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Angela's Night - Ben Tramer

The second invitation hits Angela's ex and Gitane's boyfriend but something else is about to hit him
Ben flipped Angela's invitation over in his hands a few times. He couldn't understand why she would invite him to her party. Was it some kind of trick? Maybe Angela and her whore roommate were planning some kind of revenge? No, that couldn't be it. If they wanted revenge they could have had it a long time ago. After all, he was fucking Gitane, the whore roommate. God, that girl did know how to fuck too.

Ben flipped the invitation back up and smelled it. It smelled like Angela. He missed fucking her sometimes. She had the most amazing little body. She was petite. No, that wasn't the right word really. Angela was tiny. Her face was like a little porcelain doll and her body was beyond cute. The one thing he remembered most fondly was her breasts. They were petite, pale little white bumps on her chest with little soft pink nipples. Angela's nipples were unreal. Just the slightest touch and Angela would moan and twist. Ben had to adjust just thinking about sucking them.

But she had wanted something from him. Not that she ever really said it but when he was around her he couldn't think of anyone else. That just wasn't fucking normal. All girls were bitches. He treated them like the whores they were. After all, he was Ben-fucking-Tramer! All star fucking quarter back! He was the shit! It would not fucking do to have some slut trapping him in a relationship. But still he couldn't help but wish he was with her now.

So instead of falling into that trap, he had fucked Angela's roommate, Gitane. The fucking slut had practically spread her legs every time he came over. It wasn't even difficult to get in her pants. In fact he kinda wondered if Angela had put Gitane up to it. He wouldn't have put it past that scary goth cunt. She was spooky. Witch.

Fucking bitches.

Sure he would go to their fucking party. Hell, maybe they finally wanted a fucking threesome. Now that would be fucking awesome! Oh fucking yeah. Ben took out his cock and played for a bit but quickly lost interest. He needed real pussy. Only one place to get it. Ben headed to the mall.

Ben Tramer looked at the high school girl standing in his room and couldn't believe his fucking luck! When he had met her at the mall he had practically popped a boner right in front of her. When she agreed to come back to his place he had nearly lost his fucking shit. She looked like she had just come from cheer leading practice and she was still wearing the little high school uniform. It was hard to tell how old she was but she had told him she was at least sixteen. Old enough to bleed, right?

Ben couldn’t wait to see her naked. She had amazing tits, that he could see even with the crappy uniform. She also seemed all too eager to please but Ben had learned you can’t go too fast with these things. He walked over and wrapped his hand around her slender waist and pulled her to him. His dick was already hard and pounding. His monster was practically pushing to get out and slip inside this tight little hot piece of ass. This was the test. He would push his stiff cock against her and if she didn't pull away he knew she wanted it. If she pushed into him, he was definitely going to fuck her. If she pulled away? Well, there was always the chance he could get her naked. He could always jerk off later.

It was all part of 'bein’ a playa baby' and if a girl didn’t know the game then tough luck for her. Girls knew the fucking game. Not his fault if a few cherries got popped along the way and girls cried. Not his fault if some high school cunt had to go get an abortion. Dumb fucking bitch-asses should be on the pill. So now it was time to get on his game. Ben pushed his erection into her tiny little crotch. She didn't pull away but she didn't push into him. Excitement filled his body like a drug. Sex was like that, the best damn drug you could be addicted to and this little girl has the most kick ass body he had seen in years. He couldn’t wait to tag this little ‘ho.

Ben moved her over to his bed and prayed that his roommate wouldn’t come home. She opened her mouth eagerly and moaned softly as their tongues touched. Good, she wasn’t a virgin. Ben hated trying to fuck a virgin. Nothing worse than getting some chick completely naked and having her start to cry or some shit. No, this girl was no virgin with the way she was already dry humping his erection. Ben slipped his hand up under her polyester top and touched her sleek little stomach. She was small. He could probably put both hands around her ribs and his fingers would touch. Fuck, this was a hot little tight piece of ass! Ben couldn't believe his luck.

She let him touch her tits over the bra. Good sign. Ben was just starting to get his finger up around the bra clasp so he could show off his two finger quick release technique, when she crossed her arms and grabbed her top and pulled it off!

“Are we going to fuck?” She asked.

“Uhh…damn…I sure as hell hope so.” Ben said, unsure how to respond to this sudden aggressiveness.

“Good, because my sister says you are a terrific fuck.”

“Really? Who is your sister?”

The cheerleader grinned and rolled her eyes, “But not too bright.”


“I only told you like five times but I think you were too busy looking at my tits. My sister is Gitane.”

“Holy shit!”

“Yeah, and yes, it does run in the family.”

Ben was about to fuck Gitane’s little sister! Not only that but Gitane had told her little sister about Ben and how good a fuck he was. Righteous! His dick was five times as hard now! He didn’t even know Gitane had a little sister!

“But you have to use a condom.” The cheerleader said, Ben still couldn’t remember her name. She was peeling off her bottoms and Ben had barely gotten a good look at those huge tits on that skinny little frame before she was hopping onto his bed.

‘Slow down girl’, Ben thought.

“Listen, I’m clean, you have nothing to worry about.” Ben said.

“You’ve been fucking my sister right?”

“Yeah, and she doesn’t make me wear a condom.”

“Exactly!” Gitane’s sister said with grim finality. Ben felt his insides twist trying to figure out what that meant. He was about to ask her but the cheerleader laughed while she pulled a condom from her little pink purse and said, “Ok, here, I know how to put it on so you won’t complain.”

The skinny little cheerleader with the huge tits, Gitane’s little sister, knelt completely naked on his bed and popped the condom in her mouth!

“Wha…” Ben was actually nervous. This girl looked like she was straight from Disney channel but acted like she was a professional call girl. He wasn't sure if he was in heaven or if he should be afraid.

“Shhh.” The girl said with a finger pressed to her lips. She bent over and put her tiny mouth over his engorged cock. Ben felt the warm little mouth working his thick cock. Her tongue twirling around the head and she slowly, with a slight little bob up and down, began moving down his full nine inches!When she was done, she popped up like a perky little squirrel and wiped her lips with her fingers.

“Ok Mr. Ben Tramer, who doesn’t even remember my name, let me see if you are any good. You better make me cum.”

“Wow, you are something.” Ben said.

“Yes I am.” She said.

She wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled him down on top of her. She spread her thin little legs open and with her other hand she grabbed a small handful of his ass and pulled him into her. This girl and her older sister had more in common than just huge tits and a natural slutness, they both were soaking wet in seconds. Ben’s cock slipped in easily and he cursed the latex shield between them for keeping him from feeling that silky little teenage pussy.

“Please let me take the condom off, I can’t feel anything.”

“Bullshit stud boy, you feel my pussy just fine. Why don't you do us both a favor and shut the fuck up and start living up to your rep. So far I'm fucking bored. Keep this up and I'll take my tits somewhere else. Don't even act like you've seen a body this amazing before. Ben – I fuck everyone – Tramer.”

Ben marveled at the girl’s aggressive nature and uncanny wisdom for a girl her age. She was actually pretty cool. Too bad he was already fucking Gitane or he might actually try to date her. Well, that and he was trying to hook up with that prude, Clarissa. Something about a slut that wouldn't put out made him loose his fucking mind.

Damn this girl was tight for a slut!

“There you go, oh shit, give it to me!” She said rocking her little hips around and thrusting up into him.

“Damn you are tight little girl!”

“Of course I am! I’m the best piece of ass you’ll ever have! What did I say about talking? I'm not fucking you for your IQ stud boy.”

She kissed him and he felt her pussy squeeze his cock. Ben nearly busted his nuts right then. He thrust down deep into that sweet little sopping cheer leader cunt and fucked her like he was fucking for the first time. He felt his body shaking and his balls tighten. This girl wasn’t kidding, she was the best fuck he had ever had, even with a condom on. He was about to cum hard. He was fucking drooling.

“Yes... oh fuck, you are…so…tight.”

Ben came. He shot his hips forward several times and felt the condom filling up around the length of his dick. Ben wrapped his arms around her. He found himself kissing her neck while he pumped in little thrusts. She smelled sweet. She felt amazing. He had the urge to tell her he loved her.

“Hmm…so that was it huh?” She said.


“Oh nothing. Thanks Ben. Wow. You sure are something.” The Cheerleader said and lay rigid beneath him.

“What? That was fucking hot baby! You are the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah, umm, totally.” She said and looked down obviously expecting him to get off her.

Ben felt a rage building up in him at the girl. She was mocking him! He had fucked her sister! He was Ben-fucking-Tramer! Who did she think she was saying she was bored?

“Come on, hang out, it’s just you are so tiny, I was so worked up…come on…seriously. You can't say it wasn't at least a little hot.”

She looked bored. She still had her legs open and he was still inside her but she was already reaching for her clothes. He wouldn't move. Finally she rolled her eyes and said, “If you can tell me my name I’ll stay and give you another chance.”

Ben cursed under his breath. He had no idea and her sister’s name was fucking ‘Gitane’! This girl's name could be any fucking thing. Fuck! Ben tried to remember.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought… Bye Mr. Ben Tramer. I’ll be sure to tell my sister we talked and let her know that she can have you.”

“Fuck! Can’t you at least tell me your name? Damn baby...”

She turned and twisted her cute little ass just like her sister. Ben already felt his cock tugging back to erection again. She looked down at his spent member and then back at his face and said, “No, I don’t think so.” and finished pulling on her clothes.

Ben was up on his knees and practically begging when she opened the door and walked out holding up her middle finger. He pulled the condom off his flaccid member and threw it in the garbage. A few seconds later he threw the invitation from Angela on top of it. No fucking way was he going to go to that party now. This all had to be a set-up. Fucking bitches.

Angela overheard the conversation between Gitane and her little sister. Gitane wasn't very happy that her little sister had actually fucked Ben but now she knew. Angela turned away and smiled.

“So do you think Ben will still come to the party?” Gitane asked.

“God, you are pathetic Gitane.” Angela said.

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