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Anna's Confessions (Part-Time Lover)

Our relationship is complicated enough, and those words might end my fantasy, my world.
Quietly I opened the door, found you on your study desk, seated in front of your laptop. I planned to seduce you tonight, I just hope I know how. Between the two of us, you're the great seducer. I decided to wear your favorite football shirt, with just panties underneath. Your shirt looked more like a dress on me, with its sleeves covering almost quarter of my arms, and its hem covered me up to my knees. Slowly I moved towards you and hugged you from behind.

Caught few lines from your phone conversation,

"Yeah, just got home an hour ago. It's been a long day. Ok, take a rest too. I'll hit the sack soon. Bye. I love you."

I bitterly smiled, I'm still hurt every time I hear you speak with her, much more every time you tell her those three words. But what can I do, I agreed with this set-up, I'm just a part-time lover.

You turned around and smiled at me, tapping your lap asking me to sit on it. I sit obediently, and wrap my arms around your neck.

"So what are you planning to do tonight?" you smiled and asked.

"Seduce you perhaps." I said proudly and innocently.

You chuckled and grinned, "Must have some solid seduction plans I guess?"

I pecked a kiss on your lips to wipe off that naughty grin. "Damn. I don't have anything solid. You're the one who's having a solid right now." Pointing to your bulging boxers.

"Of course I'm the one with a solid tool." you paused to laugh, "But when it comes to seduction game women always have solid plans."

I started to kiss your face, gently placing my lips on your forehead.

"Well you can do better than that, I'm not your Gramps." You teased me, as you caress my legs and finally resting your hands on my waist.

Placing another gentle kiss on the tip of your nose.

"Mmmmm. Do I look like a dog to you?"

Quickly your eyes closed to avoid the sinister glare I've thrown.

"Are you just gonna mock me?" I crossed my arms and pouted.

"No. I'm just merely expressing the thoughts of a person being seduce."

"Now, you're being sarcastic." I whispered as I kissed the edge of your lips.

You tried to turn so your lips will meet mine, but I quickly moved away.

"Nah-uh-ah." I gestured my fingers to a no-no, and gave a grin.

I moved to kiss your left earlobe before gently biting it. "I think my plan is working perfectly."

You moaned, as I continue to kiss and lick your jaw line. I trailed kisses down to your neck, and I felt your hands move inside my shirt and started to rub my tummy.

"You know babe, two can play this game." your hands reached my breast, and gently give a good squeeze.

Under my breath I asked, "Why do you have to be in your boxers? I don't get the chance to undress you." I mischievously smiled as I continue kissing your bare shoulders.

"You? Undressing me?" you asked, while roughly kneading my breasts.

"Yes, I'll teach you how to undress properly."

"What's wrong with the way I undress?" he snorted

"You don't have a problem undressing yourself, but you always rip my clothes every time you undress me."

"I should have known, that's the reason why you're wearing my favorite shirt."

"You're pretty slow for a smart guy." I flashed a naughty grin

I felt your hands on my bare back, then pulled me towards you. Our lips met, and we started kissing each other passionately. I parted my lips, so your tongue brushes mine. You sucked my bottom lip, then tugging gently it with your teeth. I pushed myself closer to you, close enough to feel your bulging manhood against my now soaking wet pussy. I grinded to your manhood as we kissed, making my sheer panties wetter, and his shaft harder. We moaned, indulging ourselves with every moment of this forbidden ecstasy.

In a quick motion you pulled the shirt over my head, tossing it somewhere in the room. The next thing I knew you pushed me to the bed. With a naughty grin, you hooked my panties down, and spread my legs with both hands. You started kissing my pussy mound, licking them wet. Your hands reached my breasts, and started to roughly kneading them.

Generously you licked my pussy, lapping from top to bottom, and corner to corner. I moaned louder, as you lick faster, I can feel the orgasm building up with every flick of your tongue. I was about to explode when you suddenly stop, I felt your finger going in instead. Thrusting them in and out of my hole. With every thrust your finger goes deeper. I screamed aloud, letting my first orgasm take over me.

I catched a glimpse of you, you're looking at me with a naughty smile.

"Enjoying the view?" I asked.

You nodded your head and smiled, then slowly positioned yourself on top of me.

"I see lust, baby." You said then took over my mouth before I could even utter a word.

You pressed your manhood in between me, as you continue to suck my bottom lip. Your kisses trailed on my neck, I felt another bite from you. I love the sweet agony every time you bite me.

"Starving for my thick hard tool?"

"Very much." I replied

In a snap we rolled over, bringing me on top of you.

"Now comfy baby?"


"Shower your love on my thick hard love tool please."

I lowered myself, positioning myself between your groins. I never remembered you removing your boxers, you must have taken them away when I wasn't looking. I smiled, and carefully I took your shaft. I started kissing your head, circling my tongue around it. I licked the pre-cum, and slowly I sucked your head. My left hand started playing your balls as I continue to take you in my mouth.

You're growing bigger and thicker inside my mouth with my every take. The hardness of your shaft made me hornier, I started to rub my clit as I suck you. I heard you moan, and the same time I felt your hand on my shoulder.

You gripped me tighter and said "Baby enough, I want you to ride."

I stopped, adjusted myself on top of you, then guided your shaft in my pussy. Winced both in pain and pleasure, as my pussy adjust to your thick cock. You hold me firmly by the waist, as I started moving up and down. My moan grew louder, with every thrust, feeling the your cock deep within me.

I humped up and down, faster and faster. You moved your hands to my cunt, rubbing it as I continued to move.

"Uhmmmm. That's it baby. Surrender."

Another orgasm coming up, I can feel my pussy tightening the grip in your cock. With one more deep thrust, I squirted. My juice trickled down in my inner thighs and your cock. You rolled me back again, shifting to our first position. I cupped your face and started kissing you. I can feel the sexual hunger from your kiss, you sucked my tongue as you gently rocked back and forth.

You kissed my neck, then started ramming my pussy, deeper, harder and faster. I felt your teeth against my skin, you're branding me again with your signature hicky.

"Mmmmm, yes baby." I moaned.

You pulled half way of your cock, then right away you pushed it back again, all of it. Your balls started to slam my ass as you pound me. You pinned me down and fucked me hard. You fucked me so good that everything that comes out of my mouth is pure moan of pleasure.

My pussy wall started to squeeze you inside of me. I sensed that you're almost at your peak, you moved faster and faster, and in one more deep thrust you came. Your hot long ropes started to fill up my pussy, you bit my shoulder as you continue release more cum.

You burried your head in my neck as you try to catch your breath, while I hugged you closer to me. These are the few moments I can call you mine.

I felt your lips on my neck, kissing your way to my lips. I managed to meet your lips and responded to your kiss. The kiss was soft and gentle, and lasted longer than the usual. You pulled away, stared at me and smiled. I wanted to they say 'I love you.', but I stopped myself and smiled back instead.

Our relationship is complicated enough, and those words might end my fantasy, my world. For now, I'll be happy to treasure what I have, and that is you.

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