andy to a standing position and had him straddle Penny. He lowered his cock to her waiting pussy as she panted in anticipation. He looked down at her, her ass spread and her love hole beckoning him, he was crazed with lust and could not wait any longer. He plunged his cock deep in her as his balls slapped on her ass. He could feel the recesses of her pussy as she flexed herself around him and he pumped his cock in and out. Ah, he thought, finally I'm fucking this cunt, oh yes, so good. His hammered at her with piston like strokes as she yelled, "Oh Andy, YES, YES, YES, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder. I want all of you, yes, deep as you can go..." . He rammed at her relentlessly, the X was working its magic and he lost all sense of reality. He was a fucking machine. In and out, in and out.


"Oh Andy, I need your cum, please, please cum in me, now, do it now, " she pleaded. He heard her and could feel his cock harden even more, his balls started to contract and he could feel the tightening in his groin as his cum began to build. He strained harder, fucking her faster, faster, he squeezed his sphincter as hard as he could and then , YES! The silvery load finally shot from him and deep into her uterus, flooding her with stream after stream of sweet sperm laden cum. He fucked her  until he could no longer stand. Finally, he slumped over her, his cock still pulsing and cum still oozing from him, into her.


He had shot so much cum that it flowed out from her and down her thighs and Viv was right there to lick the last of as it dribbled out.


About twenty minutes later Penny said, "Andy, I want to thank you for being such a good sport and helping me."


"Helping you with what? All I did was fuck you and I loved it."


"Well, to be honest, my husband and I cannot conceive due to his sterility. When I met you at the dinner party I was struck by the remarkable resemblance you two have so Viv and I  hatched this plan to get you to fuck me."




"Yes, you see, we had to time it just so I was ovulating and had the best chance to conceive, With Viv's finger technique we knew we could get the maximum cum and sperm from you and enhance my chances at pregnancy."


"So, your husband is in on all this?"


"Oh yes, I have his full blessing. Now we just have to wait a day or two to see if I'm pregnant."


"And if you are not?"


"Well, we can wait a month and try again if you are game."


"And if you are?"


"Then I shall never see you again."


Or will she? Dear reader, what do you want to happen?

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