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Ashley D - Part Three

Ashley's life with her older love begins to unfold.
A few days after I found her note; Ashley slipped me a small pink envelope with another message inside it. This told me one thing for sure before even opening it; she was enjoying the way we passed messages back-n-forth like a pair of kids at school. Our flirting went well beyond a seasonal romance though, although we constantly did that too. Of course the contents of our letters would have gotten us many an hour of detention for sure!

Ashley was so adorable the way she thought we were being so sneaky. In a way, I could understand her feeling that way, as she still hadn’t told anyone about me that I knew of. A few times she had mentioned that her Father, as well as a couple of friends, had begun to ask questions about where she was always disappearing to. By this time her visiting my country home included more times when she was off duty, than when she was on. I believed that we took a major step when I had given her a key. She looked at me differently after that and I’ve never regretted it.

After making her way to my office, she’d slowly walk around to where I was sitting and pull my chair out, swiveling it so I was facing her as she slowly straddled my legs, kneeling across my lap. It always made me think of a large jungle cat stalking its prey. Sometimes, as she sat on my lap, Ashley teased me by quietly asking, “Do you want kiss me, Jon?” or “Do you like the way I did my hair today?”

Other times she would play with a button on her shirt until it came undone and then move down to the next one in line, all while watching my every move to gauge my reaction. Usually she was able to feel my interest as it grew longer by the minute beneath her bubbled bottom.

Before too long, we’d spend a few minutes making out and usually end up with her shirt open and her bra unclasped. I just adored her size thirty-six C twins and took every opportunity to caress them, suckle on those ever-hard nipples and generally play with her chest until she was soaked between the thighs; panting with lust.

She had become quite attached to a certain position and often ‘assumed it’ when she was fired up and wanting to get laid. Ashley likes to slowly slide her pants over her ass and down those long, long legs as she slowly wiggles from side to side. I could never decide if she was a show-off or a cock-tease, not that it mattered. I’d see her look over her shoulder towards me while she curled her finger, motioning me to join her.

I could pull her panties (or boy shorts) off her or she would just take them down with her jeans when a bit impatient. Next, she enjoys walking in front of my desk to see if I’m watching her every move; her smooth pussy just visible over the front edge. Coming around and finally stepping in front of me, I loved the way she ever-so-slowly bent over my desk while opening her legs. With her head resting on the smooth wood or her crossed arms, her legs straight as an arrow all the way down to the floor below. Most times I cannot hold myself back, but once in a while I’d just sit and admire the curve of her tight young rump displayed before me. I guess there was a bit of a tease in me as well.

One time, Ashley pulled one leg up onto the desktop while keeping the other firmly planted on the floor, to spread her slot as wide as possible. Let me tell you, it’s tough to resist when she begs me to slide my thick cock into her using that ‘spoiled little girl’ whine of hers and calling me ‘Daddy’. Like I said, Ashley really likes getting taken from behind.

The first time I ‘took advantage’ of her in this position was out on my deck. Instead of drilling her with my prick as she wanted, I got her off several times without even unzipping my pants. I attacked her from behind, thrusting my tongue inside her flowering petals while I held her squirming body down.

After eating her fresh, young quim for a few minutes, two fingers followed my tongue and brought her to a fast orgasm as I massaged her g-spot. Not letting up, I continued my oral assault and with slick fingers, the battle was brought to a new front by slipping them inside her tight pink star.

The thought of a passing jogger in the woods hearing her squeals of passion did enter my mind, but by that point I was past caring about them. With two fingers in her pussy along with my tongue, it was no wonder I rang her bell twice in twenty minutes! Banging her backdoor with my finger certainly assisted in another one of those rare times when her sweet nectar squirt from deep inside!

“Please,” she panted when I continued to bite her engorged clit, “Please…no more, I can’t take another.”

I stood there, breathing hard and watching her slip from the table to the boards at my feet. When I bent to help her to her feet, she said “No, no…I need to be down here.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked. Then instantly understood, as she began clawing at the front of my shorts, eager to return the favor in the only way she presently could.

I asked real slowly, “You want to suck it, little girl?”

“Yes Daddy, I want to suck your cock.”

Dropping my shorts and pulling my aching dick free; standing over her as she got to her knees, and swallowed it like a pro! I was so over-excited from eating her out it was less than two minutes before I felt myself falling over the edge. Grabbing her blond hair, I tilted her head back and watched her sparkling baby blue eyes as I buried myself into her throat.

Almost with a growl I said, “Take my load,” as the first tear ran from her eyes and my body shook in delight, pumping my balls right past her tongue! When finished, I slumped back into a chair while she sat back against the railing; both of us gasping for air.


I was enjoying the afterglow of just such a Noon-er with her, when I noticed the aforementioned small pink envelope stuck under my desk calendar. The words inside were short and to the point. Now, if it had specifically described what she wanted done, it would’ve been easier than this, not nearly a challenge at all.

What she had written was that she wanted to ‘be fucked like she’s never been fucked before’; but that she also could never talk about it with her friends because she hoped it would be forbidden or taboo, as she called it. So I had to rely on what we’d talked about in our many conversations over the past months, and use my imagination to find something that she hadn’t experienced before. I didn’t think it would be too hard due to her limits, but I also didn’t want to fall short of giving her an experience that would satisfy her inner-most slut.

It only took me a couple hours to come up with the idea, while it took much longer to actually set things up. Also, I wanted it to be on a night that she could stay over; not that she hadn’t before but this was also a key turning point for us.


After a quiet dinner out on Saturday night she didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary as we returned to my house… or maybe she did, but didn’t let on. I had been teasing her without mercy all evening and I knew she was getting extremely horny, as she’d undone a couple of buttons at dinner and begun to rub her shoeless foot against my crotch under the table. When we got out of my car inside the garage, she pulled me into a wet and sensual kiss, only breaking it to hoarsely choke out the words, “I need your cock bad!”

We went inside as we began to undress each other frantically. When we were standing inside the dining room, I teased her even more by hinting an idea I’d come up with for an experience she hadn’t had before. She looked at me, wondering what I was up to as she touched herself, tweaking her nipples and listening to every word.

I took her hand and led her to one of the guest bedrooms, but when she saw the interior of the room and the way it was set up like a movie set, she hesitated. I had taken most of the furniture out and put it in other rooms. Then I placed the bed in the middle of the room, and she could see the strategically placed cameras pointing towards it.

I had enlisted the help of my buddy Tony, who was a camera freak. I wasn’t even that familiar with this equipment and he had more than outdone himself. He also connected the system to a large flat screen that was mounted on a wall, one of the few original things in the guest room that remained.

When the camera was turned on, the bed came into crystal clear focus. I could see her interest beginning to peak as she sub-consciously began to rub her well-toned thighs together just thinking about getting laid on camera. I was glad I had encouraged her consumption of wine at dinner and could see it was assisting me with convincing her to go along with this plan.

“No one else will see this, right,” she asked as we fondled each other. “I mean, we’ll only keep a copy for ourselves to watch.”

“Yes, honey…of course,” I replied as I placed kisses down her chest and unsnapped her jeans. “This is just for us.” This seemed to relax her as she tugged on my hard on through the khaki slacks that barely confined it. I stepped back and said, “Now strip for the camera!”

She looked surprised but then I got the response I’d hoped for…she simply fell into the role as I went and set the cameras to Record and flip on the prerecorded music. She also began to sway back and forth as she finished undressing, doing an impromptu strip tease for me and the camera. Her hips rotated as if she were riding cowgirl style, really getting in to it and grinding against the bedpost until she was down to only lacy panties.

She looked very hot with her long blond hair draped around her shoulders and down her back, ending just above her firm, round ass. She slowly bent over while keeping her long legs straight, peeling the damp lace from her body. I could see on the TV screen that her pussy lips were puffed out as she wiggled her butt. Her eyes were glazed in a mixture of lust and semi-drunkenness. My dick ached, but that would have to wait for now as I had other surprises in store for sweet little Ashley.

I told her, “Now get on the bed…on your hands and knees. Yes, facing forward…that’s perfect. Now look into a camera and tell me what you want.”

Her gaze was towards the small red light when she, “I want to be fucked hard and used like the horny bitch that I am.”

Damn, I thought, she was getting into this more than I could’ve hoped for…I just hoped she wouldn’t freak-out when I brought out the other surprises. I stood out of the camera’s view and told her, “Pick up the blindfold on the pillow and put it on,” and watched as she did it without question. That was Tony’s cue to come out from where he’d been waiting and start caressing her beautiful rear globes with his hands. Next I fastened cuffs around her ankles that had been secured to the two posts at the foot of the bedframe.

“Oooo…mmmm, that feels so good Jon,” she purred.

I stood behind Tony so my voice would sound like it was coming from him and said; “Now before I give you what you deserve, I think we need to tenderize your ass just a bit.”

“Mm, yes…spank me babe,” she replied.

Tony raised his right hand and slapped her cheek hard; harder than I’d told him to, but it was a little late to stop now. I guess the excitement had gotten to him as was also evident by his own raging hard on. His dick was about two inches shorter than my nine-incher but just as thick and I hoped she wouldn’t notice the difference right away. Tony continued to spank Ashley but with a slow and deliberate rhythm and she continued to count them off out loud as she’d been taught to. When he reached twelve, he stopped. (I think the poor guys hand hurt.)

Then I told her I needed my cock sucked and Tony climbed on the bed in front of her and put himself against her lips. She opened up and began to lick and suck the head, but soon pulled back and said, “Jon, this feels…different somehow.”

It was then that I said, “Well since you’re such a slut, I didn’t think you’d mind sharing your body with a friend of mine,” and I pushed her back onto Tony’s cock by grabbing a fistful of her hair and saying, “Now quit talking and start sucking cock! And Ashley, don’t use your hands.”

I held her there as she realized she was sucking a strangers cock, not my own and struggled for a minute or so before finally giving in and taking him all in. At one point she almost pulled the blindfold off, but I smacked her ass harshly with a long-handled paddle, causing her to cry out.

Then I whispered in her ear, “You take that off and the night ends right here. You know the safe word; so if you need to, use it.”

She considered this for a few seconds, and then much to our delight she began to suck Tony’s cock in earnest. I knew from one of Ashley whispered conversations during one particular ‘bent over my desk fuck sessions’ that she’d wondered about a few things. One was having sex with more than one guy at a time. Since then I’d wanted to give her that fantasy, but only with someone I could trust, because my feelings for Ashley had begun to change; this affair had moved onto new levels. I felt she had changed too, but for whatever reason wasn’t ready to face those sentiments just yet.

I leaned over her reddened ass and tongued her puckered hole, causing her to jump slightly at first but quickly push back against me. She’d once told me that she’d experienced putting a thin vibrator in her butt, but that was as far as she’d gone with her ass, other than my finger play. I licked her for a while before picking up a vibrator I’d chosen just for her. I placed it against her rosebud, squirted some warmed lube on it and wasted no time in sliding it up her tight back passage. Ashley groaned in approval as the low vibrations radiated through to her clit, which made Tony groan in lust and I couldn’t help but chuckle at the chain-reaction I’d caused.

I kneeled on the floor near Ashley and told her, “You’re doing very good baby.”

Then suddenly she pulled off his cock and screamed breathlessly, “Oh my God. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

I could see her convulsing as she shook and used all her strength to maintain the position she was in. As her orgasm ran it course, I pointed at my friend and motioned to him to continue, as he looked about ready himself. I had told him the magic feeling she could produce with her throat muscles and now he knew I wasn’t lying. He mouthed the words, ‘you lucky son of a bitch’!

Tony had by now wound one of his hands in her long blond hair and was more or less guiding his tool in and out of Ashley’s mouth again. By the sound of it, she was letting him choose the pace as she just concentrated on breathing. I pulled the rest of my clothing off and got behind Ashley.

Kneeling on it at the foot of the bed I saw Tony enjoying the head job and doing all he could to prolong it until he blew a load into her belly. She on the other hand was trying to push her nose into his stomach as she slurped his shaft. While all that was happening, I withdrew the vibrator from her grasping asshole and pushed it back up inside her drenched snatch, which was oozing juices profusely. Next I lubed up my steel hard dick, put the fat tip against her puckering anus and began to work it inside!

The fifteen minutes of a vibrator up her poop shoot had loosened her up quite a bit and her oral task kept her distracted, even as she felt my mushroom pop inside her sexy ass and was swallowed by her tight anal ring! Since it slipped into her anal cavity fairly easy, I just continued my quest to bottom out in her bum.

“Oh God,” Tony said as he began to empty his load into my girlfriend’s mouth, spewing every drop he could give her as she drained him dry! “Sorry man, I just couldn’t hold it any longer.”

He slumped back on the bed for a moment, freeing Ashley to finally become more vocal as she began to gasp and guide my invasion of her virgin hole.

“Oh shit, oh fuck that hurts,” she said. I stopped pushing and pulled slowly out; worried perhaps I had gone too far. But then, just as quickly she told me, “NO! Don’t stop babe, keep going!”

I thrust back into Ashley’s hole and then back out again, beginning to work up a steadier rhythm. On the third or fourth push I even felt my balls slap her pussy below as I pushed on her back. She took the hint and lowered her head to the mattress, which raised her petite butt up in the air. On the next push in, I was able to fit my entire sausage into her bun, causing her to call out once more. “Oh Jon, fuck me,” she moaned.

“Say it Ashley. Tell me what you really mean.”

“Fuck my ass, babe, fuck my asshole real good. Oh shit! Oh fuck! It feels so good.”

As I continued to pound on her tight back door, I saw Tony get up and wander off. A few minutes later he walked by, fully dressed and gave me a wave with his car keys in one hand. He was heading home or maybe stopping for a beer.

Reaching forward, I grabbed the blindfold that Ashley still wore, pulling it off and tossing it off to the floor. She slumped forward herself, so I coaxed her to lay flat on the bed; her legs spread apart. I felt her hand snake its way beneath her body to her sweet little twat and then she used the buzzing plastic toy on herself.

That’s the position she was in as I put my body on top of hers, and felt her begin to cum again. She hadn’t even voiced a warning; instead just enjoy the euphoric bliss as she let go. I too felt my own impending eruption, so I withdrew from her asshole and slid my tool into her wet box as my spunk pumped out of my prick in short bursts. We were both spent and needed more than a minute to catch our breath.

We lay like that, panting for quite a while before I withdrew from her, rolling off to the side of my young lover. Ashley opened her eyes, looked up at me for a few moments, and then asked me to unfasten her feet before crawling over to curl up against my chest.


After a while I got up and turned off the camera and music; then drew a steaming hot bubble bath for Ashley and me to share, surrounded by candle light. We spent a lot of time kissing each other, snuggling and talking about what we’d done; even plans for our future. We must have been in it for over an hour. She wore a long pink t-shirt as we slid under the covers in my bed; yes, she was staying the night. When I asked her what she would tell her Father this time, she blew my mind completely.

“I told him I had met a man and have been seeing him for almost a year,” she said.

“Wow. How did that go over?”

“Well, he wasn’t too happy I had hid you from him, but I explained I had a lot of things to work through and I wanted to be sure you weren’t just a fling before he met you.”

“Does that mean you’re ready for the steps that come next?”

“Well, I better be Jon,” she whispered as she closed her lovely eyes, “because I’ve gone and fallen in love with you!”

I couldn’t really think over all the implications of what she’d said, what she’d just confessed and what this would mean for our lives just yet; I squeezed Ashley ever so tightly in my arms. Then, as I kissed her goodnight, I gently said, “Ash?”

“Yeah babe,” she whispered.

“It just has to work out, because I’m in love with you too.”


Part 3 of 3


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A few months after Ashley introduced me to her Father, his doctor told him he must reduce the amount of stress in his life, so he took an early retirement. He turned the operations of the company over to his only daughter and she in turn, brought me on as a consultant. Within a year she promoted me to Vice President and the two of us have run the company ever since. A year or so after my promotion the two of us were married; turns out our sixteen year age difference hadn’t been a big deal after all. There are many stories to tell of our sexual adventures, but for now this one will end here. We still own and live in the home where we first met.

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