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Another World... Another Life...

Paul laid down on the patio lounge to rest a moment. His 49 year old body was already tired and it was still only early afternoon. The day was excessively hot and he was wearing just a pair of tattered faded red shorts that must have been 15 years old.. but faithfully comfortable. As the sweat slowly beaded upon his forehead he could feel his eyes close sleepily. Maybe for just a moment he thought.

Then he heard the clank of the latch on his good neighbor gate open in his sideyard fence. He watched as his neighbors 20 year old daughter Amanda came through carrying a large yellow and green striped towel. She was wearing a skimpy two piece white swimsuit that barely covered... well... nothing really.

His neighbors often came over to swim in his pool and Paul thought nothing of it.. until now. Amanda dropped her towel near a pool side chair and stepped lightly to the edge. She looked across the pool and caught Paul staring at her. He could swear she stood there extra long before she dove in with hardly a splash. Paul watched her sleek tanned body glide full length under water and surface just to the left of where he was laying.

As she shook the water from her hair he remembered that she was home visiting from college this weekend. He thought about how much he wished she would visit more often. Then Amanda hoisted herself out of the pool by pressing down on her arms and raising her body straight out of the water. As she did so, the already skimpy top broke free and slid to her waist, and tumbling into the water below. Her beautifully shaped breasts were stunning to look at. Darkened tanlines bordered each full pale white globe while the smaller dark circle of her nipples were swollen and erect.

Paul could see her look down at her exposed breasts. First the left.. then the right. Appearing to inspect each for proper presentation. Then she looked slowly up to him as she pulled herself completely out of the pool. He couldn't stop the instinctive firming of his awakened cock. It could be clearly seen as it grew beneath the thin fabric of his shorts. He didn't even have a magazine laying nearby.

Amanda strolled casually over to his lounge and stood at his left side looking down. She made no attempt to cover her breasts so Paul thought "What the hell".. he wasn't going to hide either. Without a word spoken both knew their desires were teetering on edge and could either become an awkward moment.. or explode into a cascade of pleasure and passion.

As if in slow motion, Amanda stepped across Paul with her left leg and stood straddled over him. She pulled at the cloth ties on each side of her swimsuit bottom and let it fall away. Her naked golden brown body was highlighted by the pale tender skin usually unseen by the sun. Paul lifted his hips and deftly removed his favorite shorts. His cock standing proud and erect.

Amanda stepped forward and leaned to Paul as his face felt the warm tender skin of her thighs. His mouth opening against her wet and waiting pussy. She was already dripping as his tongue teased and probed her soft pale nethers. His hands on her hips pulling her close while his mouth held her to him letting his tongue explore inside. Her quivering body struggled to remain still enough to finish cumming in his mouth. Her nipples hardened as she watched him suck and swallow her warm nectar. She was pleased to see little was wasted.

Paul pulled Amanda down onto his throbbing cock, penetrating her fully. She straddled him facing him front. They kissed long and deep. Their tongues dancing with each other to the rhythm of their moans. Her hips grinding against his own driving him in deeper with each thrust. His mouth searching and finding her swollen nipples. Sucking.. licking... biting.. as he fucked her in perfect unison with her arching hips. Inspired by her age.. her beauty.. her sexuality... Paul pumped in and out of her with full confidence and authority. His cock was master of all he sought and he could see her losing consciousness from the pleasure he was giving her. Each time she faded he would drive his cock deeper inside her and she would arise from sheer passion. This was his finest moment and he could feel her body quivering against his in orgasm after orgasm. His own was about to erupt and the shaking of their bodies became greater and greater. She screamed his name over and over as....

Paul awoke sharply as his young daughter was shaking him yelling "Dad!! Dad!!" His body was soaking wet with sweat. His breathing was ragged and harsh. He turned to look at his daughter. "Mom says hurry up and finish she wants to leave." Paul took a drink of his iced tea and laid back against the lounge. His eyes looked over at the lawn mower sitting where his pool should have been.....
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