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Another holiday alone

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Lone travellers tale
The first thing she noticed when she arrived at the hotel, was how incredibly handsome all the waiters were! Not an unattractive one in sight! This could only make for a happy holiday she was thinking!!

She was a very experienced lone traveller and had been holidaying alone now for years. Nearly every holiday routine was the same. Find herself a nice quiet hotel, beautiful location and secret secluded part of the beach.

She would rise early, take a long cool shower, attend to her personal grooming, apply her sun tan lotion, then dress appropriately for breakfast and head for the beach. Once there, she would put down her extra large beach towel, take off her outer garments, remove her skimpy bikini and sunbathe naked for the rest of the day. She didn't bother too much about eating when she was there, but always made sure she had plenty of fluids.

Day seven of her holiday already and there were no guests at the singles-only hotel who had caught her eye, that was until today! He sat far away from her, in the corner of the dining room, directly opposite to her. She was trying hard to catch his eye, but to no avail. He was oblivious to her attempts to catch his attention, that was until she stood next to him and asked if she could join him for breakfast. He looked up from his newspaper and gestured for her to accompany him. She was delighted, thinking that she might, just might, be able to lure him away with her, to her secluded part of the beach.

They enjoyed breakfast together, exchanging several holidaying tales which made them both laugh out loud on numerous occasions. They were not aware of the fact that most of the breakfast guests were all glancing their way. Once breakfast was finished, she asked him if he would like to join her for the day. He had nothing specific planned for the rest of his day, so he agreed. They both set off on the half-hour trek to her secret spot on the beach.

Once they arrived at the spot, they quickly lay down naked on their beach towels, happy at last to be alone. They continued exchanging their excursion tales when suddenly he leaned over and gently stroked her left nipple, then the rest of her ample breast. He did the same to her right breast, leaving her feeling that she should now do something in return.

She started to kiss him gently on the lips at first, then slowly headed down to his now large and erect penis.When she looked at it, she knew she would not be able to take all of him into her mouth. With one hand, she started to move up and down on his swollen member. This pleased him with every stroke she made. She lowered her head over it and hovered for a minute, taking in its beauty. Then she had him in her mouth enjoying every single second of it, hoping it would be a while before he came. Her prayers were answered and when he did eventually come, she swallowed every single drop. She moved her mouth, letting him drop from it and then took a drink of her bottled water.

It was now his turn to enjoy some fun in the sun. He didn't bother kissing her, instead he maneuvered himself in front of her bald pussy, then suddenly scooped his arms under her legs and pulled her towards him. She knew she was definitely going to enjoy whatever was about to happen.

He licked her clitoris, placing his fingers either side of it, allowing him to see it swell. He continued to lick her until she begged him to stop, unable to withstand his teasing. He then inserted his tongue into her, tasting her flowing juices, they were nice and sweet, as she always found them to be. He didn't stop, not even to look at how much she enjoyed his expertise. He began to alternate between tongue and fingers, which made her shout out at her increasing pleasure. His final thrust of his four fingers inside her made her squirt, the amount of fluid that flowed she had never seen before. Certainly one holiday adventure she wouldn't mind revisiting every night when she retired to bed.

That was now their daily routine for the next six days, each day having improved on the one before.

When they reached the final day of their holiday, she found it hard to say goodbye. Never before had she attached any feelings towards any of her previous encounters, but for some reason this one had felt different.

They exchanged mobile telephone numbers and boarded their buses to take them to the airport.

Another successful lone adventure!!
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