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Annie and the School-teachers Part 2

A sequel to Annie and the School-teachers - in which things go a lot further
“So do you really think they’ll be back again this week?” asked Mick, as he clambered over a dusty pile of carpet that lay in the middle of the store-room floor. “If Mr Nettleship discovers that I didn’t have a dental appointment this afternoon, I’ll be in detention for a week.”

“Don’t worry” I said. “The way they were at each other last week, they’ll be here, I’m sure of it”. But secretly I had been having misgivings. What if Mr Pearson and Miss Sharpe couldn’t get away that afternoon? What if one or other of them had had second thoughts about meeting up again? Anything could happen to put a spanner in the works, and while I was sure Mick would be happy to spend the time with me anyway, I really wanted to see his reaction when he saw them at it. I’d had the devil’s own job persuading him I really had seen the two teachers practically screwing each other last week, and he’d accuse me of fantasising again if they didn’t turn up today.

But if the two teachers did turn up again, I was sure we’d see more than just the finger-fucking and blow-job that I’d spied on the week before. I’d been fantasising all week about the sight of Miss Sharpe’s tits running with semen, remembering the way she had tucked them, still covered in cum, back into her bra. The thought had kept me fingering myself in bed every night since then.

“So where are they then?” asked Mick again. “If you wanted to get me down here alone, you didn’t have to make up some cock-and-bull story about teachers shagging – I’d have come anyway!”

The two of us had only been going out together regularly for a couple of weeks; I’d let him kiss me, of course, but so far I hadn’t let him go any further than touching my breasts through my shirt – and to give him credit, he hadn’t tried to force me. But I did fancy him, and was ready to take things a bit further. I wasn’t a virgin, having lost my cherry with my last boyfriend soon after my sixteenth birthday, but I didn’t fuck just anybody, unlike one or two of the other girls in my class.

As if on cue, just as Mick was putting his arms round my waist to squeeze my bum, I heard the sound of the door opening next door. Quickly, I hushed Mick, and tiptoed over to the gap in the sliding doors through which I’d seen last week’s sexual encounter. I peeped through – hoping to myself that it wasn’t just the caretaker popping in for a quick nap.

To my relief, it wasn’t. I could feel Mick’s breath on the back of my neck as he peered over my shoulder, to see Mr Pearson and Miss Sharpe already in each other’s arms. I turned and looked at him with an “I told you so!” smile, but I don’t think he saw. His mouth was open and his eyes were wide with shocked amazement. He was about to whisper something, but I quickly put my hand over his mouth, and turned back to the gap.


Today there was little hesitation between the two teachers. This time, Miss Sharpe was in her sports gear (polo shirt with the school logo, and white pleated skirt) and Mr Pearson had already pushed the shirt up over her tits. This time she was wearing an even more revealing half-cup bra – not at all suitable for playing tennis, but which allowed her large pink nipples to peep out over the cups. He had taken off his shirt as well. Miss Sharpe ran her fingers over his chest, her breasts heaving as she slipped one hand down towards his erect cock, which she rubbed through his trousers. He licked the top of her tits, then fumbled with her skirt, trying to remove it.

“Here, let me” Miss Sharpe smiled, as she reached behind her, undid the zip and with a wiggle of her hips let the skirt fall to the floor. Underneath she was wearing a tight little thong, which barely covered her pubic mound and clearly showed the outline of her labia underneath; there was a small damp patch around her pussy, showing she was already well aroused. Quickly, she pulled her shirt off over her head, and (now in just her underwear) began pulling down Mr Pearson’s trousers.


By this time, Mick had his arms round me from behind. The sight of Miss Sharpe in her sexy bra had caused his own penis to harden. I leant back against him, pressing the cheeks of my bum against his crotch. I heard him draw in his breath a little as I wriggled my bum against his erection, rubbing it with my firm, rounded cheeks. Encouraged by this response, he gently undid a button on my shirt and slipped his hand inside, caressing my flat, well-toned stomach. This was the kind of reaction I’d been hoping for, and I let out a little sigh of pleasure, but he was obviously just as engrossed by what was going on next door.


Mr Pearson had kicked his trousers, socks and shoes off, and Miss Sharpe had her hands under his boxer shorts, caressing his arse, while he tickled the tips of her nipples with his tongue. She slipped his boxers off, and gripped his cock, slipping it under the front of her thong, and rubbing it against her pussy. It quickly became slippery with her vaginal juices. Mr Pearson was rubbing his hands over her breasts; he pulled gently on the little ribbon that secured her bra at the front, letting the cups fall away and freeing her gorgeous tits. Her dark nipples were already hard, and she gasped as he sucked on one, while tweaking the other between his fingers.

“Oh God” I heard her whisper, “Oh God, oh God!”, as she pressed his erection hard against her clitoris. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip; her body seemed to stiffen; I think she was probably having a little orgasm.


Still unable to tear my eyes away, I put my right hand behind my back, and fumbled with the belt on Mick’s trousers, trying to loosen it enough to get my hand down the front. Mick took his hand out of my blouse and helped me. With his trousers now loose, I slipped my hand down the front inside his boxers and caressed his erect cock.

Mick began to undo the other buttons on my blouse, revealing my firm little breasts enclosed in my plain white school bra. He ran his hands over them, feeling my nipples becoming hard. Leaning over my shoulder, he gently inserted a couple of fingers down the front of the right-hand cup, pulling the cup downwards and away from my breast so he could see my little pink nipple. He edged the cup further down right over the soft flesh until my breast was pretty much free, then cupped it in his hand. He ran his fingers gently over the skin, first circling my nipple, then tickling the rock-hard button and pinching it gently between finger and thumb.

I was breathing hard by now; I had got my hand right round his cock and as he pinched my nipple, I squeezed him hard, making him draw in his breath sharply.


Next door, both the teachers were completely naked. Miss Sharpe sat on the edge of an old table, spreading her legs apart. Her pussy had been shaved, and she pulled her labia apart so Mr Pearson could see her pink glistening hole.

“Fuck me now” she said, looking him in the eye. “I need your dick inside me”. She took hold of Mr Pearson’s cock and placed it at the entrance to her vagina. She rubbed the tip over her juicy labia and up and down her slit, smiling as the bulging purple head became coated with her juices.

“Mmmm” she purred “How does that feel, sweetie? Are you ready for me?”

“You’re such a filthy slut, honey” said Mr Pearson. Slowly, the tip of his cock edged between her outer labia, and he paused as they stretched to accommodate his thick cock-head. For a moment he seemed about to pull out again, but then relented and slowly pushed his whole length inside her vagina. Miss Sharpe had been holding her breath, now she let it out with a sign.

“Shit, that’s good” she gasped. “I feel really full”.

Mr Pearson began to thrust his cock in and out, taking his time to prolong Miss Sharpe’s pleasure. She began to rub her clit, feeling his cock as it thrust easily in and out, gasping in time with his thrusts.


Meanwhile, Mick had pushed my bra right down off my tits and was mashing them roughly with his hands. He let his right hand travel further down, slipping it under the elasticated waistband of my skirt and then inside my plain white panties. I could feel his fingers burrowing into my pubic hair, and he twisted it round his fingers as he rubbed around the top of my slit. He certainly knew where to go to get me excited. His finger found my labia in their nest of hair, gently parted them, and slipped into my soaking wet slit. I let out a low moan of pleasure, and he rotated his finger in my hole. I could smell the delicious aroma of my arousal.

His finger slipped out as I turned towards him, letting go of his cock which I had been fondling and pulled him hard against me, feeling his erection against my thigh.

“I want you, Mick” I whispered seriously, looking him in the eye. “Fuck me, please”.

Mick kissed me softly on the lips. I began unbuttoning his shirt, but my hands were trembling too much to grip the buttons. With a smile, he took over, while I slipped off my blouse and unhitched my bra from where it hung below my breasts. I dropped my blouse and bra onto the floor and looked at him. I was twisting my feet together, like I do when I’m a bit nervous, and I think that made him even more turned on.

“Oh Annie” he said, “You look so sexy like that”. I smiled at him, and rubbed my hands over my soft mounds. “Do you like them?” I asked.

Mick quickly removed the rest of his clothes. His erect cock stood out stiffly in front of him, as he knelt down in front of me and slid my skirt over my thighs. My tight white panties were stained with a damp patch around my slit, and he could see the outline of my lips, surrounded by their pubic fuzz. Slowly he slid the panties down, breathing in the scent of my juices. Now I was completely naked too, and with his tongue he gently licked around my labia, tasting my juices properly for the first time. With his fingers he spread my outer labia apart, revealing the full pink wet depths of my sex, the little dark hole at the centre. My little clit was throbbing with excitement.

“Please, babe, I want you” I whispered. I lowered myself onto the carpet over which Mick had stumbled earlier. Raising my knees, I spread my legs wide. My small firm breasts were heaving as I lay back, offering myself to him. Mick lowered himself on top of me. I took hold of his long cock and guided it slowly to the entrance of my hole, wanting to show how much I wanted him. With hardly a pause, he pushed into me. Oh, it felt so good. I wondered if I would have trouble taking it all, but my vagina was so wet that he slid in without any problems.

Both of us were trying to make as little noise as possible. I was breathing through my nose to stop myself from moaning with pleasure, and I could see him biting his lip as he thrust his penis in and out of my vagina. Next door, Miss Sharpe and Mr Pearson, thinking they were completely alone, were being less careful. At each of his thrusts I could hear the table bang against the wall, accompanied each time by a little cry from Miss Sharpe. Her gasps of “Oh, oh, oh” got faster and faster, rising to a crescendo as she began to climax.

I heard him saying “Oh Jesus, I’m cumming”.

“I’m cumming too” gasped Miss Sharpe’s voice, “Oh darling, darling…!”

As their sounds died down, Mick continued to fuck me. He leant over and sucked on my right nipple; as his teeth closed around it I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a little squeal. He pulled away, looking worried, but I stroked his face and smiled to reassure him that I had enjoyed it. From the speed of his thrusts I could sense that he was about to ejaculate.

“I want to see you come” I whispered, and he pulled out, his penis glistening with my juices. He held it over me, and pulled his foreskin back hard …

Just as he did so, I saw a movement over his shoulder. It was the sliding doors moving apart. And – oh my god - there were Miss Sharpe and Mr Pearson staring straight at me.


I think I screamed. At the same moment the first steam of semen shot out of Mick’s penis and splashed onto my chest and over my right breast. I was trying to get up as another spurt hit my left breast and nipple.

“Stop, Mick, stop” I gasped – stupid really, since he could hardly stop himself in mid-ejaculation. Realising something was up, he spun round, and the last couple of spurts of his semen shot feebly onto the floor.

I was scrabbling for my clothes, not caring that my tummy and breasts were streaming with thick milky ejaculate. I had just found my blouse, and was frantically fumbling for the arm-holes, when I felt a hand grip my arm. It was Miss Sharpe.

“Hey, Annie Harrison” she said, “Don’t worry, sweetheart. Calm down. Just relax. You’re not in any trouble”.

Desperately, I looked up at her, clutching my blouse to my chest, trying to cover my breasts. I could feel myself blushing with shame and embarrassment. Miss Sharpe had put her polo shirt and skirt back on, although it briefly registered with me that she didn’t seem to be wearing her bra.

“I…I…I’m sorry” I stammered. I couldn’t think what else to say. Then, as the awfulness of the situation hit me, I just burst into tears. I’d be expelled for certain. God only knows what my parents and the rest of my family would say. I’d never get to university, I’d never get a good job, and all because I got caught having a stupid fuck. Why had I been so bloody stupid?

But far from shouting at me, Miss Sharpe was putting her arms round me and holding me against her. “Annie, Annie” she whispered “Don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen, I promise. Everything’s just fine. Stop crying, my dear. You’re ok.”

My face was pressed against her breasts, which felt very soft and warm under her shirt. Slowly I stopped sobbing. I was still clutching my blouse to my chest, but as Miss Sharpe let go of me it slipped down, exposing my right breast with its spattering of semen. Miss Sharpe was looking at it.

“Oh Annie” she said. “Such a mess…” and she stroked her finger up my little mound, collecting the semen as she went. When she had a large globule of it on the end of her finger, she put it in her mouth and sucked on it slowly, smiling at me.

I was too surprised to do more than just crouch there. Feeling embarrassed, I put my hand over my exposed pubis, but Miss Sharpe put her hand on mine and slowly pulled it aside.

“What a sweet little pussy you have, Annie” she said with a smile. “No wonder Mick was so keen to have you. And your tits are simply adorable.”

And she pulled my shirt fully away from my breasts. I must have looked scared still, because she took hold of both my hands in hers.

“Annie” she said, “Don’t worry. All four of us are in this together. We could all get dressed and leave now. And as long as we all keep quiet, no-one will ever know. But Annie, I’m still horny. Let’s not stop yet.”

She leant over and began to lick the rest of Mick’s cum from off my body. The feel of her tongue over my skin was awesome. I was too overcome to try to push her away, or to protest when her hand slipped between my legs, easing them apart and massaging my pussy lips. She leant over as if to kiss me on the lips, but instead opened her mouth and let Mick’s cum slide off her tongue into my mouth.

“Doesn’t that taste good?” she said. I rolled the sticky liquid around my mouth, savouring the salty tang before swallowing it.

“Oh yes…it’s amazing” I said shyly.

Mr Pearson came over and knelt down behind her. He was in his trousers and shirt, although it was unbuttoned. He slid his hands up underneath her polo-shirt, pushing it up so that he could place one hand on each of her breasts. I could see his hands kneading them gently, and she began to purr under her breath. “That’s so good” she said “but it’s not you I want now. I want to watch you fuck Annie while Mick fucks me”.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My head was spinning. Miss Sharpe’s polo shirt was pushed right up off her breasts and I could see how hard her nipples were as Mr Pearson played with them. She was so aroused!

Gently she removed his hands from her breasts and stood up. Mr Pearson smiled at me.

“Is that ok Annie?” he asked. “You are incredibly beautiful and I really want to fuck you. But you have to be ok with it”.

I knew I wanted him. I nodded. He lay down and began to play with my breasts. His fingers were gentle as he stroked round their contours, as if he wanted to explore every inch. The tip of his tongue tickled over one nipple and I let out a little gasp of pleasure. God, he really knew how to get me excited.

At the same time, I saw Miss Sharpe go over to Mick, who had been watching all this with a slightly shocked look on his face. He had managed to pull on his boxer shorts, but I could see that his cock was still semi-hard. Her polo shirt was still pushed up over her tits, and she pulled it off over her head as she stood in front of him.

“What do you think of my tits then?” she asked. “Not bad for a teacher, don’t you think?”

“God yes, they’re great” he said, blushing.

Obviously deciding she was going to have to take the lead, she put her arm round him, and kissed him. Her hand went straight to his boxers and down the front. I saw him shudder as she grasped his cock. She pulled his head down to her breasts, and he took her nipple in his mouth. He grasped her arse with one hand and squeezed the cheek, pulling her against his erection. He found the zip on her skirt and managed to pull it far enough down for her tennis skirt to slip over her hips and down to the floor. She kicked it away.

“Just look at me” she laughed, pointing at her legs; a mixture of Mr Pearson’s sperm and her own vaginal juices had dribbled out of her pussy and run down the inside of her thighs. “I didn’t even have time to put my knickers on, and now look what’s happened! If you were a gentleman, you’d offer to clean it up.”

Mick took the hint, and knelt down, as Miss Sharpe spread her legs slightly to allow him full access to the mess on her thighs. She was giggling as his tongue tickled her thighs; she rubbed her hands through his hair, which had itself acquired some sticky gobbets of male and female cum.

“Up a little, up a little” she instructed. Mick did as he was told, and began to nuzzle around her labia with his mouth.

“Oh yes, that’s good” she cried. “Stick your tongue right in – oh God yes” – as his mouth found her clitoris and began to suck on it.

Meanwhile, I lay back and begun to enjoy Mr Pearson’s attentions. Leaving my bare titties alone for a moment, he ran his hands lightly over my naked body, the touch of his fingers sending a tingle through my whole body. He let his hands slide down my legs, then up again towards the top of my thighs. Almost without thinking, I parted my legs to allow him to caress the sensitive insides of my thighs, a sensation which I loved. My labia, still puffy and moist from their stimulation by Mick’s cock, were sticking out as Mr Pearson stroked the tender area of skin around my slit. I moaned as his fingers parted the lips and slid inside my vagina. Suddenly, I let out a squeal of delight as he found my g-spot, and a delicious thrill coursed through me.

As he knelt over me, I could see the bulge in the front of his trousers. I reached up and fumbled with the button at the top of his flies. As I pulled the zip down carefully, his erection spring out like a jack-in-the-box. I touched it. It was very hard.

Quickly I dragged down his boxer shorts and trousers while he pulled off his shirt. Now we were both naked. He kissed me and I felt his hard penis pressed against my thigh. Mick used to like me to suck his cock, and I thought Mr Pearson would enjoy it too. I kissed down his chest, feeling his cock rubbing over my tummy, then my little breasts. When my head I reached his cock, I opened my mouth and closed it over his knob-head. It didn’t look quite as long as Mick’s, but was quite a lot thicker, and I had to stretch my mouth to take it all in. I felt it twitch and jerk inside my mouth as I licked the smooth flesh of its head before taking more of it into my mouth. It tasted tangy – probably, I realised, because it had been buried in Miss Sharpe’s snatch not so long ago. Mr Pearson lay down on his back as I sucked and licked.

As I sucked, I looked over to where Mick and Miss Sharpe were still engrossed in each other. Mick had stopped licking at her vulva, and was trying to get at her breasts. She was playfully trying to stop him.

“That’s enough foreplay” she giggled, “It’s about time you fucked me. Come on, stop mucking about, and stick it in my cunt”. Lying down, she lewdly opened her legs wide and spread her labial lips apart. Mick didn’t seem to need persuading. He lowered himself between her thighs as she wrapped her legs around his bum and pulled him towards her, his cock slipping easily between her labia and into her vagina. She kissed him roughly, sticking her tongue into his mouth, then nibbled at his shoulder as he thrust into her.

The sight of his cock pumping in and out was getting me all tingly inside, and I decided I wanted one inside me again. I stopped sucking Mr Pearson’s stiff one, and wiggled myself up over his chest until I could feel his erection pressed against my thigh. “I think I’d like you to put it inside me now” I whispered, a little nervously.

“Is it – you – know – safe?” he asked. “I’ve got a condom if you want”.

“It’s ok” I said “I’m on the pill”. And I reckoned that if Miss Sharpe was ready to let him fuck her without one, he was probably ok too.

I raised myself up a little, and he held his penis upright, letting me crouch over it, his knob-end just touching the entrance to my little pussy. I looked at him with a smile, teasing him. Mr Pearson just nodded. I lowered myself slowly onto his erection, feeling my inner labia opening to take it, enjoying that wonderful unique feeling of a warm hard penis entering me. I’d not had
sex that often before, but already I knew that I wanted to have lots of it.

It slid in right up to the hilt. Mr Pearson grabbed my hips and helped to bounce me up and down on his lap. I put my hand down to my clit and rubbed it. I could see and feel my little tits jiggling up and down, and I let out little gasps of pleasure each time I speared myself on his penis. I was already so wet that I could hear the squish, squish, squish of each thrust as it pushed up into my wet, spongy vaginal passage. I felt my pussy juice being pushed out by his thick penis, and when I looked down I could see it coating his public hair.

I could sense that Mr Pearson was ready to come again, and was having serious difficulty holding himself in check.

“Annie, do you want me to come inside you?” he said. “If you want me to pull out, you’ll have to tell me now!”

“Oh please” I gasped “inside me - want to feel you cum in me”.

Mr Pearson needed no more encouragement. As I bounced up and down, I felt him pushing deeper and deeper. He let go of my hips, dropping me straight down onto his erection, before reaching up and grasping my little tits. With a cry, I pushed down against him, and clenched my cunt muscles tight around his penis. I screamed with joy as I reached my own climax, and at the same time I felt his cum spurting up into my vagina. I collapsed onto him as my orgasm left me trembling, and he kissed me hard on the lips.

I rolled off him, letting his penis slide with a slurp out of my dripping cunt. I was still glowing with the aftermath of my climax, and as I lay with my legs still wide apart I rubbed my pussy gently and carefully inserted a finger, feeling it dipping into the pool of warm cum and cunt juice swilling about inside my vagina.

I sat up and watched Mick, still pumping his cock into Miss Sharpe’s pussy. He was lasting better than Mr Pearson had, but judging by the noises he was making he wasn’t too far from coming again. She saw me watching. “Come here Annie” she said, “Sit next to me where Mick can see your cunt.” I crawled over and sat next to Miss Sharpe and spread my legs, pulling my labia apart with my fingers.

“Can you see the spunk in my cunt, Mick?” I asked. Just using such crude language made me feel horny and good, and I looked down to see a mixture of juices dribble out of my vagina.

Miss Sharpe could see it too. “Fuck, Annie, that is so rude” she said. “Do you want to see Mick cum on my face now? Do you want to see his spunk running all over me?”

“Oh yes, yes” I gasped, and put my fingers into my soaking hole and began excitedly frigging myself at the thought. Gobbets of gooey cream were squishing out over my pussy. Miss Sharpe put her hand out and I let her slip a finger in too, next to mine. I wrapped one of my fingers around hers, actually inside my vagina. God – what a thing to do!

Mick pulled out, and crouched over the teacher’s chest, his hard cock in his hand. But Miss Sharpe had other ideas. “You do it Annie” she ordered. “Pump his dick and make him cum on me”.

I did as I was told: Mick’s penis was slippery with Miss Sharpe’s juices, and I only needed to pump it twice before he cried out and great streams of spunk spurted out of the end. It was crazy. The first shot went looping into the teacher’s hair; while the second hit her above the right eye and dripped down onto her cheek. She opened her mouth and was lucky enough to catch the next spurt. A few more drops fell onto her tits and over my hand; I let go of Mick’s cock and licked these off.

“Kiss me Annie,” said Miss Sharpe; I leant over and did so, the cum on the teacher’s cheek smearing over my own face. I licked a bit more cum from round Miss Sharpe’s eye, and kissed her again so the cum mingled with the saliva in our mouths.

Mr Pearson had watched all of this with his cock in his hand. “I hope you’re going to clean yourself up a bit this time” he commented. “Even the kids might notice if they saw you going home with cum running down your cheeks”.

Miss Sharpe rubbed the spunk into her cheeks and over her breasts. “They do say it’s as good as moisturising cream” she said, “although it does smell a bit pungent”. She found her bra and panties and put them on. This was a signal for everyone to grope around for their clothes. I watched Mr Pearson pull his boxers on and tuck his still partially hard penis back in. Miss Sharpe, still just in her underwear, took hold of Mick’s hand and then mine.

“That was amazing” she said “I really enjoyed it – was it fun for you two too?”

I looked at Mick and nodded; he nodded too. I thought I’d feel embarrassed and ashamed now that it was over, but I wasn’t: just still a bit whirly in my head about the whole thing.

“Obviously we’re all going to have to keep quiet about this, for all our sakes” said Miss Sharpe. “But I promise you can trust Jim and me – can we trust you two?”

“Of course” said Mick, and I agreed.

“The other thing is” she went on “I promise you that was one of the best sex experiences I’ve ever had – but we probably really shouldn’t think about doing it again. I really, really hope it was good for you too, but believe me, if we try and repeat it, it’ll not be the same. Please believe me – it’s not that I don’t want both of you, but I think it’s better and safer if we leave it as a one-off. Does that make sense? Is it ok?”

I hadn’t got as far as thinking about a next time, and at the time I kind of wanted to do it again. Later, I thought about it some more and realised there were so many reasons why it would be a bad idea, but even then I knew she was right.

Again Mick and I both nodded. She smiled.

“You two are so good together,” she said. “Just remember – sex is fun, and as long as you try not to hurt anybody, it always will be! But I think we’d all better get a move on, before the caretaker comes to lock up”.

We all finished getting dressed. Miss Sharpe kissed everybody, although Mr Pearson got a special one. Mick put his arms around me and hugged me. We actually decided it would be best if we all left together, since no-one seeing us would possibly imagine that all four of us could have been up to no good together.

And that was the only time the four of had a sex session together – although not my only foursome, I’m pleased to say!

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