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ANNIE Part 2: Easter

Annie cannot hold her drink and pays the price.

Annie wasn't in the mood for having a drink after work but her colleague Sandy had talked her into it. It was Good Friday tomorrow, and every body had a long weekend to look forward to. On Sunday Annie would be twenty one years old. So on reflection it seemed to be a good idea at the time.

Annie called home to let her mother know she would be back late and piled into the nearest pub with Sandy and three of their male work colleagues. All detectives from the same police station. It was already standing room only, several workers from nearby offices had the same idea. Old time rock and roll came over the speaker system with Elvis, Buddy, Little Richard and a host of others from the golden age that had changed teenagers forever.

The crush increased and the temperature rose, Annie removed her the jacket of her sensible work wear and strung it through the straps of her shoulder bag. The atmosphere was all goodwill, more like Christmas than Easter. Laughter rang out from all corners, peopled shouted to others they recognised from across the room.

Annie wasn't allowed to buy any drinks as it would be her birthday on the Sunday; they just kept on coming and disappearing. She wasn't a binge drinker normally and she realised she was tipsy. She unfastened a couple of her blouse buttons. Her colleagues were talking about their latest case, it didn't really interest Annie; she was clerical staff and not a police woman like her friend Sandy.

Annie felt her right buttock quickly squeezed, she turned her head quickly. Nobody looked guilty but the most obvious suspect was a tall fair haired guy standing just behind her. All the people had a sheen of sweat on their faces. Another double from the Detective inspector was pushed in her hand. There was another squeeze of her plump round buttock. She swung round to complain but the hand holding her glass struck the fair haired guy and slopped over his shirt; a damp stain quickly spreading.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry... somebody touched my...I'm so sorry."

"Don't worry about it. Accidents are bound to happen in this crowd." His eyes were smiley. "I suppose it was an accident and not an excuse to talk to me?"

"Certainly not."

"That's a pity. You're so pretty."

"Well, thank you." Annie simpered and smiled at him.

"At least you will let me get you another drink." he indicated a Latin looking guy, Spanish or Italian stock perhaps, "a good mate of mine." He disappeared towards the bar, weaving between celebrants with grace and aplomb. Annie had some trouble keeping her eyes focused on him, she had no idea how long she had been downing double vodkas.

"What's your name young miss?" asked Latino.

Annie told him and knocked back the remains of her drink and turned to find a table to place the glass down. It was swimming in beer. She turned back and staggered a little. A hand held her elbow to steady her, it was Blondie back. He handed her another double. "There you go girl get that down your pretty throat.

The two guys were funny and witty and constantly taking the piss out of each other; and eventually her; which she was bright enough to hold her own. She hadn't had such a good time in ages.

Annie's bra was killing her. She looked for the powder room and spotted the door across the far side of the room. She didn't want to run that gauntlet if she could help it; squeezing between all those men. 

"Would you hold this please?" she asked Blondie. He took the drink of her and watched with amusement as she tried to reach the clips of the bra.

"Here," said Blondie handing her drink back, "let me do that for you." Annie looked into his smiling blue eyes and turned her back in consent. She enjoyed the feel of his palms stroking up her back, his fingers tips brushing up her rib cage. The unfastening of the back strap made no difference to her firm breasts; except her nipples were more prominent. Annie's ego enjoyed the attention she was receiving from her new friends.

Annie took a sip of her drink and turned to face her helper. His fingers delved into her blouse sleeves and hooked under the shoulder straps. She pulled each arm out in turn; switching her glass from one hand to the other. His hands slipped under the front of her blouse, as his fingers touched her swellings she moved away from his exploring hands with a giggle. "I can manage the rest myself, but thanks for your help." Annie tucked the discarded bra into her bag accepting another drink from Latino who stroked her bum and received a smile.

"How about a thank you?" He asked and lowered his face. Annie felt his tongue push between her teeth; she tongued him back.

Annie felt a tug on her arm. It was Sandy her face a little flushed from drink. "Come on Annie , time we where making a move," it sounded like an order.

Annie looked at her puzzled, "Move? Move where? What time is it?"

Sandy looked annoyed about something, "We are going for a meal somewhere. It's nearly nine," she hissed, "you are pissed and your behavior is attracting attention." Sandy tried to pull Annie away from her new friends.

Annie couldn't believe she had been in the pub three and a half hours. She shrugged off Sandy's hand annoyed. "Lighten up Sandy. The weekend starts here. Why the hell do you want to eat when we are having such fun." Sandy looked daggers at the two men; there was indecision in her eyes. "Go and have your pig out; I'll be here when you get back," said Annie.

Sandy was hesitant, "ok I'll be back soon, then we get on the tube and go home. And for Christ sake cover your self up." She spun and headed for the exit and the London night. Sandy was only five tears older than Annie, but Annie thought she sounded like her mother sometimes.

The room wasn't very steady when Annie announced to her friends, "got to visit the little girls room." They demanded and got a deep kiss before she was allowed to leave. She felt their hands on her flesh as they stroked her back; thumbs touching her breasts.

The two men watched her make her unsteady way across the room, pressing between men. They saw her buttocks squeezed twice and a hand come up for her nipple to brush across it. They looked at each other, grinned, nodded and toasted each other with their bottled water. 

Annie looked in the vanity mirror after emptying her bladder. Her shoulder length copper hair needed a brush, her mascara was smudged with laughter and her lippy needed a touch up. She was surprised how flushed she looked. Then she saw what Sandy had been banging on about when she told her to cover up. her blouse was undone to below nipple level and gaping. She buttoned it up again, looked at the result, undid a button and giggled.

She ran the gauntlet back to the men to find another drink waiting for her. Latino put his arm around Annie's waist, Annie put hers around Blondie leaning against him. He seemed quite sober. Annie gulped at her drink.

"Tell you what Annie," said Blondie, "why don't you drink up and we can go on somewhere where we can dance?"

"I love dancing, I'm in the mood for dancing," was her eager answer.

They squeezed through the throng into the fresh cool night. The men helped her get her jacket on and each received a long kiss for their assistance. With their help she walked a few yards before a taxi was hailed.

She sat between them as the cab pulled away. Blondie's arm whent round her shoulder and he placed a soft lingering kiss on her lips. His hand slipped inside her blouse stroking her nipple. Annie pulled his hand away after a short interval only for Latino to kiss her and fondle her breast in the same manner. She pushed his hand away with a giggle. "You are naughty boys," Annie said. She thought she sounded a little slurred. The taxi was running through a part of London she didn't recognise. 

The two guys kissed her in turn, she felt their hands moving slowly up her thighs, her knees where tightly together. When they reached the bare flesh between stocking tops and panties she grabbed their wrists and giggled, "don't the cabby will see what you are doing.' Blondie's fingers had crept inside her panties and were stroking her pubic hair when the taxi drew up.

Annie was led up a garden path, although the garden had long since disappeared and was covered in concrete with cars parked on it.

She watched in puzzlement as Latino stuck a latch key into a door.

"I thought we were going dancing," mumbled Annie.

"And so we are," replied Blondie. Latin American music filled the room almost immediately and she found she was holding a drink. Annie kick of her shoes, struggled out of her jacket and started to sway with the rhythm. Latino had his hands on her hips swaying with her. She saw Blondie pointing a camcorder at them as her hand went to the back of Latino's head and pulled him down for a kiss. She sucked his tongue into her mouth.

Annie felt her back pushed against the wall as they continued to kiss. A pair of strong hands gripped and squeezed her plump buttocks inside her panties, she broke off the kiss and glanced down puzzled at the charcoal grey skirt that was round her ankles.

"My skirts dropped down, must pull it up, let me pull it up," said Annie.

"You have fabulous legs Annie. You should' t hide them." Blondie was smiling from behind the camera has he spoke.

"Have I really?" said Annie, "Do you really think so?"

She felt her panties pushed down her thighs. She camped her knees together, her hands grabbed the sides and tried to pull them up. She noticed her copper bush needed a trim. "No, you mustn't do that." Annie tried to squirm to one side, Latino's knee went between her legs keeping them open.

She felt Latino's hand stroking her pubic hair, a finger slid into her wet crevice. "I shouldn't be doing this." She gave a little gasp as the pad of his finger touched her clit. "This is wrong, I mustn't." Her back slid down the wall a little and her knees parted. Her mewing increased as Latino's fingers stroked and pleasured her."Oh God! Oh God!." Her hips were moving to meet his hand in time to the rhythm of the music.

"You are nicely wet Annie," commented Latino.

"You mustn't ...say those...things," she gasped, "you mustn't let you touch me." She felt his finger worm into her vagina seeking her 'G' spot.

"You are lovely and tight Annie."

"I can't...I can't." She orgasmed gasping and shaking her head.

When the orgasm had but all subsided, Latino swept her up in his arms and said,"take them off." She saw Blondie remove her panties completely. She was laid on the rug in front of the fire place, her eyes squinted in the glare of the bright ceiling light. Latino pushed her knees apart and signaled Blondie to move in for close up of her vulva. A tear trickled down the side of her face. She felt the buttons of her blouse undone and the panes pulled aside with a murmur of appreciation. The blouse was removed. Annie felt him push against her labi

Latino guided his sheathed cock to her entrance and plunged in up to his balls. Annie gasped and arched her back and shook her head. "God no...dont." Latino's thrusting was powerful and greedy. The jolts made her breasts wobble. The camera had gone in close again.

"God she's tasty," said Blondie,"what's she like?"

"Awesome, fucking awesome. As tight as that school girl we had," Latino gasped. His plundering of her body continued until with gasps and grunts the condom stopped him splattering his seed into her vagina. He kneeled between her legs panting from his efforts.

"Come on, move. It's my turn. take the camera." Blondie had stripped, his condom was in place. Annie looked at his cock through brimming eyes. It was bigger than Latino's and got thicker and thicker as it approached the root. She shook her head again,"no more, no more." His face dipped between her thighs and his tongue licked round the entrance to her vagina. His hands under her buttocks felt her tremble as his tongue slid up her cleft tasting her juices and the jerk of her hips as he reached her clit. His lips, teeth and tongue teased and delighted Annie far more than anyone had done before. She couldn't help responding to the joy she felt, her body betrayed her when her hips bucked at each touch to her ultra sensitive clitoris. She felt a finger enter her vagina and loud squeaks heralded the onset of her orgasm. She ruffled his hair and pressed his face into her labia. Squeaks turned to loud moans as the orgasm flooded in pleasuring her whole being. As the orgasm was subsiding and slowly drifting away she heard a mobile phone ring.

Blondie's fat, purple gland squeezed in. Annie parted her knees further. The penis slowly penetrated her going ever deeper, stretching her, until she was fully plugged. He stayed himself, feeling her soft flesh surrounding his hard. He gasped as he felt Annie grip him and her buttocks lifted of the rug. They smiled at each other.

Blondie started to fuck her, using the full length of his shaft. Her hips were moving to meet him. He heard her whimper as his shaft made contact with her clit. She was mewing with every deep thrust. She started to shudder. Her eyes opened suddenly as if surprised.

" it to me...harder...harder."

Blondie pushed himself up locking his arms straight and rammed himself into her brutally, his back flexing as he put all the power in his loins into the in-driving.

"Christ she's hot. We've hit the jackpot with her." said Latino peering through the view finder.

Annie's orgasm crashed in more powerful than she had ever experienced, lifting her to new heights of bliss. Blondie pounded on, drawing in great gasps of breath as he did his considerable best for her. Annie wept with joy as her massive orgasm continued. Her legs were shaking and her spine soaked up the jolting thrusts. Her hands gripped the rug to stop herself being pushed back. A door bell rang, ding dong.

Blondie gritted his teeth, the tendons on his neck stood out like ropes as the stirring in his balls generated harder and faster slamming. He felt the ultimate bliss of his cum rushing through his shaft as spurt after spurt jetted into the condom.

Annie rolled onto her face, legs slightly apart, arms above her head. The fibres' of the rug tickled her. She wallowed in the afterglow of her orgasm breathing deeply. A pair of hands started to kneaded her shoulders then worked their way down her back squeezing her buttocks. Annie gave a little sigh of contentment. The hands rolled her over on to her front in the full glare of the central light making her squint again.

Hands caressed her firm, swollen breasts, rolling and gently squeezing the hard nipples. A pair of legs moved between her damp inner thighs. "No more," she pleaded softly. It had been the first time she had been penetrated by two men in one night; or was it morning. She opened her eyes slowly and saw the white teeth and the whites of a pair of eyes set in a face the colour of bitter chocolate. Dread locks hung down. He was naked. "Who are you," asked the puzzled Annie.

"I'm the next door neighbour, came to complain about the noise. I'm glad I did, wouldn't want to pass up a chance of having a piece of you gorgeous."

There was something familiar about him. Annie looked down at his manhood. and was startled ar what she saw. It was impossibly huge and sticking out to her naval, rampant and ready. Circumcised and thick veined with a pair of balls that looked tiny by comparison. "No, I can't," Annie protested as his blck fingers wrapped around himself and guided himself to her pussy. He rubbed the huge purple gland in her crevice lubricating his knob with her plentiful juices. "You're too big, I can't, please."

"You all say that, but you all manage it." 

Annie tried to sit up but was pushed back with ease. She felt the monster at her door. "No, no, I have to go." Annie screwed up her eyes against the light and the mounting pressure. She widen her legs to the maximum and drew her knees further back She heard somebody say, 'Jesus just look at that.' The camera was close to the action again, capturing the struggle for entry. She felt herself breached just as the exquisite stretching was becoming too uncomfortable.

His thick black shaft went deep nudging her cervix. The stud altered his position by planting his feet flat on the rug, bending her body back so her pussy pointed at the ceiling. In that manner they enjoyed each other. His thrusts were long and slow. Annie held her legs behind her knees and watched the pink inner lips of her vulva being drawn in by the friction. and pulled out on withdrawal. She was able to move her hips a little in unison with him. his fat knob came up against her pelvic bone, a bit like getting your head stuck in railings. he wouldn't be able to get it out until he was limp. She wondered why she had enjoyed Blondie more. She orgasmed twice before the studs gasps and change of tempo indicated his own climax.

"On your hands and knees Annie," ordered Latino, "Let's se how good it is in a different position." Annie complied without a murmur. And felt Latino plunge in to his balls. A fast and brutal fucking was delivered that made her tits wobble. Blondie offered his cock to her mouth which she sucked on greedily until Latino had finished with her. Two cocks at once, another first for Annie.

Blondie moved behind her. Again he seemed to be special to Annie, lifting her senses almost to a spiritual level. The big black weapon was pushed into her mouth when she would rather have concentrated on Blondie and joined in too please him. She was feeling sick and fought back the vomit.

The stud moved round behind her. "There's no condoms left," she heard Blondie say.

"I'll take the chance for this little beauty," was the studs reply. Once again Annie felt the exquisite discomfort of the black stud mounting her. But this time it was naked hard flesh caressing her own soft wetness. She watched the action between her legs of his glistening cock doing it's work.

Annie came round looking at an unfamiliar ceiling. The memories came flooding back. She sat up quickly, her head thumping and feeling nauseous. She was sitting on a strange bed, the soft snoring was Latino asleep next to her. She glanced at her watch, nearly two. The only light in the room came from the door leading to a landing, at least it wasn't two in the afternoon. She slipped carefully out of the bed and opened another door, she sighed with relief, it was an en suite.

Annie threw up in the bowl as quietly as possible and emptied her bladder. There was dried sperm on the tops of her ruined stockings. She looked in the mirror and was shocked at he sight. smeared lipstick, mascara streaked and her hair was a mess. She wet a towel and cleaned her face up as best she could. She left the en suite and headed for the landing.

There were no squeaky treads as she crept down stairs. The lounge door was open, the room in darkness as she peered in. Blondie was stretched out on the sofa and the black guy asleep in an armchair his legs out. The camera was on a tripod pointing at a table. Five knotted condoms were lying in the fire place. Annie spotted her skirt and blouse and put them on, the rustling sounded deafening to her. Her bra she stuffed in her bag, her jacket was still on the floor where she had dropped it with her shoes. She studied the black guy as she got dressed; it worried her; she had met him somewhere before. There was no sign of her panties, she would have to leave without them. She turned unsteadily to the door and caught sight of the camera. She removed the recording and stuck it in her bag.

Jenny opened the front door, the chill air feeling refreshing, she pulled the door to without engaging the noisy latch. She tottered down the path to the road looking up and down wondering which way to go. The road junction to her left seemed the busiest and the most likely to produce a cab. She staggered along hanging on to railings and shrubs until she reached the corner and glanced both ways. She nearly wept with relief when she saw the illuminated light of an underground station. Clapham South, she was south of the Thames but she could get home without a change. She was uneasy as the train jolted her to safety. It wasn't just the black stud, she was missing something other than her knickers. She relived the parts she had enjoyed which was most of it. The only real tinge of guilt had been when Latino had said, 'she may be a slut, but I envy her boyfriend having this darling on demand.'

Annie rummaged in her bag as she stood in front of her door and dragged out her keys. A sudden realisation made her rummage again. Her mobile phone was missing. Home numbers, work and friends were all on there and she had left it behind. The implications made Annie feel sick as she crept up her familiar staircase and pass her mother's room. She went straight into the bathroom and the shower and stuffed her tell-tale stockings in her bag and removed her bra and put it in for the wash. She had the water as hot as she could bear it, washing sperm off her body, her anus felt sore and there were vivid bruises on her inner thighs. She tried to scrub her sins away.

Annie towelled her self down roughly and, gathering up her clothes walk naked into her bedroom without turning on the light. She placed her bag on the bedside cabinet and slipped into bed. She snuggled up to her warm husband who grunted but continued to sleep. He was kind, warm hearted and wonderful. He had made the last five months the happiest of her life. She was still a bride, How could I do that to him', thought Annie, a tear trickled from her eyes. She suddenly remembered her wedding ring and finding it in her bag slipped it on without disturbing Grant. Her sleep didn't arrive quickly despite of her tiredness. The face and huge penis of the black guy swam through her brain.

Chapter 2.

Annie felt a hand shaking her shoulder, then she smelt coffee. "Wakey, wakey sleepy head," said Grant. She blinked her eyes open.

"What time is it darling?" She asked sitting up, the duvet falling away from her breasts.

"Nearly ten thirty." He replied with his lop-sided grin. He put a mug of coffee on the cabinet next to her bag, a hand stroked her breast once. Annie's memories hit her like a car crash. She felt the colour rush to her face. Grant mistook it for her reaction to his untypical intimate touch. "Mum's got your toast on." Annie's mother had sold her house in North London for a ridiculous profit and was waiting for the completion on the purchase of a bungalow on the Essex coast. She would be moving soon after Easter. Grant strolled out of the sunlight room.

Annie sipped her coffee, her head thumping. Her thoughts kept returning to her night with the three strangers. She didn't know a single name. Grant was not a demanding lover, truth be told he wasn't very good; not like Blondie. Had he been it wouldn't have happened. Annie had convinced herself that most of it was his fault. She would bluff it out if anybody asked questions.

Annie swung her legs out of the bed and groaned when she saw the bruising on her inner thighs. A pair of jeans would hide those. She was slipping a T shirt over her head when she remembered she had left her mobile phone behind. At the same moment a telephone rang down stairs. Annie froze, straining her ears in vain. She heard the phone replaced and Grant walking back up the stairs.

"That was...are you ok Annie? When I left you you were all pink, now you are quite pale."

"Got a hangover."

"Serves you right. That was Sandy on the phone. She's popping over to have a word so shake a leg."

Sandy, Grant's elder sister. She was the one who enticed Annie out for a drink last night, so it was partly he fault as well. Annie wondered if she should confess to some naughtiness before she got here. Sandy had no knowledge of the full extent of her depravity. Annie didn't know herself having passed out. She knew that they had continued to use her body for their pleasure while she was unconscious. There was no way that Grant must hear the full story, not in this lifetime. He didn't deserve that.

Annie walked into the kitchen where her mother had cereals and toast waiting. Annie had to admit the house and never been so well ordered and clean as it had been in the short time her mum had lived with them.

"Good morning Annie," she said, "where are your knickers?" Annie's mum didn't mince words.

"What are you talking about?" Annie glanced quickly around, Grant was in his beloved garden. The guilty reaction to the question didn't go unnoticed by her mum.

A suspicious look crossed her mother's face. "I've got the washing machine on, your undies are matching sets, I have your bra but you are short one pair of knickers, what have you done with them?"

Annie's brain tried to work but to no avail. her hands shook. She could not recall one instance when she had ever fooled her mother.

"Oh God Annie! What the hell have you done?"

Annie looked at her mother with pleading eyes, "please mum, leave it alone. Please"

Her mother looked shocked as the extent of her daughters behaviour dawned on her, "That explains you creeping in here a three in the morning and spending so long in the shower. Washing off his after shave and...and stuff."

"Don't say anything to Grant mum, he dosen't deserve that. Please mum."

Her mum fidgeted before replying, "I'll say nothing for Grant's sake, but I will not lie for you. If the balloon goes up, you are on your own." She paused, "how much is Sandra involved in this. Is that why she's on the way over?"

Annie shook her head, "I've no idea why she's coming over, we went our separate ways early in the evening."

Her mum sat at the table opposite Annie, her hands clasped. "Sensible girl that Sandy. You don't get to be a detective in the Met police without having your head screwed on right. But how she could leave you with a man at your age, you're only twenty. how drunk were you?"

"Sandy tried to drag me away but I wouldn't go. As for being drunk, very. I passed out at one point." Grant was wandering around the garden, he would be busy over Easter. "I am twenty-one tomorrow and I work for the Met myself."

"You are an office clerk. You passed out in a pub? Grant is sure to hear about that. What came over you Annie? You hardly ever drink."

"I didn't pass out in a pub." Annie wished she could bite her tongue off; the same tongue that had been licking strangers cocks.

"It must have been somewhere. He could have done anything to you." The disappointment on her face was hard for Annie to take. Grant's would be worse. "What's his name? Where does he live?"

Tell the truth and shame the devil, "I've no idea what his name is, I have some idea where he lives." Annie's voice was very quite. She took a couple of Paracetamol. Her mother's hand had gone to her mouth in disbelief. The door bell chimed, thank God. Annie went to answer it.

"We should have a talk," hissed Sandy, on the door step.

"Not here Sandy, please. I'm in the shit."

Sandy greeted Annie's mum and knocked on the window and waved to her brother. he entered the kitchen and touched cheeks with his sister.

"Did you girls have a good time last night?" They both nodded in unison. "What time did you get in, must have been late?"

"Sorry about that darling, celebrating my birthday," replied Annie, "must have been about one," she saw a flicker in his eyes, "or maybe later, I not really sure," she hastily added. Her mum shot a look at her and pretended to be busy at the sink. Grant's eyes flicked from Annie to his sister. There was an awkward silence.

"So what brings you round here Sandy?" asked the mum breezily.

"I...I'm thinking of doing some redecorating in my flat, and wanted to pick Annie's brains. Would you mind if I dragged her back to my place? I'll give her some lunch."

"No go ahead, have fun." Grant looked Annie steadily in the eye.

When the roads are quite it takes twenty minutes to get to Sandy's. There was little said except for one question from Sandy, "what time did you get in?"

"About three in the morning."


"Mum knows but Grant dosen't."

"Grant is suspicious, that's obvious."

Sandy made coffee and sat opposite her sister-in-law. "I'll start and tell you what I know then you can fill in the blanks," Sandy paused,"I saw you knocking back doubles of vodka like tap water and you were behaving like a slut. I saw you take off your wedding ring, a clear message that you want to get laid. You were snogging at least two men, one of whom you allowed to remove your bra and feel your tits. Those same tits were on display for anybody who cared to look, and plenty did, including your work colleagues. You refused to join us for a meal, and when I got back you had disappeared. I rang your mobile but a man answered, there was tango music in the background. I rang again and again but it was switched off until nine this morning when a man answered again. I didn't know if you had got home or not. That's about it. So what's the story of the six hours from nine to three? And make it the truth. I am not Grant. I have been trained to spot a lie."

Annie was aware that Sandy wasn't very loyal to her brother and decided to tell her the whole sordid truth. She recounted the groping in the taxi, being repeatedly fucked by the two men and a third black guy who had joined them, mostly without a condom. Sandy groaned at that. Annie admitted enjoying the attention and to joining in. She told Sandy off her suspicion she may have been sodomised while she was unconscious, and that they had been videoing her. Sandy's hand went to her mouth at that, she shook her head. Annie went on to relate how she got out of there having to leave her knickers and mobile phone behind. She told Sandy that her mother knew she had been adulterous but not to what extent.

A tear trickled down Annie's face,"what can I do Sandy? I wish I could turn the clock back."

"Well you can't turn it back and Grant is already suspicious. If there's a bloody video out there you will have to tell him everything; you've no choice.

"No wait! I nicked the recording when I sneaked out." Annie opened her bag, her ruined stockings were on top. "Get rid of these Sandy please."

Sandy held them up between thumb and finger, looking at them with distaste. There was holes and ladders from top to toe. She examined the tops. "Is this what I think it is, dried cum?" Annie nodded. "I hope my garbage collectors don't think I've been wearing these."

Annie removed the disc and she suddenly remembered. Sandy saw the look on her face.

"What's wrong?"

"I thought I recognised that black guy, I've just remembered where I have seen him."

"I hope he didn't recognise you."

"No chance; I've never met him before last night. But you've seen him too."

"You'll have to explain that, Annie."

"Do you remember, about nine or ten months ago, you and others raided a suspected pedophile' s place and brought away some videos?"

"Yes, but we found nothing. There was only one home movie and that was straight." Sandy's jaw dropped, "you don't mean that black stud he hired because it was his wife's birthday and she fancied some black cock?"

"Yes it was him, he has dreadlocks now, but it was him."

Sandy looked at her opened mouthed, "but the reason the whole station watched it, including you, was because we couldn't believe his dick was real, it had to be a fake."

"Well it wasn't fake. It was the real thing alright."

"Good God, and you took it? You were actually fucked by that monster...over and over." Annie nodded. "You must be built like a cow." Sandy gave a little smile, "What was it like?"

Annie giggled, "Different, some pain, but enjoyable in a way. the best was the blonde guy."

Sandra pointed at the disc, "should we watch it?"

"I don't know about that. I've told you everything I can remember. this is deeply personal. hearing about my sins is one thing, watching me and listening to me begging for it is a different matter entirely." Annie wanted to watch it.

Sandy thought for a moment,"you know, that disc might be part two. It might have been replaced if one run out. You will have to know before you decide how much to tell Grant."

"That's true." The possibility of a second recording hadn't occurred to Annie. "But I could watch it on my own."

"Don't be wicked, let's have a deco." Sandy had the grace to blush as she spoke, "You are not the only one who's done it with an audience." Annie raised a quizzical eyebrow and cocked her head to one side. "Oh alright," Sandy said, "it was about seven years ago. I was home from police collage and I had the house too myself, or so I thought. I was on the carpet with my lusty boyfriend of the time. I could see the door but he couldn't. He had his face between my thighs giving me some tongue when I saw the door slowly opening. I was getting ready to scream when Grant's head appeared. I was so relieved it wasn't our parents. I signaled him to keep quite. he nodded. I expected him to clear off but he stayed there, watching. I secretly waved him away but he just shook his head and remained. He watched us through all the oral and fucking. I was so turned on with it all, I had some great orgasms. When I had a go at him about it he just shrugged his shoulders and more or less told me I had enjoyed being watched and he would be happy to help me out anytime."

"And did he?"  

"Of course not." Sandy giggled, "he asked often enough, and I was tempted. I made plenty of noise when I knew he was outside my door listening. On one occasion he had left his spunk on the carpet." She was quite for a moment, "what about the video?"

Ok! But remember I was rat-arsed at the time and not responsible for my actions."

Sandy jumped up gleefully and head for her spare bedroom and her computer station. They pulled up chairs and Sandy booted up. Images of flashes appeared on the screen  before the first pictures of Annie. She breathed a sigh of relief. "This was right at the start, in fact I didn't know they had started this early."

Annie had her back to the wall, a drink in one hand and a spliff in the other. She seemed to be eating Latino's face with greedy kisses. Latino's hands were round her waist as her skirt dropped round her ankles. her blouse was unbuttoned, her tits on view, proud and magnificent. Annie covered her face as Latino's hand went to her pussy and she bent her knees thrusting herself and orgasming.

"One things for sure Annie, you can't cry rape," said Sandy, without taking her eyes off the screen.

The camera recorded Annie's skirt and panties being removed as Latino carried her to the rug. The images swirled and she was on her back, legs wide apart and pink cleft glistening with moisture. Annie held her arms out as Latino undressed himself. "Tasty cock," commented Sandy as his boxers came down.

The microphone picked up every little noise. You could hear Latino fitting a condom as the camera had gone in close to the wet vulva. Annie's voice gasped, 'I musn't do this,' at the same time as her knees went further back and spread wider. She was shaking her head and mewing, 'I can't, I can't,' while her hips, in contradiction,  were moving to meet his hard, deep thrusts. Annie covered her face again as she heard her squeals and screams of bliss. A door bell sounded from the screen.

"You definitely can't cry 'rape', but he might be able too," remarked Sandy, her voice was a little husky. Sandy was surprised at the intensity of emotion that leaped out of the screen when Annie was being shafted by Blondie. "You two are making love," she announced.

"He was a bit special Sandy, how can men feel so different?"

Sandra gasped as she saw Dreadlock's monster cock. "Jesus Christ! Did you really take that? Did you really get fucked by that?"

"Wait and see."

They watched Dreadlock as he lapped in Annie's wet cleft. Sandy winced at the close up view of the black cock squeezing it's difficult way into the tight Annie and the sucking, squelching noises as he thrust deep into her. They heard Annie's appreciative noises. Each man took her doggie style with a cock in her mouth at the same time. Dreadlock wore no condom for his turn. They saw Annie pass out.

"I don't know much about what happened from now on," stated Annie.

She was picked up like a rag doll and placed face down on a table. Latino appeared with a tube of gel and pushed a coated finger into Annie's relaxed anus, then he used two fingers before coating his penis. The girls watched him sodomising Annie. Blondie was next up, Latono's sperm was dripping down Annie's thigh onto her ruined stocking tops as he thrust into her. Dreadlocks couldn't get his in so he rammed his prick into her vagina with frustration and anger.

The men disappeared, the camera on a tripod with the prone body of Annie centre screen. Sandy fast forwarded until they reappeared holding mugs of tea or coffee. They set the empty cups down and took it in turns enjoying her pussy again. Annie was picked up and taken out of view, the camera being left behind. Sandy fast forwarded again to the end of the disk without any signs of life.

"They must have carried me too the bedroom, God knows what they did to me up there."

"Strewth Annie!" said Sandy. "Twelve times in one hole or the other. They are animals to do what they did while you were unconscious."

"They hadn't finished with me, there was a puddle of spunk on the duvet."

The girls were silent for a moment until Sandy ejected the disc. "How much are you going to tell Grant about this?" she said holding up the disc.

Annie looked at her in surprise, "how can I tell him anything? There's no need to hurt him."

"He already knows you lied about the time you got home. He may have sat up until two or later waiting for you to get in."

"God! What a mess Sandy. What can I do?"

"A married woman wouldn't have to lie about the time she got in unless she was hiding something, and it stands to reason it must have something to do with sex."

"I can't tell him I've strayed already, he'll be so hurt. We've only been married five month." Annie was nearly in tears. She thought for a moment. "I will tell him I meet an old boyfriend, got a little drunk and went outside and indulged in some heavy petting, but that I came too my senses before any fucking took place."

"Get real Annie," said Sandy scornfully, "how does that explain you getting home at three on a Good Friday morning when pubs and clubs have to be shut by midnight."

"Help me Sandy," wept Annie, "how can I straighten things out? Grant is going to be furious with me. I don't want to lose him."

"Short answer is you can't. It's just a question of damage limitation. Now listen. I'm a detective trained to spot a lie. all the best liars don't lie, they are just economical with the truth. Be as honest with Grant as you can be. Work out what you do not want him to know and tell him the rest. But one thing is for sure you will have to admit you were adulterous."

"Is there no way I can get off the hook?"

"You could claim your drink was spiked with a date rape drug, that might give you some mitigating circumstances. But you will have to make a decision before I run you home after lunch. All that screwing, did it leave bruises?" Annie nodded. "Let's have a look." Annie dropped her jeans, her inner thighs were a mess. "Jesus Annie. You can't stop Grant seeing those, he will know you have been shafted several times. He's no fool."

"I can't admit to that. That would imply I was enjoying it."

"Of course you were enjoying it. He knows you do. He is your husband and well aware of your sexual appetite. If he catches you out in another lie his imagination will run riot. He might think you have been gang banged be his friends." Sandy was feeling sorry for Annie's predicament but a sudden thought made her feel cold. "You may have to tell him everything, we don't know how deep the shit is you are in."

"What do you mean?"

"They have your mobile. They will have mobiles of their own, all capable of taking photos and videos. You need to know how big a problem you have. No good telling Grant you were screwed all night by one man if there are photos of you with three on the internet."

Annie trembled and felt sick, her life was unravelling. "Use my phone, withhold my number, and ring your mobile," suggested Sandy.

"Good idea Sandy."

"We'll put it on speaker so I can hear too."

"Hello!" It was Blondie, his tone was guarded.

Annie paused before speaking, "I want my phone back."

"Oh! Hi Annie! I was wondering if you would call."

"Hi! Can I have it back please?"

"We could do a swap Annie. You stole a video, a lovely memento of your visit. Have you watched it?"


"I bet it was good, a real turn on." Annie could hear his breathing. Sandy was scribbling on a piece of paper, 'you destroyed it.'

"It was disgusting. The things you did to me when I was unconscious was horrible, so I destroyed it."

"Ho dear Annie. You have nothing to bargain with. Apart from this phone, a dainty pair of knickers and our memories we have nothing to remember you by." Sandy was writing again, 'no more photos,' and she stuck a thumb up.

"Look Annie, I want to play fair by you. Let me have one more go at you and you can have your phone back. Just me; not the others. I want you all to myself so that I can spend the time that a lovely girl like you deserves." Sandy shook her head.

"Annie was tempted, "no chance. You are blackmailing me and blackmailers never let go."

"You enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed you; are you really saying you don't want too?" Annie didn't reply. "There are some interesting numbers on your phone," Blondie continued, "including 'home'. Bank holiday weekend; your husband is probably there."

" Husband; what husband?"

Blondie chuckled, "I saw the wedding ring in your bag when your phone first rang, you were busy with my mate at the time. You got married too young. Is there a baby at home?"

"Please , please don't ring my husband." Annie pleaded. Sandy shook her head violently and scribbled, 'No more information than necessary. Don't beg,' was underlined.

"Ok Annie I have no intentions of getting you into trouble. I have a soft spot for you as well as a hard one."

"Thank you." The relief in Annie's voice was apparent.

"You didn't actually answer me when I asked if you wanted a long slow love making session with wine and music and soft lights."

"I didn't think there was any need."

"Why Annie? Is the answer yes?" Again the chuckle in his voice, and Sandy had an infuriating smirk on her face.

"I don't know your name, but you know mine." Sandy shook her head in disapproval.

"It's Del; short for Derek."

Well Derek, the answer is yes, as you knew it would be." Sandy's face was a picture. "Yes Derek, you were gave me the best fuck I have ever had. Yes Derek, I want to have sex with you over and over again. Sandy's jaw had dropped. "Yes Derek, I want to know you are enjoying me as much as I enjoy you, but no Derek, it can't happen. I'm married to a wonderful man. I have to show him some remnants of faithfulness."

There was a long pause, when he did speak the humor had gone from his voice to be replaced by tenderness. "Ok Annie, you win. Do you want to come round to my place to pick it up?"

"Neutral ground please Del." Annie blushed as she realised her voice had softened to a lover's whisper. She suggested a park about a mile down the road.

"Fine by me Annie; not too far away actually." Annie had assumed he lived south of the Thames. They agreed to do it now. Annie brushed her hair vigorously and started to touch up her make-up.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sandy quired hotly, "your not going out on a date. you are metting a man who took advantage of you when you were pissed."

"Sorry," muttered Annie, "force of habit." They left with Sandy driving.

Annie saw him as soon as the car drew up. He was sat on a bench surrounded by daffodils and tulips. Sandy sat in the car and watched Annie walk away. Blondie gave a bright smile when he saw Annie. Annie trembled and thought if she had meet him at his place she wouldn't have stood a chance.

Derek handed over the phone immediately. "You look a lot better than you have a right too after the amount of booze you poured down your throat last night."

"Yes...well it was out of character; I don't normally drink like that."

"I really am attracted to you. Are you sure there's no way we could get together?" His voice was seductive.

Annie recalled the sensations he had generated with her body. "No sorry! You know I want too, but it's time I grew up and behaved in a responsible manner."

" Ok Annie. But don't grow up too quickly. Just in case you change your mind I've put my number on your phone." Annie gave him a little smile and walked back to the car. She glanced back once; he was still watching her.

Chapter 3

Back at Sandy's flat the girls bustled around getting lunch and sat at a table eating.

"He looks better in the flesh," said Sandy. Annie gave a non-committal grunt. "Did he ask to see you again?" Annie looked Sandy in the eye and nodded. "Are you going too?" Annie shook her head. "You know it makes sense." Sandy chewed her food before speaking again, "have you decided how much of last night's adventure you are going to tell Grant?"

Annie cupped her chin in her hands with her elbows on the table, "I think so. I will tell him I got rat arsed..."

"I can vouch for that," interjected sandy.

"Thank you! I will tell him I went to a stranger's home after you had gone to the Chinese where I had more booze and smoked some grass. I will mention my suspicions of my drink being spiked. Grant will be told that he was all over me in the taxi. When I got to his place we had sex more than once which I enjoyed. I will tell him I passed out and that I believe the stranger had sex with me while I was comotosed. When I came round he was asleep so I crept out and came home, leaving my panties behind. I don't know the strangers name and only have a rough idea where he lives. God it sounds so sordid. What do you think?"

"It was sordid Annie. Sounds very honest! In fact all you've left out is that there was three men, one a black guy hung like a donkey, that you were sodomised, and that it was all videoed. Almost the whole truth."

"How do you think Grant will react?"

"That's difficult. I've lived under the same roof as my brother most of my life and I've never seen him angry. Nothing seems to cause him stress. But this...this is different, you should expect a storm. He may even leave you for a while, but I don't think he will divorce you. Of course he may lash out and get his own back by picking up some woman."

"I'd hold her down if I thought he would think well of me again." Annie recalled their honeymoon. He had asked her about previous boyfriends and her sex life with them. Annie had asked him not to look at her as she recounted her past, starting with her deflowering. She soon realised he was becoming turned on so went into explicit detail, even embellishing her story a bit. After each story he fucked her. He fucked her five times that night. He hadn't performed anywhere near as good since.

Annie was surprised by Sandy's next question, "what's Grant like in bed?"

"He's...ok, very loving."

"But sometimes Annie, a girl dosen't want it lovingly, rough and lustful is nice now and then. I knew Grant was a bit straight laced. Do you have oral sex?"

Annie shook her head, "tried to give him a blowjob once but it's not his thing."

Sandy looked at Annie with her shrewd eyes, "Why did you marry him? There's no way you can be a one-man girl, you will cheat on him again."

Annie shrugged her shoulders, "I love him Sandy, and I always will. I don't know why, but I do. I do look at other men but that's all, until last night that is. Now and again I do feel like a good shag that Grant can't supply, but that's my problem."

Annie reclaimed her stockings from Sandy to illustrate her tale of woe to her husband. Sandy dropped Annie back home and wished her luck.

When Annie got Grant on his own she said, "can we have a private talk?"

Grant looked at her sharply and nodded, "let's take a walk.," he suggested. They strolled to a nearby municipal park, not unlike the one where she had met Derek. They walked in silence among the flower beds until Grant spoke, "where had you been until three in the morning that you needed to lie to me?" His voice was quite and sounded hurt.

"I'm so, so sorry Grant, Annie replied, "I didn't want to hurt you, but I've been a terrible fool."

"Are you going to leave me for him?" The question came out in a choke.

"dear God, no Grant. You will throw me out when I've finished telling you what I've done." His face relaxed. "What on earth made you think I would leave you?"

"I know I'm not God's gift to women, or any great shakes as a lover, but I do love you. I suppose I couldn't really blame you of seeking fulfillment elsewhere. In fact I wouldn't object to you taking lovers as long as you were discrete and didn't get pregnant and that you were honest and told me about them." His matter of fact tone took Annie's breath away. "It is fibs that are unacceptable, that smacks of cheating, " he paused, "was it somebody I know?"

Annie's mind was in a whirl at the things her husband had told her. "No darling, they were complete strangers to me."


'Shit' Annie thought. She decided to then to tell him the absolute truth as they were walking along hand-in-hand, it was Grant who had taken hold of hers. She told him everything, three guys, one a black super stud, sodomy, enjoying being multi fucked, she showed him her stockings, Grant looked excited. She told him Sandy knew everything, she mentioned the video and with a spark of inspiration said, "I think you should watch it Grant."

"Yes we should watch it together." His eyes glinted. Annie remembered Sandy telling her how he had enjoyed watching her having sex, and how turned on he had been when Annie talked him through her previous experiences with other men. Her husband had a kinky side after all.

They watched it together, holding hands on Easter Sunday while her mother was visiting her sister. Grant became quickly aroused. Annie unzipped him and stroked his cock but when he heard her begging for Derek to fuck her hard, Grant laid her on the lounge carpet and brought her to orgasm. When he saw the black monster dogging her, he took her again. He replayed the difficulty she had taking Dreadlocks in. After the sodomy scenes he enjoyed his wife for a third time. After the show they sat back until he simply said, "wow."

"Yes, wow indeed," Annie replied, "now you know the full extent of my dreadful behavior, can you still forgive me?"

He did not reply at once, his expression was a little sad. "You were enjoying yourself so much, I could never supply you with the fun you deserve."

"It was meaningless sex darling. It is different with you. I love you. Having your cock in me is bliss."

"But you are a girl who needs more than one man can deliver, even when the black guy had finished with you, you still wanted more. That's right isn't it?"

"I'm afraid so darling," she said quietly, "I do seem to have a huge appetite. I can't help it, it's the way my brain and body are wired."

"I'm not blaming you sweetheart. You can no more help being sexually voracious than I can help being under sexed. It's just unfortunate that you married somebody so inadequate."

"Inadequate! Inadequate," Annie retorted, "you've just fucked me three times on the trot, that's not inadequate, that's a sex machine."

"Yes I did didn't I." Grant chuckled. "Circumstances where a bit special."

"Grant...darling, am I right in saying that watching me with other men, or describing my sex sessions with other men, turns you on?"

"I think it's self evident, don't you?"

Annie spoke quietly, "when you said you wouldn't object to me having other men; were you serious?"

He studied her face steadily before answering, "Certainly, subject to discretion and the practise of safe sex; and reporting everything back to me."

Annie hesitated before asking the next question, whispering in his ear,"would you like to watch me in the flesh so to speak, being fucked in our home, if I brought a guy back here?"

It was Grant's turn to hesitate, "you know I would. I loved that video. I fantasize about watching you secretly doing it with other men."

"I have a confession of my own, when I saw how much you were enjoying the video of me being gang banged, I got turned on because I had given you something to enjoy."

"We seem to be made for each other," said Grant squeezing her hand.

"If you want," Annie's voice had dropped to a conspiratorial whisper, "I could contact that Derek guy and get him round here to fuck me. You could hide yourself and peek on us."

"I would like that Annie." He laid her on the carpet again. As his cock slid into her he said, "life could get very interesting from now on."  THE END. 














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