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Ann - Part two

Ann and I continue to get to know each other
I did like licking and sucking on her nipples. They were hard, and her moaning encouraged me to do more.

“I want you to like them,” she said. “I want you to look at them and play with them.”

I held each breast in my hands and sucked on each nipple until they turned red.

Early on, I realized that Ann was quite vocal. Not only did she moan and groan a lot, but she was also not shy about telling me what she wanted. I like both in a woman.

She had been straddling me while I sat, so I swung her around so she was on her back on the couch. I undid her jeans, and pulled them down, while she lifted her ass so her jeans and panties could be removed.

Ann was not shaved, but groomed, with short black, curly hair surrounding her slit. I put my hands on her knees and spread her legs. I think the thing that turned her on the most at that time was my just looking at her; taking in all that her body had to offer, from her tits and nipples to her beautiful pussy and ass.

At first I just touched the inside of her thighs, taking care not to touch her pussy.

“That feels so good!”

She arched her back a little and massaged her own breasts and nipples while I just touched around her slit without touching any of the important parts.

I was in no hurry. We had the time, and so many wonderful areas of her body to explore.

“I like how you look at me,” she said. “It makes me want you so bad!”

I ran one finger up her slit, and a flood of pussy juice quickly flowed out, ran down to her ass and onto the couch.

“I like that you’re so wet. Do you want to put a towel or something under you so the couch doesn’t get stained?”

She grabbed her jeans with one hand, and we arranged them under ass. She re-arranged herself on the couch, and spread her legs, letting me know that she was ready for whatever I wanted to do.

I massaged the curly haired mound at the top of her pussy with one hand, while I slid two fingers into her love hole. She told me how good it felt to have my fingers in her pussy.

I slid my fingers in and out of her moist canal for what seemed like only a few minutes, occasionally teasing her clit. She was moaning loudly as she stared at my fingers exploring her hole.

“A little faster and I’ll cum,” she said.

I wasn’t sure whether she was giving me a warning, making a suggestion or raising a complaint.

“I can make it last longer,” I suggested. “I can make it last a lot longer, if you want.”

“Maybe just a little longer,” she said. “I can’t take much more. It feels so fucking good, but it’s also very intense”.

I slid my fingers in and out of her hole for another minute or so and then moved my wet fingers up to her clit. It only took a few quick strokes of my fingers over her clit and she exploded.

Watching a woman cum with such intensity is one of the great things in life.

She was loud, moaned, swore, and grabbed at her pussy with both hands.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she screamed, as she rolled onto her side.

She brought her knees up to her chest in a fetal position and stayed that way for several minutes, moaning, her head buried in a couch pillow.

I was concerned. I wasn’t sure if I had hurt her. There’s that look of pain that a lady has that is really a look of pleasure. Then there’s that look that is really a look of pain. For the next few minutes, it was difficult to distinguish which of those looks Ann was expressing.

She finally rolled her head around and looked at me, her face flushed.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No. But maybe we should have started with something a little less intense,” she said with a quiet, gravelly voice.

I thought to myself, “Less intense? How much less intense can you get? I was only using my fingers!”

“Fantasizing while using a vibrator does a good job,” she half whispered. “But compared with a real person doing things to you, things he wants to do, and you want him to do, there’s no comparison. That was intense. Maybe my body needed that, but I sure wasn’t expecting it.”

She rolled over onto her back, assuring me again that while she was okay, for whatever reason, it was an extremely intense, painful, yet exceptionally pleasurable experience.

I put my hand on her stomach and she, in turn, put her hands over my hands.

“Are you in pain?” I inquired, still concerned.

“No, not at all”, was her response. “In fact, I feel relaxed and comfortable, and I’m still cuming a little. Still, I’m horny as hell. How do you figure?”

I moved my hand down to her fuck hole, and slowly inserted two fingers into her sopping wet canal.

“Uh uh,” was her response. “It’s my turn. Just give me a few more minutes to enjoy this wonderful feeling, and then I get to play with you.”

Once she was able to sit up, I removed my pants and shorts. My erection popped out, already leaking pre-cum.

“My! My! My! What have we here?” was Ann’s surprised response.

She reached out to hold my cock. Touching me was like an electric shot surging through my body. I could feel my knees almost buckle.

She held the shaft in one hand and ran one finger over the swollen head, spreading pre-cum all over and around the head.

“And this is what I get to play with? It’s beautiful.”

“You know, you could have told me about your cock a few weeks ago. We could have been doing this a lot sooner!”

We switched positions, with me on the couch and her kneeling between my legs.

“I don’t think this is going to fit in my mouth,” she said while slowly stroking the shaft, causing pre-cum to flow out and run down over her fingers.

“It might not fit anywhere!” she laughed.

“Let’s hope that’s not the case,” I said, just as she put the head of my cock in her mouth.

Her mouth was warm and wet and I could tell immediately that she knew what she was doing. She worked slowly, teasing me, sucking, licking and stroking, and tickling my balls with her fingernails. Within minutes, she had most of the shaft in her mouth.

“How do you like your blow jobs?” she inquired, without missing a stroke.

There are times when I can explain to a lady in great detail what I like. Then there are the times when I’ve learned to keep it short and simple, or say nothing at all.

“Just the way you’re doing it,” I said, and left it at that.

“God, I love this. I love your cock. Sucking on it seems so right, yet so bad at the same time. It’s so fucking big. Every woman should get the opportunity to play with a cock like this.”

She continued on, using both hands to stroke my manhood, while sucking so hard on the head of my cock that it had already turned a purple/red.

I felt my orgasm beginning; that deep feeling in the pit of your stomach that can move quickly to the point of no return if not controlled.

It was time for the question.

“Do you swallow?”I asked.

“I do. I can. I like to. But today, I’d really like to watch you cum. Can I just watch you shoot your cum?”

“I’d actually like that myself.” I said, breathing heavier and keeping it simple, and quickly losing the battle of control.

“Do you mind cum getting on you?”I asked.

“Not at all; in fact I really like it. Aim wherever you want.”

The combination of that conversation and the stroking and sucking had finally taken its toll. I quickly told Ann I was going to cum, and then erupted with a long ribbon of cum.

Typically, when I have not cum for a few days, and there is the excitement of being with a new lady, and the blow job is good, I shoot a lot of cum. This moment was no different.

The first shot went straight up about two feet or more. It caught Ann a little off guard. Her reaction to that gooey load and her continued stroking caused the next two or three shots to go to one side or the other, and even directly at Ann.

She continued to stroke my shaft, kick around the swollen, sensitive head and milk me of any remaining cum. Then she sat back.

“Now that’s what I call cumming! Where did all of that come from?”

I had cum on my own thighs; and, there was some on the couch and her jeans. The majority of my gooey load however was on Ann’s hands and arms, with strings of cum on her shoulder, one tit and one leg, and several gobs on her wood floor.

“I’m glad I didn’t try and swallow all that!”

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