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two wealthy Victorian students engage the services of a high-class young prostitute
Vienna, 1899

We turned the corner and arrived in the notorious Spittelberg Alley. I knew the place by reputation, but the thought of visiting it had never crossed my mind before that evening. My friend, on the other hand, seemed perfectly at ease. And he was not the only one, I noticed as I spotted a number of well-dressed men either going into or coming out of the houses lining the street. This was one of the few places in Vienna where class distinctions ceased to exist. No curtains hung in the windows and every passer-by, from the lowly student to the wealthy factory owner, was offered a glimpse of the women inside, each at various stages of undress. I felt like a schoolboy as I fleetingly caught the eye of a young woman in a nightdress putting her hair up.

“You’re sure about this?” I said quietly to Christian but he just looked at me and chuckled.

“Relax. It’ll be fine.”

He stopped in front of a grey stone building with a serious-faced young man leaning against the doorframe. The youth’s features softened somewhat when he recognised my friend and without a word he disappeared into the house. Moments later a bearded man in his forties appeared at the door, greeted Christian and shook his hand before turning to me, shaking mine and introducing himself as Milner. He did not ask me my name, but politely invited us both inside.

The parlour to our left was brightly lit and a record played softly in the background. A dozen or so scantily-clad women conversed with one another, standing intimately close to the three men in the room, but all eyes were on us. I suddenly felt extremely self-conscious but Christian, who did not seem the least bit affected by this, took Milner aside and the two spoke in subdued tones while I studied my shoes. Finally the bearded man nodded and led us through another door. I was endlessly relieved to get away from the strangers and their penetrating looks.

“This way,” he said softly as he turned the corner and we followed him up the staircase to the first floor. On the right side of the hallway was a dimly lit room. The door was open and a young woman was perched on the edge of her bed idly perusing the pages of a newspaper. Her long flaxen hair cascaded over the shoulder of her pretty white gown.

“My newest arrival. She’s only been here a week,” Milner said in a hushed voice. He and Christian exchanged glances before Christian turned to me and whispered, “Do you like her?” Slightly embarrassed, I nodded.

“Geli, darling” Milner said and the girl turned her head. “Two gentlemen who would like to make your acquaintance.”

The pretty blonde girl gracefully folded the paper, got to her feet and walked up to us. Coming to a halt next to Milner, her glance wandered over my face a moment before moving on to Christian’s.

“Herr Harbinger is a very dear friend of mine,” Milner said, nodding to Christian. The girl held out her hand coquettishly and Christian gallantly kissed it before motioning toward me and introducing me as his brother.

“Pleased to meet you,” she said, repeating the gesture. Her hand felt small and soft in mine. Her skin smelled faintly of soap and perfume and I diffidently touched my lips to it.

“The gentlemen were wondering if you would care to join them for a walk,” Milner said, addressing the girl.

She gave a little curtsey and lightly touched her hand to my elbow. Automatically I offered her my arm and we proceeded down the steps while Christian and Milner finalised the transaction.

“So you like me, do you?” she asked teasingly in my ear as we left the house. My face suddenly felt hot and I was glad to be back out in the cool evening air.

“Yes. You look nice. Very pretty,” I replied, feeling awkward as we lingered on the street and waited for Christian. She lowered her eyes and let out a soft laugh that could have meant a number of things. Not that I would have blamed her if she was laughing at me, for I felt like doing the same. I’d had ample experience flattering young girls into submission, and now that I found myself in a situation where I didn’t need to I felt a bit like a hunter whose prey had simply laid itself out before him.

“Thank you, good sir,” she replied coyly. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

“Please, call me Gustav,” I said, seeing no sense in lying to the girl since my friend had already offered up a false surname for me. Besides, her familiar nature put me at ease.

Just then Christian came out the door and joined us with the words, “Shall we?” He walked alongside me, sneaking glances at the young woman on my arm as we made our way along the streets, making the usual small talk all the while. For such a young woman she was a dynamic conversationalist. 'Where are you from? Oh, really? I have relatives there. Perhaps you know them. How long have you been in the city? Perfectly dreadful, isn’t it? Oh, I do so agree!'

She was nothing like I’d imagined a working girl to be. Granted, she took certain liberties girls ordinarily would not in terms of the way she addressed us and the ease with which she touched me; but other than that I rather felt like I was strolling through the city with an old acquaintance.

When we reached the flat Christian assumed the role of host and lit a couple of lamps while Angelika and I seated ourselves in the parlour. When he left the room to fetch some refreshments she leaned in close, letting me breathe in her scent once more.

“He’s not really your brother, is he?” she inquired conspiratorially.

“How did you know?” I asked, amused.

“I just don’t see the resemblance.”

Her eyes lingered on mine and we both broke into smiles. Her lips were so red they filled my mind with an array of naughty thoughts.

“Do you have siblings?” I asked, lifting my gaze to her emerald eyes.

“Seven. You?”

“No,” I replied, gently shaking my head.

Christian came in just then carrying a tablet with glasses and a decanter of brandy. He looked pleased that our young guest and I had taken a liking to one another. I felt like an animal in some sort of controlled experiment, but quickly put the thought out of my head as I accepted the drink he offered me.

“Your brother and I were just discussing my dress,” Angelika said, smoothing the material of her skirt with her free hand before taking a sip of her drink. “It’s French. The latest design from Paris. What do you think?”

“I think it’s divine,” Christian answered, oozing charm as usual.

We chatted comfortably for God only knows how long, Christian plying us with drink throughout. Now and again he would join in but mostly he sat back and observed Angelika and me as we chatted about everything and nothing. She showed a genuine interest in both of us and asked all about our studies and our impressions of the Viennese, no doubt glad to be in the company of men closer to her own age for a change.

At one point, it may have been an hour or so in, Christian made a strategic compliment on her eyes, adding “What do you think, Angelika? Are Gustav’s a darker blue than mine?”

“I can’t tell from here,” she replied tipsily. “Come here.”

With that he left his chair and seated himself next to her on the sofa, causing her to move closer to me. I assume she knew it was a pretence to start things off, for when his mouth met hers she kissed him back without question. The room grew warmer as I watched them. Not really aware of much else, I brought my fingers to the collar of my shirt and undid the top button. I was about to move on to the second one when Christian took my hand and guided it to Angelika’s breast as he continued to kiss her. She relaxed into my touch and I felt her warmth through the fabric of her dress, felt her nipple grow hard against my palm. Then, as though my friend and I had exchanged silent signals, he withdrew his mouth from hers and I gently turned her face to mine. When I leaned in closer so did she. I brought my mouth to hers and tasted her soft lips. Things progressed quickly and soon we were locked in a deep, passionate kiss. I started to press her back onto the sofa, but hadn’t got far when my friend took her by the hand and coaxed her to her feet.

“Come on, you lovebirds. The bed’s much more comfortable.”

My reactions somewhat delayed by the alcohol, I stumbled after them into the cool darkness of Christian’s bedroom. Angelika was already lying back on the bed, her eyes half closed and fixed on mine as Christian immediately set about helping me out of my clothes. He bit and kissed my neck as he undid my trousers, at which the girl showed no surprise. Instead it was Christian who did the commenting.

“He’s got a beautiful cock, hasn’t he?” he asked her.

Propping herself up on her elbows to get a better look, she nodded. I didn’t know what my friend was doing but was too intoxicated and turned on to do anything but go along with it.

“Mmm, I’m glad we agree,” he purred as he manoeuvred me over to the bed and sat me back against the middle of the headboard.

“I like you, Angelika,” he said as she tucked her legs neatly under her and scooted closer. “Gustav likes you too,” he continued as he perched himself next to me on the edge of the bed.

“I would love it,” he said, stroking my hair, “and I know Gustav here would love it, too… if you showed him how those beautiful ruby lips of yours would feel…on this.” With that he ran his fingertips lightly up my rigid cock. My eyes darted to hers to check her reaction, but they were transfixed on my erection.

“What do you say?” he asked and she lifted her gaze. They stared at one another for a little while, then she leaned over me, her hair soft against my stomach.

“That’s a good girl,” Christian whispered as her tongue met the sensitive tip of my cock. With wet little kisses she worked her way down to the base then slowly travelled up my length to the tip where she paused to let her fingertips play with the fresh droplets my lust had produced, causing me to tense slightly. I closed my eyes and melted into the feeling of her soft lips as she kissed every inch of my pulsating sex. I never knew exactly where she would plant the next one and this made me tremble with anticipation.

In my present state I was unsure of how long I could let her carry on, but she was just getting started. I clawed at the bed sheets as her thumb lightly brushed my wet glans. Then her fingers wrapped around my erection and she drew my foreskin up and down my aching shaft. There was an insecure reluctance to her touch that made my prick tense and release. It was a welcome change to the expert hand I’d grown accustomed to over the summer; not because it felt better, but simply because it was different.

Then her movements stopped and she just held me in her hand for a minute. I stayed as I was, my eyes closed and my chest heaving, trembling with the anticipation of what would follow. The sound of Christian’s gentle breaths came closer to my ear and my focus was drawn back to him. The fact that he was watching us had momentarily slipped my mind and the realisation now came flooding back to me in a fresh surge of depraved arousal. The blood and alcohol rushed to my head all at once, making the room spin. Christian’s tongue was unabashedly working its way into my ear just as Angelika’s mouth engulfed my penis. It took my drunken mind a few seconds to register what was being done to me, but soon little tremors ran through my body as I sat there, writhing and inundated with pleasure. I moaned as she sucked me more determinedly, causing the pressure to build in my loins. Christian’s hands were on my face and when he kissed me it just felt right and so I went along with it. His kiss was passionate and his technique as flawless as it was in every other area of sexual practice.

Opening my eyes I looked over at my friend and his gaze moved up to mine. Then he settled back more comfortably against the headboard and slipped a hand down his trousers, which I noticed were open.

“Fuck her,” he mouthed to me as he began openly stroking his cock.

I sat there paralysed with lust as Angelika continued to pleasure me with her mouth and my friend masturbated quietly beside me. Finally I touched my hand to her head and she stopped. Leaning forward I pulled her to me and tasted my cock on her lips as I kissed her. When I’d satisfied this urge I laid her on her back. Her legs parted to accommodate me and I positioned myself between them. Then I crawled on top of her and hungrily resumed kissing her. I drank in her scent. A sweet and powerful scent I recognised at once. The scent of a woman. How I had missed it. My cock throbbed as I pulled the skirt of her gown up over her thighs. My hand travelled instinctively to the wet warmth between her legs and we sighed in unison as my fingertips came to rest at her entrance. Drunk on wine and lust, my eyes met hers.

“Do you want me?” I asked, at once filled with an intense longing to hear her say she did.

“Yes,” she exhaled.

“Say it again,” I pleaded as I entered her.


I did not possess the willpower to take things slowly; she arched her back as I lifted her gown up over her head, revealing the most exquisite little breasts imaginable. Her skin felt warm and soft against mine and she clung to me as I took her. It had been months since I’d been inside a woman. The sensation was so pleasurable, so natural. My focus swung from the angel beneath me to my friend, seated a few feet away; the soft sounds of him pleasuring himself accompanying me as I came.


She fell into a light sleep within minutes. Christian had moved to the fainting couch at the far end of the room.

I left her side carefully so as not to wake her. Wrapping a sheet around me I walked over to Christian and seated myself beside him.

We shared a comfortable silence and exchanged glances as we nipped at our drinks. The lamp had gone out but the moon filled the room with enough light to see by. My mind replayed the events that had just taken place.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” I asked, thinking aloud.

Christian nodded. “I adore them. They’re fascinating creatures.”

A comfortable silence fell and my eyes wandered over to the slumbering seraph on my friend’s bed.

“I wonder how she ended up here. As a prostitute, I mean. She’s so young.”

“It’s a lot more common than you’d think,” he replied casually.

He watched her as well, I noticed.

“So you know this man.. this Milner?”

Another nod. “I’ve met a few men in his line of work.”

I must have looked surprised because he smiled a little before he went on.

“There are times when one desires special company and these men provide it. It’s just like any other trade, really. Milner is discreet. He’s a businessman. And from what the boys tell me he treats them decently. As decently as whores can expect to be treated, anyway.”

I cringed a little at the word—sheer reflex, really—despite the casual way he said it. My friend was obviously no stranger to the city’s dark underbelly, but somehow the thought of him engaging the services of rent boys had never occurred to me before. Having lived with him for so many weeks I had stopped thinking of what we were doing as abnormal, but now I realised it can’t have been easy for someone with his inclinations to find love, even in this relatively progressive metropolis.

I wanted to ask whether he’d been with any of the other young men from the university besides me, but decided against it. He was in a pensive mood and I didn’t want to bother him with silly questions.

“You should feel her mouth. It’s heaven,” I offered up instead.

“She’s an amateur,” he replied with a self-satisfied grin.

“She’s eager to please. And I could watch.”

He considered this for a second. “Would that make you happy?” he asked, his eyes running down my body. I turned my head, letting my hand wander to my stiffening cock. I don’t know why the thought of seeing Christian with a girl excited me so, but one’s whims seem a great deal more logical when under the influence of alcohol than they otherwise would.

“Alright then,” he said, settling back into the couch. “But you shall have to wake her. I haven’t the heart.”

Giving him a smile in response, I got to my feet and walked over to where she lay. I knelt down next to the bed, rested my head beside hers and stroked her hair. “Time to wake up, Sleeping Beauty,” I whispered and she slowly opened her eyes. She blinked a couple of times and lifted her head.

“I was… so sleepy,” she said, stretching like a cat. “You’re not cross, I hope?”

“Of course not,” I replied. “I hope you feel rested.”

“I do, thank you.”

“Good,” I said and rose to my feet again, feeling a little dizzy.

Offering her my hand I said, “Come. My dear brother requires your help with something,” and turned to face Christian, who merely smirked and shook his head at my drunken wit. Angelika let me help her off the bed and lead her over to where Christian sat.

Indulging me fully, he said, “Gustav speaks very highly of your skills. I would love it if you’d do the same for me as you did for him.”

She gave him a little nod and knelt at his feet. He opened his legs and she moved into position between them as I reclaimed my place next to him on the sofa, as excited as if she were about to perform her magic upon me. My eyes followed her hands as they glided up his thighs and over the bulge that had formed between them. As her fingers unfastened his trousers, Christian brought his hand to my semi-erect cock and fondled it through the sheet, making it stiffen further.

“No, no. Start with your hands,” he scolded, turning his attention back to her momentarily. She obediently heeded his orders and took his manhood in her right hand, slowly working the loose skin up and down.

Returning to me, he looked me deep in the eyes. When he leaned over and kissed me a second time I did not protest. Only seconds later his mouth left mine and he turned his head once more.

“Grip it a bit more tightly, darling,” he instructed her. “It’s not made of glass.”

“Christian,” I reprimanded him and his eyes met mine.

“She needs to learn how it’s done.”

Before I could reply, Christian’s mouth was upon mine again and I kissed him back. I felt his finger rub against my anus as his tongue expertly saw to mine.

“Mm. That’s good,” he sighed to Angelika a few moments later, then he closed his eyes and his hand crept beneath the bed sheet to my now rampant erection. His fingers expertly fondled me, sending shivers down my spine and making the juices seep from my swollen tip. Then he pulled off the silky fabric, exposing me entirely as Angelika continued fellating him. I alternated between watching her pleasure Christian with her mouth and following his hand as he stroked my cock. His movements were very restricted, the small couch less and less comfortable with each passing minute. I soon found myself on the floor. The plush rug felt soft against my skin and by that point I was quite drunk and going with the flow of what was happening to and around me.

Angelika had turned her attention to me and Christian was sitting near me with his back resting against the sofa, stroking himself as he watched her kiss and lick her way down my body. I hadn’t heard him instruct her to do so, but assumed that was what had happened, for he was observing her actions closely. With some effort I sat up, supporting myself on my arms.

“The proper position is critical,” Christian was explaining patiently to his unwitting student. “A man must be able to see everything you have to offer. It will entice him.”

Angelika did not bat an eyelid when he took hold of her makeshift dress and pulled it off her, exposing every inch of her supple young body.

“The best,” Christian said, “is to kneel between his legs.” He helped her out by taking my leg by the knee and pulling it toward himself, creating a gap between my thighs just great enough for her to nestle her body into.

“His cock,” Christian continued, “is the altar and you must worship at it accordingly. In order to do that you must adore and admire it above all else.”

He spoke with great conviction and the girl’s eyes fell to my throbbing member as the significance of the words sunk in.

“Begin by stroking your cheek against his shaft to signal your willingness to have it so near your face. This will steer his thoughts to what you intend to do, but never do it without his permission. He must be the one to initiate.”

He paused to let her execute the order and gave me a wink as she slowly caressed me with her downy cheek. Her hair tickled my belly.

“Open your mouth… just slightly… and touch your bottom lip to the underside of the crown.” As he spoke he let his hand fall between his legs and ran the tip of his finger over the spot he’d just indicated. The girl watched as he did it, then turned her attention back to me. She calmly lowered her head and my body tensed as the soft tissue of her inner lip made contact with the tender skin of my fraenulum.

“Pay careful attention to his every breath; the way his muscles tense,” he went on. “When he touches your head or pushes his pelvis forward, you may proceed.” Some seconds had passed before I realised I was doing both of those things and my heart raced in anticipation of what would follow.

“First, establish eye contact with him while you gently work his skin up and down.” Angelika’s eyes locked on mine and warm ripples of pleasure spread through my lower body as her fingers closed around my cock and slowly began to masturbate me.

“Don’t let it cover the tip,” Christian critiqued her softly. “Avoid touching the head.” She corrected her mistake and he gave her a little nod of approval.

“Take your time with everything you do. Let him savour it. Make him want more and then give it to him.”

Angelika’s movements slowed down a little and her grip tightened ever so slightly, causing me to sigh. Christian looked at me and then down at what was happening between my legs.

“You see the little drop there on the tip? That is an indicator that you’re doing it correctly.”

The girl ignored Christian’s patronising remark and gave me a sweet little grin.

“Go on,” Christian urged her. “Lap it up with the tip of your tongue.”

She considered the order for a moment before finally doing what she was told. Her hesitation did not escape Christian’s notice— or mine, for that matter.

“If the body’s fluids repulse you, my dear, then you really ought to seek another line of work,” he reprimanded. She blushed slightly and hung her head in shame, her eyes appealing to me for help.

“Steady on, Christian,” I said as calmly as I could manage, given my aroused state. The annoyed expression on his face relaxed and he grabbed his brandy off the table, holding it out to her as a peace offering. “Here. Drink this.” She obediently lifted the glass to her lips and drank.

“Now,” Christian said in a gentler tone, retrieving the glass once she’d finished, “I want you to kiss your way up to the top of it. When you arrive at your destination, look him in the eyes as you wet your lips and then part them slowly before you lower them to his tip. And please,” he added politely, “do bear in mind that he will be able to sense even the slightest sign of reluctance on your part. You must view his sex as an extension of him, and just as he is beautiful and worthy of your admiration, so must it be with every inch of his body.”

The girl committed the words to memory; then, with a little nod to herself she carefully set to work applying what she had just been taught. She went about her task with a new earnestness and the difference was remarkable. Her lips remained around the head of my cock as Christian administered the next set of instructions.

“When he signals—as you’ll no doubt notice he has done—slowly take more of him into your mouth. But only for a few seconds. Tease him. Alternate between open-mouthed kisses to the crown and around the shaft, where he is less sensitive.”

She followed his directions to the letter as he spoke and he offered her a few encouraging words of praise before resuming the lesson.

“Run your tongue up the underside of his shaft now, from base to tip. Then take all of it into your mouth.”

Angelika wasted no time in doing just that, and expertly so.

“Let him rest inside your mouth for a moment,” Christian said softly. “Draw back off him and gently… very gently…suck on his tip.”

The words coupled with the action evoked a renewed wave of desire within me and a fresh drop of dew sprang forth from my swollen cockhead. My heart pounded and the sound of my own laboured breath nearly drowned out Christian’s words.

“Show him how you savour the taste of him. Let your tongue linger on the slit; flirt with it.”

A moan escaped my lips as the tip of her tongue explored the tiny opening at the tip of my cock. My every muscle tensed. The pleasure was so intense it bordered on discomfort. I knew the manoeuvre well, for Christian had employed it on me many a time. He, however, was an expert at what he did and had an uncanny sense of just how long to keep at it and when to let off. Little Angelika still had much to learn.

“Establish a slow, even rhythm in your movements now. Suck him gently, always pausing to breathe.”

With a newfound ardour, she began to fellate me. Christian left her to it for a long time, breaking the silence only once to praise her on the good job she was doing. I was in heaven. The movements of her mouth and tongue were relaxing and exciting at once. It was hard to believe this was the same girl who had ineptly fumbled with my manhood an hour ago. Familiar as he was with my signals, Christian decided to interrupt her performance.

“It’s critical that you listen to his body. When you feel him begin to tense, slow down. If necessary, pull off of him altogether and repeat kissing his cock down to the base. Bury your nose in the hair there and inhale his scent. You will grow to love it, Angelika.”

In something akin to a light trance, the girl did exactly as she was told. I was even half inclined to believe she truly delighted in the act.

When Christian spoke again, there was a hint of playfulness in his voice.

“Try this, my dear. Look him straight in the eye as you suck your fingers one at a time for him. Do it provocatively. Make a little show of it. Then present those same fingers to him and make him do the same.”

Angelika did not question the order. Instead, she directed all her energy towards seducing me with the gesture Christian had just suggested. I looked on with great interest as she slipped one slender finger after another into her ruby mouth and sucked each one before extending her glistening hand to me. I keenly brought it to my lips, kissed it and then followed her example. My cock was stiffer than ever now but the little intermezzo was thoroughly welcome.

Christian moved closer so as to get a good look at us.

“Cup his chestnuts in your palm and casually let your fingertips brush against his anus.”

The girl’s eyes widened a little in disbelief and she turned as though she were about to say something, only to stop herself at the last moment. He gave her a reassuring nod and she turned back to me. We stared at one another for a few seconds and then she pressed the palm of her hand to my testicles. Her fingertips lightly kissed my back passage as she did so, eliciting a little sigh from me as my cock twitched with excitement.

“When performing this move,” Christian resumed, “be attentive of his signals. Don’t rush. It will likely be a new and strange sensation for him.”

Her eyes darted from my face to the area between my legs where her hand rested.

“These,” Christian explained patiently, “are the parts of a man which are often overlooked by the fairer sex. This is a grave mistake, for they are capable of giving immense pleasure if handled properly.”

Angelika gave my balls a little squeeze and followed my reaction, clearly amused at how sensitive the hairy little purse appeared to be. Her curiosity awakened, she tentatively explored the hidden recesses of my arse and watched as I writhed and tensed at her touch.

“Resume slowly sucking him now,” Christian instructed, “and as you do so, very gently fondle his testicles and rub your fingertips against his anus.”

This she did with inquisitive zeal and the three-part stimulation soon proved too much to bear.

“Use circular motions as you work your finger past his ring. Take your time. If you do it properly he won’t even perceive you’ve entered him. Keep his focus on what your mouth is doing. At this point you must prepare for the impending orgasm, for it will come swiftly.”

He fixed his eyes upon me and heaved a little sigh before delivering the final part of the lesson with heartfelt sincerity.

“You must be tireless in your efforts to please him. Even if it takes him a year to come you must be committed to servicing his needs and seeing things through to the very end. When he reaches the point of crisis, desist your movements but keep your mouth upon his member. Take in every drop that flows forth from him. Show him how you crave his juices; drink them down as though they were your sole source of nourishment. You must assume full responsibility for his uninterrupted comfort and arousal. Let your every look and gesture communicate that he can do no wrong in your eyes. In order to truly convince him of this, you must believe it yourself.”

Unable to watch passively a moment longer, Christian sank to his knees and joined us. Grabbing Angelika’s arm, he took her fingers into his mouth and wet them thoroughly before pushing her hand back down between my legs and forcing one of her fingers into my rectum. Having completed this, he turned her face to his and kissed her deeply as his hand guided hers, making her finger move in and out of me in rhythmic little thrusts. The deeper she penetrated me with it the better it felt, and watching the two of them kiss only compounded my pleasure.

He gently pushed her head down to my lap and when she wrapped her lips around my moist shaft I lost control. She continued to finger me as she sucked on my sensitive, swollen flesh. I dug the soles of my feet into the carpet and lifted my pelvis closer to her face. Then she took me deeper into her mouth and I felt a surge at the base of my spine. Bringing a hand down on the back of her head my fingers grabbed hold of her hair and I held her in place as I began bucking my hips, thrusting my cock into her mouth over and over again. When she did not protest I did it harder and faster, fucking her face with total abandon. The need to come was overwhelming and cancelled out everything else. I didn’t stop until I had spent the last of my essence down her throat.

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