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Anne's Confession, Part Three

Anne and I give Linda a send-off that she won't soon forget.
I woke just after 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and cursed my internal alarm clock. For years, the simple pleasure of sleeping in on the weekend eluded me. Whether I went to bed early or was up half the night, I was no more capable of sleeping the morning away than I was of flying to the moon.

I rubbed my eyes and surveyed the scene in my bed. On the far side, our friend Linda slept peacefully on her back. Her long blonde hair was splayed all over the pillow. The duvet covered her taut body up to her stomach, but her naked breasts were exposed in the dim morning light. They rose and fell ever so slightly with each breath, her nipples perfectly suckable if I was bold enough to stretch for them.

My wife Anne was sprawled out between me and Linda. Sometime during the night, she’d gotten up and put on a t-shirt and pyjama bottoms which meant she was the only one in bed wearing clothes. I never understood Anne’s aversion to sleeping in the nude. There was only one possible explanation: she makes me so horny that she knew I’d never let her sleep if she came to bed naked every night.

For several minutes I watched Anne and Linda snooze as I re-lived the previous night. I felt like I’d just won the lottery. It seemed unreal that they had masturbated for me while lying shoulder to shoulder on my bed. Even more incredible was French kissing Anne and tasting Linda’s tangy pussy on her lips and face. And if I was 20 years younger, the sight of Linda rubbing my jizz into Anne’s big tits probably would have made my cock erupt again.

I watched in silent anticipation as Anne and Linda slept. Since I was already up, I prayed that I’d see signs of them beginning to wake so that we could pick up where we left off the previous evening. My hopes were momentarily buoyed when Anne shuffled beneath the covers and draped her arm over Linda’s stomach, but it was entirely subconscious movement. After about five minutes, the watching and waiting became unbearable. I decided there was nothing left to do but get out of bed.

I slipped on my navy blue robe and tied the belt snugly around my waist. I then tiptoed out the bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen to put on a pot of extra strong coffee. Perhaps the pungent aroma would waft to the second floor and finally get them moving, I hoped. My optimism that morning knew no bounds.

I fetched the thick Saturday newspaper as the coffee maker steamed and gurgled. The kitchen smelled delicious, but I still sensed no movement coming from the bedroom above me. I dropped the paper on the kitchen table with a thud and filled my mug to the brim. It wasn’t until I finished the Sports section and my second cup that I heard the shower being turned on and the creaking of footsteps coming down the stairs.

Anne paced into the kitchen in her comfortable t-shirt and pyjamas, her long brown hair tangled and askew. “Good morning, Mr. Manners,” she said.

“Mr. Manners?”

“Well,” Anne continued, “I might not describe your behaviour last night as gentlemanly, but you certainly did your best to stay out of trouble.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“You acted like you thought Linda had cooties,” Anne said in exasperation. “You didn’t even touch her. She thinks you don’t find her sexy.”

My mind raced to process this new information and decipher what Anne was trying to tell me. “That’s ridiculous,” I protested. “Linda has to know she’s beautiful. But more importantly, she didn’t fly thousands of miles behind her husband’s back to see me. She came here to be with you.”

“Sure, and she was on Thursday night. But last night I told you to go with the flow,” Anne persisted.

“And I heard you, but what does that mean?” I begged.

“It means,” Anne said sarcastically, “that when I bring home a hottie and she compliments your cock while stuffing two fingers in her pussy, I don’t expect you to act like a choirboy.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You’re serious?”

Anne stepped closer to my chair and kissed the top of my head. “John, I love you and I know you love me. This is different; it’s just sex,” she explained.

I stared at Anne completely bewildered. She realized I needed more of an explanation.

“Listen,” she continued, “in the past I don’t think I was ready for the thought of you with someone else. But you supported me being with Linda. In fact, you probably wanted it to happen more than I did at first. It was such a wild, erotic experience I just realized, why should I have all the fun?”

Anne kissed my head again and rubbed my back warmly. Then, without another word, she filled two mugs with coffee and returned upstairs.

I sat on the hard wooden chair completely immobilized by Anne’s revelation. Not only was she open to the idea of me with Linda, they both seemed disappointed that it hadn’t happened. Anne was correct that the night before I tried to keep my distance from Linda, but it wasn’t because Linda didn’t turn me on. Rather, my fear of hurting Anne’s feelings and irreparably damaging our marriage overwhelmed my lust. My stomach churned as I contemplated the possibility that by misreading Anne and Linda’s signals, I missed my chance for a full-on threesome.

I looked at the microwave clock and was conscious of the sound of the shower coming from the second floor. I had no idea when Linda needed to be at the airport, and I prayed that she wasn’t hurriedly preparing to leave. I had to find out if there was still time, and if Linda was still interested.

I jumped up from the kitchen table and vaulted the stairs two at a time. I bounded into the bedroom expecting to find Anne straightening up, but the room was empty. I crossed the short hallway to the en-suite and silently opened the door.

Inside the bathroom my beautiful wife was busy ensuring that Linda wasn’t going to leave any time soon. Through the foggy glass shower door I saw Anne and Linda’s slippery bodies pressed together as the steaming spray cascaded over their sultry curves. They held each other impossibly close, like they wanted to get inside each other’s skin somehow.

Anne and Linda kissed with open, hungry mouths, each tongue earnestly trying to please the other. Anne’s hands gripped Linda’s hips, then slowly slid down and back to caress her toned ass. Linda felt the sides of Anne’s irresistible round breasts as Anne’s wet, erect nipples brushed seductively against her own.

I watched as Linda roughly spun Anne around and then reached under her arms to continue juggling her big boobs. Linda stopped only long enough to grab the soap bottle and squeeze a generous amount into her palm. She rubbed her hands together quickly before reaching around to lather Anne’s succulent tits.

Anne reached backwards and found Linda’s hips again. She pulled Linda’s crotch even tighter against her sexy ass, and the two of them swayed gently back and forth under the shower head. It was as if they were slow dancing to a song only they could hear.

I watched breathlessly as these two stunning women continued to stimulate, explore and wash each other’s bodies. They covered each other with soapy bubbles which then ran off their delicious curves as the hot water rinsed them from head to toe. No part of them was left untouched. Being cleaned never looked so dirty.

Anne then guided Linda into a sitting position on the shower bench. She knelt between Linda’s legs and kissed her thighs, first one then the other, from her knees all the way to her mound. Each time Anne delivered feather-like kisses to Linda’s bare pussy. Linda squirmed and inched closer to the edge of the bench trying to force her twat onto Anne’s teasing mouth. Anne responded by parting Linda’s labia with the tip of her tongue and tasting her sweet nectar.

“Oh God, eat me,” Linda sighed. “Your tongue feels so fucking good.”

Anne had never performed cunnilingus until the previous night. In the shower that morning she proved that she literally had developed a taste for pussy. She zealously licked away at Linda’s horny slit and forced her tongue deep between her folds. Anne’s mouth was sealed to Linda’s yearning cunt. From the delirious expression on Linda’s face, I could tell that Anne’s tongue was performing magic inside her vagina.

I untied my robe and it flopped open to reveal my cock pointing straight at the shower. I was certain that Linda knew I was there, but she paid no attention to me or my growing erection. I completely understood why; if Anne ate pussy half as well as she sucks my cock, Linda would be oblivious to everything else around her.

I stepped closer to the shower door and watched Anne substitute two fingers for her tongue inside Linda’s hot pussy. Anne fingered her lover slowly at first, then with more urgency as Linda begged for release.

“Yeah, fuck me you sexy slut,” Linda purred. “I want to cum on your slut mouth.”

Anne jabbed a third finger into Linda’s tight cunt and then kissed her throbbing clit. Anne sucked the tender bud lovingly as the shower pelted her back. Then she vigorously flicked her tongue over Linda’s button like a starving kitten drinking a bowl of milk.

Linda’s eyes rolled back and her whole body started to shudder. Her wet tits jiggled provocatively and she instinctively grabbed them and rolled her nipples between her fingers.

“Right there, don’t stop, oh God!” Linda squealed as she succumbed to Anne’s talents. A massive orgasm rocked Linda to the core as Anne relentlessly sucked and fingered her twitching twat. Linda grabbed handfuls of Anne’s long wet hair and held her head between her legs until the trembling finally subsided.

Anne started to rise from the hard shower floor. On her way up she kissed each of Linda’s dark nipples and then her mouth. Linda gently held Anne’s face by the cheeks and licked her own sex juices from Anne’s lips and chin.

Anne then abruptly turned off the shower and opened the heavy glass door. She handed Linda a fluffy grey towel but left hers hanging on the rack. Anne stepped towards me and pressed her hot, dripping body against me. I wrapped her in my robe to help dry the droplets of water that were sliding down her flesh.

Without saying a word, Anne reached up and slid three fingers fresh from Linda’s pussy into my mouth. The taste was vaguely familiar from kissing Anne the night before after Linda sat on her face. I swirled my tongue around Anne’s digits and made sure I tasted every last drop.

When Anne finally withdrew her fingers, I said to her, “You’re enjoying pussy so much lately, I hope you still don’t mind sucking my cock.”

Anne reached between our bodies and grabbed hold of my iron shaft. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ll never get tired of feeling your fat dick throbbing in my mouth.” She slid her hands over my chest and pushed my robe off my shoulders onto the floor. Anne then squatted in front of me and gobbled my cock into her warm mouth.

Linda finished drying off and dropped her towel to the floor. She sidled next to me and put an arm around my waist, just like she had done the night before when I was fucking Anne on the bed. This time, though, I eagerly reciprocated. I rubbed Linda’s back and waist before giving her tight ass a hard squeeze. She lurched forward slightly, perhaps not anticipating the urgency with which I felt her sexy body.

Linda watched Anne’s mouth slide over my now very wet shaft. She placed her left hand on the back of Anne’s head as it bobbed back and forth. She wasn’t applying any pressure, but subliminally she was encouraging Anne to take my dick deeper into her throat. “Your wife looks like an amazing cock sucker,” Linda said. Then she squatted down for a close up of my throbbing prick repeatedly disappearing into Anne’s lovely mouth.

Anne swallowed me all the way to the base and then popped my dick out of her mouth with a sexy slurping noise. Her smiling eyes held mine for just an instant, and then she pointed my dick directly at Linda’s face. “Suck my husband’s thick cock,” Anne commanded her.

Holy fuck, I thought to myself. This is really happening. My smoking hot wife of 17 years is offering my hard cock to another beautiful, married woman.

Linda started tentatively, licking and kissing the purplish head but not taking me directly into her mouth. I wasn’t sure if she was purposefully teasing me or if she felt the same twinge of uncertainty and awkwardness that I did.

Either way, it wasn’t long until Linda opened her mouth and stretched her lips around my stiff prick. She swallowed my aching boner until her lips met Anne’s fingers which were still wrapped tightly around my shaft. Linda held her mouth still and I felt her tongue explore my dick. Then she sucked hard on my knob like she was drinking an extra thick milkshake. It felt absolutely incredible.

Linda eventually released my rod from her mouth. Anne kissed her with unabashed desire as the tip of my cock poked against the sides of their mouths.

Anne stood and pulled Linda up with her. She led Linda by the hand and me by the cock into the bedroom and motioned Linda onto the unmade bed. As Linda crawled onto the mattress I gazed between her legs at her dewy pussy. My cock twitched in Anne’s fist in anticipation.

Anne hugged me tightly, her glorious rack pressing into my ribs. “Linda hasn’t had a real, live dick in her for days,” she said to me. “Look at how wet her pussy is. Fuck her, John. Fuck her sweet, tight cunt with your magnificent cock.”

Linda opened her legs as I knelt on the bed in front of her. She slid a finger up and down the length of her wet slit and then showed me how slippery it was as if to prove that Anne’s description of her sex was accurate. Linda wiped her finger across her lips and then grabbed my engorged prick. She nuzzled the head against her opening and moaned, “Do it John. I need to be filled with cock.”

I pressed forward and immediately sank balls deep into Linda’s anxious pussy. Her vagina felt wonderfully strange stretched around my manhood. After so many years with Anne, I’d forgotten that all pussies aren’t the same. Linda’s was hot and wet, just like Anne’s, but she felt indescribably different and exciting.

“Oh wow,” Linda gasped. “Fuck that’s a great cock.”

I beamed with pride as I started to pump Linda’s juicy love hole. I grabbed onto her perk tits as I fucked her and was again struck by the distinction to my wife. Linda’s breasts were smaller than Anne’s, but I was pleased to see that her nipples responded equally to my touch.

Anne leapt onto the bed and lied down on her side next to Linda. She stroked Linda’s wet blonde hair with one hand while the other snaked across Linda’s flat stomach to her bald mound. Anne split her index and middle fingers into a “V” shape and slid them over Linda’s wet pussy lips and the sides of my thrusting cock.

“Does his dick feel good?” Anne whispered in Linda’s ear.

“Yes, yes, it’s good, oh fuck.”

“You’re such a filthy slut, aren’t you?” Anne continued. Her lips were millimetres from Linda’s ear and Anne’s warm breath added to the arousing effects of her dirty talk. “Look at you. You’ve made my husband’s cock all wet and shiny.”

“Ohhh, mmmm, I can’t help it, it feels great,” Linda panted. “He’s so fucking deep in my slutty cunt.”

Anne’s expert fingers went to work on Linda’s clit as I pummelled her pussy harder. Vulgar moans and slapping noises filled the bedroom as my body repeatedly crashed into Linda’s. I was fucking her like a machine and, to my surprise and pride, I still wasn’t close to cumming. The four orgasms I had in the last 30 hours infused me with more sexual stamina than I thought I possessed.

Anne rolled over and reached into her bedside table. She pulled out her long, hot pink vibrator and twisted it into the “on” position. She sat up and scooted back towards Linda with her legs spread wide until her pussy was inches from Linda’s face. Linda watched with lustful eyes as Anne rubbed the tip of her vibrator against her clit and then stuffed it deep into her sopping cunt.

Before long, both women were blissfully moaning and narrating their impending climaxes. They seemed to be having an unspoken contest to see who would cum first. It was a race that could have no loser.

“Oh God, this is so fucking hot,” Anne groaned. “I’m so wet and horny watching you fuck, it’s going to make me cum.”

“I’m going to cum too,” Linda gasped. “I’m going to cream on your husband’s fat cock.”

Anne fell back onto the bed and pressed the slick vibrator against her sensitive clit. Her sexy hips immediately started bucking against the hard plastic toy. “Ahhh, fuck!” she screeched as she surrendered to the vibrator’s power. “Yes, oh, fuck yes.”

Sweat poured down my forehead as I nailed Linda’s hot cunt. I wanted so badly to make her cum too and feel her pussy grip my shaft. I tried fucking her harder, faster, deeper, but I was gasping for breath and could hardly increase my pace.

Anne crawled next to Linda and sucked a nipple into her mouth. She then used the still vibrating toy to trace a path from between Linda’s heaving breasts towards her pussy. The instant it touched Linda’s erect clit, she exploded.

“I’m cumming,” she wailed. “Oh God, I’m cumming so hard!”

Anne forced her mouth over Linda’s and stifled her cries of ecstasy. Linda’s pussy clenched and quivered around my cock as they kissed. For a split second I tried to remember the last girl before Anne who I’d made cum, but I couldn’t concentrate. I was quickly brought back to reality by the erotic sight of Anne smothering Linda with kisses and the feeling of my pulsating cock still deep in Linda’s snatch.

As much as I wanted to keep fucking Linda, I badly needed a rest. I slowly withdrew my granite hard dick from Linda’s gaping pussy and slid off the bed. I walked around to the other side and plopped down in the big, comfortable chair from which I’d watched Anne and Linda have sex the night before.

Anne followed me to the chair and pushed my legs apart. She then knelt down and pulled my slippery wet cock to her lips. She swirled her tongue around the head and licked the sensitive slit. Then Anne opened her mouth and hungrily devoured my dick.

“Mmmm, I can taste Linda’s pussy,” she moaned.

Anne sucked my cock just long enough to clean off all of Linda’s sex juices. When she was satisfied that she’d lapped them all up, she turned around and lowered her dripping snatch onto my pole.

“Yeah, sit on that hard cock,” Linda called from the bed. “I want to see you take it all in that tight pussy.”

I felt the sweet, familiar sensations of Anne’s wonderful pussy engulfing me. Again, I was struck by how different she and Linda felt. There was no time to dwell on it though; Anne started riding up and down in my lap and I felt my balls start to tighten. I knew I wouldn’t be able to extend this incredible session much longer.

Anne impaled herself on my dick over and over. She held her big, luscious tits together to keep them from bouncing out of control as she fucked me as hard as I could ever remember. At first, Linda was riveted to the bed watching us, but she quickly got up and crawled cat-like to the front of the chair. I couldn’t see what was happening from behind Anne’s sexy body, but her reaction told me everything I needed to know.

“Yes, lick my clit,” Anne groaned. “Yeah, just like that. Oh God, you know how I like it.”

Anne forced my cock deep into her sweltering cunt and grinded her hips down against me. Linda tickled my balls and tugged gently on my scrotum while she continued her oral assault on Anne’s love button.

I felt like I was seconds away from cumming when suddenly Anne stopped. “Argh, I can’t do this anymore,” she gasped. “My legs are shaking like jello.”

Anne lifted herself off of my lap and my aching cock flapped against my stomach. I squeezed out from underneath her and she collapsed on the chair. Linda immediately buried her face between Anne’s legs and started feasting on her well-fucked cunt.

Linda’s ass in the air was a gorgeous invitation that I wasn’t going to pass up. I squatted behind her and pointed my dick towards her open box. I pressed the head inside and then grabbed her hips and started fucking. I ruthlessly reamed Linda’s steaming pussy as I prepared to cum. My cock was like a jackhammer that shook her body back and forth and kept her from giving Anne’s pussy the attention it deserved. Instead, Linda dropped her head on Anne’s thigh and screamed.

“Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, cum for me John,” Linda begged. “I want that hot cum.”

Anne kept rubbing her sensitive nipples as she watched me furiously screwing Linda from behind. “Do it John,” she ordered. “Cover her with your spunk.”

I pulled out of Linda’s snatch and started jacking my cock. I spurted a glob of thick cum directly onto Linda’s puckered ass and it dripped gently down her taint towards her pussy. Two more small blasts landed in her crack. I dipped my cock into the sticky mess and used it to spread my jizz over her taut cheeks. I wished that I had a massive load to cover Linda’s beautiful body, but after the last couple of days I was completely spent.

The three of us collapsed and lay silently in bed for a while contemplating Linda’s secret visit. Eventually Linda interrupted our blissful memories and announced that she had to get ready for her flight. She initially declined our offer to drive her to the airport but we insisted. I explained that it was on our way to pick up the kids from my in-laws, and there was no way we were going to send her away in a filthy cab.

Outside the terminal Anne and Linda kissed passionately while I grabbed Linda’s bag from the trunk. I placed it on the curb by Linda’s feet and then she kissed me just as hard. I chuckled when I noticed a few other travellers gawking at me open-mouthed. “That’s right,” I thought to myself, “I just fucked both of these two hot babes.”

After we said our goodbyes, Linda picked up her bag to go inside. “I may not be able to do this very often,” she said in an unspoken but clear reference to her husband Darrell. “Maybe we could meet again somewhere else?”

“Just name the time and place,” Anne smiled.

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