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Ashley D - Part One

Young Ashley finds a lover while working for Daddy.
I work at a large brokerage firm. I don’t actually do investing, but do a lot of background investigations of prospective companies that we invest in, for brokers and business people at work. Recently we had begun to trim the fat so to speak, with guidance from the main office. They wanted to cut all expenses that weren’t essential to running things, and I was spared, as I’m a one-man operation.

After the main office went through their downsizing period, they found other ways of saving money, too. Some of the ideas sucked ass, and some of them were actually good plans that should have been implemented a long time ago. One of those things that I liked was that they didn’t want to keep paying my mileage for commuting to the office, when I could do the majority of my research from my home. That’s home I became a work at home employee, having only to travel in to the office once or twice a month unless otherwise requested.

If they needed to get something to me, they usually hired a messenger service as it could involve sensitive or confidential information they didn’t want to trust it to a fax machine. That is how I met Ashley. She worked for the messenger service the office had contracted to shuttle documents to and from me, so on the average I got to see her twice a week…more often if God was smiling on me! She was such a wonderful treat; not only for my eyes, but for my heart and mind as well. Even now as I think back to that first morning I met her; I can still picture the way she looked standing at my door with the sun coming up behind her…


I had heard the doorbell ringing at around seven am and I remember thinking that it was awfully early for one of my friends or neighbors to be visiting as I hurried to answer it. I opened the door to find an absolutely stunning young lady standing on my stoop. She was from the messenger service, and according to the nametag on her uniform her name was Ashley D. I said, “Hello, can I help you?”

“Yes, Hello, I’ve got an envelope for a…let me see her,” she said as she searched her clipboard. I realized I was checking her out as she searched for a name, but I couldn’t help but stare. She was so pretty! “Ah, here it is, a Mr. Jon…”

“Yes, that’s me,” I said as I cut her off. Then I realized she’d been holding the large envelope out in front of herself for me to take. I felt myself blush as I reached for it and heard a soft giggle as she noticed. As I took it, I was rewarded with her amazing smile.

“You’ll need to sign for this, here,” she said as she pointed to a line on her clipboard. I took the pen and tried to oblige, but the thing wouldn’t write.

“Why don’t you come in while I get a new pen?” I said, as I turned and headed for my office without waiting for her to reply.

I signed the form and returned to the front of the house, taking my time in order to really look her over. She was fairly tall, standing about five feet ten by my guess, as I was six-two and she was nearly that high due to her heavy boots and my bare feet. She had on a baseball cap, but her blond hair was tied in a ponytail that hung through the back of the cap, falling a little past her shoulders. It reminded me of fine silk that had a natural shine to it, and was as golden as the sun coming up over the treetops behind her. She had big blue eyes surrounded by long dark lashes that sparkled like the stars on a hot summer’s night. Perfect lips…just full enough to make you daydream about what it’s like to be the person kissing them, or better yet to be kissed by them.

I could tell by the way she filled out her uniform shirt that she was in great shape; probably from all the walking and running stairs that came with a job like hers. I could see by the length of her pants she had very long legs. Her short-sleeved knit top wasn’t tucked into her pants, and I could still tell she wasn’t lacking in the chest area either. It was harder to tell when looking at loose fitting clothing, but if I had to venture a guess I’d say a thirty six or thirty eight C. Either she was wearing a tight sports bra or her breasts were extraordinarily firm, because they didn’t seem to bounce as she walked. She couldn’t have weighed more than a hundred and thirty five pounds and I wondered just how young she was. She had to be out of high school to be working on a weekday at this time of the morning, but honestly appeared to be about sixteen. I returned and handed her the clipboard. “There you go Ashley, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long.”

“Oh…no…Sir,” she stuttered as she searched for my name.

“Please, just call me Jon,” I said as I held out my hand. She shook my hand as I stared directly into her bright blue eyes, holding her hand longer than necessary until she gently but firmly withdrew it and glanced downward while displaying a light blush of her own. “Will you be my regular delivery girl?” I asked.

“Well this is my area, so if your office keeps using our service than most likely it will be me.”

“Then I’ll go to the phone the second you’re gone, call them and demand they do just that,” I teased her.

She rewarded me with another brilliant smile. “Okay, bye then. I’ll see you next time Mr.…, I mean, Jon.”

“Good-bye Ashley.” I watched her walk back to the car, marveling at the way her stiff uniform pants clung enticingly to the curve of her marvelous ass. I wondered what she’d look like in tight denim, a bathing suit wet from my pool, or nothing at all. She looked back and caught me staring at her with lust in my eyes…but then she did smile just as she looked away. I made sure she saw me watching, as she backed out of my driveway and drove off.

But then average looking guys like me always did seem to dream of the hotties that drift in and out of our lives. I mean, I wasn’t terrible to look at, but I was in my early thirties, tall with dark hair starting to thin out, still in good shape and not with a beer gut like some of my friends. I didn’t notice a lot of women’s head’s turning my way, but I never had trouble getting laid when I needed or wanted to either. However this youngster was at least a decade or more from my age.


Time passed as it certainly will always do, and I began getting to know Ashley little by little from our five minute chats. I say that because it was about all the time we had, when she delivered or picked up a package from my house. Knowing Ashley for about two months, I’d began to have feelings for her, though they were more along the lines of a lusting crush rather than something more serious. I knew from the way she talked to me she more or less looked at me as a friend, and I was sure that she liked me as well…although I had no idea just what she thought of me.

From our talks I’d found out that Ashley was nineteen years old. It was funny though, she could act as young as fifteen if she wanted to, and in the next moment pass herself off as a woman of twenty five, too. I’d found this out by accident one evening as I was exiting a restaurant, and she was by chance entering it. I didn’t recognize her until I heard her voice. She was simply stunning in a black sleeveless dress and high heels. I couldn’t see any evidence of undergarments through the silky material, leading me to believe there wasn’t a thing between her smooth skin and the dark dress she wore. Her hair fell about her shoulders in soft, blond curls, cascading in big soft waves over her supple shoulders. I was instantly attracted to her and escaped before she noticed me.

One time she informed me that her father owned the service she worked for, and someday he hoped that she would take over the business. He wanted her to work at the company from the ground up and that was why she was doing deliveries. Later she would work in the warehouse and then the office, before it would eventually be all hers one day. She had also confided in a quiet tone that he was always so busy working that he was rarely available to her as she grew up.

Some days I’d get restless working in my office. It wasn’t as if I was uncomfortable, but it was at the back of my house overlooking the woods that ran alongside and behind the property. It was these types of days that I liked to take my laptop into the backyard and sit in the sunshine, or on the deck in the cool, fresh air and work. Other times I’d sit on the leather sofa at the front of the house facing the street. It was on that sofa that I’d been busted, and probably blown any chance of ever getting to know Ashley intimately. Here’s what happened:

About nine thirty am or so on a Friday morning, I was sitting in front of the picture window with the laptop in front of me. Waiting for an update from MSN to download, I was daydreaming about Ashley. Picturing her standing before me in a silky Teddy, I fantasized that she’d let it slowly slip to the floor. Next I envisioned her kneeling in front of me, her small hands busy at the task of releasing my thick cock from my pants. I imagined watching as she licked the fat head of my cock, playing with my aching full balls as her eyes glanced up into my face and her cheeks hollowed as she began sucking on it. I could almost hear the slurping noises as she tried to suck the nourishment she craved from me, her head bobbing up and down in my lap!

I must have subconsciously taken my cock out and began stroking it to its full height and thickness while I dreamed of Ashley blowing me! My eyes popped open as the sound of someone knocking on the door had penetrated my fantasy. To my horror it was the very girl I was thinking of, and at that exact moment she turned her head in my direction, seeing me sitting there. She must’ve seen everything, or enough to realize what was happening from the shocked look on her face! Before I could react, she turned and rushed to her vehicle, driving off without even leaving the package she had come to deliver. I nervously waited all day but she never returned.

On Saturday when I went out to retrieve the morning paper, I found the package on my doorstep. I knew that her company would occasionally leave something without a signature, but only if it wasn’t marked confidential. My heart sunk as I realized she would probably request another route, or worse she’d report me to my company, or even the local sheriff. But that’s not what happened at all. After I found the package on my doorstep that morning, I knew that no one but Ashley could’ve left it there, as anyone else would’ve knocked and asked for a signature. I wondered when she had set it there; finally deciding it must’ve been very early in the morning, as it wasn’t there the night before.


By Monday morning I was entertaining the idea that perhaps she hadn’t seen anything. I stood on my front stoop that morning and looked towards the window. With the glare from the sun behind me, the interior of the house was masked with a glare on the glass, making it nearly impossible to see inside the house. Maybe I had imagined a lot of what I was worrying about, and having thought I’d been caught jerking off by someone I was lusting over.

That afternoon I received a fax from my office. It simply said that on Tuesday I should be on the lookout for a very important envelope. I was to treat the contents with urgency and get back to them ASAP. I knew that one way or another my questions about Ashley would be answered then. If she didn’t show up to make the delivery, I could assume the worst. However if she did there was a good chance that either she hadn’t seen anything conclusive last Friday, or that she had seen something but wasn’t going to let it stop her from doing her job. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted it to be more…her not seeing anything would be a relief in a way, but if she had and still wanted to see me…well those kind of thoughts only led to the beginning of another hard-on!

I was up early Tuesday, not wanting to risk having any deliveries left on my doorstep with the newspaper. Almost exactly at seven am I heard a knock on the front door, and went to get it with a tiny shaking in my hand. There she stood…package in hand and tapping the clipboard with a pen. “Good morning Ashley, would you like to come inside?”

“Ah, well, I’ve got a lot of stops to do before noon,” she quickly said as she stared at her shoes. She looked as fresh and sweet as any of my memories.

“I’ll need this picked up before the end of the day, as it needs to be back first thing in the morning, Ashley.”

“Um, problem,” she said as she admired her shoe laces some more.

“Please Ashley…won’t you come in and let me explain about last week,” I suddenly said. I was almost shocked when she shrugged and stepped past me into my foyer. “Sit down…can I get you something to drink,” I offered.

“Um, …no thanks.”

There was one of those awkward silent moments before I just blurted out an explanation. I hadn’t even thought about what I would say, so I think I surprised both of us when I said, “I apologize for what you saw…I didn’t mean for it to happen, I wasn’t using my brain, I know. I got carried away, and then there you were…I’ve felt like shit all week. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

She looked a bit puzzled at first, and then thought it over before answering me. She told me, “I, I’m sorry too, for running away like that. That was pretty childish. I only think I saw, I mean, what you were doing, I didn’t get that close of a look really, but I think I know what it was you were doing, I think…”

She was blushing profusely and here I was the one that should have had the red face. Instead, I walked towards her saying, “Just relax, let’s just forget it and move on; I hope we can still be friends.”

She was getting flustered and she stammered, “No, that’s not what I mean. This isn’t coming out right, like I wanted it to.” She then turned and headed to the door, opening it and stepping through before turning and saying to me, “I’ll be back for the envelope later…maybe by then I can put in to words what I’m trying to say.” With that, she went to her car and peeled off before I could stop her. I was confused by what she hadn’t been able to say, but elated that she wanted to continue things as they were.

I worked all morning on the report that one of the top brokers needed, even calling her at the office and telling her it would be back in her hands as soon as she needed it. She was happy to hear it was going to be done and excited when I let it slip that she’d been right on the money with this one. She told me this meant the company would save thousands of dollars. I was happy to hear someone thank me just for doing my job, a real rarity of late! I had given myself the afternoon off, changing from my usual slacks and shirt into a pair of faded blue jean shorts and an old Harley Davidson T-shirt. About four pm I was out on the back deck when I heard a pleasantly, light voice. It was of course, Ashley.

“Hi,” she said as I spun towards her voice. “The front door was wide open. Have you got that return package ready?” I stood and could feel her beautiful blue eyes giving me the once-over. But that’s not why I felt frozen in place. This was the first time I’d ever seen her out of her uniform. She had on a dark pair of jeans, white sneakers and a white polo shirt that appeared to be at least one size too small. Her hair was still in the usually pony tail, but no hat to hide her angelic face. “Something wrong,” she asked?

“No, …nothing that I can see,” I answered her as our eyes locked on each other until she smiled and looked away. “This way,” I got my legs to work, passed by her slowly and went inside to get the envelope. She followed, slowing to look into the rooms we passed along the way to my office at the back of the house.

“I like the way you’ve decorated in here. Did you have any help?”

“Nope, not really. Sometimes I wish I had help, a woman’s touch so to speak. But when you’re single, you have to fend for yourself.”

“No wife, no girl-friend?”

“Not even a sister,” I smirked as I handed her the sealed delivery. “This is extremely important Ashley, but not so much that I don’t want to hear what you have to say to me first.”

She turned and walked back to the front room, after setting it by the door so it wouldn’t be forgotten. She turned towards me and said, “See it’s like this. I’m mad at myself, not you, for acting the way I did. I mean, what you were doing is completely natural, right? It’s not like I haven’t seen a man’s…you know…before.” Her words were flowing fast, as if she’d been rehearsing them all day. “I just panicked because I’ve been thinking of you as mine…what I mean is, as my special friend, and then the other day I realized you have needs just like the rest of us do. So everything’s fine…no problem. I may have been thinking of you in a way I shouldn’t have, not thinking of you as a human being.”

I was so turned on as I held my breath; this was suddenly going in the direction I had been hoping for, but I had to be sure we were on the same wavelength. After all, she may be just some confused kid looking for someone to talk to.

“I do have one question for you Jon” she said, placing her hands on her hips as she tried to figure out just how to ask it. “What do you think about when you, umm…do that? I mean, I’ve had a boyfriend, but I’ve never seen one so, well, so large before and wondered about it.”

The last few words were barely above a whisper and she once again had started to blush deeply. I didn’t answer her right away. Actually, I was a little dumbfounded. She was being very understanding for one thing, and more importantly she’d just referred to me as her ‘special friend’ and ‘large’, too. I think if I wasn’t so stunned at the time, I’d have done what most other men do when their back’s against a wall; I would have lied. But since she’d really caught me off guard and left me without a second to consider my answer, I did what came natural and spoke the truth. After taking a slow deep breath I went for broke and said, “Lately the only thing I can think about, that gets me excited like that, is you.”

I wanted to pull those words back before I even heard myself say them, but alas it was too late, they were out there. I waited for her reaction, but as unprepared for her first admission of the way she had been thinking of me, I was even more unprepared for her next reaction. She stepped towards me and on her tiptoes; she put her arms around my shoulders and pulled me into a warm hug! It took a couple seconds, but I put my arms around her tiny waist and hugged her back, pulling her body firmly against my own. I could feel the hardness of her nipples as her breasts were crushed against my chest. I felt her grip tighten on me as I did this, and then nuzzle her cute nose against my neck. All I could think was that I wanted that moment to last forever! But after a moment I felt her pulling back slightly, and so I released my grip of her body, although she kept her fingers laced together about my shoulders. She bent her head and our eyes connected. I could feel myself getting lost in her deep blue pools…I had seen that look before and hoped she recognized the same look as she gazed into my own steel gray pupils. It was a look of pure heat and desire.

Before I had time to think, she was tightening her grip on the back of my neck, pulling me down towards her face. I relaxed my resistance and in a split second locked lips with her. She tasted even more wonderful than I had dreamed she would, and soon I felt her tongue pushing through my lips and against my teeth, demanding admission. Instantly I thought back to a moment in my youth when my very first girlfriend and I had been kissing; the urgency and excitement of the moment. Ashley was kissing me in much the same way as she parted my lips with her persistent tongue! Opening my mouth to hers, we French kissed for a few minutes as I slowly dropped my hands lower, to clasp her sweet round ass cheeks and marvel at how hard they were. I kneaded them slowly, grinding her against the rapidly swelling muscle between my legs. I could just barely feel the thin panties she had on beneath the skin-tight denim she wore. I knew she liked what she felt me doing when a small but lust-filled groan rose from within her throat. I think I felt the earth falling away from my feet as this angel was quickly taking me to heaven, but that’s when we heard her ringing cell phone.

After the fourth ring, she broke away from our embrace, both of us gasping as oxygen was once again allowed to fill our lungs. She picked it up and I could hear her side of the conversation. “Yes? Oh, sorry, I couldn’t hear it right away. Yes, Daddy…uh huh…but Daddy! Oh, all right. Yes, I’ll be back soon.”

She hung up, turned to look at me with a cute pouty look on her face. Telling me she had to get going as she went for the envelope. When she bent for it my cock nearly tore through my jeans from the way her ass looked in those tight jeans! I groaned out loud and she seemed to like hearing that when she said, “I’ll see you tomorrow or maybe the next day, ok?”

“I don’t know if I want to wait,” I managed to say and was rewarded with her wide grin again. She then shared a few quick kisses with me before we broke apart again.

“Yeah, me too…here,” she said as she wrote her cell number across my left hand. She warned me to hang up if she didn’t answer, or if she couldn’t talk…after all she was still living with her folks. I stood watching her car as it drove down my street wondering what the future had in mind for the two of us. I said a silent prayer thanking God, as I now knew for sure he existed and had created an angel just for me. Then I went back inside to do something about the hard-on Ashley had so cruelly left me with.


On Wednesday morning I awoke with a sense of excitement, my heart full of happiness at what had accrued between Ashley and me the previous evening. But as fate would have it, I got a call at eight am sharp. The office had a very delicate matter that someone with my capabilities and contacts, could only take care of. Even though they promised it would only take a couple of hours, I knew from experience that this was bullshit: say whatever you have to say to get the job done, that’s what they really meant. Sure enough, it was after six pm that night, before I was able to drag myself back home. The problem was taken care of, but I hadn’t been able to see Ashley and that really sucked! I tried her cell number, but she was unavailable. Since she warned me about someone else answering, I felt it best not to leave a message or call too often. I ate a small dinner, sucked a beer and went to bed, hoping Thursday would be better than today.

The next morning I finished up some loose ends I had to do. Most of it I could fax in to the office, some I could send by snail mail, but there were a couple I’d need to by messenger. I phoned in the pick up and was told someone would be there shortly. At 1pm there was a knock on the door and I nearly tripped rushing to answer it. Standing on my stoop was a sweet looking woman, but it wasn’t Ashley and I’m afraid my disappointment showed on my face. After that I figured things were up in the air. Had she changed her mind? Had she gotten cold feet? Had she got second thoughts about being with a man fifteen years her senior? Shit, what if her father had somehow found out? That might be the end of everything…for both of us.

While my mind was still spinning, I heard the front door and went to answer it. I opened it to find my dream girl waiting there and I stood there in a bit of shock, since she wasn’t in her normal attire. Indeed what she was wearing was far from any uniform. The first thing I noticed was her long hair…no pony tail today. It hung in soft waves past her shoulders, framing her innocent face. “You going to ask me in, she asked?

“Oh, yes, of course. I’m sorry, come in…I was having a glass of wine, you want one?”

“Yes, please.” She flashed me that wonderful smile and I went to get her a glass. She waited for me in the front room wearing a pair of bright red Capri pants which showed off her lengthy tanned legs all the way down to her white, flat shoes. The red polish on her fingernails matched the small purse she set on a chair. She had on a white sleeveless top that could have been painted on, showing off her flat tummy and only making her chest look bigger than ever before. I marveled at how high and firm they sat on her chest as she tipped her face up and drank from the tall glass of Zinfandel. I could tell she didn’t need the help of a bra to hold them up, but that the sports bra I had wondered about previously was underneath. Her lips looked so kissable I nearly forgot to breathe…or was that just my memory of her kisses working overtime?

“Did you get done with work early today,” I asked as I tried to break the silence that had settled into the room. She only finished the glass of wine before handing it to me empty. “More?” She shook her head no, and then walked through the house to look out through the patio doors, past the deck, towards the pool. She seemed nervous, distracted. When I approached from behind, she simply turned and handed me a piece of paper with a short hand written note on it, then slipped outside to sit on one of the deck chairs while I read it. I unfolded the note and read:


I’ve written this down because I know I’ll loose my nerve if I try to say everything to your face. First of all, I want you to know I’m not looking for a boyfriend or a commitment from you at this time. Older guys have always turned me on. After two years of therapy the only thing they can tell me is that I crave my Daddy’s attention…the only thing I know for sure is that therapy doesn’t do for me what I can do for myself. I’d like to explore my sexuality with you by trying some things, role playing, stuff I’ve heard about. I trust you Jon; I know you won’t hurt me. I have some fantasies and I think you do to…maybe we could take turns…and just see where it goes? If not, I will remain your friend forever.

Kisses, ~Ashley.

Was this really happening, or was this an episode of the Twilight Zone, or more likely Candid Camera? I looked out at her and could see she was nervous, but stepped out and said, “Ashley, I’m open to any kind of relationship with you. Truthfully I was hoping for something more, like boyfriend girlfriend, but if all you’re looking for is something, well…physical, then I’d be honored to be your partner.”

She seemed a little more relaxed after hearing my answer. But in truth, I had so many things to say to her, but didn’t know where to start. All I could do was stare into her beautiful blue eyes as I wondered to myself if I could handle a relationship like this with her and not fall for her at the same time. Of course my prick was screaming ‘yes, yes, tell her yes!’ but my normally cautious brain was still thinking.

She must’ve taken my silence as doubt, because she suddenly stood to leave saying, “It’s okay, don’t worry about it…it was a stupid idea anyways. I gotta get going.”

She took four steps towards the house as she explained this to me, but I went to her, spun her to face me and held her close. We stood and looked into each other’s eyes for a few long moments before our lips met in another kiss, a kiss as passionate as the one we shared before. I felt her tilt her head up to mine and open her mouth, filling mine with her strong, wet tongue and thrusting it towards the back of my throat. I in turn searched for her tonsils with the tip of mine, the two of us fencing for control of the situation. Momentarily pulling her lips from mine, I lowered my lips towards her right side, where I nibbled on her ear, before descending her throat to bite her shoulder through her tight top. My left hand soon found the way to her right breast, where I began to massage her growing nipple. Ashley was gasping loudly, as my hands and lips explored her flesh until she grabbed my head and held my face to hers. Looking straight into my eyes, she breathlessly said, “I want you Jon! Take me…take me here and now!”

I took her hand and pulled her towards the patio door, but felt her tugging back. I said, “Come on…let’s go inside.”

She got a very mischievous look in her eye and explained, “No…see, this is one of those fantasies…to be Taken, outdoors…I’ve just never had the nerve before.”

“You don’t want to take our time, it being our first time together?” Then she said something that made my cock jump in my pants.

“We can do a slow romantic session some other time. Right now I have a need, a need to be taken, understand?”

An evil smile was painted on her lips and it sounded so dirty coming from that young, innocent face. I quickly glanced around thinking about it being two or three in the afternoon, most of my neighbors were at work, but there might be someone walking or riding a bike nearby as you could partially see my backyard deck from one of the wooded trails. There was a chance of getting caught, particularly if things were to get loud. All these things took much less time to think, than they do to explain of course, and so in two seconds I let her pull me back into her arms and into another wet kiss. I reached behind her as we tongue wrestled, and pulled her top and sports bra off. Both of her glorious tits were in my hands; I rubbed them with my open palms as she moaned into my open mouth, and her fat, unturned nipples stiffened to a state of hardened arousal in the same manner of my inflating cock!

Next I felt her lifting my T-shirt so I stepped back and let her pull it over my head. I glanced down at her ripe melons and actually said ‘wow’ in appreciation of the youthful beauty before me.

“Like what you see?” she teased. I nodded as I bent to lift the left globe to my face, kissing her tits all over before licking her nipple; blowing on it. It stiffened some more as I twisted her right one and explained how long nipples have always been a fetish of mine. It was so good to suck on them…they were large and firm as I worked her breathing came in a faster pace. I kicked off my shoes as I felt her working on my zipper, and decided to see just how far she was willing to let things go…after all, she had said she wanted to be ‘taken’, didn’t she?

I pushed her back to lean against the railing; then I knelt before her and undid her short pants, peeling them, the silk panties and sneakers to the deck boards below. Her young snatch was clean-shaven except for a narrow strip of sparse blond fur that was about an inch wide and ran a couple inches from the top of her slit upwards. Her outer lips were puffed out and moist in anticipation of being spread by my big thick cock. I inhaled her musky scent, and then ran my tongue down her slit and back up again before plunging it inside to rub against her swollen clitty.

I heard her groaning softly, “Ooooh, baby. Ohhh God, mmmm-hmmm…” Then I stood and pushed my own clothing down to the deck. She watched as I stroked myself a few times as I stepped close enough towards her that my hard cock touched her narrow waist.

“Oh my God, I thought it looked long last week, but I didn’t know it was SO thick too! How big is this thing,” she teased. She took it in her tiny, soft hands as I stood before her and felt the thickness as she tried wrapping her left hand around it. With her right, she hefted my heavy sack and balls as she licked her lips. “It must be nine or ten at least,” she whispered, “my boyfriend wasn’t nearly this big!”

I let her think she was in control of the situation as I thought about how she’d used the words ‘taken’ and ‘fantasy’ for a reason, and how I’d see if she was really ready to be ‘taken’ like she thought. I reached forward with both hands and pinched her engorged nipples harshly, eliciting a loud squeal from her mouth, and registering a look of sudden excitement on her face. Then before she could act, I lifted her up and put her on the top of the deck table. I stepped between her legs and pushed her back onto her elbows, holding my cock with one hand and rubbing it into her glistening slit. Just as she tilted her head back, starting to enjoy it, I shoved it up and into her aching little twat and stuffing a third of my shaft inside her!

‘Ow-eee, not so rough,” she said as she slapped my face, playfully but yet hard.

I took it as a sign that this is what she wanted, so I looked right into her eyes as I held her thin waist tightly and growled, “You mean not like what; like this?” I plowed another four inches into her tight wet tunnel. She was really tight and her head fell back towards the table top.

“No please, stop…don’t put it all in…I can’t take it…its too big!”

While she begged me not to push any harder, I could feel hers legs trying to get around my waist and pull the rest of me inside her. She was loving this little game she had started! I stepped back, withdrawing my steely hard cock from her depths. Just as she began to look forward at me, I stepped forward and firmly but roughly plowed my entire prick deep inside her until she could only gasp in gulps of air as I filled her completely! Her eyes looked bigger than ever as I pulled out and then thrust back in, stretching her seldom used pussy beyond what she had imagined. I reached with one hand and began rubbing her clit between my thumb and finger until she began to beg softly, “No, don’t do that…please.”

“Louder Ashley.”

“What, what do you mean?”

“If you really want me to stop, then you’ll have to beg in a louder voice.”

She only smiled and then in voice that was very much louder than I had wanted her to be, she called my bluff, “Oh baby…Oh God, Oh God…Please Stop or you’re going to make me cum all over your… Big…. Hard… Cock!” She may have seen the sudden look of panic in my eyes as I glanced around to see if anyone was watching us as I continued to pound her tiny twat. “Oh FUCK me Jon, FUCK ME HARD!” I was sure if one of my neighbors were outside they’d be able to hear her, but by now was so lost in lust I couldn’t have cared less. I felt her inner muscles gripping my thick pole as her firm juggs jiggled back and forth in rhythm to our passionate union. She and I were so close; it almost killed me to stop!

Well, only for a second, that is. Just long enough to pull out, pull her up to a standing position, and then lean her over the edge of the deck table. She held onto the edges as I pushed her legs apart with my right foot, then crouched down and placed my slick fuck stick against her young cunny from behind, quickly burying it to the hilt as she squealed out in delight!!

“OOOH Yesss, that’s it… I’m going to CUM all over your BIG COCK… I’m, Gonna CUM! Oh! OH! OH! OH!” She felt my sack slapping her ass from behind and after only a few long thrusts, I felt her clamping down on my prick and twitching uncontrollably as she was pushed over the edge! I leaned into her and saw her tits jiggling as she shook through the intense orgasm. This was more than I could take, I felt my balls filling my shaft and then the end of my cock exploded inside her wetly gripping tube, coating her insides of her with a monstrous load of my thick, creamy juice until it was leaking out from where our flesh was joined. We could both hear our combined fluids dripping down to the wood deck boards below. I twitched often myself, before even getting close enough to pull out of her flared body, having had one of the most intense orgasms of my life!

When we were both ready, we separated and I sat into a deck chair while pulling her onto my lap and kissing her tenderly. After a short rest to catch our breath, we went inside to take a shower, taking turns soaping and rinsing each other’s bodies. Even though she said it wasn’t exactly a fantasy to screw in the shower, we did it there anyways just because we both knew it felt so damn good when we were connected like that. We fucked standing up, her back against a wall with the hot water stinging us from above, until we both reached climax again!

* *

Later that evening, as she kissed me goodnight before leaving for home, she looked into my eyes and said something else that made my dick twitch against her smooth belly. “OK Jon, I went first; next time it’s your turn to come up with a fantasy you want fulfilled, or something you think I’ll like.”

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