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Anything Goes

The vintage girl Reyna tries to outfox her boyfriend..
"They're in the drawer! Go fetch them yourself!" yelled Reyna from the couch.

She accidentally knocked over her nailpolish, and a few cherry-red drops fell to the floor. Reyna grimaced, and lazily reached for the bottle.

She lay on her stomach - waving her feet around in an attempt to dry the nailpolish she had already applied. She wore nothing but a short, sexy, rosa nightgown and a towel around her wet hair.

"I can't find them! Are you sure you put them there?" yelled Nicola from upstairs.

"I really need them, sweetie! Can you please remember? By the way are you soon ready? We're leaving in 15 minutes!"

Reyna carefully painted her thumbnail. She yawned and stretched out her fingers to look at the end result. Why was it any of her business? If he needed someone to manage his stuff, he could get himself a maid or something. Suddenly she heard his footsteps on the stairs.

"Reyna! For crying out loud! I told you to be ready two hours ago! How am I supposed to introduce you to my business partners, when you're almost naked?"

Nicola looked at her with his most stern look. It always made Reyna's insides shiver. She glanced at the nail polish on the floor and considered herself lucky he did not seem to notice.

"Well, maybe you should come down here and do something about it," she purred seductively.

The look in his eyes changed for a fraction of a second. Reyna even thought he smiled briefly. Nicola shook his head.

"I am taking you another time, I guess. You have no idea how embarrassing this is! I told them all you would be there! They were so looking forward to meeting you - especially Annie!"

"Nico," pleaded Reyna and pouted, "Don't be mad at me!"

She turned herself around slowly. Reyna positioned one leg on the couch and another on the floor. Her legs were spread just a little to much. The nightgown slid up, revealing her tight, shaved pussy - still moist after her bath. Reyna clumsily acted as if she didn't notice and it was not on purpose.

Nicola sighed at her antics, which he knew to well for them to work on him. He began searching the living room for his shoes, which were missing.

Reyna got up on her knees. She watched him carefully, as he looked everywhere he could think of.

"So, don't you want me then?" she said while pretending to be upset.

"You know I don't have time, Sweetie!" he replied from below the table.

Reyna was annoyed. Nicola was the only man, she had ever met, who she could not manipulate. She was a small woman - about 168 cm tall with an hour glass figure, a voluptuous ass and D-cups.

Her hair was shoulder long, chocolate brown and wavy. When she did not wear it up, she enjoyed twirling it between her fingers.

"I told you the shoes are in the drawer."

"I've looked already. Where on earth did you put them?"

"If you want someone to clean up for you, you can find yourself another girlfriend," she said - instantly regretting it.

Reyna's big green eyes lit up, as she waited for a reaction.

"Ah! There they are!" said Nicola and held up the shoes triumphantly.

He put them on and went by her side. She looked up at him. Her eyes were begging him to forget the dinner party and lie down with her. He shook his head at her and patted her lightly on the cheek before leaving the room.

Reyna stuck her tongue out at him. She was 20 years old, but sometimes Nicola made her feel like a child. She hated it. Reyna was used to getting her way with boys and being powerful.

There were many things to get used to. It had seemed weird to her, that he was so much older than her, but now it only bothered her, because it added to her feeling small, fragile, silly and inexperienced in his hands.

In a way, she was. For in fact she had only really slept with two boys before. Flaunting the goods usually was enough to make them give her whatever she wanted.

They had only been a couple for two months and she had moved in with him after one. She knew it was quick, but she couldn't afford rent, and Nicola seemed only happy to provide for her.

Reyna followed him to the door, and leaned in for a kiss. Nicola bent down and kissed her on the forehead. He clearly noticed the disappointment in her eyes. Reyna was still in trouble and he was not giving in to her.

She followed him with her eyes as he walked towards the car. He was a quite tall man in his forties with dark air, blue eyes and an athletic body. Nicola waved to her before getting in.

She closed the door. Now she had better come up with a plan to make him forgive her. She giggled. "Because I'm burning and you're not making a nun out of me yet, Nico!" she thought.

Hours had passed. Reyna knew it to be a long drive to Bob's house, where the dinner party took place, so she did not expect Nicola home until much later in the evening.

She swayed in to the living room, lit the fireplace and put on a Sinatra record. What was she going to wear? She pussy was pulsating, and she continuously found her fingers on their way towards the hem of the nightgown and had to stop them.

She was saving her orgasm for Nicola, for she had decided she was going to get laid tonight and finally get the much desired control over Nicola. Humming along with the music, she went through her closet in the master bedroom.

She knew he was in love with her style. She wore vintage clothes from the 40's and sometimes dressed up in full pin-up.

He always said she looked just like Hedy Lamarr. Not that Reyna knew any of Lamarr's work, but she had seen a poster of her there in Nicola's house, and she figured she was an actress from the 40's or 50's. She certainly was pretty, so Reyna was proud of the likeness.

She found a tight, low cut - but glamorous, black dress in the back. She smiled, and took of her gown. The room was cold and her nipples became hard. Reyna looked at herself in the mirror. She turned around and looked back over her shoulder - grabbing her buttocks firmly.

"Don't you want it, Nico? Come and get it, Babe!"

She found herself massaging them roughly in circular patterns. Her right hand slid slowly up her body to her chest, where he pinched her nipple. For a moment she forgot herself. She moaned, and imagined it was Nicola's hand touching her.

She opened her eyes, and looked at the dress lying on the bed. She grinned, as she thought of how he would worship her after that night. He would no longer refuse her, no longer dominate her ad treat her like a child. He would kiss the ground she walked on, and he would fuck her whenever she craved him.

She shuddered at the thought of his manhood. But why? Why did he have all this willpower?

Reyna put on a pair of stockings, black lace panties and bra and a garter belt before getting into her underbust corset. She didn't wear it regularly, but she knew how much Nicola loved the shape and she didn't care if her intentions were obvious to him as long as it worked.

She had gotten in to her dress and sat her dressing table putting on a little makeup. She winged her eyes and found her cherry-red lipstick, which was reserved for special occasions, when she she realised she didn't much time left. She opened the closet again and searched for a pair of shoes. Reyna might be careless with Nicola's belongings, but with her own stilettos, she was never.

The shoes she chose where not the tallest she had by far, but they had bows at the tip and Reyna believed they would be to Nicola's liking.

She had gone downstairs and poured a couple of glasses of wine, when she heard Nicola's car coming up the driveway. She panicked - not knowing where to put herself, but ended up hiding in the living room. Then the door opened.

"Reyna? Sweetie? Are you there? I think we need to talk about what happened today!" said Nicola from the hall.

Reyna came out into the hall - swaying her hips with the two glasses in her hands and a look on her face like a cat closing in on a mouse.

"Hi, Babe!" she purred. "How was your evening? You must be tired!"

Nicola's eyes went up and down her frame. He was at least a bit surprised.

"Sweetie! Are you going out?"

"No," she said, pouting. "I just thought I would look nice for you. After all, you deserve a little something, since I didn't come to meet your friends. Are you still mad at me, Nico?"

"I.. I Just.. No, I guess not.. Maybe.." he began.

"Maybe what? You must be so tired, Babe! Come in and sit by the fire. I will take your coat."

Reyna handed him the glass. He took it and went to the living room. Something in his eyes had changed. Was is excitement?

"I have you now," thought Reyna.

She put the coat in the closet, before joining him in the living room. She sat down by his side on the couch and took a sip of her wine.

"Did you spill nai lpolish?" he said.

Reyna followed his eyes to the floor.

"Yeah," she said. "I'm really sorry. I'll get it tomorrow."

"Reyna, about the dinner party. It's unacceptable. You can't just.."

"Are you scolding me?" she interrupted, doing her best to look angelic.

"Well, no, It's just that.."

He didn't finish, because Reyna grabbed the wineglass from his hand and put the both on the table, before jumping into his lap.

"Sorry, Babe!" she said - placing her index finger on his lips.

She then leaned in for a kiss, and this time, much to her satisfaction, he returned it. The warmth of his tongue sent a sensation through her body - a taste of what was to come.

He hesitated, but Reyna would not let him win.

"Don't you want me?" she whispered. "Don't you want to cum in me?"

Nicola was about to speak, when she slid her hand between his legs and grabbed his cock. Through the fabric of his trousers, she could feel it pulsating. It was already hardening. She moaned at the thought of how thick, big and proud it would stand. 

Even to that day he had not bee fully inside her. He tried to be gentle, but she feared he would break her and there was nothing a good blow job couldn't take care of on his part.

But now it didn't matter. She wanted him. All of him. He was to belong to her.

"Got you!" she whispered. "Look who is happy to see me!"

Nicola gasped, and she pulled out his cock. Reyna looked up at him ad maintained eye contact as she crawled on to the floor and sat on her knees between his legs. She leaned in and kissed it. She kissed it all the way up the shaft - harder and harder, until she slowly took the head between her lips. Deeper and deeper in her throat she took it - gazing up at Nicola.

It wasn't long until he grabbed her head and forced it deeper. She took it eagerly. Her hands began massaging his balls, while she sucked him. She could feel them tighten her hands and the large cock grow in her throat.

Soon, the cock was so hard, she could barely take it. Nicola's balls were vibrating in her hands as he was about to come. She released herself from his grip before pulling of him. She was not going to let him. She would have him begging.

He looked at her confused. Then he began to smile. He adjusted his pants, lifted her up in his arms, and carried her easily up the stairs towards the bedroom.

She smiled and tilted her head backwards. There was nothing she loved more, than him being galant, but from now on his favours would be the result of her power. He softly put her down on the bed.

"I'll be back in a minute, Sweetie! You had better get out of that dress!"

He turned and disappeared. She jumped up quickly from the bed. Reyna couldn't take it off fast enough! It was rather hard while wearing the underbust corset, and she wondered if she should remove that too.

Nicola returned before she could decide. He had turned the music of downstairs, and now he put on a Cole Porter record on the stereo in the bedroom. The song Anything Goes began to play.

While she studied herself in the mirror, he was up to something behind her back.She was about to take of the corset, when Nicola's arms snaked themselves around, and she could feel him against her back.

"Leave it. I want you to wear it."

He unhooked her bra, and took it off her. Her perky breasts bounced slightly, and her rosy nipples turned hard in the chilly room. She could feel his huge erection pressing against her buttocks. He was completely naked.

His left hand began massaging her nipple - pinching it slightly. Reyna moaned with pleasure. His right hand slid her panties of her hips, and they fell down to her feet. She could feel her pussy stirring. She was getting really wet.

She turned around and followed Nicola to the bed, where he the pushed her down. She lay there - pretty and perfect. She still wore stockings, stilettos and corset, but her tight womanhood was visible to him and her breast where nakedly bouncing from the descend upon the bed.

"Do you want me, Nico?" she purred.

His eyes measured her entire body and where so lustful, that she was sure she now had him.

"Draw them in, push them away," Reyna thought to herself.

He moved downwards and towards her. As he did, she closed her legs an laughed.

"Reyna," he whispered.

She giggled.

"Me first," she said.

He nodded, and slowly spread her legs. She allowed it.

"I have you now," she thought.

Her pussy was dripping. Nicola looked at it hungrily as it was the fountain of youth and splendour. He smiled
at her, and lowered his head. His tongue began to work, and he licked her as she had never been licked before, and penetrated her repeatedly with his tongue. He circled her clit. Her pussy was no longer a fountain but a river.

How long it continued she did not know. To Reyna it felt like hours and she was in ecstacy. No one had ever given her so much. She came again and again. Reyna had achieved all she wanted. Nicola stopped.

Reyna got up. She was sad that it had to end, but she knew this was a two-way deal. She reached for his cock - ready to suck him until he was done, but suddenly Nicola pushed her back on the bed and quickly moved himself on top of her.

He lay between her legs - pinning down her hands with his elbows, while keeping his hands free. Reyna could feel his massive cock pressing against her pussy - threatening to penetrate her.

"Nico! We can't.. You know I can't take.."

But he hushed her up. She had lost the control she had fought to gain. He began stroking and patting her cheek.

"Reyna. You silly girl. You silly, silly girl," he grinned.

From the look in his eyes she then realised that he had been playing with her.

"You think you can just flirt your way in and out of everything? But now it's my turn, and I am going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before!"

He kissed her roughly on the lips. Nicola pressed his cock harder against, so she could feel the beginning expansion of her tight hole. She moaned. Her pussy still wanted more, and so, she realised, did she.

"Take me! Take me!" she purred.

Nicola revealed what he had been doing earlier, as he tied her hands to the bedposts with a couple of her own scarfs. She allowed him to. With his left hand he lifted one of her legs slightly - with his other he held her head.

This time she was in trouble. She had left him in need of an orgasm and now he had no time to be galant. He pushed himself into her roughly. She shrieked at the surprise, but found it more pleasurable than imagined.

He filled her up in such a degree, she worried she would shatter and still there was not room in her young pussy for all of him.

He thrusted himself into her again and again. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. She bounced as the force pushed her backwards. He was completely in control, and she gave herself completely to a satisfaction she had never known before.

Reyna screamed with pleasure. There was nothing in the world, but the scent of Nicola and the feeling of his cock inside her. He roared as he exploded in her. The load was huge and their bodies shivered. His cock filled her so much, that there was no room for more, and his cum squirted down along his dick and out of her.

They lay still - recovering until Nicola kissed her forehead. She wrapped her arms around him.

"Reyna," he moaned. "My Reyna."

"What now, Nico?" she asked.

"Now?" he replied and smiled, "Now anything goes!"

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