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Another Night at the Bad Girl Inn

The story of Jack, from Bad Girls Stay Free, continues with another naughty guest.
Hello again, Jack here. In case you forgot I am the night auditor at a local hotel. For the most part I was an average guy standing around 5’8 with short cut black hair. I neither had a stomach on me or a six pack. My equipment was above average at 6.5 inches and I had a fair amount of experience using it, with largely good reviews. So while I wasn't a hunk I was not out of shape or unattractive but I was a little shy, probably a big part of the reason I enjoyed working over nights. 

Up until recently my job was good but then Michelle came along and I had the best sex of my life. It wasn't merely the sex but the thrill of doing it at work really got me excited too. It had been two weeks since our encounter and it was still driving me wild. I had started jerking off during work, sometimes sneaking into that same room if it was empty in order to relive it better. Even though I would jerk off every night I worked, whenever I checked in a sexy guest I would get super horny,especially if she looked like a bad girl.

It was around 11:30 pm when Rachel walked into the hotel. She was about my height, give or take an inch, with long red hair that reached about a quarter of the way down her back. She was wearing a loose fitting dress that stopped just above her knees so it was hard to see how good her figure was though it was obvious that she was in decent shape and she had smooth legs. It was her mischievous green eyes that got me excited though. It is hard to explain, but something about the way she looked at me just made me want to tear her clothes off right there and take her right on the floor in the lobby. She just had a sexual energy about her.

With some difficulty, I managed to check her in without making a fool of myself. Noticing she had three bags with her I offered to give her a hand with her bags since she was in one of the second floor rooms and we didn't have an elevator. She accepted with an amazing smile and I grabbed two of her bags and led the way to the door to the stairs. Once there I said ladies first and held the door for her. She started up the stairs right away and I followed three or four stairs behind her. Everything was normal until I looked up.

I stumbled a bit when I looked up because Rachel was clearly not wearing any underwear. This wasn't like she had a thong that had ridden up her ass either. I could see and that she was a natural red head and she had an amazing ass with just enough extra to grab a handful. She turned back when I stumbled and I turned a little red but I don’t think she knew I had seen up her dress. After that I had trouble keeping my eyes off of her ass as she walked in front of me and when we got to her room she definitely caught me looking.

“Well this is 217,” she said with a smile and an excited look in her eyes.

Embarrassed, I quickly opened her door and held it as she walked in. I passed her the bags I had carried and turned to leave saying “Have a good night.”

“Hey,” she called. I turned to look back into the room at her and she lifted the hem of her dress up, flashing me her pussy. Despite a somewhat thick red bush that could use a bit of a trim, I could still clearly make out her pussy lips. I just stood there with my mouth open as she laughed and let the door close. I guess she had noticed me looking up her dress after all.

I was so horny I could barely get my work done. I couldn't get the sight of her beautiful, hairy pussy and her luscious booty out of my mind. My cock was half hard the entire time. Luckily no one else came in and I got all of my work done in record time. I was just about to go and take care of myself when the phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, I saw it was 217.

“Front desk, Jack speaking,” I said as I answered the phone.

“Hi, Jack. I was wondering if you would be able to come take a look at my shower?” she asked me. “There seems to be something wrong with the water pressure.”

“Sure I will be right up,” I told her.

“Thanks, just come on in when you get here,” she replied, hanging up the phone.

Just hearing her voice had given me a full erection. I adjusted myself to try to hide it as best as possible, grabbed my master key and headed up to 217. I knocked on the door before opening it with my key just to let her know I was there. I entered and could hear the shower running through the open bathroom door.

“In here,” Rachel called to me.

I walked into the washroom and stopped dead in my tracks. Rachel was in the tub, naked as the day she was born and had the hand held shower head between her spread legs. She was smiling as I took in her small perky b cup tits that would fit perfectly in a hand, all the way down to her sopping wet pussy with its unkempt red hair.

“There just isn't enough pressure to make me cum,” she explained, “and I noticed you enjoyed the view on the stairs so I thought you could help. It is your fault anyways. I don’t wear panties 'cause I feel like such a bad girl when people accidentally see my pussy or ass and when you saw me I got very excited.”

“Well you are in luck,” I began, already unzipping my pants, “because our hotel always strives to satisfy our guests. Especially, when they are bad girls.”

I took the couple steps to get to the tub and pulled out my already hard cock. As she sat up I grabbed the back of her head and roughly shoved my dick into her mouth. She seemed a little surprised by the rough treatment and gagged a little as I hit the back of her throat. She recovered quickly though, and soon I was roughly fucking her hungry mouth as she rubbed her pussy.

Rachel was obviously loving this, as she was moaning around my cock in no time. The vibrations as I slid in and out of her mouth were incredible. I felt myself getting close to cumming but I wasn't done with her quite yet. Turning the shower off, I pulled my cock all the way out of her mouth and told her to go into the bedroom. I followed Rachel, who was still dripping from the shower, towards the bed with my rock hard cock glistening with her saliva.

Looking at her ass jiggle in front of me was driving me wild and I needed her so bad. She turned towards me and I pulled her close, kissing her roughly. My hands fell to her beautiful ass grabbing a cheek in each hand and squeezing. My cock was trapped between us and was being rubbed against her pussy mound, her coarse hair making me even hornier. Pulling away from the kiss, I pushed her down to the bed. I crawled onto the bed after her and pushed her legs apart so I could get a good look at her pussy.

“I don’t usually eat a bad girl’s pussy,” I said, staring intently at her wet pussy, “but you look so good how could I resist?”

Though she spread her legs and gave me complete access, I didn't go right for it. First I started gently kissing her inner thighs, one side then the other. Slowly, agonizingly for Rachel, I kissed my way closer to her pussy. Once I reached it rather than licking her I started softly blowing of her clit. She desperately tried to push herself against me but I held her in place with my arms while I tormented her. I could see how wet she was from the teasing and I found the strong smell of her desire very exciting.

“Please lick my pussy. I need to cum, please, please eat my pussy,” she begged me, still squirming.

“Oh you don’t like being teased, eh?” I asked her smiling. “I bet a sexy slut like you does a lot of teasing though, don’t you?”

“Yes. I am a big tease. I love showing off my pussy and my ass when out in public. It gets me so wet sometimes I can't even make it home before I finger myself,” she admitted. “Now please, eat my naughty pussy.”

With that I stopped blowing and stuck my tongue into her slit, eliciting a moan from her. I licked her, cleaning up the juices that had already started coming out of her from our foreplay. After a couple licks along her entire slit I went for her clit. First I teased it a bit by just nudging it with my tongue then licking around it. Then, just as she started whimpering, I took it in my lips and started sucking on it. This drove her wild and she frantically pushed against my face begging me not to stop.

I kept going flicking my tongue over the bottom of her clit as I sucked on it. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed herself against my face harder as she started to cum. When she had finished cumming I lifted my head from her pussy and my chin was slick with her cum. There was also a noticeable wet spot on the bedspread.

“Wow that was great,” she told me. “But I want to get fucked now.”

Rachel pulled me up her body and kissed me deeply. Keeping one hand on my shoulder, she reached down between us and grabbed my dick. Despite my best efforts a moan escaped my lips. I was so horny I couldn't help myself from humping her hand. She pushed me over onto my back, still stroking my shaft.

“I think it is time for me to go for a ride,” she said, straddling me. Rather than putting my dick in her though, she just started grinding against it, rubbing her wet pussy along the length of my shaft. I kept trying to re-position myself to enter her but she kept squirming away. “Now it is your turn to beg. Beg me to let you fuck my sweet pussy. Beg me to be your slut.”

“Please fuck me,” I begged. “Please let me fuck your sweet little pussy. I want you to be my slut and let me pleasure you.”

“Oh my god that makes me so wet,” she said as she finally lifted herself up and slid my aching cock inside of her. Her warm, wet pussy felt so great around my cock. She was so tight too it is a good thing she was so wet from our previous fun. As she bounced up and down I could feel her squeezing me with her pussy. I recovered quickly and started meeting her downward motions with hard thrusts. It wasn't long before she started cumming and when she did she grabbed her tit in one hand and just rotated her hips so she could grind her pussy against me.

I barely managed to hold back my orgasm and decided I wanted to take her from behind. Moving out from under Rachel, I told her to lie on her stomach. Then I stuffed a pillow under her to raise her ass up for me. I moved up between her legs and guided my hard cock into her waiting hole. When I was all the way in I told her to close her legs so that mine were outside and her pussy would be tighter for my penetration. Once she did that I draped myself over her and started to thrust in to her, holding myself up on my hands.

“Oh god that’s amazing,” she moaned, “Ya keep going. I’m going to cum again. Keep fucking me. I love the feel of a cock so deep inside me. Harder! Harder!”

“Unhh, your pussy I amazing. It feels so tight,” I replied, “I am getting close too.”

“Cum inside of me,” she begged. “Make me your slut and fill me with your cum.”

“Fuck, I am cumming,” I exclaimed as her dirty talk drove me over the edge. I pushed into her and held myself there, shooting stream after stream deep inside of her pussy. As the first stream of my cum shot into her, she also climaxed and arched back into me, moaning with pleasure. Each time I spurted into her she moaned again. Her pussy spasmed around my cock, milking every last drop of sperm from me. Once we had both finished cumming she turned to look at me and I leaned forward to kiss her. We were both sweating and my cock was still in here but getting soft. As it slipped out of her I broke our kiss and lay down beside her.

“Wow that was great,” I told her with a wide smile. “I very am glad you chose our hotel for your visit.”

She also smiled at this and told me “Well my friend Michelle told me you had excellent service for bad girls. She was right.”

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