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Apartment with three - The Apartment series chapter 3

Apartment with three - The Apartment series chapter 3

Beth and Tim have admitted their feelings, but they forgot the flatmate
Soft kisses wake me from my slumber, tingles instantly rushing over my skin as his soft lips make their way along my shoulders before travelling down my back at a deliciously slow pace, I can’t help but moan at the sensation.

“Mmmm, good morning,” I whisper softly. I hear his soft laughter and my heart instantly melts God, I am in way too deep with this man.

“Morning sleeping beauty, did I wake you from a naughty dream perhaps?” he asks and I laugh delicately, turning round to face him. Tim Bryant use to be a sickening sight to me, however after last night all I see when I look at him is pure sex, he’s gorgeous.

“Yes you did you mean man, my dream was extremely hot and passionate,” I say cheekily, moving in closer to him. Smiling, I feel his strong arms quickly encase my small waist, his hands greedily sliding over my naked body.

“What was I doing to you Bethany?” he says before leaning forward and kissing my neck, sending even more shivers of pleasure through my body, a small gasp escapes my lips at the intimate touch.

“I never said you were in it Sicko 23,” I say with a cheeky giggle, only to gasp in surprise and pain as his teeth sink into my shoulder. I then feel his lips pressing against the same spot in an attempt to sooth the pain.

“Don’t play games Bethany. I thought we’d learnt that lesson last night.” His growl of annoyance makes his lips vibrate against my neck, his arms tightening around me even more making me wince slightly.

“It was a joke Tim, ouch your hurting me,” I try to wiggle away from his hold but he’s too strong. Giving in I decide to play the only weak card I know he has, his obsession on me. Looking up into those strange off blue eyes I slide my leg over his, hooking it over and using it to pull my hips closer to him. Our bodies crush together under my duvet, his eyes instantly narrow down but his playful smile tells me he’s enjoying my new game.

“Bethany, I said no games,” he says deeply, his eyes sweeping over my small facial features. His blue eyes meeting my dark brown ones, countless dirty and passionate thoughts running through both our minds as we stare at each other.

“Not even games that involve your cock buried inside me Sicko 23?” I ask playfully. I lean up slightly to kiss his cheek while my hands making their way up his tight hard abs. I’d never have believed that a man like Timothy Bryant would be so well built but my god this man has a body, all muscles but lean as well.

“Mmm okay those kinds of games you can indulge in all you want,” I giggle happily as his lips seize my neck, sucking on the skin tightly so I gasp. My body instantly reacts to his touch.

“Oh, is that so? “ I say with a giggle, moving my hair away from my neck to give him access to more exposed skin, closing the gap between us. “Think you can make one of my dreams come true right now?” I ask softly and he chuckles before moving his lips to mine. His rough hands slide down my waist and cup my ass cheeks, squeezing them hard as we kiss deeply. He breaks away before I’m ready and I whimper in annoyance.

“I want to make all your dreams come true Bethany, if only you’d let me in fully, I’ll do anything for you.” His words warm my heart as we kiss again, my fingers entwining within his hair as I pull him closer to me, needing him so desperately.

Within seconds I’m on my back beneath him, his hands gently pushing my legs apart so that he can settle between them, his thick erection digging into my stomach as we kiss. Our tongues entwine as my arms make their way around his neck. My heart beat is erratic as his lips claim mine, an almost animalistic marking on me.

“You are slowly becoming my dream come true Tim, I was just too stupid to see what was always in front of me,” I whisper breathlessly, feeling his lips slide down my face and onto my shoulder, kissing softly.

“I will never leave you Bethany. I am as much yours as you are mine.” I arch my back as warm washes over me, grinding against him, desperate for him to take me.

“Tim please makes me yours, take whatever you want from me, please,” I beg silently, wrapping my legs around him. The passion and lust within me becomes too much as I wait for that delicious fullness that only he can give me.

“Oh Bethany my princess, I love you.” Those three words burn into me as he quickly glides his cock deep into me, my muscles tense causing me to gasp out in pleasurable happiness.

My body instantly responds, thrusting my hips up, causing a delicious friction on my clit as he starts pounding into me, his hands move up my body slowly as he makes me his, his grip is painful but bearable, a sign to tell me just how much I belong to him, if I get bruised I don’t care. I want people to know how much I love him and he loves me.

“Ahh fuck Beth you feel so good! Ahh yes baby yes.” His breathing gets heavier as he finally lets go of my hands, letting my wrap them around his neck and leaning up to kiss those gorgeous lips.

“Beth! Beth I’m home!” pure panic rushes through me as I hear Kelly’s sing song voice waft through my closed bedroom door, Tim however has chosen to ignore my flatmates unexpected arrival and thrusts into me hard, causing me to gasp and moan at the same time.

“Tim!” I whisper angrily, trying desperately to push him off me, but he’s just too strong, his weight crushes me into the mattress as he continues to thrust into me harder and harder. I try to conceal my moans into his shoulder but he yanks my head away harshly, forcing me to yell out.

“Beth? You okay sweet, oh crap did you fall over again, you idiot girl.” Kelly’s voice is closer, her giggle rings through the door and I can just imagine her skipping down the hallway from her bedroom, ready to give me a hug after our friend bust up yesterday. I can’t let her find me with Tim. She’ll never forgive me, or stop judging me.
“Tim stop Kelly is outside,” I whisper again, slamming my hand into his stomach, feeling his six pack ripple beneath my fingers as he stills above me, His long hard dick still buried deep inside me, twitching and throbbing against my most sensitive parts.

“I know my love, shall we call her in?” He gives me a wicked grin and I scowl angrily back up at him, only to gasp when he suddenly moves out of me and thrusts back hard without warning, my pussy clenches in pain and I can’t stop myself screaming out. Thankfully Tim is kind enough to kiss me so my moan is lost in his mouth and not heard my nosey flatmate.

“Beth honestly will you answer me!” Kelly yells from outside my door, my stomach twists in fear as I hear her foot kicking the door impatiently, one thing I know about my flatmate is she hates to be left waiting.

“Tim if I don’t open the door to her in the next two minutes she will walk in here, and then you and me will have a lot of explaining to do, don’t push her buttons!” I whisper, trying desperately to wiggle out from underneath him, his cock throbs inside me and that wash of pleasure races though me once again, making me shiver and moan in ecstasy “Tim please!” I say weakly, closing my eyes as I feel his lips on my neck as he thrusts hard and deep once again.

“Shh Bethany my sweet, it’s time to sleep now,” he thrusts up into me once again and a strange darkness seems to cloud my vision, as if he’s actually fucking me into a slumber. I didn’t even think that was possible! Shit I need to wake up, Kelly is going to open that door any second from now and the last thing she will be expecting is me fucking Sicko 23!

“Tim no please ahh she can’t know!” I try to fight my sleepy eyes closing but his thrust once again hits me hard and my body slowly starts to give in, my limbs going weak, and yet I’m still responding to him. My nipples are rock hard while my hips keep grinding against his hard cock.

“Sleep Bethany,” he thrusts one last time before cumming so hard inside me I swear I get filled to the brim. I’m so tired I can’t even moan out, there is literally nothing left to me except sheer exhaustion. He stills inside me and leans forward, kissing my forehead while his fingers push my eyelids over my eyes, plunging me into the darkness. The last thing I feel is him slipping out of me and moving away, leaving me naked on top of the duvet. The last thing I hear is Tim opening the door, Kelly gasping and Tim saying seven words which strike both fear and excitement through my sleep dazed body.

“Hi there Kelly, care to join us?”

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