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Apartment 23 - The apartment series chapter 1

Apartment 23 - The apartment series chapter 1

He was her creepy neighbour whereas she was his obsession

The morning sun breaks through my wood blinds, streaming in over my thick white duvet and up into my eyes, waking me instantly.

 Groaning in annoyance I pull my duvet over my head, wishing I could sleep for days and days, however that just isn’t possible. I rustle up a quick burst of energy and throw my duvet away from my body, jumping out of bed and gasping as the cold air hits my exposed skin; guess that serves me right for wearing a pair of white shorts and a silk white bra to bed.

“Kelly!” I yell my flat mate's name as I storm out my bedroom and into our small-but-cosy lounge/dining room area, flinching in pain as my bare feet meet the ice cold wood floors.
“Kell! Where the hell are you?” I yell again as I march into the small white wood kitchenette before turning on my heel and racing to her bedroom, that just happens to be at the end of a freezing cold hallway. My bare footsteps slap through the silence of our small New York apartment and within seconds my flat mate’s bedroom door opens and Kelly stares, narrow-eyed..

“Beth it’s half past eight in the fucking morning! Why are you screaming! I was sleeping!” she bellows, her dyed orange hair, which she’d had cut into a cute pixie cut shook as she spoke. I cross my arms over my chest and stare at her with my own take on the frigid stare.

“I’m yelling because you were supposed to put the bloody heating on last night! It’s fucking freezing in here!” I yell in response, throwing my arms out as I gesture to the Arctic apartment, my steaming breath proving my point. Kelly instantly drops her anger and instead becomes sheepish and regretful.

“Oh shit yea I was, sorry Beth,” she says quietly, biting down on her lip shamefully. Sighing softly I pretend to go to kick her before retreating and shaking my head with a smile.

“Whatever, just next time remember that I may be from England but I do still feel the cold, not to mention I am now late for work, which means I’m both cold and foul tempered., If I get fired I’ll be blaming you Miss Mould!” I say in mock anger, making her giggle cutely.

I shake my head one last time before spinning on my heel and making my way to the kitchenette and stick the kettle on. Grabbing my favourite coffee flask I add some coffee beans and sugar and go to the front door to collect the morning paper.

Reaching the door I open it and bend down to get the paper, just then I hear a wolf whistle come from the floor above. I groan when I spot Tim, or as Kelly and I have nicknamed him, Sicko 23, due to his apartment being number 23 and his personality being that of a sick headed man. I start to walk down the stairs which connect his floor to mine. Picking the paper up I stand up straight and pull my long dark brown curls over my right shoulder as I rest against the door frame, knowing this pose will tease his sick mind terribly.

“Morning Beth baby” he says in his thick New Yorker accent, my name comes out as Bet more than Beth, something I hate more than being cold.

“How many times have I told you to not call me baby, Tim, and am I right to assume you’ve been listening out for my door to open just so you can perv on me again? This has to stop or I’ll be calling the police on you yet again, we wouldn’t want that now would we?” I say. My voice trickles with sarcasm but I notice Tim isn’t listening to me and instead his eyes are locked on my exposed stomach and legs, not to mention my chest which is fully visible due to my low cut bra.

I click my fingers in front of his face and he snaps his head up, his creepy off-blue eyes meeting my deep chocolate brown ones, a sly smile on his lips as he leans forward slightly and places a hand on the door frame above my head. He’s a hell of a lot taller than me so he towers over me effortlessly.

“You could say it a thousand times, Bethany but I’ll always call you it, right until you want me to call you it that is, then I’ll come up with something a little more original,” he says with a croaked chuckle, sending bits of morning spit onto my forehead and making me gag slightly.

“Uhh, you really are foul Timothy Bryant!” I step back in repulsion as he bends to plant a kiss on my cheek, missing me by inches as I move back quickly.

“Ahh, you say that now but one day you’ll be begging me to bang ya and when that day comes I promise to give you one hell of a night, just say the word and I’m yours Bethany my gal!” His arm sneaks its way away my waist without me realising but thankfully Kelly is behind me in seconds yanking Tim’s arm away from me and snapping his middle finger hard, causing him to yelp out in pain.

 “Fuck! What the hell was that for you bitch!” he screams out as he massages his finger like a wounded dog.

“For being a perv,” Kelly states in a very matter of fact voice.

“Yea well you’re a whore,” he snaps back. I snarl at him and look up to see how Kelly’s reacted, smiling when I see her laughing.

“Well at least I’m getting some Timmy boy, how long has it been since you had a conscious woman in your bed?” Kelly asks with a raised eyebrow. I try to conceal my giggle behind the paper but fail miserably causing Tim to give me a horribly dirty look.

“I’m just waiting for Bethany here to realise I’m the man of her dreams, I don’t want nobody else but her messing up my bed covers,” he says with a lustful look in his eyes, his hand once again reaching out to grab my bare waist. Thankfully Kelly whips the paper out of my hand and whacks Tim with it, making him yelp out once more as the rolled up pages collide with his fragile finger.

“FUCK!” he screams out again and his voice echoes around the hallways of our old apartment building. Seeing his pain filled face makes me shudder slightly, I’d always hated seeing people in pain, even sicko’s like Tim. Turning my attention away from Tim and his sore finger I make the motion for Kelly to back off by waving my hand across my neck in a cut it out gesture, she just shrugs and turns on her heel before skipping off towards her bedroom happily.

“You know I’m not really a perv right Beth?” I’d been watching Kelly when Tim spoke and his words catch me off guard. I spin around quickly and raise an eyebrow in confusion.

“You’re kidding right Tim? You’re like the dictionary definition of a perv, I mean you’re like twice my age and you’re constantly listening out for my door to open just so you can come pester me and Kelly. I mean if that’s not perv behaviour I honestly don’t know what is,” I say with a raised eyebrow, smirking slightly as he manages to actually look insulted. “Oh sorry have I insulted you? Do forgive me Timothy,” I say obnoxiously but the look of hurt on his face renders me speechless and I stand up straight as a feeling of shame washes over me. I cross my arms over my chest suddenly feeling very much like a child whose just been caught swearing at an elderly person.

“How old do you actually think I am Bethany?” asks Tim and I snap my mouth shut in confusion , wondering why he’d ask such a blunt question; after all it’s not like it matters to him what age I think he is.

He shakes his hand in a I’m waiting manner and I bite down on my lip as I look him over, taking in his disheveled light brown hair which is slightly too long for his facial shape so makes him look ruggedly unclean, although that could also be down to the fact his entire wardrobe seems to only hold ripped clothing. The over washed jeans he’s wearing today, for example, have almost six rips in them meaning most of his legs are exposed to me. His eyes however look much younger then I’d expected them to be, but then I’d never really looked at his eyes because they’d usually be focused on my chest or legs or anywhere but my face. His body is hidden slightly by his baggy off green shirt which I notice has off patches of other fabrics sewn over holes that use to reside there, making him look like some sort of wannabe hippie tramp. But the outline of his body is there, just hidden.

He looks fit, lean but muscular.

“I dunno maybe 49?” I say randomly. In all truth he looks to be no more than 30, maybe younger, but I’ll be dammed if I let him think that he’s an okay age to be into me. It’s a lot more pervy for a 49 year old guy to be lusting over a 20 year old then a 30 year old.

“What! You’re fucking kidding me right! You’ve been living in the same bloody building as me for almost seven months and you honestly have the nerve to think I’m in my 40’s!” he snaps before running a hand through his hair in frustration. In doing so his face becomes more exposed to me and I see his chiseled jaw line and strong neck. A strange feeling rushes over me and I hastily push it down deep inside me, hoping it won’t ever resurface, especially not with Sicko 23 stood in front of me.

“Well how old are you then?” I ask innocently, holding my arms around my chest tight in controlled confidence, even though I feel like sitting in a corner and crying at how angry I seem to have made him.

“I’m 26 Beth! Fucking 49! That’s just insulting!” he shakes his head in disgust and moves to go back up the stairs towards his apartment.

 Suddenly I find myself racing up and standing in front of him, blocking his path up the stairs as best I can. He stops and crosses his arms as he looks up at me with anger filled eyes.

 “Move out of my way Miss Lockwood,” he snarls and I recoil slightly at the bitter tone of his voice, not to mention the use of my surname instead of his silly little pet names.

“Okay I lied, I thought you looked 30, maybe 29,” I say quickly, looking down into his cool off blue eyes. Once again that strange feeling washes over me, settling in my stomach like a cloud of untamed butterflies.

“You don’t need to lie Bethany, you’ve said what you think, end of. I promise not to bug you anymore. Now would you move out my way so I can go do pervy things in my pervy fucking apartment?” Tim snaps and automatically that feeling doubles, almost like my body is attracted to this more aggressive version of Tim, oh god did I really just think about being turned on by sicko 23? What the fuck is wrong with me!

“Oh come on Tim look at you! You look like those guys who live on the subway minus the piss stains!” I shout furiously. (How dare he make me feel bad when all he’s done since I moved in is pester me for sex! I hardly think he’s the victim in this situation!)

“I didn’t take you to be a girl who judges people by their appearance, Beth,” he responds swiftly, cutting off my anger and replacing it with shame. Which just pisses me off even more, once again he’s making me the bad guy in this when I’ve done jack shit!

“Oh shut up Tim! You know nothing about what kinda girl I am and you know what you never bloody will, you’re not my type. I only date guys who know what a fucking shower is!” I snap at him before stepping out of his way and racing back down the stairs towards my apartment door.

I’m just about to walk into my apartment when I feel my arm being captured and yanked back, causing my entire body to go flying backwards and crash into Tim’s body. Being this close to him the lean lines of his body become more obvious to me and without even thinking I find myself exploring his muscular arms. I move my fingers over the baggy material of his t-shirt and down over his hard chest and stomach, something I had not expected to feel beneath Sicko 23’s shirt.

“Still think I look 49, Bethany?” his voice sends shivers through me as I feel his breath on my ear. I hadn’t realised how close he now was to me, his hands resting on my hips as his mouth teases the exposed skin of my neck and shoulders.

“No but I do still think you’re a perv,” I murmer, although honestly my voice is so shaky I highly doubt he could understand a word of what I’d just said. He doesn’t respond but instead he reaches for my hand and clutches it tight before breaking away from his hold on me, turning slightly he begins to lead me up the stairs towards the third floor.

“I’m not a perv Bethany but I am interested in you, I guess you could almost say I’m intoxicated by you , that’s why I’ve been waiting out for you to open your door , why I spend so much time talking to you when I get the chance. It’s all because I want you...” he stops leading me as we reach his apartment door. The large 23 almost glows in front of us and I swear that my heart beat can be heard through the strained silence that now fills the empty hallway.

Opening my mouth to take a breath I make the mistake of looking up at Tim, gasping when I see the deep rooted lust that is radiating from his eyes, an almost animalistic hunger. The butterfly feeling inside my stomach intensifies dangerously.

“I have work, I’m umm, I’m already late for work,” I mumble. My eyes are still locked on Tim as my stomach starts doing some gymnastic act, twisting and turning as my head tries to get my emotions together in case I do something I’ll definitely regret.

“It’s Saturday, you don’t have work on Saturday,” he says darkly, moving behind me as I feel his lips on the soft skin of my shoulder. His warm fingers make their way to my hips then up to my bare stomach, sending tingles of what can only be described as pure pleasure through my body.

“Tim I don’t think we should … ahhhh,” I moan out softly as I feel his lips move to my neck, kissing and sucking on the soft exposed skin as his fingers graze my hip bones, moving me into position in front of him so I can feel just how much he wants me.

“Let me show you what I’ve been wanting to do to you since the first day I saw you bend down to pick up your paper. I promise you’ll enjoy every single second.” His voice rattles my bones and I moan out again, pressing myself into his front as I feel his erection press into my back.

I have no idea what’s come over me but right now I have no control, it’s as if I too have become an animal lost in the heat of the moment. I want this. I want it so fucking bad.

Spinning round to face Tim I see that he too has lost all control and within seconds our lips are pressed together, almost fighting with each other as we crash against the hallway wall. Tim’s hand presses against my breast, pushing my bra aside violently so he can get to my creamy skin. His warm fingers instantly melt the icy cold I’d felt from the apartment and I find myself arching into his hand, wanting his touch more and more, needing to feel his heat deep within me.

“Fuck you’re so beautiful,” he whispers hoarsely into my ear as his hand pulls and squeezes my nipple, his teeth grazing along my neck as his body presses me harder against the wall, his hips grinding his jean covered erection against my shorts.

“Tim! Someone could see, ahhh, fuck we’ll be caught here,” I mutter between moans. My body is so responsive to him it’s scary, it’s as if he knows exactly what to do to make me weak. No man has ever made me feel so out of control, especially not over my own body.

“But I want people to see Bethany, I want them to be sick with jealousy as they see my hands touch your skin, my teeth graze you, my cock slipping into your delicious wetness. I want them to see me own you, mark you...”

I turn my head slightly, searching the hallways for signs of life, praying that no one, especially Kelly, will see me making out and practically dry humping Sicko 23.

“Tim please,” I beg silently, looking up into those strange off-blue eyes, which slowly I am starting to really enjoy looking into. There’s a mystery to them just like there is a mystery to Tim. He growls alongside a silent curse before stepping back and rifling through his pockets for his apartment keys. Taking a moment to catch my breath I quickly readjust my bra and run a hand through my hair.

“Don’t do that!”

I look up in confusion as Tim holds his keys at the lock of his apartment door. His eyes are locked on mine and there’s a hint of annoyance and dominance hidden in those mysterious eyes.

“Don’t do what?” I reply mockingly as I stand up straight and wait for him to open the door.

“Make yourself look like this isn’t happening, 'cos it is and you won’t be looking like that for a long time after we’re done.” He opens the door quickly and throws his keys inside without a glance at where they may have landed. I haven’t even taken a breath when his lips seize mine once more and I’m being pulled into his apartment, hearing the bang of the apartment door as its kicked closed behind me.

“Do you have any idea how many dreams I’ve had of you being in this apartment, wearing something as delectable as this before I strip you naked and fuck you until you scream my name over and over again?” he says between kisses.

Trailing his lips along my neck once more as his hands slowly push my tiny pyjama shorts down over my bum and finally my legs where they slide to the floor quickly, leaving me in just my bra.

“Ahh, fuck no panties, Beth, are you trying to give me a heart attack?” he says with a groan of satisfaction, making me giggle slightly before I moan as I feel his finger slide its way along my now soaking pussy lips.

 “Ahhh fuck you're soaking, seems I’m not the only one who wanted this to happen hey?” he once again chuckles but this time his lips are pressed against my neck sending vibrations through my body like wildfire, making me moan and arch up towards him greedily.

“I need to taste you,” he states with a groan as his finger slips into my wetness easily, my juices dripping freely as I moan and gasp at the feel of his lips on my cold skin. I hadn’t even heard him move but suddenly I’m on my back on a large black sofa, my legs spread wide as Tim places soft kisses along my stomach, creating a delicious fizzle of excitement in my belly as he gets lower and lower.

“Ahhhhh Tim,” I say without thinking and I can almost feel his smile against my sensitive skin.

“The first time you’ve moaned my name, god that’s something I’ll never forget,” he says with a deep laugh before sprinkling soft kisses along the inside of my thigh before finally kissing my soft waxed pussy, his teeth grazing along my soaking lips before his tongue slides into me deliciously.

My body tenses in anticipation as I feel Tim’s fingers spreading me open, gasping as his tongue invades me hard, sucking and licking my pussy with an animalistic greed. Clutching onto the sofa back I arch my back so my hips press into his mouth, grinding against his tongue as I moan out in agonising pleasure. My entire body feeling like it’s on fire as I wither beneath my once creepy neighbour.

I sigh in slight annoyance when he stops and am about to shout at him when I suddenly feel three of his long fingers push inside me, spreading my tight little pussy. I moan out in surprise and his laughter fills the room.

“Fuck Beth you’re so tight! God could you be any more perfect, you taste like pure sin but have this angelic little body. You’re a walking dream and nightmare rolled into one wickedly tempting package, I can’t get enough,” he pants as he leans up and seals his lips against mine. He kisses me deeply as his fingers continue rocking inside me, sending my body into a frenzy of pleasure as my orgasm starts to build deep within me.

“Ahh I can’t uhh, I can’t hold on any, ahhh fuck, yes,” I try to speak but his fingers keep driving into me making in nearly impossible to get my words together. Instead my mouth just wants to moan and scream his name over and over again. His lips move to my neck and the warmth of his breath against my skin makes me tingle and squirm even more, as if the physical closeness of him is the thing that turns me on the most.

“Cum for me Bethany, soak my fingers in your juices please...” He’s practically begging and his lust for me sends me over the edge, making me scream out as I hit my climax full on and start shaking beneath him, his fingers thrusting harder and harder into my soaking wet pussy. My eyes clamp closed but his lips are on mine instantly making me kiss him hard and deep as my body tries to recover from its intense orgasm.

“Your perfection, Bethany, pure fucking perfection,” he says as he kisses me again and again, his hands roam my body, running along my stomach and chest before resting against my cheek while we kiss passionately.

“I never ever thought we’d be doing this, I mean you're Sicko 23! I shouldn’t be naked on your sofa letting you finger me to a mind-blowing orgasm,” I say through panting breaths, smiling as he leans down to kiss me softly.

“And yet here you are. You are a bloody dream come true Bethany, I’ve wanted this for so damn long.” His lips are on my neck once more and I am shocked to find my body instantly responding to him. Even though it’s just been shocked to hell by the last orgasm it seems I want more, something I’ve never experienced with my ex’s. Before it was once and goodnight then sleep time, apparently that’s not going to happen with Tim.

Before I have time to take another breath Tim is between my thighs once again, spreading my legs as wide as they will go. He stands quickly but his eyes never leave mine as he starts to undress. First he removes his shirt and I can’t help but gasp at his, dare I say it, beauty. His body is tanned and muscular but not like one of those steroid ridden body builders. He’s leanly built with strong shoulders plus a killer six pack I had definitely not expected from a man I have only seen jog once, and that was when he chased me out the building when he’d seen me emerge from my apartment.

I stare at him shamelessly and he laughs at the obvious shock in my reaction, slowly unbuckling his jeans he lets them drop to the floor along with his boxers. I nearly keel over at the sight in front of me. Never in my wildest dreams had I expected Sicko 23 to be a sex god underneath his mis-matched clothes and odd behaviour and yet here in front of me stood the human form of Adonis!

“Think twice about judging people by their appearance Bethany, you never know what the hides beneath some people’s outer shells,” he says with a smug grin before climbing back on top of me, his lips claiming mine deeply as his hands caress my body, moving lightly at first before his hunger overtakes him. I feel his knees force my legs open so he can lay between them, his huge thick cock head pressing against my entrance teasingly. I try desperately to push him into me, lifting my hips and even wrapping my legs around him but nothing works, he just holds me there in that painful moment of waiting.

“What the fuck Tim! Your teasing the hell out of me!” I yell in impatience and he quickly silences me with another mind blowing kiss, taking me by surprise as his hands pin my arms above my head. I gasp and he breaks away from our kiss. Looking down at me his eyes seem to glaze over in amazement and I find myself blushing at his deep interest in me.

“I want to relish in this Bethany, will you let me?” he asks gently and I can only nod my answer because my surprise has actually rendered me speechless. I hadn’t expected him to ask for my permission but that he’d take me being there beneath him as my agreement.

Our eyes stay locked on each other as he finally slides into me, my muscles tense as they stretch to accommodate his thickness. I find myself wincing slightly in pain, only to be comforted by Tim’s soft kisses, feeling the delicateness of his lips on my neck and shoulder as he whispers sweet words of comfort into my ear, reminding me how beautiful I am to him and how amazing I feel.

“Oh God you're tight, fuck I can feel you tensing around me, ahhh yes, fuck, you feel so good.” His moans mix with mine as we slowly find our rhythm, our bodies rocking together as he slams into me harder and harder. Sweat drips off our bodies as Tim kisses me over and over, trailing his tongue along my neck before sinking his teeth into my shoulder making me yelp out in a burst of pleasurable pain.

“Ahh Tim more, more please, ahh yes, I want it,” I moan out silently, feeling my body starting climbing, my hands running over his back as he starts slamming deeper into me. He's hitting the back of my pussy over and over again, his thick hard length pleasuring me more than any other man. Suddenly his breath is on my neck as he whispers in my ear, his hips still slamming into mine vigorously.

“Cum with me Bethany, let me feel everything you have, every single drop of that deliciousness I want coating my cock, please give me that Beth,” he pleads. I respond with a deep passion filled kiss, feeling the last waves of my climax accumulate inside me before I erupt inside and cum with a power so strong I nearly pass out beneath him.

“Ahh Yes Beth, Yes, Yes, Ah Fuck, FUCK I LOVE YOU!” he screams and I open my eyes as I hear those three words , words many men have said to me but not once have I believed them. Now however it seems painfully obvious that he is in love with me. Ahh shit, this isn’t going to be good.

I don’t have long to think over those words however because Tim cums with an agonising cry and I am suddenly being filled for the second time in 24 hours, my pussy is stretching fully as he slams into me over and over while his seed shoots deep inside me, settling deep within my womb.

He groans out one last time before pulling out and collapsing on top of me, his sweaty body pressed against mine as we both try to regain normal breathing, our foreheads pressed together with our eyes closed.

“Tim, I uhh, I need the bathroom,” I say hesitantly, waiting for him to move off me so I can escape back to my apartment and try to pretend this hasn’t just happened. Oh god I hope Kelly’s left for work otherwise I’ll have to deal with god knows how many questions, questions I honestly have no answers for. He opens his eyes and smiles; a love struck puppy kind of smile.

“Need to go freshen up before round two, hey?” he says with a laugh. I nervously smile, nodding hesitantly as I watch him get up off me and stretch out his lean body, a besotted smile stuck on his face as he watches me get up from the sofa and leg it to a small room I guess to be the bathroom. He slaps my bum playfully as I pass before yelling.

“Hurry back sexy, I want you on all fours next time!” I shoot him a smile before going into the bathroom and locking the door, taking a huge gulp of air I run and hand through my hair and try to work out an escape route.

“Bethany, Baby? Shall we have our next round in my bedroom, the couch is great but there’s not a lot of room and I want to see you spreadeagled for me,” he says through the door with a giggle. I find myself closing my eyes at the thought of him fucking me against his bed, thinking about those fingers driving me to yet another orgasm. Fuck what has happened to me! I need to get out of here and fast!

“Umm yea, okay,” I say nervously, looking around the bathroom I spot an old grey hoodie, which I am guessing belongs to Tim, and slip it on. It's way too big for me which means it covers my naked body perfectly. Standing up straight I take another gulp of air and go to open the bathroom door. Poking my head out I notice that Tim isn’t where I left him, then I hear humming coming from a room further down the hallway and realise he’s waiting for me in his bedroom.

Yes! This means I can escape! I do a double check that he’s not coming out the bedroom anytime soon before sprinting over to the front door and open it as quietly as I can, thankfully it doesn’t make a sound. I am out of there in seconds. I sprint down the stairs to my own door and open it, thanking God that I have a forgetful flat mate who doesn’t know what a security lock is otherwise I’d have been locked out of my own place.

With the my apartment door closed behind me, I finally let myself breathe, running a hand through my hair I think over the last hour and feel my body ache for his touch once again.

Stop it Beth! He is a creep! You should be calling the police not wanting to fuck him again! Get a grip girl!

But annoyingly this has shown me how much I do want him and until I can get a grip of my lust I must stay away from Sicko 23.
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