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How Ann Chas got together


You're beautiful,” he murmured standing behind her as she stood naked at the balcony doors of her hotel room looking out over the mountains. His hands cupped her small breasts, his thumbs playing with her stiffening nipples. She could feel his arousal against her buttocks and turned round smiling as she reached for his erection.

"You're not so bad yourself."

She looked down pulling back his foreskin, partially revealing the purple head of his cock. He pushed forward pressing it against her light brown pubic hair. "You've just come," she murmured rubbing the tip of him against the top of her sex.

"You are so sexy," he murmured leading her back to the rumpled bed.

He moved between her pale thighs teasing her entrance with his tip. Ann groaned softly and guided him into her. They moaned softly in unison as his thickness entered her and he started gently to move.

Slowly, as their excitement increased, his gentle thrusts became longer, deeper, more urgent. Her hands stroked up and down his bare back and buttocks and her body stretched to him as her legs entwined with his and her hips began little undulating movements of their own.

Ann could feel her orgasm start to throb deep inside her. They had not come together last time, but this time, she thought. The throbbing in her loins increased. The last time he had come inside her then touched her with his fingers to give her an orgasm but now she gripped him tightly. Breathing hard now she murmured, "I'm going to come."

Her slender body arched into him and gave a little cry as the first wave swept through her. His thrusts became quicker now as the second, then a third wave hit her. Oh god, she was coming hard, she thought, her fingers digging into his shoulders as another, more powerful wave swept through making her cry out again. She felt him tense and his cock seemed to grow even bigger inside her, he grunted and cried out as he ejaculated and Ann cried out with him as another two more powerful waves racked her body as she climaxed.

Spent and still breathing hard he smiled and pushed away strands of hair that fell across her face then gently he moved from between her legs. They kissed as they held each other in post orgasmic bliss.

As they dozed lightly Ann recalled how they had, although they had been friends and colleagues for four years, ended up spending the weekend away together.

It had happened after one of their weekly lunches together but neither of them could remember exactly how it started. Over lunch they had been discussing a sexually explicit movie they had both seen separately then went back to the office. Chas had come to her room for a file and the next thing they knew they were kissing passionately. With a shock Ann realised that she wanted him to kiss her, that she wanted more than a kiss, she desperately wanted to make love. She could feel his arousal hard against her but as they broke off she said, "We can't, we shouldn't."

"We can and should if we both want to," he murmured gently pushing her against the office wall.

"I do want to," she admitted surprised at her own admission, "but not here."

"There is no one else in," he said and they kissed again.

This time his hand cupped one breast and she could feel her nipples harden and became aware of the dampness between her legs. How long had it been, she thought, since she had felt like this?

She reached down pressing the palm of her hand against the bulge in his trousers. "I'm sorry," she murmured, "please, wait until we can be somewhere else."

He smiled and kissed her lightly. "OK."

The kiss became more passionate and they clung desperately to each other.

Ann heard herself say, "Do you want to come?" as she fumbled with his zip.

"What about you?" he asked and again she was surprised to hear herself, "Yes, yes."

He was hot and hard in her hand and she started to masturbate him while he unbelted her trousers and slid his hand down over her panties. God, she thought, she was so wet there. His fingers pushed under her panties touching her sparse pubic hair and she parted her thighs as his fingers touched her. "Yes," she mumbled into his open mouth. She wasn't going to take long to come she realised and neither was he. They were both breathing hard, she could feel his pre cum slick his hardness and her own juices flooded his fingers. He was stroking her swollen clitoris steadily adjusting his movements in time with her hand on his cock. Suddenly he moaned, "I'm, I'm going to come."

She wanted him to come, wanted to feel him come and the realisation kick started her own orgasm. "So am I," she heard herself say, "don't stop, please don't stop."

He groaned and shuddered and she felt the warm semen spurt into her hand and then her own body tensed and she muffled her cries in his shoulders as she came.

Trembling they held onto one another as their orgasms faded. They smiled softly. "Guess we got carried away," he muttered.

"Yes," Ann said then remembered a scene from the movie. "A bit like the movie."

He grinned then gently wiped away strands of hair that had stuck to her face. "I want to make love to you."

"Yes," she said simply, "so do I."

"You know," Ann said as they lay on the bed "I sometimes wondered if we would ever get together."

"So did I."

"But I never thought it would start off like it did.”

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