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Angry Sex is the Most Passionate

Angry sex after heated argument and tension
"A glance from across the semi-crowded room

A glance, a glance, just a glance

You slipped a pencil in my pocket

In class, when I needed it for maths

Yes you turned around and gave me a smile

I’ve never felt anything like this in a while

Then it turned into you, talking to me,

All I felt was glee

Then over the next few days,

My heart became a maze

You followed through the right way

You reached the end and said you’d stay

But I didn’t know the right way myself

So when you left, I was lost - needed help

Now you’ve jumbled the maze, and tightened the path

You’ve twisted the bends, and made it more dark

And more difficult for another boy to get through

After what I went through because of you".

I hated my ex-girlfriend sometimes. Like, really. She had just gotten up in front of the whole class and embarrassed the fuck out of me with some over-emotional poem. God, the silence in the classroom was excruciating. Luella walked back to her seat slowly, while the awkward atmosphere bit into me. The teacher was staring at me somewhat accusingly, and then shook her head and continued with the class.

I hated english for this very reason - creativeness led to our personal, hormone-filled teenaged lives, and this was never a good thing.

After class, Luella was crying. We'd just broken up a few days ago, or I had broken up with her... but really, her drama had just become a little to much for me - she was never happy anymore. Yes, she was fucking hot, but sometimes I just wondered if the sex was enough to keep me with a nutcase like her. Obviously it wasn't, and I'd chosen my path and was very much planning to follow through with it.

Her friends stood around her, comforting her, consoling her and telling her the usual lies and junk about boys - 'they're all jerks, all they want at this age is sex, lalala'. I stood behind the lockers and listened, rolling my eyes. Girls.

Damien's party that night was my chance to officially break free from her - to hook up with some other mad hot girl and forget everything. I was going to drink myself silly, do something I would "regret" in the morning, (though I probably wouldn't) and Luella would decide that I really was a jerk and stop trying to get back with me. Well, I would get back with tits and ass like that any day, but her personality was just too much to handle. She and her friends were still carrying on as I shoved my books into my locker.

'He's just intimidated by how fucking gorgeous and smart you are.' One, called Sara, said.

Yeah, right.

I arrived that night in my usual, casual attire. My jeans hung loose and I wore a red Adidas jacket over them. Damien greeted me at the door with a drink before I went and joined everyone out the back.

'Nice going with Luella', my mate Josh said as he filled up my beer.

I didn't really know what to say, 'Sarcastic?' I said back at him.

'She's hot man'.

That didn't really answer my question, but I assumed it was a yes. Pfft, he could try putting up with her shit for a couple of months and then see how much he liked it.

As the numbers at the party hit around 50, Luella arrived too. Great. If I'd have known she was coming I may not have even done so. She looked amazing as usual, being the sex bomb she was.

As the night went on, I realised how jealous I was becoming of all the attention Luella was getting at her new single self. She would flirt around in her short, tight dress, getting fingered up against the wall and hooking up in a mildly tipsy state. I smashed my mouth against some average looking girl who was standing near me but it just wasn't the same.

It got to the point where I really wanted to just punch them all in the face, I couldn't take it anymore. I went up to Luella and said, 'We really need to talk'.

I turned around and started up the stairs, knowing she would follow after me. When we reached the bedroom on the first floor, I let her enter, then slammed the door behind me.

'What the FUCK are you doing Luella? You slut? Fucking around with all my doorknob friends what's all that for?' I yelled at her.

'How DARE you say that to me when you're doing EXACTLY the same thing!' She screamed back, eyes flaming with anger. She pushed me against the wall violently, it was a shock.

'Huh? Huh? After you fuck around with my feelings and now you want me back do you? After all you've fucking put me through? You're a joke Andrew'.

'At least i'm not getting other girls to fucking masturbate me,' I murmured, lowering my eyes and folding me arms. Neither of us said anything as she just stood there scowling at me, her tits squashed between the folds of her tight dress, looking so hot even though I hated her at that moment.

More silence, turning ever so slowly to sexual tension. She looked at me in the eyes, grabbing me by my shirt after a few seconds. She had the most beautiful face; dark, almond-shaped eyes and soft, pink lips.

'Fuck Andrew', she said quietly, 'What the fuck do you want?'

I grabbed her behind her ass and shoved her against my body. 'I don't even care about anything else. All I want is you'.

It was a lie, and I was sure I would regret this in the morning, but saying 'All I want is your ass' probably wouldn't have been such a good idea.

She took my face in her hands and smothered it with an angry, desperate, longing kiss, reaching behind my back to hold me close as she'd done so many times before. My longing for her body overtook anything else I felt at that moment.

'Take your clothes off', I whispered between kisses. Without delay, she stripped off her tight dress and stood there in her black panties and bra. She undressed me as she told me how much she wanted to fuck me, my cock growing hard in my pants. I should've felt bad, I should've felt guilty, but I was 17. All I cared about was my dick.

She lovingly caressed my chest as she lifted off my shirt. I smacked her on the ass, drawing her into my cock. I pulled her towards my face, staring into those eyes that could turn me on like nothing else.

We fucked against the wall, after I swivelled around so I could bang her against it.

I felt once again the familiarity of her hard, pink nipples as she gasped in pleasure. I loved the sound as my balls smacked against the bridge between her crotch and ass, and my hands slapping against her tits, although I tried to squeeze them as I fucked, they were so gorgeous.

'Andrew! I want you to fuck me always! Just fuck!' She screamed in a mad rant as I delved deeper and faster inside her, groaning. God she was a great fuck. I savoured every thrust, knowing this could be the last time I did her.

But the pleasure was building up inside of me, and I knew this couldn't last. She screamed in ecstasy even before I felt the bomb go off, which made my orgasm even better, every noise she made turned me on so bad. I clutched her juicy jugs as I came inside her, and she dripped all over our legs as we slowed our fucking to a steadier pace, and eventually I withdrew.


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