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Bride-to-be has one last fling.

The girls were in a man free zone in the large club room: men were not allowed in on hen nights. The crooner and the blue comedian had done their acts and now the male stripper held centre stage. he was blonde and muscular with a six pack and with a tanned body devoid of hair.

Annie and her three companions where sat at a front table not sure if the huge bulge in his posing pouch was genuine. Annie was the bride-to-be, her companions her bride's maids. Annie was tipsy and enjoying herself immensely; it had been a while since she had a night out with the girls.

"I reckon it's eight inch," proclaimed one of the girls.

"Six with a sock stuck in there," replied another.

"You should know," said Sandy,"you're the expert." trills of laughter emanated from the group at the previous speakers ability to keep three boyfriends on the go at the same time. "Using my detective skills, I would estimate nine inch with an erection." Sandy would be Annie's sister-in-law in two days time and was a member of the CID. Annie worked in the same station in a clerical capacity.

"God I've never had nine inch. What do you think Annie?" said the first speaker.

"What's it matter, he's probably gay anyway." More laughter and comments of 'what a waste'.

"Gay or not, he's been eyeing you up girl, and you've been ogling back," accused Sandy.

"Nonsense," lied Annie with a blush.

Rex stood in the spotlight. 'Sexy Rexy' was on the posters outside the Moonlight Rooms, one of his regular venues. He had spotted the girls at the front table and had been making frequent eye contact with the delicious redhead who had the mandatory learner sign on her back. His pulling power was such that he restricted himself to fucking brides only; and that redhead was the bride. It never ceased to amaze him how many brides were willing to spread their legs even if they were the worse for drink.

He scanned the 'Just Married' sections of the local press, scrap booking those he had sampled, adding details of when he had enjoyed them at what positions they preferred. And so many were so young, the redhead looked no more than nineteen. He averaged three brides a week in the Spring glut, but this was late November. It had been over a week now and his balls were complaining.

His act was nearing it's finale. All he wore was his posing pouch and a silk square tied round his neck. Rex used to go down among the crowd and grind his genitals into female faces but they were getting too bold. More than once they had grabbed his tackle and tried to remove his last vestige of modesty. These days he would invite a member of the audience to simulate a blowjob while she was hidden by the neckerchief. If there were no takers his sister would pretend to be a member of the audience.

Rex removed the silk square from his neck to cheers from those who had caught his act before and knew what was coming. He held the corners and draped the square over his pouch. A tiny microphone connected him to the speaker system. He swung the mike down in front of his lips." I need a volunteer...badly, to do me a great favour." his voice was deep and gravely. The crowd hooted and whistled. "Are there any brave girls among you?" More hoots. "It will be our little secret thanks to this large square of silk." Laughter at the absurdity. Rex looked Annie in the eye and winked at her. Other tables craned their necks to see who he chosen. Annie broke eye contact and blushed as her friends nudged her and dared her to join him on stage.

"Go on Annie your only young once," said one of the girls.

"At least you can tell us how big it is," said another.

Annie giggled with her friends and caught Sandy' s eye, she had a small smile on her face.

"Don't you worry about me girl, it's your hen night," she said with a wink, "one last fling before you tie the knot. We are miles away from our usual stamping ground, nobody knows us round here."

The encouragement from her future sister-in-law was all she needed. She stood up, the cheers and clapping bounced of the walls.

Rex looked even more impressive close up with his gym toned body. Annie trembled slightly as she stood in front of him. He was a good foot taller than she was. He seemed to emanate power and sexuality.

He moved the microphone away from his lips, "what's your name gorgeous?"


"Thanks for joining me Annie. When I give the word go down on your knees and I will drape the silk over your head to hide you from the punters. Pull my pouch down and I will step out of them then you hand them up to me. ok so far?" Annie nodded. He had a lovely smile. "Tuck my dick under your chin and pretend to give me a blow job by moving your head backwards and forwards, about a dozen moves should do it. Then pull your head out and stand up and I will drape the silk over my dick to keep within the law and the shows over. ..I would love it if you came back stage afterwards."

Annie blinked in surprise, her jaw dropped open a little.

With cheers from the crowd she slowly sunk to her knees and Rex draped the silk over her glossy copper hair. The cheers rang put again when her hands slid up his legs and her fingers hooked under the sides of the pouch and slowly slid it down. His cock sprang out fully erect. Sandy had got it right, it was at least nine inch and thick with it. She held the pouch up and Rex took it off her. She held his hips and looked at the purple gland of his cock head. She didn't hesitate long, her mouth closed round it. The pulse excited her, she hadn't had a cock in her mouth for nearly two years.

Dear Grant. Her fiance, while loving, kind and gentle, wasn't into oral sex. He was dependable, steady and an average lover. It was Annie who usually initiated their sex sessions. Since their engagement she had cheated on him once. A complete stranger at the wedding of one of Grant's friends.

Rex felt her take in five inches and work her tongue round his sensitive gland while the crown clapped in rhythm chanting 'suck, suck. suck.' He made appropriate noises of bliss into the microphone and informed the audience how good it was. She had gone well past twelve strokes when he simulated and ejaculation.

Annie's red face reappeared and Rex covered his manhood with the silk. He called for and got a bid round of applause for Annie as she made her way back to her seat. Rex bowed to the crown applauded them, whipped of the silk and disappeared into the wings, his weapon bobbing up and down.

"Well?" asked her friends in unison, "how big was it?"

"Sandy was right, it was nine; maybe more."

"Did you really do it?" queried one.

"Do what?"

"You know damn well what. Did you take it in you mouth?"

"Of course not. As if."

Sandy laughed and looked sideways at Annie. "I'm a trained detective Annie and you are the world's worst liar. You did suck on it didn't you?"

Annie hesitated, "I might have done," and blushed crimson.

"Good on yer girl." replied Sandy, now look me in the eye before answering this one, did you make him cum?"

"I was hardly up there long enough for that," retorted Annie. She tried to imagine a penis that size plunging into her softness. Stretching her; hurting her. "My turn to get them in I think. Give me a hand Sandy."

The two girls moved to the bar as a rock band was setting up on stage. Annie placed the order and leaned closer to Sandy. "Guess what Sandy? Sexy Rexy has invited me back stage."

Sandy was silent for a moment while she digested the implications., "are you going?"

"I don't know. What do you think?"

"It's obvious you want to, possibly need to. Are you asking for my blessing?"

"Something like that I suppose." replied Annie, "as you said, 'one last fling before I settle down to years of marriage'."

"Don't lay your guilt on me Annie, but at least you have some. This is your decision." Sandy never understood how a girl with Annie's appetite for sex could get hitched to her straight laced brother. "But if you do I won't say anything to Grant. But if he gets wind of it I won't lie to him either." They looked at each other. "Just one last fling, is that what this shag will be?"


"I'll tell the girls you've gone to the loo and for a bit of fresh air. Make it a quickie."

"Bless you Sandy, you're a star."

Annie knocked timidly on the door, still unsettled by the leering doorman when she had asked him for directions. She had almost turned round and rejoined her friends, but she hadn't had a good ploughing since that wedding, she needed to scratch her itch.

The door was opened by the smiling Rex. Annie stepped in and stood still, an attractive blonde girl, in her twenties was already there. She studied her and gave a low whistle.

"Rex my darling, she's a stunner."

"Annie, let me introduce you to my sister Sue who is about to leave. She is my agent, road manager, accountant and PA. The girls nodded to each other as they passed. Annie saw the family resemblance.

She gave her brother a soft kiss on the lips and said "enjoy" before walking out of the door, which Rex locked behind her.

The blushing Annie looked at Rex who had just got out of the shower, he had a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair was still damp. He took hold of her shoulders and kissed her on the lips.

"Fancy a table ender Annie." She nodded. "Would you prefer to be face up or face down?"

"I don't know." Annie trembled as she answered.

"If you are face up we can look into each others eyes, I can see your pretty face and it will be more romantic, if you are face down it will be more animal and lustful. What kind of mood are you in? You can have both if you want?"

"I want to see you do it to me." Her quiet reply came after a little hesitation. "But I don't have much time, my friends don't know I'm here and I will have to get back."

She saw a flicker of disappointment in his eyes. "I was hoping to make love to you: perhaps another time, another place.

He laid her gently on the table, her buttocks on the edge and her shapely legs hanging over. Annie mewed and held her breath as he slid her panties down and tossed them onto his dressing table.

Rex could only admire the body displayed to his eyes. She had a decent thatch of cooper pubic hair defining her delta, even that looked silky. Her legs were modestly together. Rex couldn't understand this girl. Lots of the brides he entertained were brash and up front, often making the running. This one was no slut, the blowjob had been inexperienced. She was certainly nervous, her breathing had become heavy. He wondered how long it had been since this enigma had felt a man enjoying her body. It fact she and Grant had got it together three days ago, but it had been over a month since he had given her a decent orgasm.

Rex held her thighs just above the knees and encouraged her to part them. As they parted she displayed her offering. Rex groaned. Her labia were plump, her pink petals glistening with her dewiness, her clit was longer than average and then the dark portal to her vagina that promised so much. She was going to be joyfully tight.

Rex wanted to spend lots of time with her, Strip her completely, teasing and lifting her senses to greater and more blissful heights, but she had to get back to her friends. His hands crept down her thighs, his thumbs stroked her labia, they were like the softest of swollen cushions. He heard her soft mews as she responded at his touch. Again he pondered how a girl this beautiful, soon to be married, could be so in need of a man. He opened a drawer of the table and took out a condom.

"Rex?" she looked up at him beneath her lashes.


"Could you ...would you mind...please give me a little lick first?"

He didn't answer her. His fingers stroked the length of her cleft from orifice to clitoris. He varied the pressure and the movement. A finger dipped into her vagina seeking her 'G' spot as his thumb circled round her clit. Her knees lifted higher and parted wider moving her hips against his hand. her movement and squeaks told him of her impending orgasm. So quick! He lowered his face between her legs.

Annie felt his warm breath on her vulva as his thumbs parted her labia wide. She began to pant as his tongue invaded her must private of places, tasting her juice. At last her favourite moments a mans tongue delighting her. She felt his tongue wiggle inside her, his lips crushed against her softness. His nose rubbed her clit as the broad tongue slid up her cleft. She shuddered as she anticipated the contact, she knew she was about to erupt. Rex reached his target and flicked at her clit. Annie's hands gripped behind her thighs. She gasped his name over and over as her orgasm broke. He sucked her clit between his lips and nibbled. Her back came of the table and her head went back, her copper tresses swinging, eyes screw shut in bliss. Rex brought her back to normality making her pleasure last as long as possible. Annie's back returned to the table, she panted and enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasm.

Annie felt something nudge the entrance to her pussy. She opened her eyes and saw his fat, condomed cock head quivering, demanding access. She pushed herself up on her elbows and rolled her hips back for a better view. Rex started to squeeze into her, expanding her hungry opening. Annie give a little groan as she was stretched more than she had ever been before, her legs parted further to accommodate him. She felt a small exquisite pain as she was breached and the shaft disappeared inside her, the big purple knob stroking her 'G' spot as it buried in, picking up her lubricating fluid. Annie was fully plugged, their pubic hair mingled. She flexed her pelvic muscles feeling the full length of him before the shaft withdrew. The terrific throb of his pulse vibrated the walls of her honey-pot deliciously.

The rock band were starting their first number. She hated the condom, she wanted to feel his rock hard flesh in direct contact with her softness.

Rex started to withdraw slowly, feeling her gripping him as if she was reluctant to part with it. Her hips lowered pressing down on him so the shaft stroked her clit with more firmness, it increased his pleasure. Her hips rose as the shaft re-penetrated ensuring his knob stroked her 'G' spot. He set up a steady, sensual thrusting into her wetness, watching his own cock disappear and re-appear, hearing faint squelching noises and her loud mewing. Annie felt a little guilt as she saw a flash of light from her engagement ring but it was soon dispelled with the onset of another orgasm. It grew and grew.

Annie saw her moisture on Rex's nose mouth and chin. The sight was to much and drove her over the top.

"Harder Rex," she screamed her demands, " Please, much harder... hurt me."

The powerful loins of Rex pounded his rod into her. Annie's hips thrashed up and down trying to defeat biology and take him in deeper. gasping, "Rex...Rex...Rexy. God! I love it Rex." She was weeping with the ecstasy. Annie slowly subsided to quite passiveness, Rex continued his brutal plunging.

He lift one of her legs over his shoulder making her lay on her side. Her other leg dangled between his. He gripped her thigh and continued to give enjoyment and to enjoy. The difference in position produced a different angle of attack and Annie was soon on the boil again. She liked to feel sperm splatter her insides and know a man had enjoyed her to the full. her orgasm flooded in.

"Now Rex, do it now." It was more of a plea rather than a demand.

Rex became tense, his head went back, he gritted his teeth and tendons stuck out on his neck as his balls blasted their fruit into their condom.

Both were panting and glowing with sweat as his defeated cock softened and slid out.

Annie was the first to move. "I'm sorry I must get back." Rex helped her off the table, her legs felt weak. "Where are my panties?" she asked looking around her. She noticed a pool of moisture on the edge of the table that she had released. He still wore the condom, It contained a lot of stuff.

Rex held her panties up, "I would like to hang on to them for a souvenir Annie."

She smiled and nodded. Then a twinge of jealousy as she realised how often he must do this, just another pair of knickers to adorn his bedroom wall. She still raised her face for a farewell kiss. "Thank you Rex," she said, "I needed that."

He went to his jacket and took out a card and handed it to her, "my private address and phone numbers." She looked at it unsure for sometime before slipping it into her clasp bag.

Rex watched her walk unsteadily to the door. She was pink with orgasmic flush. If she thought her friends wouldn't realise what she had been doing, she was in for an embarrassing surprise. He unlocked the door and Annie walked through to find his sister leaning back against the wall. She pushed herself off.

Sue smiled at her," Aren't we the noisy one. I can take it as read you enjoyed my brother." a wicked smile spread across her face, "harder Rex...please much harder...hurt me," she mimicked.

"That's enough Sue. She's a special person." Rex sounded annoyed.

Annie felt on top of the world if a little sore as she headed for the powder room. Sue had threaten to knock the gloss of her enjoyment but Rex's remark had lifted her self esteem to a new high.

She looked in the mirror and was astonished at her pinkness. She splashed cold water on her face and dried off with a paper towel. A quick brush of her hair and a touch up with lippy was all that was needed before she headed back with some trepidation to face her companions.

"Is it freezing outside?" asked one of the girls.

"No of course not. Why?"

"You're sooo pink. You look as if you've been standing in a Siberian wind. Annie didn't reply, she sat there looking uncomfortable. "Ooooh myyyyy Gooooood, you've pulled haven't you?"

"No, of course not."

"Annie my darling, I've already told you what a lousy liar you are," said Sandy, "you may as well admit it, it is pretty obvious what you've been doing."

"Who was he?" her friends were excited, "do we know him? what was he like? how big was it?"

Annie made no reply she sat there turning beetroot sipping her vodka. She squirmed in her seat, She could still feel him inside her, he wasn't moving, just enjoying the feel of her flesh wrapped round him.

"Don't press her ladies," said Sandy, " leave her some private memories,"

Annie was grateful to Sandy for that, but she had to give each girl a high five thereby admitting to her exploits.

Sandy leaned over and whispered in her ear, "I, on the other hand, will expect the full story when we are on our own. You will have to relive every little detail. Don't think about leaving anything out because I will know if you do." Annie smiled and nodded.

There had been no need to restrict herself to a 'quickie' after all, she could still be spread out on the table having Rex.

She thought about the card in her clasp bag.




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