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As The Story Goes...

“She moaned lightly as he slidthe tip of his cock between the lips of her pussy…”

He rubbed his own cock through his dress pants under his desk as he read the words he assumed Cassandra Delton had inadvertently handed in as her short story in his honors writing class. Hearing a knock at his office door, he looked up. He was expecting her. There she stood in a blue and white paisley spaghetti strap sundress, her straight brown hair in a low side-swept ponytail, her blue eyes bright with curiosity.

“You wanted to see me Dr. Miller?” Cassie asked as she stood in the doorway.

“Yes,” he said. “Come in and please close the door behind you.”

She did as he asked and sat down. As she sat across the desk from him, Dr. Miller tried to find the words to say to her. Sure, she was beautiful. She was a senior, 22, about 5’3” with a great body; if he had to wager a guess, he would say her breasts were about a C cup, and she had a great ass. She was always hanging out with the frat boys outside of class. But Cassie was a sweet girl, playful, seemingly innocent – not one he would have expected to have written a story that would excite such physical repercussions.

He took off his wire rimmed glasses, held them with his left hand, and rubbed his eyes with his right to try to gain some sort of composure. After he returned his glasses to his light blue eyes, he picked up the stapled set of papers he had been reading and placed them on the desk in front of Cassie.

“I’m assuming you didn’t mean to turn this in in class this morning?” he asked her.

Fuck , she thought. Cassie sat speechless, trying her best to maintain whatever dignity she now had left.

“No, I definitely did not mean to turn that in to you,” she replied, clearly flustered. “Could I e-mail you the story I meant to turn in?”

“Yes, of course,” Dr. Miller answered.

“Thank you so much, Dr. Miller. I am so embarrassed,” Cassie announced.

Throwing all regard for professionalism out the window, Dr. Miller stood then and began walking around his desk to where Cassie was sitting.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed, Cassie,” he said. “You’ve got quite a gift.”

“Really?” she asked as he leaned on the desk directly in front of her.

“Really,” he replied, glancing down at the bulge in his pants.

Cassie found herself glancing down as well.

“Dr. Miller…” she questioned.

“Call me Steven,” he said affectionately. He never allowed students to call him by his first name.

Was her professor coming onto her? He wasn’t a bad looking man, in fact, he was quite handsome. Short, but handsome. He stood at about 5’7”, had a slim build and dark brown hair that complimented his light blue eyes nicely. Was she actually considering letting this happen?

He touched her hand lightly and gently moved it over to into his lap. She could feel that, underneath his trousers, he was hard as a rock. He removed his hand from hers, but she did not move away. She was going to let this happen.

Dr. Miller placed his hand on Cassie’s arm and guided her up, so that she was standing in front of him. She did not remove her hand from where it laid on the front of his pants. He took his hand and brushed it against her arm, intentionally knocking the strap of her dress off her shoulder. She began slowly rubbing his cock through his pants and he wrapped his arms around her and slowly kneaded Cassie’s ass through her dress while he lightly kissed her chest.

She glanced down and caught his eye. They began kissing as she started rubbing his cock more eagerly. Dr. Miller brought his hands up to Cassie’s shoulders and pushed down the other strap of her dress before strategically lowering the front of her dress, exposing her strapless, transparently white lace bra. He marveled shortly at the sight of Cassie’s beautiful tits and her perky nipples before he realized that she had begun to unbutton his pants.

Cassie took down the zipper of Dr. Miller’s slacks, pulled his pants and boxers down, and let his cock spring free. She was pleasantly surprised at just how big Dr. Miller’s cock was. He stepped out of his pants and she looked in his eyes hungrily and kissed his lips once more before kneeling in front of him and saying, “Just like the story.”

And just like the story, she held his cock in one hand and, while looking up at him, licked the entire length of his shaft. She flicked the tip of his head with her tongue several times while she lightly rubbed his shaft with her fingers. She kissed the head of his cock, and slowly, almost tortuously, circled the head with her tongue.

Once again, she licked his shaft from base to tip, and then shifted her attention to his balls. She licked each of them using only the tip of her tongue and, while she stroked his cock with her hand, took one of his balls in her mouth. She rolled it around with her tongue and sucked until it made a loud popping noise. She did the same with his other nut, still while stroking his cock with her hand.

She then refocused her attention to his hard, thick member in her hand. She returned her tongue to the tip of Dr. Miller’s throbbing dick, circling it once more before slowly wrapping her lips around only the tip. He lightly groaned and Cassie looked up at him and smiled. She flicked the head of his cock with her tongue and gradually began to take more of him inside her mouth while she continued massaging him with her hand.

Inch by inch, Dr. Miller’s cock disappeared into Cassie’s mouth until, suddenly, she quickly deep-throated the rest of his cock. Up until now, Dr. Miller had been engrossed in agonizing bliss. Letting out a primal growl, he looked down to see one of his star students devouring his cock. Cassie’s head quickly bobbed up and down on his cock and he realized he had never received a blowjob quite like this. Dr. Miller didn’t want to cum yet, but he was enjoying what was happening far too much to stop it.

“Oh fuck!” he growled and Cassie knew what was about to happen. She continued sucking her professor’s cock and sure enough, Dr. Miller’s cock began erupting in her mouth. With every spurt, she swallowed, milking Dr. Miller’s manhood with her mouth. When he finished cumming, Cassie looked up at Dr. Miller from her position on the floor, wiped her mouth, smiled, and said “Just like the story.”

Dr. Miller laughed and pulled Cassie to her feet. He kissed her lips and turned her around so that her back was facing him. He unlatched her bra and watched it fall to the floor. He slowly bent her over and lifted her dress above her firm ass. After rubbing her bare ass cheeks, he hooked his fingers under the strings of Cassie’s thong and lowered it to her ankles. Turning her around again, Dr. Miller helped Cassie step out of her thong and laid her back on his big oak desk.

Hovering over her, Dr. Miller kissed Cassie again and his lips began working their way down. He kissed his way down Cassie’s neck to her chest while gently caressing her thighs. Pausing at her tits, he sucked her right nipple into his mouth and tugged on it with his lips. He did the same to her left breast. He continued his southward progression by kissing Cassie’s stomach through her dress. When he finally reached his destination, he lightly pushed open Cassie’s knees and stared in wonderment at her glistening, shaven pussy. He leaned down and kissed the insides of Cassie’s thighs and lightly stroked her pussy lips with his index finger. He looked up at her, grinned, and said, “Just like the story.” 

Cassie giggled as Dr. Miller lightly licked her wet pussy lips. Opening her legs farther, Dr. Miller lowered his head between Cassie’s legs and licked at her juices. He flattened his tongue on her pussy and licked his way from opening to clit. Placing his middle finger at her opening, he pushed it into her tight pussy as Cassie moaned. He began slowly pumping his finger in and out of her pussy while he reached up with his other hand and pinched Cassie’s alert nipple.

Dr. Miller then licked Cassie’s clit and she moaned under her breath. He stuck another finger inside of her, providing an even tighter fit. He began flicking her clit with his tongue as he gradually increased the speed at which he was plunging his fingers inside of her. While Cassie’s breathing became even more shallow, Dr. Miller continued licking and pumping faster and faster. Placing her hand on the back of Dr. Miller’s head for some sense of control, Cassie knew the end was near.

“Oh, Dr. Miller! Yes!” she exclaimed. Unrelenting, he continued pumping his fingers in and out of Cassie’s tight, wet pussy almost feverishly. She wrapped her fingers in his hair and pushed his face deeper into her pussy and he licked her clit harder as she pushed. Dr. Miller did not remove his fingers as Cassie began to cum; instead he kept pushing inside of her and cleaning up her cum with his tongue. As Cassie’s orgasm subsided and she shook slightly, Dr. Miller looked up from between her legs and said, “Just like the story.”

Cassie sat up on Dr. Miller’s desk and smiled. She noticed that the cock she had sucked only minutes before was standing at attention once again and she wanted more of it. She reached out to him and stroked his cock with her fingers. Dr. Miller sat down in the chair Cassie had been sitting in earlier and looked up at her. She walked over to where he was sitting and stood in front of him. She gave him a coy grin as Dr. Miller took her hand and pulled her closer to him. She put one leg on each side of Dr. Miller and he looked at her and asked, “Just like the story?”

Cassie grinned and nodded and began lowering herself onto Dr. Miller’s once again-rock hard cock. She knew he was big but was surprised at exactly how big he felt now that he was finally inside of her pussy walls. Knowing he would take some getting used to, little by little she relaxed and allowed her pussy to engulf Dr. Miller’s throbbing cock. Slowly, she began rocking back and forth to accommodate to his size. He massaged her ass with his hands and sucked her nipples as Cassie lowered herself onto him to the hilt.

Finally acclimated to the cock that felt like it could split her in two, Cassie began working Dr. Miller’s dick faster and harder. Cassie moaned and threw her head back in ecstasy as Dr. Miller gripped her ass harder. Before long, she was bouncing up and down on Dr. Miller’s huge prick. He began thrusting upward to meet her every downward movement and before Cassie knew it, she was writhing with orgasm once again. Taking her tit in his mouth once again, Dr. Miller allowed Cassie to literally ride out her orgasm before withdrawing his cock and standing her up. He had a plan.

Turning Cassie around, he bent her over his desk and rubbed her ass. Then, just like in the story, she moaned lightly as he slid the tip of his cock between the lips of her pussy.

Dr. Miller slapped his cock onto the tight wet pussy of the beautiful college co-ed splayed out on the desk in front of him. He spread Cassie’s ass cheeks with his hands and put the tip of his cock at her opening. He slowly entered Cassie’s pussy to the hilt. Then, placing his arm around Cassie’s waist, he pulled her up into a near standing position. He massaged her tits as they stood, otherwise not moving. She felt him, stationery inside of her, and craved for him to fuck her like a madman.

He bent her over but, knowing he wouldn’t last long once he started, he took his time with her. He slowly pulled his cock out of her pussy and rubbed the tip along her pussy lips. He took his fingers, placed them on her clit, and then traced along her lips. He licked his fingers off and once again placed them against Cassie’s dripping pussy. She moaned for more as he slowly pushed his right index finger inside her aching pussy. As slowly as he could, Dr. Miller pumped his finger in and out of her pussy and he reached around with his left hand and slowly rubbed her clit.

For a few minutes, he continued torturing her as she had done to him earlier. Cassie then turned her head and, through her heavy breathing, said, “Baby, I want your cock.”

He grinned and told her that she had to ask nicely. So, as he continued to rub her clit and finger her pussy, she gave her best innocent pout and said, “Steven, I want you to shove your big hard cock in my tight little pussy and fuck me. Please, Steven. Fuck me hard.”

Removing his hands from her pussy, he stood behind her and guided his cock about halfway into her slick opening. He began moving inside of her, excruciatingly slow, never going deeper than halfway. She began to buck her hips backward, thrusting farther onto his cock. But he wasn’t ready for that yet. He pulled her up by her ponytail and held onto her tits for control.

“Patience, Cassie,” he said devilishly as he pinched her nipples hard. “We can’t be greedy.”

She bit her bottom lip and stared at him with desire.

He bent her over again and, this time, moved deeper into her pussy. With his left hand, he held Cassie’s hands together against her back; with his right, he reached around under her and slowly massaged her clit. He began thrusting his cock in and out of Cassie’s pussy slowly – each time to the hilt, each time a little harder. From Cassie’s lips escaped what seemed to be a combination of a pleasure-filled moan and a whimper of someone who wanted – no, needed – more.

He pulled her up by her ponytail again and, gripping her nipples said, “Tell me what you want, Cassie.”

“I want you to fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone, Dr. Miller. Make me scream,” she pleaded.

Without warning, still in a standing position, he began to slowly thrust inside of Cassie again. She nearly toppled over, but regained balance just in time. Dr. Miller watched her tits bounce up and down and saw the ecstasy in her eyes. He gradually began fucking her harder than before, but still slow.

“Oh, Dr. Miller!” she cried out. “Fuck me! Yes! Fuck me!”

He decided then that it was time. Once again, he bent her over and slowly withdrew his cock from her pussy. Then, as though nothing in the world mattered aside from their pleasure, he did as she wished and starting fucking her as hard and as fast as was physically possible. Every time he shoved his cock into her pussy, it seemed to go a little deeper. He was through with the torture and was finally fucking her like she had hoped he would. It seemed as though he would split her in two every time he pumped his cock into her pussy.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” she screamed. “Dr. Miller! Oh God! Fuck!!”

And with that, she began to cum for the third time. Before she had finished, he came inside of her.

They collapsed together, breathless, on top of Dr. Miller’s desk. When they finally caught their breath and regained their calmness, Dr. Miller put his pants back on and Cassie herself got dressed. She kissed him on the cheek, winked at him, and walked out of his office. But Dr. Miller knew this wasn’t the end for them. They would do this again.

Just like the story.

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