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Anything You Want

As Mr. Greg was handing back the recent and not to mention, disappointing tests, he walked to a student's desk. An absent student’s desk. Checking over her mark, he got a little frustrated.

Mr. Jason Greg was an incredibly attractive man that slightly resembled Justin Timberlake, although he was slightly, just slightly, bigger in build. He was about 30 years of age. He was athletic, tall, and had a very handsome face. He had short blonde hair and some blonde facial hair as well. He played football and was even the coach for his school’s team. He was always well dressed and well spoken, slightly quiet, but playful. He had a tendency to be incredibly serious all the time. He was every woman’s dream.

And one woman had him already. His girlfriend’s name was Madylyn. A woman of about 30 as well.

"Where the hell is Adriana?" he raised his voice angrily. His classmates looked up at him with question. He grunted and walked back to his desk quietly and sat down. He usually wasn't this angry but this was the fifth test in his class that everyone seemed to fail. He didn't think math was so hard. Could be because he was the one teaching it. He was most frustrated though, with a student in his class, a girl, whom always got straight A' s. Despite that fact, she failed his past 4 tests and he was starting to get a little confused and angered by her indifference and her number of absent days.

"I could have sworn I saw her today, though...” he thought out loud.

"That's 'cuz you did, man," came a voice from the door of the classroom.

He looked over to the door and saw said student walking toward him with a pass in her hand, "Sorry, I was in the guidance office."

After accepting the pass, Adriana sat quietly down in her seat, crossed her arms, and looked at him with a look depicting, "GET ON WITH IT, DAMMIT, I HAVE PLACES TO BE."

He couldn't take anymore of her crap. She was his student for the past three years and this is the first year that she's done so bad in class. He couldn't help but think that maybe she was flunking on purpose. Her brain capacity was NOT the size of a mushroom, as some of her recent tests suggested.

The class got loud again, fueling his disapproval even more. He hated it when his students talked non-stop and that was exactly what was happening. He hated it even more when Adriana started straight into his eyes as she was doing now. He hated it when he was up teaching and she sat, crossed-armed, with that same look she showed now. He hated it when he wasn't looking, but could feel her dark green eyes on his back. It drove him nuts. He wanted nothing more than for her to leave, but every time she left, he wanted nothing more than for her to come back.

The bell rings. And everyone takes their stuff and leaves, loudly whispering about whom they fucked over the weekend, or which emo band's video they liked the most, or what they were having for lunch. Strangely, the only person who seemed to never indulge in the most childish of conversations was said student.


He had to talk to her. Her grades were slipping along with her attitude. He was sick and tired of her crap, even though she hardly said anything. She had spent the beginning of the semester, when she was a good student, randomly stating whenever the answer to the problem he was doing on the board was wrong. But until about several months ago, she stopped talking whatsoever and her grades went down the drain. Funny, after checking her report card, she had straight A's in all her other classes. This was just unlike her, she was always very mature and if she had a problem, she knew to open that pretty little mouth of hers and say something.

"Adriana?" he called.

She turned to him before she reached the door handle after everyone had left. Lunchtime. No one is going to be in here for a good half hour...or more. Damn teenagers.

"What?" she answered, calmly. No impatience or rudeness in her tone at all. It made him take it down a notch, even though he was still a little frustrated.

“Sit down, we need to talk,”

She looked at him with an “Are you serious?” look but obliged and took a seat at one of the desks in front of his big teacher desk. She stared at him. He took the several seconds to look over his student while he was pretending to mess with papers.

She had waist long black hair and bangs that covered part of her left eye. He had on a white corporate blouse which was neatly and conservatively tucked into her black knee-length pencil skirt and buttoned so that he could just slightly some of the area beneath her neck. Very appropriate. She also had on black high heel shoes which made a click noise when she walked. She had dark green eyes and perfect, flawless, tanned skin. Her look of indifference only added to how attractive he thought she was. In fact, her beauty was too unreal for her age. She was only 18, but constantly receiving comments about how much older and more mature she looked and acted. But he wasn’t going to get off topic. He wasn’t here to look at her, much less to think about her, he was here to teach her and it slightly pissed him off that she acted as if she didn’t understand the material.

“Adriana, I’m really disappointed by your grades. You’re failing,”

She looked away and sighed, “I know,”

He looked at her, blinking, “You know. Of course you know, Adriana. What is really bugging me is that you absolutely refuse to do anything about it. That’s not what I expect from you, at all. And it’s really driving me nuts that you don’t show up to class, you’re late when you do show up, and you barely do your work when you are here. You’re smarter than that and I expect more from one of my best students.”

She looked back at him. “I’m sorry, Mr. Greg. I’m trying to do better, but I…just don’t get it. I know it’s unlike me, I know I used to understand, but now, it’s so confusing. God, there’s so much going on, too, I guess I have a hard time focusing.”

Mr. Greg sighed. He felt sorry for her, she sounded sincere and her eyes gave way to a tint of sadness.

“Ok, um..” he thought for a minute. Maybe he could give her some private tutoring. He would hate to see all her talent and intelligence go to waste because she’s having a little overload.

“Listen, why don’t I drive you to my house after school today? And then I could teach you more, so that you’ll understand. I know you can do better, Adriana, I just think you need a little help.”

She looked apprehensive. It wasn’t everyday she visited a teacher in their home. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, if you’re not busy. I just can’t do it immediately after school, because I have football to coach. My team is going down the drain just like your grades have been doing, but if you’re willing to stay after school for a couple of hours and wait until I’m done coaching, then I could drive you to my house and we’ll take out the books. Is that ok?”

She still looked apprehensive. “Um, ok. If it’s alright.”

He smiled. “Ok, great. Uhh, be in the gym,” he looked at the clock and then his watch, “be in the gym at exactly 6. Don’t be late, ok?”

She got up. “No problem. Thanks, Mr. Greg. Bye.”

“Bye, Adriana.”

The rest of the day was incredibly, stupidly long. All the classes were boring, all the same lectures, all the same bullshit from every teacher. Adriana usually enjoyed her classes and participated in every one, but she had a hard time thinking after the little conversation she had with Mr. Greg. She had a hard time believing that they were going to meet outside of school. Her mind was racing.

Then, at the end of the day, the bell rang, but instead of going to her bus, Adriana sprinted from her seat and almost ran into one of the girl’s restrooms, locking the door behind her and locking everyone else out. Although it really didn’t matter, everyone was pretty much gone by the time she got into the bathroom. She ran inside the bathroom to the mirror and leaned her body up against it, facing herself, with her hands on her forehead. She closed her eyes and breathed.

He’s your teacher, Adriana. He’s your teacher. Don’t think about him like that. Don’t.

“Oh, Mr. Greg,” Adriana moaned into the mirror. She shivered and opened her eyes, having them set dead on her own reflection. She smiled.

“I am such a good liar. Apprehensive? Yeah, right. I got exactly what I wanted.”

She smiled at herself. Adriana really was an excellent liar and if the part called for it, she could pass a lie detector test with her nose growing down to her knees. She played each role perfectly and for the past three years, she pretended like Mr. Greg was the last thing on her mind.

Although she got exactly what she wanted, coming over to his house after school, she had not anticipated that she would be this frightened. This excited. This anxious to see him sitting that close to her, at a desk, on a bed, anywhere. She didn’t care. Her stomach had so many butterflies, it felt like it was caving in as she breathed in and out. Again, she leaned against the mirror in the position she previously had taken and closed her eyes yet again.

Her right hand was roughly sliding against and pushing into her right thigh. She was so excited. She moaned slightly as her hand kept rubbing against her thigh.

“Mr. Greg…” she moaned and dropped to her knees. Her eyes were still closed as she was imagining him on top of her, ripping her from her virginity and fucking her so hard that she bled and screamed his name. Adriana was so wet, she could feel her panties getting damp underneath her skirt. “Ungh…” she moaned, once more, softly.

Control, Adriana. Control.

She wanted so badly to slip her hand inside her panties, but she couldn’t. She would control herself. She wanted that passion to still be there when he drove her to his house later today.

She opened her eyes and stood up. Straightening her skirt and fixing her hair and her erratic breathing. She picked up her purse and headed outside, where the football team was practicing.

She wanted to catch a glimpse of Mr. Greg as he was practicing with the team and she did. She stood just outside of one of the school doors and caught a glimpse of Mr. Greg. He wasn’t yelling but he could be heard as he was telling the players to do something. He ran and her eyes followed his form as he ripped through the air. She faintly saw his muscles ripple in the sunlight and glisten because of the sweat as he threw the ball to one of the players. He was drop dead gorgeous. Adriana could never think of anyone but him. His beautiful form, his beautiful figure, and his beautiful brown eyes. She would love to see those beautiful eyes stare directly at her as he made love to her. And his hands. Dear God. What Adriana loved most about him were his strong, athletic hands. She wanted him to touch her with those hands, in places that she would only give to him.


Adriana exhaled a sigh, took one last look at the most gorgeous man in the world, and left toward the gym to wait for him to arrive.

It was 5:30, two hours after football practice started. It was now over and Mr. Greg was sweating like a pig. He told the team to pack up and go home, that they did a good job, but he expected better. He was always aiming for the best. He made his way into the boys’ locker room to shower up, get dressed and meet Adriana in the gym in half an hour. He peeled off all his clothes and started the steaming hot shower. He got in and sighed as he felt the scorching water glide across his tanned skin. He stayed in the shower for a good 15 minutes, just standing, and feeling the water soak through his blonde hair. He then, felt a strange sensation running up his leg, a cold sensation, the sensation of a hand. His eyes opened and widened, and a faint gasp was emitted. He turned around abruptly only to come face to face with a woman. His girlfriend, Madylyn.

She smiled. “Hi, Jason,”

He emitted yet another sound. A sigh of relief.

“Madylyn, dear God. You shocked me. What are you doing here?”

“Did you forget again? I’m leaving town tonight, hun. I promised I would stop by and give you a little surprise before I left.”

Mr. Greg mentally kicked himself in the forehead. Of course! She was leaving town for a business meeting. Yeah, he forgot. Urgh. He felt like shit. He actually had a dinner planned for her, but … he totally forgot about it now that he was going to take Adriana home. Thank God Madylyn showed up. It wouldn’t have gone down real well if Madylyn was at home waiting for him while he brought a female student into his house.

It actually took him several minutes to look down and notice his girlfriend was completely naked. In the shower. With him.

He smiled at his girlfriend. “So what’s the surprise?”

A sneer crossed her face. “Oh, you’ll find out.”

She pushed him up against the wall and kissed his swollen pink lips. She kissed all the way down his chest before getting on her knees before him. It didn’t take him long to figure out what the surprise was.

His cock was standing straight up at the sight of his girlfriend before him. She looked straight up at him before taking in his large, engorged cock into her mouth.

“Unh!” he moaned. “God…”

His hand moved to grab his girlfriend’s hair, like he always loved to do when she gave him head. She began to move her mouth up and down his cock. She looked at him the whole time, her blue eyes fixated on her boyfriend’s closed ones.

“Uhn...” he moaned again. Madylyn loved it when Jason moaned. She loved it when the seemingly strong man went suddenly submissive on her. She milked every moment as she was sucking his large member.

His hand was on her neck now, directing her every move on his cock. As he felt his orgasm bubbling inside of him, he stopped her movements and lifted her up on her feet with his strong arms. She let out a slight moan as he pushed her up against the shower wall and lifted up her legs to wrap them around his waist. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he pushed his hard cock into her.

“Ahh…” she painfully moaned. He kissed her passionately on the lips, then her neck, taking it slowly at first. Very slowly. After a while of menacingly slow penetration, feeling the heat of the water pound into his back, he couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to pound her.

“Maddie…” he moaned roughly and seconds later, slammed into her with full force. He wanted to fuck her so bad. She moaned painfully again, but this time, with more pleasure. He began to pound into her, hard and fast. He closed his eyes and put his lips against hers, so that he could feel her breath upon his skin. Both of them adored the feel of his cock moving in and out of her hot, tight, wet pussy.

Madylyn bit her lip in pleasure and smiled as he kept pushing, each thrust becoming deeper and filling her with amazement at how every time they had sex, he just got better and better.

She decided to fuck with his mind just a little bit. He was so good. She wanted more. So much more. They tended to use some dirty language when making love. This seemed like the perfect time to Madylyn.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her head on his shoulder, with her mouth next to his ear. She bit it softly.

His skin and his light happy trail were rubbing against her clit and she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh, Mr. Greg…please, harder…” she moaned into his ear.

His eyes opened abruptly and an image of a young, attractive girl with long black hair passed through his mind like a bolt of lightning. Immediately, he was that much more turned on.

He closed his eyes again and hissed through his teeth, still seeing the young attractive girl in his mind. He pushed the image out of his mind however and tried to focus on the less attractive woman he was having sex with.

“Yeah, baby, tell Daddy what you want,” he breathed as his heart began pounding harder.

“Mr. Greg, I need it. Please, faster. Faster…”

He willingly obliged and began pounding harder, slamming her body up against the slippery shower wall with each thrust.

He then, struck Madylyn’s sweetest spot inside her just as he was about to come.

“Ah!” the lust-filled woman yelped. Mr. Greg had heard the sound emit from the woman and was feeling his orgasm building up in the pit of his stomach. He bit his lip.

“Fuck…Madylyn…I’m going to come,” he breathed. She moaned with him.

Unable to speak anymore, the combination of his thrusts, the heat of the shower, and the water pouring down led them both to orgasm at the same time, moaning each other’s names.

After regaining control of himself and his breathing, Mr. Greg let Madylyn down from around his waist and kissed her passionately. He opened his eyes to look at her and faintly noticed the big, white clock hanging just across the room from behind the shower curtain.

The time? 6:13.

“Shit! Dammit, Madylyn, I’m sorry, I’m late, baby. I promised a student I would help with a problem they were having. I’m sorry, I have to go.”

She seemed a little annoyed by this but took on the act of playing along anyways as he got out of the shower and started to dry himself off with a nearby towel.

He turned to her. “When are you going to be back from the meeting?”

She got out of the shower as well and started drying herself off, too.

“Well, I’m leaving right now, as a matter of fact, and I won’t be back for several weeks.”

“Aw, baby, I’m going to miss you,”

“Me, too,”

They kissed each other and Mr. Greg started putting his clothes on.

“Call me when you get there, ok?” he said.

“Alright, I will.”

“Bye baby.”

And before she knew it, he had gotten all his clothes on, and ran out of the locker room within seconds.

Adriana looked at the clock from the side of the gym she was waiting in. 6:16. Where was he?

“That bastard. Fucking wasting my time. As if I don’t have some other shit to be doing, “ she said, as she tried to convince herself that maybe it wasn’t OK that she was going to his house.

“Urgh, whatever.” She got up and headed for the gym door. Just as she was about to push it open, the door was pulled open from the other side forcefully and she was face to face with a very sweaty, very worn-out looking Mr. Greg. She raised an eyebrow.

Nice fucking timing, bitch, she thought again as she tried to convince herself not to be attracted to him. But he did have a tendency of pissing her off sometimes.

She looked him up and down very quickly. He had on a black, long-sleeved thin jacket on with a small school mascot on one of the sides. He had on dark blue jeans and his usual black shoes.

“Late, are we?” She said with a tone of annoyance. “As I recall you saying, ‘be in the gym at exactly 6. Don’t be late,’”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, Adriana. I was, uh, caught up in some other business. Are you ready to go?” He stuttered before letting a deep breath out.

“Yeah sure, whatever.” She mumbled.

He looked a little embarrassed. It wasn’t his thing to be late. But he turned around and they both went outside of the school towards his car with Adriana following behind Mr. Greg.

Call her crazy, but Adriana couldn’t help but smell the scent on Mr. Greg. A scent of sex. Maybe it was just her desire for him. But she could have sworn that he smelled like he had just recently fucked someone. He looked a little sweaty, too. It was turning Adriana on, following behind him and sniffing the scent that he left behind with each step he took. She felt herself getting wet, but tried to hide her pleasure as much as possible. They finally exited the building and made it to his car.

He put the key into the car door and opened it, unlocking all the doors in the process as he got inside. She opened the door and got inside as well.

The entire 15 minute, motherfucking car ride was silent as hell.

Neither Mr. Greg nor Adriana ever spoke to each other much at all, whether she was a good student or nay. She felt it was sometimes impossible to talk to him, to generate any type of conversation with him. So she spent the whole car ride staring out the window, letting the smell of him fill her lungs and letting herself get wetter and wetter while she was sitting in his car.

He, however, had slightly different thoughts. He hated how his relationship with Madylyn seemed to be deteriorating before his eyes. They used to be so passionate and he was aware that they just had ridiculously passionate sex in their school shower, but he wasn’t feeling anything for her, as a matter of fact, he didn’t even come for her. The only reason he even released himself is because Madylyn called him ‘Mr. Greg’ and the image of the attractive Adriana ran through his mind. He couldn’t get off on Madylyn alone, it was impossible. She didn’t attract him the way she used to. And he didn’t want to be with her anymore. It was falling short with her and all he wanted was someone he can actually love and care for and be passionate with, and also someone he actually was attracted to.

He pushed those thoughts out of his mind with a sigh and took a left turn into his neighborhood and pulled up into the driveway to his house. He opened his garage door and parked his car.

“We’re here,” he said and stepped out of the car. She opened the car door and stepped out. She again, followed him into the house. Once they got in, she was surprised by the smell of clean air and the clean, white house. It was very neat, and it looked very beautiful. She wasn’t expecting that.

“Ok…” he continued. He set his bag on the kitchen table and took out several Algebra books. “Let’s get to work.” He brought the books to the coffee table in front of the couch and gestured for Adriana to come sit down next to him. Before she knew it, they were talking Algebra 2.


“So, you perform the inverse operation here and you put the answer to B there. Do you get it?”

She looked confused. He looked confused.

He looked confused that she looked confused.

What the hell? He thought. She’s not stupid. Not at all. She should be getting it by now.

This is the third time he was explaining it to her.

“What don’t you get, Adriana?” He asked her.

“I…have no idea.”

He sighed. “Well, do you know the operation?”

She stayed silent.

“That explains everything. Look, why don’t we take a break, ok? Maybe that might help.”

With that, he closed the Algebra book and got up. She got up along with him. She followed him into the kitchen.

“You want something to drink?”

“No, thanks, I’m good.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, uhh…” she said, looking around, “may I use your restroom?” she asked.

“Sure, it’s upstairs, second door on your left.”


“No problem.”

With that, Adriana made her way up the stairs. She found the restroom and went inside, closing and locking the door behind her. She stood in front of the huge mirror and leaned herself against the very large, marble sink counter-top. She looked at herself in the mirror and noticed she had tears stinging the corners of her eyes.

She had wanted Mr. Greg so bad that now, at 8:45, about 2 Ѕ hours after he brought her home, she was still getting wetter and wetter for him and her desire seemed not to die down. She had wanted him so bad that she was crying from the pain of the unfulfilled desire her passion brought her. She had no idea what to do. She was terrified of making a move on him but she wanted to so bad.

She had to do something. She unzipped her skirt just a little bit in the back and slipped her hand into the front of her skirt. She jumped a little at the feel of her own hand barely grazing the outside of her black panties. They were slightly damp. She winced. She couldn’t do it. Not in his house. Not now. She couldn’t. She had to control herself.

Just control yourself, Adriana. He’ll take you home soon and you can do whatever you want there, but not here. Not now.

She was trying so hard to convince herself not to touch her skin that she actually didn’t. She withdrew her hand from underneath her skirt and zipped her skirt back up again. She straightened her tucked-in blouse and regained her posture. She breathed.

Mr. Greg looked a little confused.

What is she doing up there? She’s been up there awfully long.

He was starting to wonder why Adriana was in the bathroom for such a long time.

“Adriana?” he yelled. “Are you OK up there?”

She jumped at the sound of his voice. He sounded genuinely concerned.

She unlocked the door and opened it a slight bit.

”I’m fine; I’ll be down in a minute.”

When he yelled, ‘ok’, she closed the door, but not all the way. It was left slightly open. She looked at back at herself in the mirror. She again began to do the thing she did in the school bathroom earlier that day, she began to slide her hand roughly along her thigh. She moaned at the contact and she felt herself getting wetter.

“I would do anything for you, Mr. Greg, “ she whispered, “I want you so bad, “ she hissed through her teeth and continued the contact.

Mr. Greg was a little more than concerned now. He decided to go upstairs to the restroom and see what was going on.

He made his way up the stairs and turned to go into the restroom.


He stopped before he reached the door and was shocked at what he saw inside through the tiny crack she left when she didn’t close the door.

There she was, the beautiful girl, with her eyes closed, running her hand along her thighs and moaning Mr. Greg’s name. She was dumbfounded. When he heard her hiss through her teeth, he was immediately turned on. His cock was standing at full attention in the confinement of his jeans at the sight of the girl in the restroom. He wanted to touch her. This thought alone shocked him, but he wanted to nevertheless. He held his breath and quietly, slowly, opened the door. He managed to get behind her as she was continuing her ministrations. He stood directly behind her and closed the door all the way without managing to make her aware that he was there. His hands fell to his sides and he smiled lightly as he looked her up and down.

She had her right hand on the edge of the counter-top and her left hand was now gently rubbing the area where her sweet spot was through her clothing. She was moaning and breathing more heavily now, but it still stayed at a quiet level.

“Oh, Mr. Greg…”

His eyes watered with desire and he licked his lips as he smiled.

Yeah, baby, say my name again.

“Mr. Greg, mmm…”

He was so getting off on this. He loved it. He loved how her long black hair covered the majority of her back and he loved how she was basically masturbating to him through her clothes. His cock was hard as a board now. He wanted her.

He had now realized what he wanted. He wanted his student more than anything. More than Madylyn, more than his damn job, or his life. He had wanted Adriana. That’s what he wanted. And not just for today. For forever. He wanted to make her feel good.

He put his hand on her lower back and glided it up her back gently until he touched her hair.

This action shocked her and placed her back into reality and she turned around abruptly to come face to face with Mr. Greg, a very turned-on looking Mr. Greg. She looked terrified. She thought he would throw her out. She started to shake.

She felt tears stinging her eyes again at the fear of what he might do. Lord knows that he’s much stronger than her and could snap her in half if he wanted to. She couldn’t help but feel that he might be disgusted with her actions.

“M-Mr. Greg….I’m-I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean—“

He cut her off by reaching up and placing his arms around her neck and gently squeezing, not to instill fear, but comfort. She did feel comforted by this as she placed her hands on top of his. He took a step forward and his body came into full contact with her. Her eyes closed for a split second as she felt his hard-on. If she wasn’t wet before, she is now. She was still shaking, but now it was out of pure passion. Her eyes were watering with passion as well and she was breathing hard, her eyes still closed.

Mr. Greg, however, was still looking at her beautiful, flawless face. He smiled.

“You really didn’t need help with math, did you?”

She didn’t open her eyes, but she let out a chuckle and breathed out.

“Ha, no. Come on, Mr. Greg, math is like a second language to me.”

He smiled widely now, all his teeth showing.

“Bad girl…”

“I know.”

She opened her eyes and looked straight up at him. His face was only probably a centimeter away from hers and she was breathing him, not the air around her.

His hands didn’t move from their position, but his face moved closer to her and he placed his lips against hers and kissed her swollen lips. She kissed back. She loved how his rough facial hair grazed her soft face. She tried to wiggle out of his grasp on her neck, but she couldn’t, it wasn’t tight enough to kill her, but it was tight enough to keep her in her place. She couldn’t move. She wanted to tell him that she wanted him to fuck her, to make her bleed, just the way she wanted. She wanted him to take her virginity. In between the passionate kisses they exchanged, Adriana managed to whimper out a single sentence to him:

“Take me, Mr. Greg.”

He stopped his kisses and looked at her, the smile never coming off his face.

“Are you a virgin?”

She nodded, confirming a ‘yes’.

“No, Adriana. Say it. I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes, Mr. Greg. I’m a virgin.” She looked at him innocently as she said the words.

He closed his eyes and reveled in how seductively she uttered the words, her voice shaky from the lack of pleasure her sweet spot was getting.

He released the grip on her neck and turned her around so that she was just slightly leaning over the counter-top. This action aroused both of them because they could now see themselves fully in the large restroom mirror he had owned.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and began to slowly unbutton her blouse while gently nipping at her neck. Her left hand placed itself on top of his head, urging him to go further. Both their eyes closed and Mr. Greg managed to unbutton her blouse but didn’t take it out of her skirt.

“Clothes on or off?” he had asked her.

She smiled. “On.”

It turned her on so much thinking about making love to him with all her clothes on. What they were doing was taboo in itself, but it made it that much more taboo if they both had their clothes on.

He opened up her blouse but didn’t take it off. His hands moved to her bra-covered chest while he was still kissing her neck. He squeezed her medium sized breasts once and moved to take her black bra off. He unclipped it in the back and it came tumbling down to the floor. Her perfect B-sized breasts were full and round, with nipples sticking out like pencil erasers, to say the least. He then played with her breasts for a minute or two before moving on to her skirt.

He didn’t want to take her skirt off. Both his hands moved to below her knees and he pulled her skirt up from the bottom, grazing his hands and her skirt across her legs as the skirt went higher, higher and finally, scrunched up at her waist. He pulled her black panties down until they also tumbled to the floor and she stepped out of them. He lifted up her left leg and placed it on the counter-top of the sink. He could now get a full view of her delicious pussy. It was glistening. She must have been wet for quite some time. He decided to tease her for a little bit. He pressed his body hard against her back to make her keep her posture and his left hand made its way around to her pussy. He began to play with her clit.

“AH!” Adriana moaned. She was losing it, feeling his strong, athletic fingers running around her erect little clit. Her mind was becoming clouded and her eyes were closing.

“Dear God, Mr. Greg, please….”

“Please what?” he teased.

“Please….please…” she couldn’t get her words out. Her mind was hazy. She felt as if she would explode. His fingers moved faster now along her clit. She gritted her teeth in sheer pleasure.

“Please, what, Adriana? Tell me. Be a good girl and tell me. Tell Daddy what you want.”

She had no idea Mr. Greg was so passionate.

“Please…stop…teasing me…” she barely let the words escape from her mouth. This didn’t stop him from fingering her clit. He wasn’t going to make her cum, but he loved teasing her.

“Aw, come on, Adriana. That’s not all you want. Come on, tell me what you want. Say it.”

She couldn’t take it anymore.

“BREAK ME, MR. GREG! Please. God, I want it so bad. BREAK ME!” she yelled.

That’s was all the convincing he needed. He stopped his torture on her clit and began to unzip his jeans. He took out his incredibly hard cock and placed it at her tight entrance. This was going to be good. He knew it was. She was a virgin. A tight, hot, wet, ready, and willing, virgin. Both of them were going to love this.

He placed his right hand on her neck again and squeezed just gently to give Adriana pleasure, not pain, but to make her feel locked in her place, just like before. She couldn’t move from her position. He placed his left hand back on her clit and pushed the head of his cock inside her.

His eyes almost popped out of his head. God, she was so tight, so fucking tight. It was almost painful for him, but if felt so fucking good. He’d never been inside a pussy that was this tight. He fucking wanted so much more.

Adriana gritted her teeth in pain and a slight feeling of pleasure. He hugged her tightly to his body and pushed in all the way, ripping through her hymen and making her bleed just a little bit. She literally felt it as her teacher ripped her from her only innocence, her virginity. She loved it, she loved so much. But it hurt so bad. She was so tight. But she wanted more.

“AHH! Oooohhh….mmmmm…” Adriana moaned. Mr. Greg liked that. He liked that a lot.

“Yeah, baby, just like that. I love that.” He smiled a wide smile and looked in the mirror.

The sight he saw was gorgeous.

With her left leg on the counter, Mr. Greg could see his huge 12-inch, thick, hard cock moving in and out of her young, wet, virgin pussy. Her eyes were closed. And the pain, for her, looked like it was over. It looked like pure pleasure for her now. His hand was around her neck and the other, on her clit, making it unbelievably good for her and for him. He moved that arm from her pussy to her stomach and wrapped it around there to make it easier for him to push inside. She put both her hands on his arm around her stomach and just enjoyed every movement he made into her. He began to pound harder and harder, deeper and deeper. His breathing became erratic. He wanted to come so bad.

But just for a split second, while Mr. Greg was looking into the mirror, he jammed his cock hard inside her, and Adriana opened her eyes abruptly as he hit one of her sweet spots inside her and locked eyes with him right in the mirror. Adriana squinted her eyes and moaned. She loved how hard he hit her spot. He smiled.

“Hit a sensitive spot, did I?” he teased.

“Mmmmmm…” was Adriana’s only response.

He looked at her in the mirror as she looked back at him. He stopped his movements, pulled out, and turned her around to him. They were both sweaty and hot, but neither was satisfied and Adriana let out a whimpering moan when he pulled out.

“I don’t want to take you here, baby,” Mr. Greg breathed heavily, “I want to take you on my bed.”

She smiled at him. “Anything you want, Mr. Greg…”


He gently pushed her and kissed her all the way to his bedroom. It was bright in there, with the sun shining through the window’s shutters. He pushed her into the bedroom and closed and locked the bedroom door, just in case. He pushed her on the bed. The whole bed was white, including the very heavy, soft, white comforter that he pushed her on. He opened up the comforter and got on top of her on the bed sheet, all their clothes and shoes still on, minus Adriana’s bra and panties, which were still on the bathroom floor. Her skirt was still pulled up to her waist and her blouse still lightly tucked in her skirt but open so that Mr. Greg got a clear view of her full B-sized breasts. Mr. Greg also had all his clothes on. Neither of them had any intention of removing their clothes. The only thing Adriana’s hazy mind noticed was that Mr. Greg was still incredibly hard. His jeans were unzipped and his stiff cock was standing straight up at direct attention. He was sweating like an animal. So was she. She could see the sweat on his face and on his lightly hairy arms and hands. He smelled delicious. She could see the sweat building up lightly around his facial hair. The sight was so erotic. She looked back down to his very large cock.

“Put it inside me…” she whispered lustily and closed her eyes, placing her hands on his shoulders.

“Anything you want, Adriana…”

He lifted up her legs and wrapped them around his waist. He pulled Adriana up so that their chests were touching and she wrapped her arms fully around his neck. They kissed briefly but passionately before Mr. Greg put his rock hard dick back inside her wet pussy.

“Oh!” she moaned and her head fell back.

She was still so tight, so warm. And still, he had a hard time getting inside of her, but he managed anyway, and began to pound away into her.

However, Mr. Greg didn’t think he could get his satisfaction by fucking her this way. He wanted her to ride him.

He all the sudden, pulled out again and got under her. Adriana was in a daze, she couldn’t follow through with what was going on, she just loved that huge cock inside of her.

He placed her on top of him and she penetrated herself with his dick. She shivered.

“Oh, God, Mr. Greg. You are so amazing.” She breathed. He bit his lip. He loved hearing her talk to him like this.

“Ride me hard, baby.”

Adriana began to move up and down his cock. Slowly at first and then faster and faster as her clit began to like the feeling of rubbing against his happy trail as she rode him. It was getting hot, very hot as she was riding him faster and faster and she could no longer take being in her shirt while she was fucking him. She ripped the shirt off and threw it across the room, her soft breasts now totally open for Mr. Greg’s torture.

Mr. Greg looked at her breasts while they were bouncing up and down from her riding him so hard. He brought his hands up and squeezed them lightly. She hissed at this, signaling that she loved his actions.

Her black hair was bouncing and falling around her beautiful frame in the sexiest way that she looked like an angel on top of him.

He was breathing so hard now, so hard and he couldn’t stand this any longer. He wanted to fuck her so hard that she forgot her name and where she was. He wanted to fuck her so hard that she would forget what fucking 2 plus 2 is.

He propped himself up but took her off his cock and turned her around, so that her back was facing him. She was still on top of him in what looked to be a sort of reversed cowgirl position. He placed his cock back at her entrance and pounded inside.

“AHHHHhhhh….MR. GREG!” she screamed this time. Both their legs spread apart wider and wider to give Mr. Greg easy access into Adriana’s pussy. His eyes rolled into the back of his head. He held her stomach with his right hand and kept himself propped up on his left. He kept pushing into her and pushing into her until she screamed for more.

“MR. GREG!! PLEASE, HARDER!!” she screamed as he hit her sweet spot with each strong, manly thrust.

He pounded away inside her tightness harder, faster, and deeper until both of them felt their orgasms coming from inside the pit of their stomachs.

“OH, GOD, Adriana, I’m so close, URGH!” He grunted loudly as he came deep, deep inside of her. She orgasmed with him at the same time after feeling his hot come spray her insides. She was in love with that feeling.

She shivered and shaked as she came down from her high.

“Mr. Greg…” she whispered and fell back against him.

“Adriana…” he was out of breath, he could hardly speak. He had never experienced that type of passion with any other woman in his life.

He gently pushed her off of him and got her and himself inside the covers of his bed. He held her tightly and ran his hand across her forehead and through her hair as he looked at her.

She was gorgeous. Her hair sticking to her face, as likewise, Mr. Greg’s was too. And her mouth slightly open to breath in all the air he stole away from her. Her sweat glistening on her face as the sun shone down on it.

She opened her eyes.

“I love you, Mr. Greg,” She said.

He smiled that beautiful smile of his. “I love you too, Adriana. So much,”

She closed her eyes and sighed.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a noise was emerging.

BeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeep BeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeep.

She opened her eyes and looked up at Mr. Greg. But he only smiled down at her.

“Do you hear that? What a strange noise…”

He kept looking at her, the smile almost painted on his face. Her smile, however, died down and turned into a fearful stare.

“No, it can’t be…”

“Wake up, Adriana…”

“No…” she began to sob.

“…wake up.”

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