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Apartment 13 - The Apartment series chapter 2

Apartment 13 - The Apartment series chapter 2

A week after Beth and Tim's first meeting, she ran but he came looking for her

 “Beth you have another delivery!” shouts my flatmate Kelly. I stop proofreading my latest article and get up to go to her.

Rounding the corner of my bedroom door and entering our living/dining room, I spot her at the front door holding a huge bouquet of red roses, my stomach instantly sinks and I stop dead in my tracks.

“Please tell me they have been sent to the wrong address,” I say hopefully, but Kelly just shakes her head and hands me the flowers, her eyes full of delight.

Thankfully, unlike me, she doesn’t know who these bloody flowers are from and assumes I have some secret admirer from work or something, if she only knew she’d be crying just like me. I shoot her a serious look but she ignores me and bursts into giggles, jumping up and down girlishly.

“Oh Beth, he’s got it bad, three bouquets in one week! This guy is bloody obsessed! It’s so cute!” she says happily, her bright orange hair bouncing up and down as she does some weird happy dance around our apartment. I just stand there staring at the roses, feeling a mix of anger and sick excitement bubble up inside my stomach.

Thing is, Kelly couldn’t be more right in her description of my not so secret admirer, the guy whose sending me these flowers is obsessed, he’s also completely sick in the head. His name is Timothy Bryant, but I and Kelly nicknamed him Sicko 23 within days of meeting him, he’s the kinda guy you see sat at a subway station and just think there’s just something not right about him.

However exactly a week ago today I let Sicko 23 sweet talk me into his apartment and fuck me on his dirty couch. Sickening though it sounds I can’t stop thinking about him, or his incredible fingers, his breath on my skin as he pants above me, his thick cock spreading me open before thrusting so deep it’s almost as if he wants to rip me open from within.

“Beth? Earth to Bethany,” Kelly clicks her fingers in front of my face and I jump, dropping the roses in shock.

“What?” I shake my head before looking at her, narrowing my eyes as I see her excited smile “Kell don’t you dare say…”

“You know who he is! I knew it! I bloody well knew it!” she shrieks so loud that I have to clamp my hands over my ears, wincing as her high pitched voice rattles my eardrums.

“Kelly shut up will you, the neighbours will hear!” I say sternly, darting my eyes towards the front door in hopes one neighbour in particular hasn’t heard us. Please God keep him away from me.

Shaking my head at my now fully animated dancing flatmate, I reach down to pick up the roses and accidently prick my finger on one of the thorns, huh how ironic that something as beautiful as roses can actually cause pain. I stand up straight and stick my finger in my mouth, trying to stop the blood flow caused from the prick. I glance behind my shoulder to see Kelly holding my smart-phone, staring at the screen intently.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I say in annoyance as I grab a glass vase and fill it with water, plonking the roses in the water before settling the vase beside the other two bouquets, one full of white roses and the other blue roses; smiling at the colours of my home country’s flag.

“I’m looking through the guys you have on your phone,” Kelly says sarcastically, I can almost see her rolling her eyes at my obviously stupid question.

“Kell, he’s not on my phone,” I say with a shake of my head, watching as she pouts childishly and tosses my phone across our apartment, thankfully it lands on our plush sofa instead of smashing onto our hardwood floors. “Hey don’t take it out on the phone,” I say with a giggle.

“Come on Beth tell me who he is, I’m dying here,” she says melodramatically, placing a manicured hand against her heart with full pleading eyes.

“My lips are sealed, now go get the paper will you,” I say with a giggle and get up to make coffee, however I don’t hear her moving towards the door and turn to face her, smiling as I’m meet with crossed arms and a big frown. “You know if the wind changes your face will stay that way,” I giggle but she just shakes her head, sighing deeply I run a hand through my hair and sit back down in front of her.

“Tell me who he is Beth,” her big green eyes are pointed at me and I get a weird sense of shame run through me, I’ve never lied to Kelly and here I am sneaking behind her back to ensure she doesn’t learn my dark secret.

“Kell please just go get the paper,” I say sombrely, tucking a strand of stray hair behind my ear and staring at the floor.

“Why? Why am I the one getting the paper this week? The door’s just there Beth, get off your ass and get it yourself. I’m sick of being lied to!” she says angrily and stomps off towards her bedroom, slamming the hard wood door behind her.


I stay seated for what seems like forever, my eyes moving between Kelly’s bedroom door and the front door. What the hell am I supposed to do now?

Taking a deep breath I rush into my bedroom and change into my oldest pair of jogging bottoms and a loose fitting white vest top, which I am happy to see has a huge coffee stain on it. My aim is simple, look as crap as I possible in the hopes Tim won’t recognise me, or if he does, he will think I look gross and leave me the hell alone. Tying my long dark brown hair up into a messy ponytail I take a long look at myself in the mirror, then make my way out my bedroom and over to the door.

My body is shaking as I reach for the door handle, images of him standing outside waiting for me make me gasp and I step back quickly. Jesus Beth it’s just a fucking newspaper, open the bloody door taking another deep breath I collect all my courage and pull the door open, holding my breath.

Nothing! Letting out the breath I’d been holding, I lean my head out the door and scan the hallway, paying close attention to the stairs that connect Tim’s floor to mine.

Where the hell is he? I ask myself as I step out further into the hallway, my entire body on high alert in case he jumps out at me and drags me to his dingy apartment; yes he’s that sick in the head.

I feel someone behind me and turn around, my hands in fists ready to fight off his advances; however it’s just Kelly, dressed in her barista uniform. She looks over my jogging bottoms and top with disgust.

“Jesus Beth, you look like a hobo and chillax will you, no one’s out to get you idiot,” she says snootily, clearly she’s still pissed that I’m not giving her the details on roses man. Screw you Timothy Bryant, now I’ve lost my best friend because of your sick obsession.

“Oh, umm, sorry Kell, look can we just forget about my secret admirer and be friends again? I hate it when we fight,” I say softly, reaching out to grab onto her arm. Kelly however just shakes her head at me, turning on her heel to walk down the stairs to our buildings entrance.

“I don’t like being lied to by my friends Beth,” she says as she walks and I have to race down the stairs to stop her leaving.

“Come on Kell! I’m not lying,” I plead with her but she ignores me, pushing me to the side of the stairs so she can pass.

“Call it what you want but your hiding stuff from me and that’s not how I think friends should treat each other. I’m gunna stay at Mark’s tonight, call me when you realise how a true friend acts,” she says sternly before walking out the buildings entrance and out of my sight. Sitting down on the steps I hold my head and let my sorrow wash over me.

How could I let this happen? I am usually so controlled, painstakingly prepared for all situations, and yet here I am pissing off my room-mate so bad that she would rather stay at her alcoholic boyfriends apartment then with me. This is all Tim’s fault! If he had just left me alone none of this would never have happened!

Standing up I turn abruptly and march to Tim’s door, bashing my fists so hard against the wood that I it almost cracks.

“Tim! I know you’re in there you fucking arsehole! Get out here right now!” I scream at the door, using my foot to kick it hard, a shooting pain rushes up my ankle and a fall to the floor in agony.

I sit there for what seems like hours before the throbbing in my ankle becomes too much and I hobble down the stairs and enter my apartment, closing the door behind me I sink to the floor and let the tears I’ve been holding down fall freely, letting them soak my cheeks as my shoulders heave.

“There is no sight more disgusting then watching a beautiful woman cry,” his voice hits me like a block of ice and I cry out in anger, lunging off the floor I search my apartment for him.

“Tim you arsehole!” I scream, my voice echoing through my apartment.

“My that accent is so hypnotic dear Bethany,” comes the voice again and I cringe at the seductive tone, imagining him hiding somewhere watching me as I frantically search every single room. Spotting my mobile I hold it above my head, signalling to wherever his hiding place might be.

“I’ll call them! I mean it Tim I’ll call the police!” my voice shakes with nerves as I wait for him to appear, a death silence falls over the room and a feeling of fear rushes over me and then arousal, shocking me to the core that this is actually turning me on, knowing that he’s this close to me, wanting me, waiting for me to give into him yet again.

“Don’t give empty threats Bethany,” he snaps and I turn my head towards my bedroom, I don’t know why but I just know he’s in there.

“Where are you?” another rush of tears slide down my cheeks as I take a step towards my open bedroom door, feeling a wave of sickness rush over me as I remember closing it earlier on. He’s in there!

“Drop the phone Bethany,” his voice is cool and controlled and I do as he says, suddenly feeling obedient to his authority. I release the death grip on the phone and take another step towards my bedroom, hearing the phone collide against the wood with a hard blow.

I reach the doorway of my bedroom and gasp, pressing a hand against my mouth to stop the started cry from escaping. Looking over my large double bed I take in the numerous roses covering the duvet, glancing behind my shoulder I see the vases, in which they use to stand, now empty. Looking down at my feet I see that a pathway of roses has been made for me, a mixture of red, white and blue petals. I scan the room but he’s not in here. Stepping into the room I jump as the door slams behind me, turning around I see Tim. He’s dressed in new jeans, no rips, and a dark grey Hollister t-shirt. How the hell does a guy like him afford Hollister?

“Hello Bethany, long time no speaks,” he says with a smug grin, making me shudder inwardly, I don’t know what it is but he just comes across so creepy. Stepping back in fear my bad ankle gives way and I tumble backwards, crashing against the rose covered floor painfully, looking up I frown as I watch Tim laugh arrogantly.

“We’ve only been talking for seconds and already you’re on your back for me Bethany, I’m flattered,” he says with a dark smile and I cringe, moving backwards towards my bed.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Can’t you take a bloody hint! I’m not interested in you! Never have been, never fucking will be,” I spit in anger, using the wrought iron frame of my bed to get to my feet, my ankle throbs in protest and I have to hide my wince.

“Now that’s not exactly true is it my sweet, you seemed very interested in me when I was fucking you on my couch,” he says as he walks towards me, I hold my breath as he stands beside me and trails his finger along my cheek. I’m frozen as my arousal doubles, sending warmth between my legs and making my skin shiver under his touch. Why am I so turned on by him!

“Yes well that was a mistake, a mistake I will not be making again!” I snap angrily, turning my face towards his, only to gasp as his lips seal themselves over mine.

His lips continue their attack on me as I feel his arms encase my small waist, pulling me closer to him so I can feel his tense muscles beneath his top, my hands instantly begin to explore, remembering how perfect his body is beneath his ruggedly exterior.

“It’s been rather fun watching you try to avoid me dear Bethany, hearing you sneak out of your apartment at 5am just so you don’t have to pass me on your way to work, getting Kelly to collect the paper at weekends, even using the fire escape when you think I’m in the hallway. You are quite the rebel when pushed, my sweet little ‘good girl gone bad,’” he mummers between kisses, his lips moving from mine down my neck and shoulder. Making me moan and gasp, my hands running along his body hungrily, it’s as if he’s awoken some sexual beast within me.

“You won’t be hiding from me anymore Beth, do you understand?” he stops kissing my neck and forcefully pushes my face up, making me stare into those deep off blue eyes, his grip is almost painful on my jaw and I nod quickly. A sickening smile spreads over his lips as he pushes me back onto the bed, my body pressing against the pricks of the roses but I hardly notice. My mind is completely focused on the ache between my legs.

“I love this new look by the way,” he laughs sardonically, “are you trying to match my style my love?” He leans down to kiss me but this time I turn away, meaning his lips press against my cheek, he grunts in annoyance and forces my face back in line with his. “Don’t fight what you want Bethany! It’s not worth it, just give into what your body is obviously begging for.” His lips press against mine before I can answer and I gasp in surprise, giving his tongue access into my mouth; where it attacks furiously.

Within seconds my joggers are removed and my legs parted, baring my thin white lace panties to Tim’s hungry gaze. Holding onto the duvet I brace myself for his attack, expecting him to slice into without a care but instead he leans up and kisses me, a lover’s kiss of passion and lust but also a deep care for my pleasure.

“I’ve been going mad without you Beth,” his voice is thick with pain and I feel a wash of guilt cover my anger, suddenly I want to make him happy. Leaning up I keep my eyes locked on his as I pull my vest off, hearing his breath hitch as I reach round and unclip my bra, removing the straps with a delicate shrug of my shoulders.

“Is this you giving up? Are you finally mine?” he asks and all I can do is nod, letting all my anger and fear melt away as he leans forward to kiss me again, his hands massaging my now bare chest, his lips slide to my neck and before I can think about an answer his teeth sink to my skin and I gasp, sending a jolt of wetness between my thighs.

“Oh Beth baby,” his lips move to my neck and my whole body shivers with excitement, tensing my muscles as his fingers slide up my leg before grasping my panties and tugging them down forcefully, cold air hits my exposed lips harshly and I gasp, only to have Tim’s lips attack mine passionately.

My fingers slide over his body as we kiss passionately, his body pushing me down onto the mattress as his knees push my legs apart, allowing him to settle between my thighs, his erection pressing into my pantie covered pussy.

“Tim please no more, ahhh I need you.”

Mere seconds pass before I’m finally being filled by him, waves upon waves of pure pleasure flowing over me as he thrusts hard and deep, pushing my legs further apart. My soft cries fill my small bedroom as I raise my hips, desperate to meet his thrusts, to find that in sync rhythm we had before, a rhythm I have only ever felt with him.

“Your mine Bethany, I have been without you for too long, never again,” he says between hard, deep thrusts, pushing my body further up the bed, making me scream out every single time.

“Ahhh Tim please,” I scream out as he thrusts hard, stopping us from reaching that rhythm I am seeking, pushing me to the edge only to break away so I’m left yearning for more and more.

“Say it! Say that your mine Bethany!” his thrusts become harder, almost painful but still so deliciously deep, filling every single inch of me, slicing me apart with a wicked power. But I still refuse him, pride kicks into me such venom that I have to close my eyes, unable to look into this crazed but passionate man’s eyes.

“No I won’t just fuck me please! Tim I need this so bad!” I say as I turn my face away, only to have his large hand clasp my chin roughly, forcing me to look up at him with half open eyes. His hips stop their relentless thrusting, holding him still inside me, my body heightening in sensitivity to the point that I can almost feel his cock move slightly as he pants above me.

“Stop refusing this Beth! We both know this is what we need, we can’t go on pretending! Just give in to me and I will give you what you want, please!” his off blue eyes beg me and I swear my throat catches on tears, for the first time he looks… beautiful. Broken and desperate his emotion for me is almost overwhelming and for reasons I can’t even try to understand I find myself speaking words I’ve never ever said.

“I love you Tim.”

Silence falls over the room as we process my confession. Then a wicked grin passes over Tim’s face, his eyes shining brightly before winking playfully, making me giggle beneath him. The giggle makes my body shake slightly sending a vibration down to my pussy which is still invaded by Tim’s hard cock, the vibration makes him shake slightly within me and my highly sensitive walls tingle deliciously, making my giggles stop and my moaning begin once again.

We make love for hours, teasing each other while we explore, our bodies constantly pressed together as we roll around my bed. Tim kisses me all over, paying close attention to what I like and ensuring I am fully satisfied before moving onto another pleasure spot, then when he’s once again buried inside me we find our rhythm and seal our passion, sweat dripping off our bodies as we bring each other to climax, pushing our bodies to their highest orgasmic level before screaming out each other’s names in a whirlwind of pleasure.

An hour passes and Tim is fast asleep beside me, laying on his back with his bare chest exposed to me. I’m on my front, laying over him slightly so I can trail silly patterns onto his skin with my finger. He flinches slightly and I wonder if he’ll wake, he doesn’t but his arm does snake around my waist and pull me closer. Even in his sleep my Sicko 23 needs me near him. Now I see that I too need him, maybe I’ve always needed him but just never let myself see what he really was, yes he’s a little creepy but he loves me, and isn’t it said that people do crazy things when they are in love?

And even though I never ever saw myself with Tim it’s in his arms that I end up falling asleep, and with the biggest most love struck grin ever plastered across my lips.

Who’d have thought it hey?

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