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Another lesson from my neighbour

My neighbour wants to teach me something new.
Having admitted to my next door neighbour that sex with my boyfriend had become dull, he had agreed to give me lessons on how to liven things up. Yesterday, he had fucked me with a dildo before coming in my mouth. Telling me to return today I remembered him saying something about anal sex. I felt nervous as I had never been fucked up the arse before, but also excited and very very horny. So, this morning I knocked on his door, wearing a very short skirt and a skimpy top with no bra.

"Hello my pupil" he said, smiling in a very sexy way. "I hope you are ready for your next lesson."

I blushed as we walked into his living room and he poured me a glass of wine. "I see you are a bit shy, you will have to learn to get over that if you want your boyfriend to start fucking you properly. Take off your clothes." He sat on the huge sofa and watched as I hesitantly removed my clothes and stood naked before him. "Good. You look very sexy. Spread your legs. Now start to rub your clit".

I felt embarrassed but obeyed him, staring at the bulge in his trousers which was growing larger by the second. My pussy was dripping wet.

"Turn around and bend over" he commanded, "Spread your arse cheeks for me, I want to see your tight little arsehole."

"I have to confess I've never been fucked up the arse." I told him.

"Then you have a lot to learn, lets start with a film" he replied, selecting a disc from his large collection and switching on the TV. I saw a naked woman kneeling on the floor sucking the cock of a happy looking very sexy guy. After a few minutes he pushed her down on all fours and began fingering her arsehole.

She moaned with pleasure and begged him "Please fuck my arse, I really need to feel your cock up there." He was happy to oblige, rubbing some lube on his cock before slowly pushing his knob up her little hole. He began to fuck her slowly and I could see that she felt ecstatic. She began rubbing her clit as he fucked her tight arse faster and harder. Groaning with pleasure, she climaxed and went limp. The guy continued until he squirted his come up her arse.

Paul turned off the TV and smiled at me. "You will enjoy it just as much" he promised. "Get on the sofa on all fours. I'm going to give you a light spanking first to sensitise your arse."
I did as I was told and he began to spank me with the flat of his hand, softly at first then quite sharply, making my arse cheeks redden. Next he parted my cheeks and began to lick around my tight litle arsehole. I moaned as he pushed the tip of his tongue into my hole.

"I have just the thing here as it is your first time" he said, showing me a smallish dildo. "This is my Anal Trainer. Suck it."

I gave it a good licking and he fetched a jar of lubricant and rubbed some all around my arsehole. Next I felt his finger gently probing my ring and slipping inside. He pushed it in and out a few times then moved to fingering my pussy which was totally dripping.

"Good girl, you are nice and wet" he said, then began to push the dildo up my arsehole. It felt lovely, very tight but I wanted all of it. He pushed it all the way in then stood back and undressed staring at me. I felt shy again, my arse exposed with the dildo sticking out of it. He laughed and began to wank his already stiff cock.

"Fuck your arse with it" he ordered and I reached around and began to slide the dildo in and out. I felt almost ready to come, but he sat next to me and pulled the dildo out. "Are you ready for a good arse fucking now?" he asked.

"Oh yes please, but be gentle with me," I replied.

He knelt behind me and I felt the head of his knob spreading my tight arse. It was bigger than the dildo but slipped into my well oiled hole. I felt him begin to push his shaft right up me and it was so good I could only start to rub my clit furiously; within seconds I was coming. He kept fucking my arse, hard and fast now, then pulled out and turned me around.

"Hm, you need to learn patience and a little more discipline. That will be our next lesson. Now suck my cock."

I eagerly took his hard shaft in my hand and began sucking and licking. Before long, he groaned, pulled his cock out of my mouth and squirted his lovely come all over my face. I quickly dressed and as I left he told me, "Be here at 10 sharp tomorrow, and don't wear any knickers."

So I came home and wrote this, my arse is a little sore but I can't stop smiling. I wonder what I will learn tomorrow? 
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