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Another night with a coworker

Friend comes back for more after a first encounter

Sitting alone at home, I felt like the world is against me. Another sitcom rerun on tv. My girlfriend of six months had broken up with me two weeks earlier using the excuse that she wasn't emotionally available and needed to be single for a while. Turns out she was seeing someone behind my back and lied right to my face. All I could think about was how much of a bitch she was and how I had lost so much confidence in relationships after her.

I hear a knock on the door. Getting off the couch to answer the door seems like running a marathon at this point and working up the enthusiasm to answer another 'no' to a charity group seemed like it wasn't worth my time. I get to the door and hear sobbing before I even open it. Opening the door I see my coworker and friend Clara standing there in front of me in tears. I began to say hi and before I could finish a word she leapt into my arms for a hug.

Clara and I had hooked up before. She cheated on her boyfriend who I didn't approve of with me when he was away and things had been normal since then. We agreed it was a one time deal (even though there a couple more drunk hook ups afterwards) and that our friendship should remain, even though it was incredibly awkward and confusing.

Clara, her eyes full of tears, needed to be held. We stood there motionless for a minute. I finally broke off the embrace and invited her in. She sat on the couch while I fetched us some drinks. I sat down with her and held on to the fragile state of a woman that sat beside me. Clara told me her story. She had come home from work to her boyfriend waiting for her. He broke up with her over a stupid reason. A long term relationship of 8 years crumbled and she left the house with nowhere to go. She knew she could rely on me and came over.

I was not in the right state of mind to help her deal with the stress of a breakup having just gone through one myself. I consoled her as best I could. I decided we should take our minds off the stress of relationships and turn on a movie while drinking some beverages. There we sat, two fragile souls sipping on alcohol, watching a romantic comedy.

Clara sat sobbing next to me, getting increasingly closer to me as the movie went on. By halfway through we were in a full cuddle with her falling into the embrace of my arms. I thought to myself that Clara was in such a fragile state that to risk anything more than a friendship was foolish. It was better to be the friend in this scenario and not ruin our friendship entirely because Clara needed me.

The next part of the movie could not have been more awkward looking at the situation I was in. It showed two friends getting drunk and having sex. Clara nudged around her body although feeling uncomfortable with what was depicted on the screen before us. I leaned back a bit and let her move away if she wanted. Clara instead began rubbing my crotch with her hand and playing it off like nothing was happening. I could feel a bulge building in my pants and confronted Clara about what she was doing. I asked her if she really wanted to do what she was doing and whether we should continue. Clara looked at me with her beautiful hazel eyes and said she knew exactly what she was doing. She said we had both gone through traumatic experiences and maybe this would help ease our stresses. I agreed.

Clara then pushed me over onto the couch and jumped on top of me. We began kissing passionately, as if this was the last kiss we ever shared. I ran my hand down through her silky hair to her face. Clara looked incredibly pretty in her fragile state. Her eyes screamed passion and her mouth reciprocated in our embrace, having been kissing for a while. I ran my hand down her back, teasing with scratching at her bra and lifting her shirt up her back. Clara then left our embrace to take off her shirt, leaving her bra on to showcase her gorgeous C cup breasts. Next thing I knew she started fiddling with my belt and wanted my pants off. I let her work for it if she wanted my cock that badly. She got me down to my boxers and there was my fully erect cock bulging from my boxers.

I wondered to myself what she would do next. I let her take control. She knew what she wanted. Clara reached and kissed me one more time, taking my shirt off while doing so. Down ran her fingers across my body, teasing me about what would come next. I closed my eyes in anticipation. She kissed me on the chest and kissed me down my body stopping at my boxers. I couldn't take this teasing anymore. Next thing I knew she had ripped off my boxers and began a full assault with her tongue on my balls working up to my cock. Licking up and down my shaft she moaned. This is what she wanted. She took my cock into her mouth and began working it like a pro. I lay back while she moaned, taking my full member up to the base into her mouth. I gasped and told her I was close to cumming. She said she needed more time and leapt up, taking the rest of her clothes off. There stood one the most gorgeous girls I had ever known standing in front of me wanting nothing more than for me to satisfy her. I obliged.

I remained on the couch laying on my back and told Clara to straddle me and put her crotch near my face in a 69 position. She jumped at the opportunity and I began to eat out her soaked pussy, horny as hell from all the lead up. She moaned away on top of me and again began working on my dick. I licked up to her clit, her shuddering on top of me, moaning away. I told her I was close to cumming and she worked even harder on my cock while I ate out her pussy like I had never done before. I came first, shooting my load down her throat, her still shuddering on top of me. Next I knew she screamed out on top of me, cumming hard coating my face in her juices.

We were animals, wanting to get all of our emotions out. We moved to my bedroom and began making out once again. It didn't take long for me to get hard now that I had a chance to lap up her breasts. I craved more, so did she. I flipped her over and inserted my once again swollen dick into her pussy, causing her to scream out, begging for me to fuck her. I pounded away on her, putting all of my aggression to making her know that I could fuck her like she had never been fucked before. She kept begging for more, and so she went on all fours and I fucked her doggy until she came hard, coating my dick in her juices. I still hadn't cum and so she said she wanted even more. Reaching over to the bedside table and pulling some lube out of her purse. She lubed up my dick, lay me on my back, and slowly worked her ass onto my throbbing cock. Her ass was so tight around my cock that I almost came instantaneously, but held back. I fucked her in the ass for another good chunk of time. I finally felt my balls tense up, and I shot a load deep into her ass. We collapsed into a heap of satisfied sweaty nakedness. We passed out in full embrace of each other. Nothing needed to be said, we were both satisfied.
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