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Another Good Hard Lesson

Alex and Antony have another afterschool session, but they're not alone this time...
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You can do this… You can do this…You can do this…

Teacher, Antony Collins had been thinking this all day, over and over again as he prepared for his English class later that afternoon with the sixth formers. With Alex. Unbidden, the memories of what they’d done a couple of days before came flooding back to him yet again, her soft, pert breasts under his hands, her wicked mouth around his cock, her tight pussy gushing cum all over him….

The sharp ring of the bell brought him back to reality and he groaned as he realised the time had come, and he was already sporting a massive hard on just from the memory. He went and sat down at his desk, crossing his legs as the girls filed in, he let his eyes flick to the back row and tried not to be disappointed when he saw Alex’s seat vacant, his cock began to shrink. With a sigh he got up and started the lesson; they were still covering Romeo and Juliet, the death scene.

As Antony turned to tell the class what page to turn to the door banged open and in she walked, hips swaying, shirt unbuttoned and looking as sexy as he remembered.

“Sorry I’m late, sir.” She purred, looking him dead in the eyes and he felt his cock twitch. Unlike last time, however, he was a bit more prepared for her sultry ways and met her gaze, although not as confidently.

“Miss Archer, you know this is not acceptable and you have now disrupted my class. Please just go and take your seat.” He pointed to the back of the classroom, puffing out his chest a little bit and he saw her greedy eyes flick up and down his body.

“Whatever you say sir, as always.” She said and walked past him, purposefully brushing her arm over his legs and giving a little smirk as she felt the hard on form instantly. She walked to her seat without looking back and set down. Antony’s eyes glued to her tight little ass all the way until it sat down. She crossed her legs at her ankle but left her thighs open a little. Antony had no choice but to turn round and face the board to hide his already straining at the zipper erection, he let out a hiss of frustration and wrote down some quotes from the scene while the class casually chatted behind him. Once he’d calmed his breathing he turned round and slouched a bit to make his trousers relax a bit.

“So turn to page 365 and we shall continue from last lesson.” He said looking right at Alex who smiled her wicked grin and opened her book and leaned back in her chair so that her breasts were straining against the few buttons that restrained them. He could see the glimpse of purple lace this time and he bit his lip a little to conceal a smile, this was kind of fun now and he already had reason to keep her behind again.

But does she want to again? A little voice piped up in his head and he looked at her again and with no subtlety at all, she ran her tongue over her top lip instantly pushing away any doubt and causing him to shift a little to try and stop his hard cock from exploding out his pants.

The lesson continued as usual, with the girls paying hardly any attention, not that Antony was really caring, his mind was exploring what he could do to Alex and her purple panties. Every time he looked at her she’d do something to keep his enthusiasm going, she’d run a long finger down her shirt, push her chest forward or begin sucking on the end of her pen suggestively. He liked it when she did that and was going to make her suck his cock like that until he filled her sinful little mouth with cum.

The bell went and everyone got up to leave, except Alex.

“Are you coming?” Antony heard one of her friends ask.

“Not yet.” Alex’s sultry reply was calm and Antony tried not to laugh. “I think Mr Collins has a few things to say to me about my tardiness. I’ll meet you in the library later.” As he heard Alex’s little friend run out and the door close, Antony turned to face his naughty little school girl and was pleased to see she’d already undone her shirt and was sitting, legs open.

“So sir, what do you have for me today?” She asked, grinning wickedly and without hesitation Antony strode across the classroom and covered her mouth with his, sliding his hand up her legs to remove her pants.

Except the weren’t there and his hand came into contact with her pussy, already wet and ready for him. He smiled and without waiting for her to comment slid two fingers inside her and instantly felt her buck against them.

“Couldn’t wait to get back in there.” She said, pulling her mouth away from his, her breath already short as his expert fingers caressed inside her.

“Well you weren’t wearing anything to try and stop me Miss Archer, that was a very bad move indeed.” He growled, using his spare arm to hold her hard against him as he kissed and sucked her long pale neck while she writhed against him in pleasure. She moaned in his ear loudly, her breathing got shorter and he knew she was close so his fingers got faster and harder until he felt her gushing all over his fingers.

“Now that was a bad move, sir.” She said, looking slightly flushed but her eyes still glinting.

“Oh, I’m not done with you yet.” He said, releasing her and stepping back to undo his trousers and pushing them to the ground, taking his black boxers with them. Alex laid back on the desk and opened her legs a little, he could see her juices still coming out of her and it took all his control not to shove his hard cock inside her. “I’m afraid you need to give me some oral practice first,” he said rubbing the head of his hard penis, “that smart little mouth of yours needs to have a lesson as well.”

Alex smiled, hopped off the desk and knelt in front of him, never taking her eyes off his once.

“If you say so sir.” She said kissing the end of his cock and without hesitation took him all inside her mouth, causing him to gasp out loud. She worked the shaft hard up and down stopping occasionally to twirl her tongue round the head and be rewarded with the salty taste of his pre cum. His breathing was getting harder and Alex knew she was driving him crazy so she began to slow down her strokes but kept running her tongue along the wet, hard, throbbing cock.

Antony reached down and grabbed her hair to stop her, and pulled her up so he could look her in the eye.

“Bend over the desk” Was all he said hoarsely and he turned her round till she was bent forward, he lifted up her skirt, slowly, teasing the inside of her thighs as he did, feeling the cum dripping down her legs. “Oh, you want this don’t you, baby?” He said wickedly and once again put two fingers inside her causing her to moan loudly.

He placed himself behind her and bent over her so he could whisper in her ear, “I am going to make you cum hard and fast before I fill you with mine.” Her hips moved backwards so that his head was at the entrance to her wet vagina and he knew she was ready for him. Staying bent over her he guided himself into her, god it felt so much better and tighter than he remembered. Slowly he eased the rest of him into her, feeling every inch of her stretch to accommodate him, her low moans letting him know how good it felt to her too.

He started to slowly move in and out of her, using on of his hands to tease her clit and drive her insane, he picked up speed quickly though as he knew he couldn’t last much longer after the way she’d sucked him. He got harder and faster, moving in and out of her with the sounds of their moans and bodies slapping together filling the room. And with one large scream, he felt her cum and orgasm all around his cock. He didn’t stop. He kept pounding inside her tight wet pussy until at last, the release he’d been waiting for hit him and his cum flooded inside her and he collapsed on to her back, with both of them breathing hard.

After a few minutes he eased himself out of her and quickly pulled up his trousers as she rolled onto her back and stood up, her face was red and beaded with sweat and his cum was dripping down her legs. As they looked into each other’s eyes panting after their passionate exercise, Alex looked away and Antony saw her eyes widen. As he turned around he saw her friend standing there, open mouthed staring at them with disgust.

Before he could say anything she ran out the room, he looked to Alex with panic in his eyes yet she seemed calm. Standing up and calmly doing up her school shirt she smiled at him, “Don’t worry,” she purred, “I know exactly how to deal with her.” And without saying another word she walked past him and left the room to deal with her jealous little friend.

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